5 Reasons Why Finland Is A Global Education Leader

Highly respected and capable teachers, virtually no standardized tests and a strong social safety next help explain why Finland consistently rates among the best public education systems in the world. Hasan Piker of Pop Crunch breaks it down. http://www.tytnetwork.com/join

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Автор Mia L. ( назад)
Heere in Finland teachers get the job well done. Come to Finland...Its awesome i swear💙🌎❤

Автор Raz ( назад)
Here in Finland teaching is also very personal and all subjects are taught in many different ways because everyone has their own way of learning :)

Автор Arkku ? ( назад)
In here Finland we got lots of homework and have 1-3 tents in every week

Автор D-Fire EU ( назад)
Suomi mainostetaan... TORILLA TAVATAAN!!

Автор Kristine Beauford ( назад)
Y'all Americans be complaining about your schools that kill creativity and how they sit you through long hours. Have you been to South Korea? Korean students study 10~14 hours a day they go to academies on Christmas Independence day and every other national holiday except lunar new years and thanksgiving.

Автор blobfish boi of the deep ocean and river and stuff ( назад)
i am a weird person
i think in english, speak in finnish and am a finnish person

Автор S Susana ( назад)
Everything that is great about Finnish basic education (everything pre-school through high school) is what makes our universities awful. The standard of higher education is very low especially in subjects that don't require hands-on (literally) experience, focused entirely on learning things by heart and a bit on doing research and not _at all_ in actual practical work.

Автор kane legacy ( назад)
Do your research, UK gave you Heavy Metal, NWBHM.

Автор 엑소 애인 추가 추가 ( назад)

Автор indranil56 ( назад)
USA is actually number one in stupidity and arrogance

Автор jonttu ( назад)
suomi hei hei suomi hei hei

Автор eemilottoz ( назад)
noni suomi on paras

Автор Bahja Farah ( назад)
College is also free

Автор Pau Khan Tuang ( назад)
findland kicks asses of americans

Автор Millennium Project ( назад)
Interesting: Finland and South Korea are tops, but their their approaches as very, very different.

Автор cancer ? ( назад)
mää en oo tehny viiteen vuoteen läksyjä koska meidän ope ei ikinä tarkista niitä

Автор cancer ? ( назад)

Автор AavikkoAkka ( назад)

Автор Jussi Hieta ( назад)
Also in finland you actually need a doctorate to be considered a doctor.

Автор nba73 ( назад)
America should so do this

Автор Ansku Liimatainen ( назад)
I'm finnish and proud!

Автор oil guy :33 ( назад)

Автор Zainab Shahzad ( назад)
Best video on YouTube. Can I move to Finland cause I hate America. They literally give you a really hard test EVERYDAY. WE CANT GET A BREAK IN AMERICA UGGGHHHHH

Автор Raptor Fighter ( назад)
Lmao school here in Finland is so much different than what you said... in primary school we had atleast 3 large tests per subject, and here in high scool we have atleast 3 large tests per month + small tests... the stats are so different than what school really is alike here in Finland.

Автор Niko Lindroos ( назад)
+ we also get free lunch at school

Автор ThatGuyFromTheCornerStoreThatLikesCheetos LastName ( назад)
Lucky bastards. I'm going to Finland when I'm a big boy

Автор DJ Mixel ( назад)
I'll be back in 5 years

Автор reetta malin ( назад)
Some of theese facts are bullshit

Автор Keith Dale ( назад)
Finland comes out well on international tests (PISA) because its curriculum is closely aligned with the tests, the Finnish language is very straightforward (unlike English), their society is a monoculture as opposed to being multicultural. Critics inside Finland say that the curriculum has not changed for 40 years. I cannot understand why people accept the results of PISA tests without looking a little deeper.

Автор MKmiksu ( назад)
i think finns have best education because teachers dont force u to remember all things its like in daycare but just little harder things to learn

Автор Alonzo Flowers ( назад)
This dude needs to stop saying that this is ok. Finland is superior to us when it comes to the education system, and it would probably be best if we change our 150 year old method of teaching. Then maybe we would come at least close enough to compete with Finland's test scores.

Автор filmaattinen ( назад)
#6: Education is free in Finland.
( In fact, the government pays you to study. )

Автор andrew davis ( назад)
so basically what you're saying is we need to stop learning Bull shit we will never use in life and will probs forget and focus on broader topics.

Автор Tuomas Heikkinen ( назад)
I love to watch any videos in English about Finland

Автор Axester ( назад)

Автор Erblin Beqa ( назад)
In my country our teachers hold all the exams in 1 week or 2

Автор Merlapro Mlp ( назад)
EVERYONE in the U.S should be thankful because here in morroco,we study 8 hours a day + there is no other activities such as music classes or IDK... we can only practice sport. we study 4 languages: French/arabic/Englishe/Spanish.

Автор jonttu pvp1000 ( назад)
in here finland is too much homeworks to do...

Автор Dawn Wagner ( назад)
WE ARE NUMBER ONE, WE ARE NUMBER ONE- Wait what? Oh.. oops. I'm listening.

Автор Konsta Lassila ( назад)
Im from finland and i agree with this video.

Автор Uli Peterson ( назад)
3:56, wtf!

Автор Jarl Dovah ( назад)
i wish i went to high school in Finland😢 education in the US sucks ass! and i know for the fact that we are NOT number 1 at everything!!

Автор Nameless Master ( назад)
our rank might drop yes right now we might be the best but now days we start to get more lazy as the technology grows

Автор King 391 ( назад)
im from funland i learn eglish swedish and german while i stufy fysics, chemistry, math like they are my life

Автор PieWithMoustache PWM ( назад)
Woohooo! my countrys education rules! Im happy about even that i little bit hate school cause sometimes its boring.

Автор Aryan Raja ( назад)
homeworks leave no time for kids to be curious

Автор Akshat Chaaras ( назад)
Finland is too small to matter

Автор #getdunkedGaming ( назад)
Im from Finland but I have to say that some of this information is not true

Автор Allu ( назад)

Автор FortieCat ( назад)
Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan.

Автор Gardening Hoes ( назад)

Автор Mr. T ( назад)
Dear Finland,
Take me with you.
-Mr. T

Автор JuKu ( назад)
Finland4life ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор Narski :D ( назад)
I'm Finnish and I can definitely say, that Finnish teachers don't get as much respect as doctors or lawyers. Although, they are very highly respected. (some people might respect them more than lawyers but definitely not more tham doctors)

Автор U'Koow Kolli ( назад)
The thing about immigrants isn't that simple. If US would take spanish as an official second language and there would be education in spanish, the situation would be more similar to what there is in Finland. Finland has swedish as a second language, so you can go trough your entire school years and never do studies in finnish. Then there is the language itself. As english is the lingua franca, many immigrants already know the basics of the language and also, english is so close to several other languages that immigrants might already speak, but finnish language isn't really related to much nothing. Having a language that is not spoken anywhere else, every finn learns in school at least the basics and usually much more of two other languages, and three isn't uncommon.

Автор IAmNot_Clifford ( назад)
My school is poor. We can barely afford paper. PAPER!!

Автор Juho Sirviö ( назад)
glad to live in finland

Автор Get ON ( назад)
Torilla tavataa

Автор Rishav Bhowmik ( назад)
you are talking about age of joining school.

in India kids go to school from age of 3, and some times even go to preschools at age of 2.5

Автор TheT A.O. ( назад)
Suomalaisia, pikemminki suolaisia.

Автор titania boloria ( назад)
I'm from finland and I'm only
11 years old

Автор Dazeencraft ( назад)
School makes us stupid

Автор Ιωάννης Ο Μακέδων Βασιλεύς ( назад)
the only thing that usa is first is stupidness

Автор rory armstrong ( назад)
is that racist I feel like that's racist- this is a serious question

Автор Mini Scouts ( назад)
this is why i hate my life! i live in finland... mut salmiakki o hyvää ;) JA SE SYÖDÄÄ SAATANA

Автор kingmakersdaughter ( назад)
nojooo ollaanha me aik hyvii tässä

Автор Mark Strickler ( назад)
Let's not forget, the Finns also give us goalies :) Go Juse Saaros and Pekka Rinne!

Автор bakar billionaire ( назад)
moving to Finland coz there is no homework until college 😂😂

Автор Phony Aardvark ( назад)
The fact that they had to point out where Finland is says it all

Автор Albin Eirto ( назад)
this is bs im from finland

Автор My Apple Head ( назад)
But I have to say that we still have horrible exams every month and they are not helping us. I think that there shouldn't be exams at all

Автор My Apple Head ( назад)

Автор Se Jota et tunne ( назад)
Im from finland :D

Автор swag boy ( назад)
im from finland and you are right we respect our teachers ,but in high school someones just don't. And i was like wow we actually got the best education

Автор zupermiez ( назад)
where u at my *PERKELE SQUAD*

Автор krishna joshi ( назад)
this what India should do Nd remove reservation 😬😬

Автор Freedom Warrior ( назад)
Finlands success is not due to socialism, you dumb fucks. Stop using Nordic countries as talking points for your propaganda.
This is coming from a citizen of these countries.

Автор Cail THE FireFox AJ ( назад)
That's it I'm moving to Finland

Автор MrEetu8 ( назад)
YaY.. I'M Finnish

Автор _ Ariesecho _ ( назад)
I'm a Finn, and proud asf of it.

Автор Risto Savolainen ( назад)

Автор veikka luimula ( назад)

Автор solotrekker ( назад)
<(american edjucated)Wheres Finland?     Scamerica. If they can't profit from it, they destroy it, and then demand privatization to ensure profit.

Автор Jukka Saarinen ( назад)
when you wach this and you are from finland you are like: "that isnt true at all" xD

Автор TheMagia TNT ( назад)
pelkkii suomalaisia 😂

Автор Chocopillow290 aj ( назад)
Suomi mainittu perkele pommitetaan koko maa pois kartalta

Автор pull endreks ( назад)

Автор pull endreks ( назад)

Автор pull endreks ( назад)

Автор aadu paadu ( назад)
SUOMI PERKELE!!! Im from finland💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Автор Heli Heikkinen ( назад)

Автор Jennariikka K ( назад)
suomi perkele👌👑

Автор nature giver ( назад)
Singapore ranks higher

Автор PAMELA TORRES ( назад)
Finland's where LORDI came from...and they are an excellent metal band!

Автор Meri K ( назад)
I'm from Finland❤❤Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan🎉🎉

Автор Emitto Bruh ( назад)
Suomi jyrää

Автор Antti Kalilainen ( назад)
suomi mainittu torilla tavataan

Автор Donald Duck ( назад)
YOU FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING... The law forces you to go to school. If you dont go to school you're going to be taken away from your family :)

Автор swegpojke 1 ( назад)
suomi perkele torilla tavataan

Автор Max ( назад)
im from finlanddddd

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