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  • Caitlynne Thompson
    Caitlynne Thompson Час назад

    we love a billie stan

  • Bee-U-Ti-Ful_Hibiscus
    Bee-U-Ti-Ful_Hibiscus 4 часа назад

    Very cute

  • izzy is cool
    izzy is cool 6 часов назад

    freddies lipstick looks so good on her tho

  • Nell Babie
    Nell Babie 13 часов назад

    Devyn should let billie dress how how sweetie dresses freddie

  • Estefania Martinez
    Estefania Martinez День назад

    Why did she say Khalid like that 😤 bothered meee

  • Roasting Marshmallows
    Roasting Marshmallows День назад

    My name is Eylish. And why do you creep on your ex?

  • Funny Girl
    Funny Girl День назад

    Right now, I've just got this private tab open with ALL of my problems and let's just say that I have some weird problems

  • NotJustARandomGirl
    NotJustARandomGirl 2 дня назад +1


  • Leslie Hernandez
    Leslie Hernandez 3 дня назад

    KHALID (Kah Leed) 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Taylor Huggs
    Taylor Huggs 5 дней назад


  • mythicalTrilogy
    mythicalTrilogy 6 дней назад

    "john mulaney bull?"

  • juliann bernardi
    juliann bernardi 6 дней назад

    They should of also done Pinterest as well.

  • Reti Neenu Juksaar
    Reti Neenu Juksaar 7 дней назад

    I love Billie Eilish too❤❤

  • Lyvni Panda
    Lyvni Panda 8 дней назад +1


  • Vyani Mikell
    Vyani Mikell 8 дней назад

    I don’t like Billie eilish

  • Keira Neill
    Keira Neill 8 дней назад

    I love Billie eilish 2

  • bill
    bill 8 дней назад

    when i heard billie eilish i freaked out- i love her sense of music

  • Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose 9 дней назад +1

    I reaaalllyyy wanna know devins Spotify 😂

  • Janelle Candice
    Janelle Candice 10 дней назад

    WHAT DEVIN IS TURNING 30!!!!!!😱😱😱😱 (Btw not trying to be rude but she looks like 20)

  • Aesthetic Sunsxt
    Aesthetic Sunsxt 10 дней назад


  • Gabriela Zea
    Gabriela Zea 11 дней назад

    Please Devin vlog about your trip to Colombia!!!

  • The Rogue Fangirl
    The Rogue Fangirl 11 дней назад

    OMG OMG DEVIN!! YOU'RE GOING TO COLOMBIA?! Where do you plan to go?

  • Jaci Lou
    Jaci Lou 11 дней назад

    Guess what?
    *Read More*

  • Jazzy Drawings
    Jazzy Drawings 11 дней назад

    OMG I LOVEEE BILLIE (btw shes 17 now)

  • nehir diribaş
    nehir diribaş 12 дней назад


  • Keeping up with Kenya
    Keeping up with Kenya 13 дней назад +1


  • Evie Martin
    Evie Martin 13 дней назад

    i love bilie too

  • Gravityuniverse101 2019
    Gravityuniverse101 2019 13 дней назад

    I’m Taurus too

  • Scarlett CC
    Scarlett CC 14 дней назад

    I love Devin more now

    Cause Billie ❤️

  • Sassyyy Sassyy
    Sassyyy Sassyy 14 дней назад

    Stan a queen that lvs billie eilish

  • CatMags
    CatMags 14 дней назад

    I think it's weird she remembers al of these searches and why she did them 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • X-XMidnight HowlerX-X
    X-XMidnight HowlerX-X 14 дней назад

    Is it just me or do you always delete your search history because it is annoying to have

  • Adele Ropars
    Adele Ropars 14 дней назад

    does anyone know where Freddie's shirt is from

  • Gaby Rosa
    Gaby Rosa 14 дней назад

    Deven don’t you have a boyfriend

  • Michelle Cruz
    Michelle Cruz 14 дней назад

    The way Devin pronounced Khalid made me irritated it's Kuh-leed sweetie he ain't no Dj Khalid.

  • Milla Apple
    Milla Apple 15 дней назад

    Billie Eilish is my fav singer

  • Victoria O'Rourke
    Victoria O'Rourke 15 дней назад

    On Instagram if you block the person they don’t show up in ur search history😉😉

  • CHÅŇTÝ bröök
    CHÅŇTÝ bröök 15 дней назад

    The way Devin said Khalid had me shook

  • Sean Santos
    Sean Santos 15 дней назад

    Just keeping tabs to make sure he’s on his side of the coast ? LMAO 😂 😭😩👏🏼 good one

  • gomyminions
    gomyminions 16 дней назад

    Devin if you speak any spanish or know someone that can help you with that,there's a really cool spanish speaking travel channel you should check out for Colombia, he has the best tips and goes to a bunch of places to experience and say if he'd recommend or not. It's Alan por el mundo.

  • Susu P
    Susu P 16 дней назад +2

    This was my first ladylike video. I’m so glad it was recommended! 😂 😀

  • jess v
    jess v 16 дней назад

    devin: my instagram search is where you see the _dark side of devin_
    devin’s search history: kristin, chantel, round boys

  • Bre Bell
    Bre Bell 16 дней назад +3


  • Ava Flack
    Ava Flack 17 дней назад +1


  • Katy Brunner
    Katy Brunner 17 дней назад

    They should do her RUclip history

  • Hey You
    Hey You 17 дней назад +1

    OKAY DEVIN: I have to warn you an animal lover myself I went to Colombia to visit family and I have to tell you that there are horses driving carriages that are so skinny literally like bones with skin on them and I cried and I fee like I have to warn you

  • Katrina Darlene
    Katrina Darlene 18 дней назад

    Did anyone hear what Freddie said at the end! 😈

  • Charlotte Day
    Charlotte Day 18 дней назад

    Now I know I have the same music taste as Devin.

  • Tara
    Tara 18 дней назад

    "You don't need to google that - I'll tell you" lol!

  • Victoria Bert
    Victoria Bert 18 дней назад

    Time for Freddie to cut the chains do her own thing.

  • The one and only Ally
    The one and only Ally 19 дней назад

    Billie Eilish is a queen

  • veronica1521adbc
    veronica1521adbc 19 дней назад

    Billie Eilish is the best

  • Brittney Williams
    Brittney Williams 19 дней назад

    The lipstick makes her look so much more terfifying

  • Kate
    Kate 19 дней назад

    Ok but now we need to see Freddie's search history.

  • Daniela Casas
    Daniela Casas 19 дней назад

    yay hav fun in colombia!! my lovely birth country :) lots of cool things to do

  • Amiya Hancock
    Amiya Hancock 19 дней назад

    The fact she said KAL ID instead of KUH LEED kinda bothered me

  • Emoni Brown
    Emoni Brown 19 дней назад

    Billie Eilish just turn 17 not long ago so yeah i recommend Copycat

  • itsjrose S
    itsjrose S 19 дней назад

    Billie Eilish is my queen follow my instgram account @oceaneyed_bil!

  • ActuallyNathalie
    ActuallyNathalie 20 дней назад

    Omg Devin‘s a Taurus too!

  • BTS B. T. S
    BTS B. T. S 20 дней назад

    *alright dude, go trip over aa knife*

  • Liza Productions
    Liza Productions 20 дней назад

    DO JEN’S HISTORY!!!😆😆😆

  • Isabella Ramirez
    Isabella Ramirez 21 день назад

    Find the difference
    Did you??

  • Mishael Meshach
    Mishael Meshach 21 день назад

    ran out of content

  • Reagan Hunter
    Reagan Hunter 21 день назад

    Definitely gonna go look up round.boys

  • tanaka gava
    tanaka gava 21 день назад

    4:29 - YAAAAAAAAS she is friken amazing

  • Westcoast Momma
    Westcoast Momma 21 день назад

    devins hair is so uneven

  • Slime Luna
    Slime Luna 21 день назад

    You should have done Devin’s RUclip search histoty

  • Kendall Kowerchuk
    Kendall Kowerchuk 21 день назад

    It's pronounced (Khaled) also no hate

  • Valeria Lemus
    Valeria Lemus 23 дня назад

    Yessss Billie Eilish is the best

  • Miranda leon loves turtles
    Miranda leon loves turtles 23 дня назад

    Devin I’m Colombian And there is so much to do does depend which place u are going but it’s amazing.if ur in cartahena u should go see the town in the walls and take a horse draw carriage throughly the city or Santa marta u can do much but is insanely beautiful with its ocean.u can also go to the capital but I’ve never been there so I can’t really say barranquilla that is where there is a lot of supercenters and people,so if your looking to buy a lot of things you should go there.also in that area there is a lot of wildlife including very small harmless geckos

  • Wendy Santos
    Wendy Santos 23 дня назад

    My parents went to Columbia in February for her birthday with my dad for 10 days too 😭

  • Stephanie M
    Stephanie M 23 дня назад

    We Stan Billy Eilish

  • flip_help
    flip_help 23 дня назад

    John Mulaney!!!

  • Erica Zirkelbach
    Erica Zirkelbach 24 дня назад

    I want you to dress in kids clothing for a week

  • ShadowThe Furr
    ShadowThe Furr 25 дней назад

    It’s funny that she researched Sabrina and flipping dressed up as her because whenever I watch the show it really does remind me of Devin.

  • Leeanne Vavra
    Leeanne Vavra 25 дней назад

    do i have a lawsuit against my hairstylist should be on there. Id love this if it wasnt for that hair in the back. sorry

  • James Field
    James Field 25 дней назад

    should have also done pics taken in the last two weeks

  • Laney J Frazier
    Laney J Frazier 25 дней назад +1

    Yas I LOVE Billie Eilish. She is my queen!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Mia C
    Mia C 26 дней назад

    Sorry I meant ellish

  • Mia C
    Mia C 26 дней назад

    Omg I love Billie elish

  • Sora_Saikou YT
    Sora_Saikou YT 27 дней назад +1

    Yassss Billie Eilish!!!!

    ᎪᏁᎠᏒᎬᎪ 27 дней назад


  • Annabelle and laney
    Annabelle and laney 27 дней назад +1

    I love billie eilish

  • S. Jonas
    S. Jonas 27 дней назад

    you know dev deleted some of her searches 😂

  • gatcha wolfstar
    gatcha wolfstar 27 дней назад

    I LOVE billie elish

  • I Love the Nation of Israel!
    I Love the Nation of Israel! 28 дней назад +9

    4 years and no ring!? Oof

  • Gaby H. G
    Gaby H. G 28 дней назад

    Devin listens to Billie Eilish
    *immediately likes video*

  • Azoha R
    Azoha R 28 дней назад


  • zebras don't fly for a reason
    zebras don't fly for a reason 28 дней назад


  • abbey dj
    abbey dj 28 дней назад

    fuck u loving billie eilish makes me love u more ngl

  • 1noduncle
    1noduncle 28 дней назад

    It looks like a man,pretty sure it is and male names

  • lonnie499
    lonnie499 29 дней назад

    “Ooouuu nice...turn off your email” 😂

  • Camila Guerrero
    Camila Guerrero 29 дней назад

    Shoutout to Colombia 🇨🇴 I live in Bogotá and I love ladylike

  • Kate B
    Kate B 29 дней назад

    My search history deletes its self on google??? Like idk what I did to my phone but it does that 😂

  • G Nation
    G Nation 29 дней назад


  • Tumma
    Tumma Месяц назад


  • Brendan Matelan
    Brendan Matelan Месяц назад

    I don’t know if I could do this. Lol

  • Ellie Royal
    Ellie Royal Месяц назад +1

    * haaay*

  • Halima Haji
    Halima Haji Месяц назад

    Sorry but I go private mode and clear history but I have nothing to hide🤐😌😏😶

  • Bea Joe
    Bea Joe Месяц назад

    ‘Billie Eyelash’ 😡😂