Nokia’s 2017 Return

Nokia is Back! Release dates of phones currently unknown.
Nokia 3 Part Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyRb_4-cquc
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Автор Divyesh Salian ( назад)
i am happy #Nokia is back #legend

Автор Петър Колев ( назад)

Автор byspanky ( назад)
And wr can I download software for this and would it be more free software

Автор Krish Lius ( назад)
brah not gona lie Nokia phones were really nice back in the day i hope they return with quality and future in mind this time around. cuz fuck apple and lol windows phone

Автор EJ Ioane ( назад)
I think will do well with People aged over 25 as they will remember nokia back in the day before smartphones came out. It was as popular as apple phones in its hey day

Автор stackoverflow69 ( назад)
Nice job😀

Автор Matthew Yang ( назад)
goodbye wooden floor

Автор Mzn T ( назад)
Though its collaboration with Microsoft was almost deadly, the experience you got from the devices was not as bad as people make it out to be. The devices and the OS had touches of genius in terms of usability, build quality and general attention to detail. There was no Android phone at that time that came even close in this respect.
Ultimately, I think marketing played a big role, they did not find a real identity and a clear public and also the timing was bad as well. iPhones and Android powered phones were the new thing, they got all the hype by default, while Windows and Nokia were names resonating with the 90s.

Автор 봉상현 ( назад)
Rising again Finnish Nokia

Автор derrick pastulero ( назад)
The floor will have a great time when this comes out

Автор Benjamin F. ( назад)
But, will it blend?

Автор 69 Solo ( назад)
Nokia did nothing wrong. It was the ass hole from Microsoft! I love my Nokia! <3

Автор KiLLA CAiN ( назад)
they probably should have liquidated LOL could be worth more in the long run! lol

Автор RobertsDigital ( назад)
Nokia is the Samsung killer

Автор JurisKankalis ( назад)

Автор TheGecko213 ( назад)
3310 is a third world phone. for those who cannot afford data. kids and grannies.

Автор John Yong ( назад)
SD 835 is a SOC not only the processor mate, by the way Nokia was disappointing in mwc2017. there's no news for SD 835 but instead a SD 430 LOL

Автор Mūãz Šåéèd ( назад)
Nokia me Nokia me Dmb Work ? 2018 Welcome Tv Help Answer
Pakistan Punjab Lahore Gullerg ii

Автор Nick Wilde Gamer ( назад)
Æ bro

Автор Er ( назад)
When will NOKIA release NOKIA 9 and P1?

Автор AngryWhite Fella ( назад)
The return of God of phones

Автор kartik dixit ( назад)
nokia- connecting people..

Автор Blue Wotts ( назад)
ohhhh sht my fam is coming back.

get ready for a test fall "Floors"

Автор Weey Alanza ( назад)

Автор Crispy Media ( назад)
I hope this is true. I've missed the real Nokia 😩

Автор Weey Alanza ( назад)
Cant wait my excitement to hold back the Legend!

Автор lamees nairat ( назад)
Woooow nokiaaaa back.. I'm ☺ very happy... Love you Nokia

Автор ronald padora ( назад)
how much new nokia 3310

Автор Jay Matthew ( назад)
Nokia will always be my first the other phones were just side bitches.

Автор Matt Zhou ( назад)
I feel like they should change their logo as well. Every time I see their logo, it makes me think about their older phones and turns me off subtly.

Автор southpakrules ( назад)
I don't believe they will make it. They are history. How & why could they appeal to the new spending generation?Anyway I wish them also good luck, but...

Автор AJ213 ( назад)
What if we use Nokias as ammunition?

Автор Oskar Pineda ( назад)
please! please!!, don't put android in this F16, Just use a new java or simbyan software, but not that lag shit :(

Автор The Psycho BluRay ( назад)
they were no1 until 2011 get your facts right.

Автор May16Joe ( назад)
They are back and with stock android!! I'm so getting the nokia 6 , they had the best cameras back in the day and still do.

Автор Nonehasthisnamekek1 ( назад)
Can't wait to drop the phone again.

Автор ZeroPointFive ( назад)

Автор Mn ( назад)
Go to AliExpress and check brands like OPPO, Xiaomi, LeTV, VIVO etcetera. Much cheaper and more powerful than a iPhone.

Автор alexander khan ( назад)

Автор Richard Kantas ( назад)
My first phone was a Sony Ericsson, too bad i'll never see those again

Автор Wong ( назад)
i love nokia, nokia bring up my childhood, without nokia without me

Автор adeq tasya ( назад)
bring the n-gage back with android series...

Автор naveed khan ( назад)
I hope Nokia make it back to where the belong but the Chinese phones are coming!

Автор REKCAH TRAP ( назад)
the legend is back ...

Автор Utpal Chowdhury ( назад)
I recently bought a brand new Nokia E72

Автор Gᗩᗰᕮᔕ & ᗰOᖇᕮ シ ( назад)
They don't stand a chance on the smartphone market today, but funny to see them back :)

Автор NeSeeger ( назад)
so now they are going to build their own phone and all of the equipment and software (cell sites) to run them? sounds kinda like a monopoly to me.

Автор Tech Blogger ( назад)
When the whole world seems disconnected you need a company that's for connecting people

Автор Taylor Bredemeier ( назад)
be nice if they keep the indestructible factor, and snek

Автор Miguel GERME ( назад)
a 3310 with pedometer, usb otg to share my photo from my Lumix GF3 and a 8mpix camera with a good macro ....

My dream

Автор Philip Butkiewicz ( назад)
Nokia comes out with an Android phone - I'll grab it. Build quality should be amazing.

Автор hereLiesThisTroper ( назад)
On a fit of rage, I threw my old Nokia 3310 on someone who said anyone who doesn't use Apple products is a sheep.

How do you hide a body?

Автор ep010 ( назад)
Mostly it's gonna be Indian and Chinese crap no inventive stuff just dime a dozen

Автор Nathaniel ( назад)
-throws away iphone- GOTTA GO GET DIS PHONE

Автор Truth Stalker ( назад)
I still have a very warm spot in my heart for Nokia.
I've very fond memories of owning their first Color screen phone and all of my co-workers went bat shit. In a good way.
I was the MVP on that Job. Every was constantly asking to use my phone, even though most of them had a Cellular Phone already. 😎

Автор VERY NICE THINGS ( назад)
here guys are bitching about cell phones cold fusion when are you gonna do arise and fall of arcade games i played donkey kong and pac man and pengo etc back in the day cost me lotta coins but to get the top score and your name on the top was worth it except for that mitchell bastard who would prob beat my ass at pac man completing all 250 boards what a nerd lol by the way im from south fucking corrupt africa pls do a series on the rise and fall of arcade games

Автор video boss ( назад)
Nokia came back

Автор Костадин Дамянов ( назад)
Nice video but it was not "microsoft's OS instead of android".
There were other mobile OSes, including a couple of Nokia's own ones.
Nokia's Maemo (MeeGo) is alive and well even today, known as Sailfish OS and is developed by Jolla (former Nokia employees).

Автор l gy ( назад)
As a photographer...My only wish is Nokia phones would continue the use of Zeiss Tessar lens for their rear facing cameras.

Автор BlkRider ( назад)
Nokia refused to get in the smartphone game early? Did you ever hear of Symbian? The OS that ruled smartphones way before iPhone arived?

Автор A Moufou ( назад)
why do you call yourself sometimes ColdFusion and sometimes ColdFuTion Tv in the Intro .. that messes badly with my mind :D

Автор John Ward ( назад)
Remember Knock-E-Ya? Lol

Автор killwize ( назад)

Автор Saad Zuberi ( назад)
Hey Do a Video on Nokia's comeback with Nokia 6...

Автор Alien Tragedy ( назад)
Gonna buy this!

Автор everything you want by Rohit Bais ( назад)
first phone Nokia 202 next 305

Автор Soren Garciano ( назад)
To Apple and Samsung-From Nokia: SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS;!!!!! 😂😂

Автор Tiago Bernardo ( назад)
omg, I just want a new nokia phone in my pocket so bad

Автор Leslie The Ad ( назад)
Make Nokia great again

Автор unknown ( назад)
when you are behind, it's going to be tough to climb up again.... but never impossible.

Автор Marjeena's ( назад)
Its my birthday tomorrow. I need as much birthday wishes to reach 100 subscribers

Автор Jesus love you ( назад)
to be going up against the s8 and iPhone 8 that Nokia must be bulletproof. I will buy it once the screen is big and I can watch show box am good lol beye beye samsung

Автор Jesus love you ( назад)
I will sell my s6 and buy one

Автор Sj Salman ( назад)
bst nkoia

Автор Deny En ( назад)
pliiiis...!!!! give it back ancient androidless roots ....everlasting batery monorington...

Автор Garage TUBE ( назад)
What i really like about this channel that it has its own style >3 wish you the best bro

Автор Ari Entyse ( назад)
Nokia made other devices that ran Android, they r under the Asha name. They didn't wait to join the smartphone game, their most popular smartphones are their Windows Phones. Plus, the reason the devices ran Windows was because they had a partnership with Microsoft before MS bought the devices division for Lumia. This video was disappointing to say the least...

Автор Anish Shrestha ( назад)
rip windows

Автор fred sreeb ( назад)
I well wait to see Nokia

Автор szebasztian polyakovity ( назад)
i'm still using the 3310 as a workphone :D don't have to recharge it every night :D

Автор ferhattje ( назад)
what is going to happen to Samsung and Apple when Nokia comes back😯

Автор Firdaus 1902 ( назад)
Welcome back,Nokia!!

Автор Crkza ( назад)
nope. nokia decides to resurrect the mighty nokia 3310.
and you know what?

i threw an nokia 3310 to a bully
he is now in coma and his skull was broken

Автор Kirill Ryadchenko ( назад)
Can't wait to return back to Nokia.

Автор djguy100 ( назад)
Who the fuck made the decision to run with windows instead of android.

Автор Franz Joseph Gonzales ( назад)
Dayum. Epic comeback for nokia. Can't wait for this company to rise and become glorious again. #nokiafanboy

Автор Tanvir Ahmed ( назад)

Автор lowlow643 ( назад)
Can you make a video about the news of nokia reviving the old 3310 please ??? and a lot of thanks.

Автор JustClassical ( назад)
I love NOKIA.. they just need to work further in updating their OS & if they got it right, I will definitely get rid of iPhone!

Автор Generic Asian American Guy ( назад)
...I want 8g of ram, and a 4k camera... And a 72hr battery. Make my unicorn Nokia!!!

Автор Asad Durrani ( назад)
Nokia is No More Now it is the time of Huawei, One plus & Redmi!

Автор insomnia ( назад)
Yay now we gonna have a phone case to protect us if a nuclear war happens

Автор Ellias Miah ( назад)
I'll be the first to buy, ahh the 5146 days

Автор skunktheshrink ( назад)
Yay Nokia. You have been missed. Please bring innovative designs back to the mobile phone industry.
A phone that splits in two and can be thrown like ninja shuriken (hyperbole). I don't know, just save humanity from Apple, please.

Автор Mohammed Fareed ( назад)
nokia is back normal service resumed

Автор Rei Ev ( назад)
I so hated that Nokia tune every time a Nokia phone turned on, now I'm wishing it back.

Автор sahwar. y2k ( назад)
yes I love Nokia I will buy edge or music edition

Автор sahwar. y2k ( назад)
yes I love Nokia I will buy edge or music edition

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