TSM Fortnite House Tour!

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • The complete tour of the TSM Fortnite house is finally here! Check out all the rooms and weird surprises the guys have hiding in their rooms! 👀
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  • Corey Walton
    Corey Walton 7 months ago +7300

    TSM is the best org out there! There’s so much love and laughter going on in that house!❤️

    • oscar Banales
      oscar Banales 11 days ago

      Mr Corn Head it's not about luck its what u say

    • Swatnum King
      Swatnum King 13 days ago

      And susness

    • cactus_shoes
      cactus_shoes 13 days ago

      At the start Dae said, "we got the green to make sure the AIR DONT FALL OUT" bro I'm dead😂😂😂

    • David Raymond
      David Raymond 22 days ago

      Corey Walton facts

    • beast mode
      beast mode 2 months ago

      Frl there's probably no fighting and it be nice to have friends like that not saying I don't I'm jus saying I don't have real friends they all fake

  • the ginger bread killer getting girls

    With 1cent a day you can fix this mans jumpshot🤣🤣🤣

  • Blenz
    Blenz 2 days ago

    why is daequan so fuckin tall

  • HighAquatic
    HighAquatic 5 days ago

    Hamlinz be gettin that llama ass

  • Jay
    Jay 6 days ago

    Is daequan rlly tall or is hamz and myth rlly small😂🤦‍♀️

  • SunSet Plays
    SunSet Plays 10 days ago +1

    This is how many times daequan said facts:

  • just grinding
    just grinding 10 days ago +1

    I wanna see a TSM 21 Game

  • Stamo 34
    Stamo 34 12 days ago

    what is myth trim

  • Ruined
    Ruined 12 days ago

    dae is tall af

  • Swatnum King
    Swatnum King 13 days ago +1

    14:33 😂

  • Itz Gam3rB0i
    Itz Gam3rB0i 13 days ago

    lol hamz short asf

  • Jaylen Eddie
    Jaylen Eddie 14 days ago

    Can I be in TSM

  • HBK_ Wiz
    HBK_ Wiz 14 days ago

    Daequan no offense bro pls upload

  • TallNoob
    TallNoob 15 days ago +3

    Tf how is Daequan tall. But in the streams. He short

  • G4biel
    G4biel 15 days ago

    Daequan 5:55 😂

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams 18 days ago

    Im dying! Myth's face at 14:53

    UFM LLC 18 days ago

    Prayers to how many times Loco said facts aka dequan

  • Zachary Adleman
    Zachary Adleman 18 days ago

    Can i join TSM pls

  • YT Shawnzilla805
    YT Shawnzilla805 19 days ago

    Rip Steve

  • Fernando Antonio
    Fernando Antonio 21 day ago

    11:04 why?😂😂

  • Adan baeza
    Adan baeza 23 days ago

    hamlinz didnt make the basket ball shot bc he sneesed 3 times when he woke up this morning....... if you know you know

  • Twin- Cato
    Twin- Cato 24 days ago

    14:35 just destroying a chair of 400 dollar

  • RaskoDAillest
    RaskoDAillest 25 days ago

    Who is “OP” ??

  • TTV Swaygod
    TTV Swaygod 25 days ago

    Can I get a shot out pls

  • Rylan Reneau
    Rylan Reneau 26 days ago

    That’s a nice lambo

  • Penis joseph
    Penis joseph 28 days ago

    Just re watched this after watching the east house

  • Vo1D_Spectr
    Vo1D_Spectr 29 days ago

    Yo myth I never thought you of all people but still, console gang forever

  • iLike_AquaToilet
    iLike_AquaToilet Month ago +1

    hamz looks like a donkey when he laughs haahahah

  • Brock Wolf
    Brock Wolf Month ago

    Bro hamlinz short 😂 but at the same time idk if Daquan is tall 😭

  • Evan Is cool
    Evan Is cool Month ago +1

    How many times did they say facts

  • Squid Punt
    Squid Punt Month ago

    Hamlinz looks like a young Mexican Danny Devito

  • Lightning in A bottle

    Now the popular TSM people

  • Derek Timmons
    Derek Timmons Month ago

    Whys myths room so much bigger 🤯

  • 67bluey?
    67bluey? Month ago

    I actually thought hamz was a kid

  • Ricardo Marron
    Ricardo Marron Month ago

    U guys are lucky actually got money

  • joe haden
    joe haden Month ago +1

    0:07 when the pizza guy arrives 😂😂😂

  • EZ cLaPs
    EZ cLaPs Month ago +1

    Deaquan is tall

  • Remy
    Remy Month ago

    Wow... Hamz is actually very short!

  • thomas the dank engine

    Why is Hamlinz short

  • Crackhead_ alert
    Crackhead_ alert Month ago

    Hamlinz has a elmo laugh 🤣🤣

  • BLAZE 245
    BLAZE 245 Month ago

    is tsm a clan??

  • Zodiac
    Zodiac Month ago +1

    hamlinz im 12 and taller than you lol

  • Fusionz Vibez
    Fusionz Vibez Month ago

    14:33 cowboys trying to invade russia (1932 colourized)

  • Yung Driftz
    Yung Driftz Month ago

    Sub to #Myth

  • Yung Driftz
    Yung Driftz Month ago

    LoL myth so inaccurate how he hit the top of backboard 5:47

  • Fuzed art3mis
    Fuzed art3mis Month ago

    Can i tryaout for tsmjr? Plz

  • pinguinnic
    pinguinnic Month ago

    "I got 4 jackets that's all I need" killed me

  • Popskii
    Popskii Month ago



    why does myth lok like mike'angelo from tmmt

  • Xybervs
    Xybervs Month ago

    What is the song at 7:16

  • DaVo Spams L2
    DaVo Spams L2 2 months ago

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact, that hamz sang buzz-light in jacuzzi

  • Arafet Allagui
    Arafet Allagui 2 months ago

    TSM is the best

  • Zombruh
    Zombruh 2 months ago

    if they all stood in order of hight itd be 3G

  • David Guerra
    David Guerra 2 months ago

    dae that hoodie fire 🔥

  • hai_Lol 31
    hai_Lol 31 2 months ago +1

    10:05 look at that size comparision

  • hai_Lol 31
    hai_Lol 31 2 months ago +2

    Intro: TSM! TSM! TSM!
    Me: Three sus men! Three sus men! Three sus men!

  • sayunara
    sayunara 2 months ago

    His hyundai better be named hyundaequan

  • Dragz Killer
    Dragz Killer 2 months ago

    6:22 - 6:26 ham lagged whille taking the shot

  • Hitman_imanoob Tommy
    Hitman_imanoob Tommy 2 months ago

    Are there only three TSM members

  • Dylan Gad
    Dylan Gad 2 months ago

    Myth be cranking 90’s in his sleep.