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Автор Rudy Mancuso ( назад)
Thank you for watching.
♫ > $

Автор Reynald Mindo ( назад)
OMG, this song should be in spotify. This was the best music i have ever heard. this should be featured!

Автор kynbob yaay ( назад)
vonzell is so funny especially when she was with todrick.

Автор Cheyenne Brett ( назад)
He's a good singer

Автор DuckFace Belike ( назад)
Seriously..Beans and rice..You are being racist to YOURSELF

Автор Toblarone TV ( назад)
This was sooo inspirational to me and hopefully other people too! Rudy! My man! You've changed my life! Because of you, I've given up playing video games and being lazy and just make music! Thank you soooo much! Keep doing what your doing!

Автор Maja Odenbom ( назад)
At 3:22 you can see that woman in the background hitting her dog

3:21 the woman slapped the dog 😂🐕

Автор Ginny Steins ( назад)
I love this....😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Love him tooo
The girl sings so expressively 😍😍

Автор Mehak Sajid ( назад)
the girl at the beginning has an amazing voice!!

Автор Ginny Steins ( назад)
Damn!!!!the comment section is lit here😂😂😊😀

Автор Derek Runyan ( назад)
God! Rudy is fire!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Автор Jackson Willis ( назад)
1:17 you could see the robber that stole the money

Автор toxic gamer ( назад)
the best

Автор vishal singh ( назад)
you make me smile every morning

Автор K-17 ( назад)

Автор Hany Looper ( назад)
Black mirror intro

Автор bcreative live love&laugh out loud ( назад)
I'm inspired

Автор Edson Marlon ( назад)
Awesome video! Congrats Rudy for the great content, is good to see youtubers posting real creative videos like this 👌

Автор ccool rocka ( назад)
I love this like yassss 😂❣️😂❣️😂

Автор Mashota Mohamad ( назад)
When you don't want the video to end...

Автор Bente Overmars ( назад)
Whahaha from 1:16 you see "the robber" behind the tree 😂😂❤❤

Автор XoTriece ( назад)
Amazingly beautiful!

Автор Camille Merritt ( назад)
rudy you love music and I love your music plz make more videos like this plus I just realized that you make so many music youtube videos that maybe it'll take you even farther in your career also your funny/comedian plz make more of these kinds of videos LOL

Автор Kittyprincess125 Patalinghug ( назад)
This is the best if you say no ok I don't care mother fuckers

Автор TSETEN PHUNTSOK ( назад)
Omg are they STOMP, they sound similar to them.

Автор sydra1993 ( назад)
omg who's that giiiiiiiirl,,,

Автор Aseel the Seal ( назад)
This video is honestly my favourite holy ruby is so creative and the bet youtuber

Автор Alyshba Jamil ( назад)
I love this video , it's so creative ❤️

Автор Elin Sandquist ( назад)

Автор Alihan Akcay ( назад)
4:10 More Music !!!

Автор AsianInvasion ( назад)
you can clearly hear the auto tune its way better without it

Автор Eh Say Htoo ( назад)
This is the best music I ever heard and I also like the cool beat

Автор Sionaid Barton ( назад)
do more music stuff

Автор georgio aicrag ( назад)
your music it is lit I wish you wood sign for me my name is Esmeralda I'm 9

Автор maddyshowful ( назад)
i think your cute

Автор RIMAtone ( назад)
i actually watched mostly all the videos but this one VERY FUCKING DONE THE MOMENT THE OTHERS CAME !!!

Автор Amber Bishop ( назад)
i love this part... BRO you think i'm stupid because i'm not white i got stuff to buy, like what, beans and rice, i'm not saying that at all i just don't have any cash, give me all your money or kiss my brown butt, your an uber not a taxi, you wont me to be unhappy, you get paid thru the phone, bro I don't like your tone, screw this man I got to go, ok i'll see you bro, have fun with your poopy car, ok can I get five stars!!! HEY! HEY CAN I GET FIVE STARS! HEY!

Автор Berry 715 ( назад)
This video sends chills down my spine I LOVE IT SO MUCH

Автор Elisa Gil ( назад)
Rudy release an album know

Автор Eden pop fishy ( назад)
at 2:25 it looked like Rudy Mancuso was a turkey

Автор Lorenzo Patino ( назад)
Wait a minute from there that is where I have been in that park, I live there 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 cannot believe that he was near my house no wonder I heard some music from my window

Автор Salome Villarreal ( назад)
Rudy is a really good musician!!!!!😄

Автор Tessa Dinnall ( назад)
1:01 who is she?????

Автор sweeties sabreena ( назад)
the dog was abused

Автор Someone Who has a name ( назад)
where can i found this song on spotify😍❤❤

Автор Someone Who has a name ( назад)
best video ever😍😍

Автор Zeynep Lal Tas ( назад)
it's so a good and a really kreativ idea❤❤❤

Автор oscar sanchez ( назад)
Anwar is the robber because why did rudy not tip the ubber/anwar

Автор Isaac A ( назад)
One of the dopest things ive seen on youtube in ages! props! and lovin the anwar collabs ! thats my nugga

Автор frozensun79 ( назад)
this is beautiful :)

Автор Najla Aznam ( назад)
sign: NO MUSIC


Автор manoj thakur ( назад)
u r awesome man.....

Автор Chen Ling ( назад)
Very Creative

Автор Wayland Johnson ( назад)

Автор Shirin Jain ( назад)

Автор Tiana Williams ( назад)

Автор Tahir Hussain ( назад)
Man that shit was.. btw fuck people with thumbs down :P

Автор Diana Ag ( назад)
when I first saw ur channel I thought u where just an idiot and a person whos rude and mean but I watched more videos and discovered that you play piano, love music, and love to be urself although u dont show it that much when u should and let me tell u lately you've been inspiring me A LOT and I thank u for that...keep going and never give up💜🤘😋

Автор Dot Dot ( назад)
next star boy.. haha

Автор QBMX ( назад)
3:25 guy hits his dog in the background

Автор Alton Dillon ( назад)
I love the drums omg

Автор Marija Miskovic ( назад)
I think I broke the replay button...

Автор Rayan Mudaliar ( назад)
I love the end part I can't stop rewatching this vid I'm so addicted

Автор Rayan Mudaliar ( назад)
So much autotune but it sounds so good nice vid bro I'm so subscribing

Автор fara nedy ( назад)
damn so talented!

Автор Leia Loca ( назад)
That was AMAZING🤘

Автор Lúa Angelo ( назад)
the music is beautiful, like❤

Автор TheAdventureBros ! ( назад)
I love your hair

Автор kathy reynolds ( назад)
Did anyone see the animal abuser at 2:39

Автор Amanda Stewart ( назад)
This is just amazing I wish I could see this in real life

Автор Amanda Stewart ( назад)
This shit is awesome

Автор stephanie zamora ( назад)
I wonder what people thought when u made this

They were like wow dope

Автор Đào Emilly ( назад)
Now I khow every things is Music:D

Автор Unreleased Seeker ( назад)
do another one Rudy it was amazing, and the beggining is so catchy

Автор Baby lanni ( назад)
Rudy ur so talented ❤️💍

Автор Nathan tran ( назад)
Absolutely amazing, I love ur music rudyyyyyy👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 hahahaha n you are rlly funny, n cool ofc

Автор Ashwini BHUNJUN ( назад)

Автор Morgan ( назад)
I'm obsessed😍😩

Автор Zia ul Islam ( назад)
good content

Автор Shaikh Sufi ( назад)
man you deserve to be recognized and appreciated much more then people do now.... just started watching your vids like yesterday but I am already in love

Автор //XxMissUnicornTDMXx// ( назад)
I am a young learning percussionist and the working men and you were the best damn thing I have ever heard! You and your skills and your humor are the thing that makes YouTube a better place! <3

Автор Tae Tae's girl ( назад)
You're amazing 😢😢😢

Автор Crazy Kid Gaming ( назад)
1:01 so autotuned

Автор Sarounette Gaming ( назад)
do the woman have a tube ?

Автор Patricia Reyes ( назад)
i love this dude he is just so talented

Автор JusNate ( назад)
GG 7000th comment

Автор Jaffar Yhea ( назад)
هل يوجد هنا عربي

Автор Kayla Hines ( назад)
When I saw dsharp I got so excited

Автор The QueenV's ( назад)
Rudy you should make more videos like this love them so much❤️❤️

Автор John Wemigwans ( назад)
At 4:20 lil

Автор Fatima Soto ( назад)
A lady just hit the dog

Автор Sofia Izquierdo ( назад)
this NEEDS more views… that was absolutely amazing wow!

Автор Chloe Ortiz ( назад)
2:13 my fav part

Автор Catherine Hosein ( назад)

Автор KhloeMcdale channel Hunter ( назад)

Автор Ashley Dixon ( назад)

Автор Anzilah Amir ( назад)
i love it😍

Автор Adahir Bautista ( назад)
I feel like all this music related videos are going to lead up to an album

Автор William Lawson-antwi ( назад)
This video is soooooo lit!!!!!!!

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