Mysterious Cylinder Puzzle

Jump to 9:20 to pass the spoiler.
Figuring out how to solve this puzzle was a ton of fun! It's sort of like breaking into a safe! This puzzle was invented by Wil Strijbos of The Netherlands.

I bought this here: http://www.mrpuzzle.com.au/first-cylinder-take-apart-progressive-move-puzzle.html

Here's the camera and sound equipment I'm using: http://bit.ly/RedKBGear

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Автор Chris Lesmerises ( назад)
Your marbles look a lot like ball bearings ;)

Автор Allaine Cruz ( назад)

Автор xX_Edgy_Memer_Xx ( назад)
did you get a Nintendo switch

Автор infinity cuber ( назад)
wll you please make a tutorial on the wit eden super 3x3x5 because there are so tutorials on youtube.

Автор atom ( назад)
what's up with all the wrapping papper

Автор Frazer227 ( назад)
That's a metal coat...

Автор charles t dorminy ( назад)
bla bla bla!

Автор Aaron McLean ( назад)
Where did you come from, where did you go? Where did you come from marble in hole.

Автор Zac Denning ( назад)
love the vid but fleb is still my fave in the puzzle community😊

Автор Zac Denning ( назад)
love the vid but fleb is still my fave in the puzzle community😊

Автор Cubify ( назад)
Can you get it in black

Автор Mehdy Bueno ( назад)
That's a grinder lel

Автор Kid Everything ( назад)
it looks like a metal coat from pokemon

Автор Jack O'Brien ( назад)
this is so cool

Автор TheGamingFlower ( назад)
ACORNS!!! Sell it, forget it! Works in a background of a life!

Автор Two Average Youtubers ( назад)
Wow 😳 the pice is crazy but I really want to get one! Who is on the same train?

Автор Felix Draws ( назад)
Prediction: the hole is for a key, which is the rattle inside

Автор Vicente Echeverry ( назад)

Автор Nap Santiago ( назад)
I agree with Kevin, you should not post spoilers. Reviews should be enough. As puzzle lovers, we should protect the solution.

Автор Z0MB13K1LL3R 185 ( назад)
Hey I watched ur vid of how to take apart ur 2x2x2 Rubik's cube and I broke my core of my cube can u plz make a video of how to fix it I'm a subscriber

Автор Puzzle Paradox ( назад)
Wil definitely won't be appreciative of you posting the solution to any of his puzzles online. Like Kevin said, we've made great effort to keep spoilers for his (and many other) puzzles of the web in the past.

Автор Dutch Blades ( назад)
I really wanted to buy this... But that pricetag is hefty...
Guess I'll just watch the rest on how to solve it.
Thanks for the video!

Автор Racoon12ME24 LEJN ( назад)
You just got a new sub ! I like you !

Автор totalbottle ( назад)
What if you close it with 4 marbles. :D

Автор D Cash ( назад)
looks like stainless steel
might be why the price is high

Автор Nicholas Ashford ( назад)
what kind of watch is that?

Автор J-CUBER 12 ( назад)
redkb can you make a video of how to solve a 4 by 4 rubix cube

Автор CreepersTKOED ( назад)
Oh hey its been a while since I watched one of your videos but I'm back :D

Автор mrBorkD ( назад)
Is there any logic at all to the 'sweet spot'? (being a little vague on purpose) Or is it just an arbitrary spot

Автор T Ghost Gaming ( назад)
Love your videos keep up the good work

Автор Ethan Julander ( назад)
Thanks, I have been looking for a small metal puzzle for a long time. I could never find the right one until now. Thanks, Love your videos.

Автор Rhyno186 ( назад)
Marbles are glass.
Bearings are metal.
Just tryin to help.

Автор Jagrrr227 ( назад)
I love your videos you havent been uploading as much

Автор Skateboarding Kids ( назад)

Автор Circuit ( назад)
Still waiting for them to remove clock from the wca and add the kilominx...

Автор Seeni 123 ( назад)
Omg so much wrapping!

Автор DM Cubing! ( назад)
Can can you do a 4x4 totourial yours are the only good ones and I can't solve my 4x4 please make one

Автор Resurrected ( назад)
Is it true that Kenneth likes some of the comments here?

Автор Assassin ( назад)
Maybe be strih os

Автор HeresAldo ( назад)
That's a grinder, Kenneth. :^)

Автор Tristan R ( назад)
When are you going to give away one of your rubiks cube cause i really really want to won one and its the shift gear cube cause on my country i could not find one every where i tried online but i got scam cause on the online it said just for 5 dollars so i bought it was just a paper. :(

Автор NOSY 256 ( назад)
It's the metal coat from Pokémon XD

Автор TS2 CUBING ( назад)

Автор WeAreGRID ( назад)
not even kidding, im going to make one of those, but out of wood, so brb with that.

Автор SUGARCUBERS ( назад)
Love you kenneth

Автор Flame ExE burst ( назад)
hii flame here! I probably missed it if you said it in a video... but I want to ask you... what is you favourite puzzle?

Автор Zechlin ( назад)
I wonder what happens if you put it in a hydraulic press with the marbles in...

Автор Valeria Villicana ( назад)
Cool you should do more puzzles like this!

Автор My name is Patrick Star ( назад)
weird puzzleeee

Автор DarkArachnid ( назад)
kenneth can you like this comment? ( ͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)

Автор MOMTOTRIPLETS1 ( назад)
Wow that puzzle looks cool and i can solve a 2x2 , 3x3 and i just solved a 4x4 today and i din't get any parity

Автор CheeseHead Cubing ( назад)
I just started my channel today. Does anyone have any recommendations of what i should do for my first video?

Автор CheeseHead Cubing ( назад)
Nice Video!

Автор mrlithium69 ( назад)
Darn That looks super cool and really expensive. I didnt watch the solution just to keep it super mysterious !

Автор extreme savage 666 ( назад)
I just got a guahong three by three today . I think that's how u spell it

Автор Hard bar347 ( назад)
nice video your so awesome.

Автор NathanWilson ( назад)
Wow! Very simple mechanism for such a headache!

Автор Chris Nicholes ( назад)
it looks like a metal coat from pokemon

Автор Kevin Sadler ( назад)
Nooooooo! Don't out spoilers for this puzzle on line! We have kept Wil's puzzle solutions of these internet for years. Don't ruin things! Kevin www.puzzlemadDOTcoDOTuk

Автор Steven Lechtner ( назад)
Why is it so expensive?! It's not fair!

Автор Autumnrainfall99 ( назад)
Lol I didn't want to watch the spoiler but then I realised how fucking expensive it is so I'm probably never gonna do it XD

Автор shannon schmelzle ( назад)
Yea I thought it looked really cool, paused it before the spoilers and went and checked the price...and unpaused it and watched how it is solved. Definitely too rich for my blood.

Though it really does look awesome.

Автор My World ( назад)
Awesome Video! I love it when you make a new video :)

Автор Cubing 101 ( назад)

Автор Odyssey Cubing ( назад)
Watch out! Choking hazard for your kids! ;)

Автор Kid with a Camera ( назад)
When you realize...

Автор Harry Potter ( назад)
Can I have 1 sub

Автор Harry Potter ( назад)

Автор Evan Crowley ( назад)

Автор Rekha Raikar ( назад)
haha , u r a mastermind in my eyes , u r the reason i kno to solv the gear cube extreme , luv u !!

Автор loiloiloi6 ( назад)
This puzzle seems kinda lame.

Автор FLUXT BILLS ( назад)

Автор HAFIZ Zain Sherwani ( назад)
I saw the solve... hehehe

Автор mitaka90 ( назад)
He's alive!

Автор CaptainChrisKirk ( назад)
Great video, Kenneth! Hope to see another one in my notification box soon!

Автор The Commentor ( назад)
Finally! It's been so long

Автор yo Doneit ( назад)

Автор yaser resay ( назад)

Автор Jose The Elite ( назад)
plat from Warframe?

Автор ozapenguin ( назад)
Very interesting

Автор WillyTheComposer ( назад)
Lol did anyone else think it looks like a grinder?

Автор 8 Bit BoOm ( назад)
Please don't reply don't love my comment and never pin it

Автор Ryan's CCG ( назад)
Notification squad where you at

Автор Shawn Birss ( назад)
This is a beautiful puzzle. I love Hanayama's most attractive pieces. But this is next level.

Автор Dominic Fiore ( назад)
Looks like a grinder

Автор Stale Steave ( назад)
do a speed solve

Автор do what's blessed ( назад)
it looks like a metel coat

Автор jose dungo ( назад)

Автор Grote Griezel ( назад)
Hi RedKB, i bought this puzzle a couple a years ago and really enjoyed it as you did as well. I still solve it sometimes, after some time you tend to forget the exact solving method. Over the time i have bought more puzzles directly from Wil Strijbos himself. He is actually a very nice guy and makes great puzles. My favourite is his "First Box" puzle. Quit expensive but a very nice addition to my puzzle collection. You can check a review of this puzzle at: http://allardspuzzlingtimes.blogspot.nl/2012/07/wil-strijbos-first-box.html.
I enjoy your videos a lot, keep them coming! Kind regards from the Netherlands.

Автор The zac pizza ( назад)
hes becoming fleb.......

Автор Crocodile King ( назад)
Nice video, i really enjoyed it ❤

Автор Joey Cubes ( назад)

Автор The Mexican Cuber ( назад)
This channel is dying

Автор miku hatsune ( назад)

Автор Simon Ratz ( назад)
OMG so hard

Автор Equuary ( назад)
I hate edited comments.

Автор LP Vlogs ( назад)
Would you say this is a collectors item

Автор JJ_Beast 12 ( назад)
You are one of my favorite YouTubers

Автор Emhyr Subramanian ( назад)
Hello! I hope you have a nice day :)

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