Tesla Autonomy Day

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • Tesla Autonomy Day is on Mon, April 22nd - watch the event livestream @11am PDT
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  • leonid4ss
    leonid4ss Day ago

    I m need one in my home

  • Rocer
    Rocer Day ago +1

    I watched the whole video, I’m a complete Tesla fan, fuck those supercars, I’m a Tesla fanboy.

  • Phil Buckler
    Phil Buckler Day ago

    in Central Indiana we love to play Puddle or Pothole!!

  • Chris Braid
    Chris Braid 2 days ago

    How to make the Gorilla redundant. I bet Clarkson won’t be testing one of these in Auto mode any time soon ....

  • Johnny Mitchell
    Johnny Mitchell 2 days ago +1

    So should one wait to buy a 3 in two years when the next gen chip is complete and in production? Will Teslas with first gen chip be upgradable to the next gen chip?

  • seanzscorpio
    seanzscorpio 2 days ago

    The fundamentals to take away are not that "it's financially insane to buy anything other than a Tesla" its the fact that you can't make a fucking self-driving sedan profitably and in a decade.

  • seanzscorpio
    seanzscorpio 2 days ago

    Everybody has "marked your words" Musk and they turned out to be lies! XD

  • seanzscorpio
    seanzscorpio 2 days ago

    Autonomy day! Lol you mean

    Save our Asses DAY
    Shit, we lied about automation half a decade ago and now those lies are catching up to us DAY
    Elon is going to try and surprise you with a rabbit trick DAY
    We have no fucking clue how we are going to tell the world we lost $6.66m a day so lets distract them DAY
    We better tell the world Elon Musk wants to be Iron Man but he is actually the tin Man. Empty. DAY
    We will probably be finished by the end of the year so enjoy this presentation DAY

    So yes, it was many days, and Autonomy was certainly not on that list.
    Get your fraud CEO to get back on Twitter to hear the music as he so desperately needs to hear it. He loved the media before, where is he now? His face seems to be bloated by the minute and the guy can barely speak. Azaelia Banks was right when she called him a Beta Pig trying to be an Alpha... She hit the nail on the head.

    • John theux
      John theux Day ago

      They were pretty clear about how does it work...

  • Tomasz Bordemé
    Tomasz Bordemé 3 days ago

    What is the music in this vid?
    Anyone having a playlist?

  • Sva Fizika
    Sva Fizika 3 days ago

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  • Got Grapes?
    Got Grapes? 3 days ago

    Someone tell me what the hell is going on with the car on the right at 2:24:24 also 3:14:09.......

  • Sonny Moon
    Sonny Moon 4 days ago

    3:29:30 "It is financially insane to buy anything other than a Tesla !" What part of that is not a clear benefit ? And the oil companies parties will keep driving people right down that path to insanity ! Hopefully not too much longer once these monsters are seen for what they've done to this world and not done !

  • t-14 tu-95
    t-14 tu-95 4 days ago

    Ilon, you need to lose weight and long live a healthy lifestyle!

  • Carlos Pacheco
    Carlos Pacheco 4 days ago

    Amazing stuff. They are really pushing the car industry forward. Why would they share all this information to the public? Couldn't this help their competition?

  • Jordan Hall
    Jordan Hall 4 days ago +1

    This video is just one of the reasons I love Tesla. I honestly believe they are the best tech company in the world right now. hallthingstech.blogspot.com/2019/05/hall-things-tech-tesla.html

  • Ma/ Co/
    Ma/ Co/ 4 days ago +1

    Be greedy when others are fearful... loading up on TSLA

  • Green Dholia
    Green Dholia 4 days ago

    How do you guys handle the game of chicken a lot of people tend to play where it's like "No you go first, no you go first, and it bounces back and forth until someone waves or says no you go...etc?" I guess with two teslas it'd be easy because they could just communicate but how would it work with a human and a tesla at a stop sign intersection or something?

  • rope
    rope 4 days ago

    Consumers won’t demand taking off the steering wheel. Especially for performance cars, there’s a reason that they’re so fun to drive.

  • Gowtham Kudupudi
    Gowtham Kudupudi 5 days ago

    "If someone could copy their technology then they are worth of revenue from it"

  • Max Đỗ
    Max Đỗ 6 days ago

    Welp. Today is May 18th, bad timing for an accident, someone is gonna get fired for not updating the software.

  • Xavier X
    Xavier X 6 days ago

    if there is any breakthrough new architecture for neural networks, everything will need retraining, all that training would have to be discarded.

  • Ram Radhakrishnan
    Ram Radhakrishnan 6 days ago +2

    About LIDAR: If you want to design a bat, use LIDAR. If you want to emulate a human, use computer vision/neural network.

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 6 days ago

    Hey Tesla will you make the Tesla truck

  • Black Vista
    Black Vista 7 days ago +1

    What I love about the Karpathy's presentation is how it reminds us how much we take our own learning for granted. We all had to painstakingly train our minds/learn everything we "know" today... Like the Tesla neural nets, we spent the first few years of our lives knowing pretty much nothing. We had to learn what a dog was and what it looked like, we had to learn how to balance ourselves when we figured out how to stand up... and when we started driving we had to learn how to gauge distances at speed as well as the velocity of other vehicles, and we had to learn how to anticipate where the road would lead when it curved around sharp corners.... (especially at night!) Now we're "just" using brute force to teach computers the same things we've learned ourselves. There are no shortcuts if we want to teach the system to see the world the way we do, and behave appropriately.

  • Ted Kidd
    Ted Kidd 7 days ago

    Start 1:09:40

  • Simon Dalling
    Simon Dalling 7 days ago +2

    I realised after listening to this and some of the questions at the end that some analysts have not got a clue. It is really worrying to think that people will take their advice to make investment decisions. Some of them did not seem to grasp what a step change Teslas have made. Droning on about lidar, gps and high precision maps just proves they did not listen or did not understand.

  • Syeda Naqvi
    Syeda Naqvi 7 days ago

    ilike the model x

  • Andre Bolle
    Andre Bolle 7 days ago

    "Tesla Model 3 remains the most popular electric vehicle in the U.S. - by far". Why buy a car that can't drive itself (eventually)?

  • Andre Bolle
    Andre Bolle 7 days ago

    Can Tesla car owners let their cars earn money being a taxi while the owner is at work? Who can use the car, given permission?

    • Tabula Rasa
      Tabula Rasa 5 days ago

      Tesla will take around 30% commission from owners who lets their car become a Robo-Taxi.

  • Benjamin Feddersen
    Benjamin Feddersen 7 days ago

    Very interesting presentations, also interesting that Elon absolutely cannot stand to let someone else present their work without jumping in whenever he wants to make a point.

  • Johnny English
    Johnny English 8 days ago

    If the Mr.Tesla get up from his grave, and see this company he is probaby spoke this: ,, It s OK that some company have my name, but it's still company, not me". J.P Elon Musk T mean ,,Company Tesla" not in any way such a human like N.Tesla. Elon Musk probably never drink cofee with Nikola Tesla if he were a live.He"s just Big Head in California valey and nothing else.

  • Zak Srdanovich
    Zak Srdanovich 8 days ago

    Now Tesla drivers suck their own little eco friendly dick while driving on the freeway. GREAT...

  • Project Killer
    Project Killer 8 days ago

    Lol when i see a lamborghini i swear to god i will laugh so hard cuz future is now babe. Look whos better now does lambo drive by itself? Nope never but LOOK we have tesla! Welcome to future everyone!

    • logitech4873
      logitech4873 6 days ago

      If you own a Lamborghini, you don't want it to drive itself.

  • Andre Bolle
    Andre Bolle 8 days ago

    The autonomous vehicle I'm in is stationary. Some other vehicle is out of control, on a collision course towards me. Most people, if given enough time and skill, will get out the way. What training data do you have for these situations? In general, how are you dealing with these so-called "edge cases"? Surely, not only should these cars be self-driving, but self-preserving.

  • Seth Larcomb
    Seth Larcomb 8 days ago

    My house I'm getting in 3 weeks needs a new roof, no chance you would be willing to pay for my house to have the solar roof put on so that we can be the example home for Ohio'ins to see so they can want to buy them. I want to help my state be more active no green energy but you are primarily west coast so you are unknown around these parts. Also can you offer those tiles in purple? I'm um... asking for a friend...

  • Seth Larcomb
    Seth Larcomb 8 days ago

    Why not automatically use some of the data about debris and potholes to create a quarry of things that needs fixed/cleaned for city's and send it to them so they can more quickly resolve the issues?

  • Max
    Max 8 days ago

    Will Tesla have foldable display technology in their cars in the future? 🤔

  • Seth Larcomb
    Seth Larcomb 8 days ago

    2:05:15 well if you tracked data points like when was a smart tv or computer turned off by user to the time they hit the snooze/complete on an alarm clock you could pre-determine total sleep hours of humans without a child which tells you the % chance they are entirely aware of their surrounding based on likely hood to forget objects, likely hood to fall asleep at wheel ect ect. You would need to collect all that data though. I bet it is all quantifiable, it's just hard to do.

  • Seth Larcomb
    Seth Larcomb 8 days ago

    1:58:00 How is it hard to understand... it's literally the equivalent to teaching a child...

  • Seth Larcomb
    Seth Larcomb 8 days ago +1

    I hate patents because if you can create it... then it pre-existed you because you could re-create it in the first place... patents are literally just an excuse to prevent creating the perfect product so people can make money off of multiple flawed products over a long course of time. It's painfully bullshit.

  • Nicolas Licastro
    Nicolas Licastro 9 days ago

    It is hilarious how Elon has an ID in his belt.

  • Chris Spark
    Chris Spark 10 days ago +1

    Bye Bye Uber!!

  • TheIrfanxz44
    TheIrfanxz44 10 days ago

    You know one problem with Tesla?

  • Tubby Custard
    Tubby Custard 11 days ago

    15:15 whats the song?

  • Ian Ferreira
    Ian Ferreira 11 days ago +1

    May I just say.... Holy Shit! Amazing!

  • mr blob
    mr blob 11 days ago

    And Tesla auto pilot fails at the most remedial tasks...

  • Christie Nel
    Christie Nel 11 days ago +1

    LIDAR is rubbish. Thank you! Someone said it.

  • Rok Cestnik
    Rok Cestnik 12 days ago

    1:52:55 I love how humble that guy is, and Elon steps in to say how good he is. It would be a dream come true for me haha

  • Stewart Hamilton
    Stewart Hamilton 12 days ago

    I pace test drive

  • عمار حربي
    عمار حربي 12 days ago +1

    هذه السياره فوق الطموح اتمنا امتلاك سياره من هذ النوع لاكن لا يوجد لدي نقود تسلا عشق لا ينتهي..

  • AR极乐世界
    AR极乐世界 12 days ago

    1:17:31 2*FSD Computers. If all failed, car keeps driving

  • daniel_960_
    daniel_960_ 12 days ago +1

    I bet Elon has something like Jarvis at his home and nobody knows about it.

  • Manjunath MC
    Manjunath MC 12 days ago +1

    This is the most important talk, which has potential to change the way we commute. This video has not even reached 2M views even after 3 weeks, shame on us.

  • Aristophanes Smith
    Aristophanes Smith 12 days ago

    The coming intros of the taycan and other Porsche EVs will be bad days for tesla

  • Sander Koldenhof
    Sander Koldenhof 12 days ago +2

    Can we just all appreciate the fact that they wait a sec, maybe 1.5 seconds before going onto the next subject so sharing it on a specific timestamp / specific subject doesn't make it awkward with some word of the last part cutting off?

  • Dan
    Dan 13 days ago

    All this innovation but we can't get individual microphones for each desk. Hmm.

  • Dan
    Dan 13 days ago

    If you drive through a swarm of bees or a heap of moths and the cameras get smothered in bug juice at 100kph, what will happen?

    • Dan
      Dan 5 days ago +1

      +Foo Barrel Nice

    • Foo Barrel
      Foo Barrel 11 days ago +1

      They get sucked into the aircon, pureed to a hot bee/moth broth, then the whole mess is sprayed in your face through the air vents as a special punishment!

    • Dan
      Dan 13 days ago


  • Vlasihinn
    Vlasihinn 13 days ago

    That’s sick.

  • Harm Hoeks
    Harm Hoeks 13 days ago +1

    At 2:40:00 the autonomous system is basically a set of decision rules. YET they do not (?) take into account the history we have in our heads. This recent history is extremely important in our navigation. Shouldn't this be part of the system?

    • David Fregoli
      David Fregoli 13 days ago

      they know speeds so I guess they know enough of the history

  • Harm Hoeks
    Harm Hoeks 13 days ago +1

    1:09:30 Start

  • Weeble Bob
    Weeble Bob 14 days ago +1

    Software is always more of a challenge than hardware. Whichever company masters it first and implements robo taxiss at the right time is going to be a big winner

  • John Doe
    John Doe 14 days ago

    Join Teslas Sentry Mode Videos group for fun dashcam videos captured by Tesla owners.

  • Joui Z
    Joui Z 14 days ago +1

    Why are the people in the crowd on their phones instead of paying attention??

  • IcyBubble
    IcyBubble 14 days ago +1

    when the guy at 1:52:00 came on, I thought my video was playing at 1.5x speed.

  • d's information
    d's information 14 days ago

    Engineers have the coolest jobs!

  • Shez
    Shez 14 days ago +1

    ANYONE know that the background music is?? PLEASE tell me if u do!!

  • Peter V.
    Peter V. 14 days ago

    My question at this point is:
    Are the data collected/used globally or are there lokal behavior models?

    • BattMarn
      BattMarn 12 days ago +1

      Peter V. I’d imagine it’s a combination of the two. Traffic law related stuff would have to be local, maybe even general behavioural patterns of other drivers, but general vision stuff would be globally relevant

  • Snowshovelingman880 Original


  • Corneliushka
    Corneliushka 15 days ago

    03:30:03 People get the message Mr Musk, they learned this week that they can have sex in Autopilot mode.

  • Nguyen Vu
    Nguyen Vu 15 days ago

    I think sitting in table like this prevent people from clapping. It's like in class, you don't clap when teacher show something amazing.

  • sudarson123
    sudarson123 15 days ago

    Impressed at the scale of the problem they are solving... going to buy Tesla shares and model3 in a year

  • Johannes Dolch
    Johannes Dolch 15 days ago

    How are these supposedly sophisticated people not able to form coherent questions. It's ridiculous. Sadly Elon is just too nice to tell them "Yeah, you didn't understand a single thing we explained today and your question makes no sense, even after you repeated it verbatim 3 times. Good Job." But you can tell he gets really frustrated later in the Q&A.

  • Wait Whet
    Wait Whet 15 days ago

    I used to think model 3 was ugly but now I love it!

  • Ish HurtadO
    Ish HurtadO 15 days ago


  • Cata Lin
    Cata Lin 15 days ago

    1:41:22 Doomed

  • Mark Dibley
    Mark Dibley 15 days ago +1

    Elon musk wants to remove $1.3 trillion from the US automotive industry. That's oil, parts manufacturing, mechanics and maintenance. That's PER YEAR! Then he wants to make a car last 1 million miles. A conservative 4 times longer than cars today. That is slashing cars sales by 75%. Tesla is definitely out to change the World. I'd invest (or work for them).

  • spiras73
    spiras73 15 days ago

    Very impressive, but I would like to know how safe is a system that can only deal with known situations, nothing more than what it learned during the training. What about the unpredictable, that goes in a completely different way as usual?
    For example, let's imagine a scenario where helicopters have been learned as non-problems because they always fly over the way, so the standard response of the system might be to just ignore helicopters and keep driving straight ahead.
    What happens if a helicopter should land on the lane, if that situation never occurred during the training?

    • Foo Barrel
      Foo Barrel 10 days ago

      ​+spiras73 No, I was addressing the specific scenario you proposed, namely how the AV would deal with a helicopter landing in its lane, having not been trained for such.
      For most of the new scenarios you now present, it looks like a superhuman premonition will be needed to deal with those, either that or the car will need to be networked into a mesh of strain-gauges on every bridge, for example. Not sure anyone is aiming for this type of capability with L5.
      I personally can not imagine sleeping in the driver's seat inside the next 10 years, no matter how safe the AV system is claimed to be, and I suspect manual controls will persist on general purpose AVs for at least 20 years.

    • spiras73
      spiras73 10 days ago

      You are talking about debris and obstacles already present on the road.
      I'm talking about the ability to
      understand unknown situations, foresee danger before it happens, by intuition. A lorry that is about to lose its load on the road; a landslide about to fall; a bridge about to collapse; patrols chasing a runaway. Understand an invisible ice floe just by watching another car slip ahead. Do you drive into a tunnel if you suspect clues of a possible inside fire? There are myriads of unpredictable road hazards that need actual intelligence to deal with. And would you sleep in a car if the autopilot is not capable to stay away from danger?
      Efforts and achievements of the Tesla people are remarkable, but level 5 will require a completely different level of skills.

    • Foo Barrel
      Foo Barrel 11 days ago +1

      It only has to be recognised as a large solid obstacle which one must brake for or find a way around, as opposed to being part of the normally "driveable space".
      This can be achieved with the aid of 3D-mapping techniques which compare motion across several video frames to add depth info to each pixel incoming and using semantic segmentation to classify the different spaces/objects seen.

  • Nashville Exotic Cars
    Nashville Exotic Cars 15 days ago

    This is really unbelievable technology and truly we are seeing the future. Watched the entire thing. I'm a petrol guy at heart, but if the Model X can get a bit more competitive on price my wife and I would buy one for her use in a moment. Thats been our biggest roadblock having a $1.5k month payment or higher was tough to justify. Even if we save $150 a month of fuel/oil changes.

  • Thomas Foreman
    Thomas Foreman 15 days ago +2

    Huge sustainable spike in demand if, Electric vehicles can get a full charge 400 miles range in 5 minutes. Same time it takes to fill a gas tank.

  • sony22 noky
    sony22 noky 15 days ago

    abri una caja de roblox u tu me salistes simbuilder

  • Cozmo Cozminsky
    Cozmo Cozminsky 15 days ago +1

    the "Mad Max" version should be a car with a dock for your personal flamethrower, for convinient communication with other drivers when you insist it's YOUR turn to change lane

  • Alan Farrell
    Alan Farrell 16 days ago

    I wonder if Elon was a night rider enthusiast when he was younger? 😁👍🏻👍🏻

  • JackCade
    JackCade 16 days ago

    What if cameras get dirty?

  • JackCade
    JackCade 16 days ago

    What if people will use their autonomous car for delivery? Like: "oh, you forgot your favourite pencil, I'll just send it to you by car."
    This might increase traffic by a lot. How do you want to deal with that problem? Weight sensors in the seats? Cameras inside the car?

  • JackCade
    JackCade 16 days ago

    If you have autonomous taxis, who is stopping people from messing up the car? - for fun or by accident. Any ideas for that problem?

  • JackCade
    JackCade 16 days ago

    Humans will start to fool around with self driving cars. For example open the door on the free way and such. How will the auto pilot deal with the creative ways of messing with it from within as will as from outside?

  • JackCade
    JackCade 16 days ago

    Louis c k made a joke that he would just step in front of self driving cars and herd them for fun. Is there a way to make sure this can't be done?

  • JackCade
    JackCade 16 days ago

    What if humans learn the pattern of how the auto pilot plays the game of chicken and exploit that knowledge? How fast is the fleet going to adapt to that? Are there different patterns of behaviour, so that humans can't figure out a pattern?

  • Staffan Lindström
    Staffan Lindström 16 days ago

    The Tesla neural network is what came alive and became the AI that Elon was so afraid of. It would be poetic in some sense.

  • Luredreier
    Luredreier 16 days ago

    The talk starts at 1:09:20 or so.

  • Stuart Mullen
    Stuart Mullen 16 days ago

    3 hour 10 mins...."we''ll just delete parts" ...love it!

  • Juan Ozores Arriola
    Juan Ozores Arriola 16 days ago

    Does anyone know the theme song at the ending minutes?

  • VerisonMember
    VerisonMember 16 days ago

    I love Tesla.

  • Mr 805
    Mr 805 17 days ago

    Tesla is a generation ahead of others...😎👍🧗🏽‍♂️

  • PlayoffL36ron
    PlayoffL36ron 17 days ago +1

    3:19:34 when you think you sound really smart

  • Heath Sims
    Heath Sims 17 days ago

    Man, why do people add words they don't need... just ask the damn question.

  • Harshil Patel
    Harshil Patel 17 days ago

    2:19:50 - 2:21:15 : Estimating depth using just vision
    I have implemented this exact idea for camera and LiDAR for the KITTI Dataset. Check it out github.com/harshilpatel312/KITTI-distance-estimation

  • Tony Ly
    Tony Ly 17 days ago

    Best vision company in the world

  • Mihi Gyver
    Mihi Gyver 17 days ago

    allways when someone pull in fand cut me of i use the horn.. do your Ai learn that to?

  • karma tam
    karma tam 17 days ago +1

    So apparently these people are investor
    How come so dumb ?