The myth of Prometheus - Iseult Gillespie

  • Published on Nov 14, 2017
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    Before the creation of humanity, the Greek gods won a great battle against a race of giants called the Titans. Most Titans were destroyed or driven to the eternal hell of Tartarus. But the Titan Prometheus, whose name means foresight, persuaded his brother Epimetheus to fight with him on the side of the Gods. Iseult Gillespie shares the myth of Prometheus.
    Lesson by Iseult Gillespie, directed by Léa Krawczyk.
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  • Nickster
    Nickster 2 hours ago

    The Greek gods are freaking assholes.

  • Adam Mohamed
    Adam Mohamed 8 hours ago +1

    Bro this is wrong this isn't really at all how are there many gods if there many gods the humans can't know who the real god and in really life there is only one god that create all the universe and we don't know the god face and if the people tell this story how they know all of this there was nothing in that time you dumbs this is wrong story guys don't believe this story

  • Dayofthedaleks 152
    Dayofthedaleks 152 10 hours ago

    Prometheus was punished by the gods for giving the gift of knowledge to man he was cast into the bowels of the earth and pecked by birds -oracle turret (Portal 2)

  • Aman Jain
    Aman Jain 15 hours ago

    I love the videos of this channel, please never stop making them

  • Levi
    Levi Day ago

    Prometheus: chained to a cliff
    Vulture: "I'm about to -end this mans whole career- *rip out his liver"*

  • Forrest Patterson

    Prometheus is the best

  • Wysp
    Wysp Day ago

    1:54 Mass hysteria

  • Ela De Leon
    Ela De Leon 2 days ago

    prometheus we love you

  • Semisizer IGN
    Semisizer IGN 3 days ago +1


  • Alina
    Alina 3 days ago

    Beings with an ego bigger than the universe and a heart smaller than an ant cannot be considered Gods......

  • Rachelle Bal
    Rachelle Bal 4 days ago +6

    Zeus: Humans can’t have fire.
    Prometheus: *I’m about to end this whole mans career-*

  • Blackaddam
    Blackaddam 4 days ago

    Did the Greeks know that the liver regenerated?

  • Fishy Chungus
    Fishy Chungus 4 days ago

    Hercules saved Prometheus in one of the myths

  • Ovalt Gaming
    Ovalt Gaming 4 days ago

    what happened to his brother?

  • Mochi Doge
    Mochi Doge 5 days ago

    Ever heard of those atheists?

  • Theodor Bochnovič
    Theodor Bochnovič 5 days ago

    As God of War series taught us: gods are assholes

  • Saud Alrubiaan
    Saud Alrubiaan 6 days ago

    So where is he right now ????

  • Good man dan
    Good man dan 7 days ago

    "a small price to pay for salvation"

    MADINENI VIJAYALAXMI 7 days ago +1

    The God who saved our life is lost

  • Anna Robles
    Anna Robles 7 days ago

    Me:🅱️r🅾️METH뜺s wẩS 🅿️ửNịshỂđ 🅱️ỷ tHẹ g🅾️đã fÔr gỉVĩng tẺh gIfT ổF NỗlegẾ tWọ mNặ

  • boring.
    boring. 7 days ago

    Prometheus is the god we deserved.

  • Disgusting Fatboi
    Disgusting Fatboi 7 days ago


  • God Prometheus
    God Prometheus 8 days ago +1

    My name

  • A M
    A M 9 days ago

    that animation of Frankenstein and his monster gave me life

  • Johannes van der Stuyvebode


  • cuphead PLAYZ
    cuphead PLAYZ 9 days ago

    Remember this is from appure science the game portal 2

  • Jairo Gaming
    Jairo Gaming 9 days ago

    Zues For A God You Don't Act Like One That Guy You Punished He Acts More Like A God

  • hyuna
    hyuna 11 days ago

    i used to look up to zeus1!1! now i'm going to say lol why is he even a god. prometheus is way better than zeus smh.

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M 12 days ago +1

    Yall if you dont like zues no morw u can kill him in god of war 3

  • Anh Bui Gia
    Anh Bui Gia 12 days ago +1

    0:06 the first WWC of history

  • Ehab 8
    Ehab 8 12 days ago

    Don,t look to me

  • Mihika Agarwal
    Mihika Agarwal 13 days ago

    OMG the animation! Amazing work as ALWAYS. Keep up the good work!

  • Mary D'Auria
    Mary D'Auria 14 days ago

    the animation here is STUNNING

  • Diamond Apple drawz
    Diamond Apple drawz 14 days ago

    prometheus: the one good dude in mythology

  • Natalia Correal
    Natalia Correal 14 days ago

    The animation is orgasmic

  • Nipp_ Draws
    Nipp_ Draws 14 days ago

    I want him to be my friend

  • Trishant Kweera
    Trishant Kweera 14 days ago

    and then came kratos

  • Esthetikz
    Esthetikz 14 days ago

    Attack on titan :)

  • MoeReacts
    MoeReacts 14 days ago

    I'm getting little tired of your broken Prometheus, Prometheus

  • Limestone Games
    Limestone Games 14 days ago


  • Wade Fade
    Wade Fade 14 days ago

    He never expressed regret for his act of rebellion that’s what caught my attention

  • Sage Markham
    Sage Markham 15 days ago +1

    Zeus just needed to chug a beer and chiiiiiil brooooo

  • Denise Foley
    Denise Foley 15 days ago

    Curious, The FIRE, would it also be how in the Zoroastrianism........had the fire temples.
    Very important places.

  • lolbit The fox
    lolbit The fox 15 days ago

    How long until Zeus takes anger management classes hail Prometheus

  • Ali Qazilbash
    Ali Qazilbash 15 days ago

    In one version of the myth, Hercules rescues him

  • bubble Tea
    bubble Tea 15 days ago

    He created Ares’ job for him

  • Loko
    Loko 16 days ago


  • Maria's Edits
    Maria's Edits 16 days ago

    Wtf Zeus

  • Adeel Khan
    Adeel Khan 17 days ago

    so you want us to light earth on fire?

  • davidmichael
    davidmichael 17 days ago

    Anyone binge watching these?

  • Cleeon Virlief
    Cleeon Virlief 17 days ago

    Weird and strange for God's and Goddess to be afraid from the improvement of human as creature

  • Mr. Koko
    Mr. Koko 17 days ago

    Wow Prometheus is a legend

  • Oliver Fortin
    Oliver Fortin 17 days ago

    That was cool.

  • Kabita Chakraborty
    Kabita Chakraborty 17 days ago

    I recently came across this channel and i am already impressed!Hats off to them
    Its just like kurzegesagt

  • my artsy treasures
    my artsy treasures 18 days ago

    I feel like Zeus is jealous

  • cover root
    cover root 18 days ago

  • Tsz Chai Wong
    Tsz Chai Wong 18 days ago +1

    prometheus is the best titan ever

  • Afia Zaman
    Afia Zaman 18 days ago

    Maybe hes still stuck on the cliff, lets go save him

  • Welly Kusuma
    Welly Kusuma 18 days ago

    Gotta give the animator an award

  • Seth Begley
    Seth Begley 18 days ago +1

    I guess you could say Prometheus should've seen that coming.

    • Seth Begley
      Seth Begley 16 days ago

      congrats. thats the joke.

    • Ethnic Hellenism in California
      Ethnic Hellenism in California 17 days ago

      In some stories, that's the point. He knew exactly what would happen and did it anyway, simply because it was the right thing to do. :)

  • 黒猫
    黒猫 19 days ago

    A hero we need, but not a hero we deserve.

  • El Lobo with glasses
    El Lobo with glasses 19 days ago

    Zeus was a dck man

  • ErwinTheNoob
    ErwinTheNoob 20 days ago

    Wait that means some god's are absolute d'heads?

  • levis cleaning items
    levis cleaning items 23 days ago

    I adore the art style in this video!!

  • Quanster Is not funny
    Quanster Is not funny 23 days ago

    Good thing that Hercules saved him

  • Super boy Super boy gamer

    Nice myth you deserve a like all these comments are making jokes but I’m not I’m liking

  • pewdiepie's soldier 1
    pewdiepie's soldier 1 24 days ago

    No prometheus is franku's noble assistant

  • pewdiepie's soldier 1
    pewdiepie's soldier 1 24 days ago

    Prometheus lost his forskin

  • beastmode2541
    beastmode2541 24 days ago

    Everything after 3:00 makes me feel better about myself when I try so hard to help others but ruin it through pushing too hard, with goof intentions

  • Bobo Kebadilwe
    Bobo Kebadilwe 24 days ago

    zeus can't see anther person take a w

  • gerry obadiah
    gerry obadiah 28 days ago

    You could say Prometheus was *Loki lit*

  • Pedro Bazan
    Pedro Bazan 29 days ago

    “mYtHs fRoM aRoUnD tHe wOrLd” almost all these myths are from Europe, and there’s not even a single one from the Americas, it’s time to change that

  • Zachary Johnson
    Zachary Johnson Month ago

    Long live the Titans.

  • Fractal Image
    Fractal Image Month ago

    Oh Phil Swift, our Prometheus... What fire of knowledge do you bring us mortals today?
    -Jon "jontron" Jeffari

  • Wavey
    Wavey Month ago

    Anyone else not remember any of this but watch it anyway

  • Guardian :]
    Guardian :] Month ago +3

    To anyone who hates Zeus don’t worry kratos killed him

  • Greig Roselli
    Greig Roselli Month ago

    I have read this myth; however, your video shed new light on an old story (and I believe this video will be great to share with students!).

  • Amileilyz Rodriguez

    OK since he made the humans out of mud then does that mean that I am made out of mud

  • Mona
    Mona Month ago

    I think Zeus main duty was to get pissed from time to time

  • un- kreativ
    un- kreativ Month ago

    and after that, pandora was made.

  • Infinity Stopmotion

    Zeus is real petty. Humans in this story could have reached their full potential but instead he just used them to inflate his ego.

  • Grecia S. GAMBOA
    Grecia S. GAMBOA Month ago

    I love this video. Greetings from Argentina.

  • TYL4027 Hi
    TYL4027 Hi Month ago

    Great animation!

  • Dark Hood Chief
    Dark Hood Chief Month ago

    This animator is amazing

  • Brian Silva
    Brian Silva Month ago

    there are many other stories related to Prometheus. Ill admit i didn't know Epimethius was tasked with aiding in creation.

  • Chris Sherman
    Chris Sherman Month ago

    What I learned from this video: The Greek Gods have huge, fragile egos and will literally torture someone if they outsmart them in anyway. Greek Gods have the mindset of a freaking serial killer.

  • This Day and Age
    This Day and Age Month ago

    Prometheus is a good titan especially in this art style.

  • Rocky Ugsod
    Rocky Ugsod Month ago

    Does Prometheus life symbolizes we should get scared or we will get punished for being resourceful, creative and innovative? And also improving and progressing?

    Then we should worship Prometheus and not that fuckin' Zeus.

  • Aaron Simpson
    Aaron Simpson Month ago

    prometheus was freed by another god who i forgot the name of

  • Chan Ho Woo
    Chan Ho Woo Month ago

    A figure who sacrifices himself to bring gnosis to the masses... a messiah.

  • Zaine Avenido
    Zaine Avenido Month ago

    Greek gods sucks. Lol.

  • .;Joeha;.
    .;Joeha;. Month ago

    Is it ok for people who believe in God to watch this?

  • Kathleen Tang
    Kathleen Tang Month ago +3

    Poor Prometheus. Don't kill me Zues, but Prometheus is better than you.

  • Jay Alardi
    Jay Alardi Month ago

    The only Prometheus that I know is from the alien franchise

  • waterlily.
    waterlily. Month ago

    ily prometheus ur the best, purest titan in greek mythology. maybe even the purest being in greek mythology idk everyone kinda sucks at least a little bit but u rock bro

  • GlitterPVP
    GlitterPVP Month ago

    I feel bad for prometheus he just wanted his creations to have a better life

  • Nemesiz
    Nemesiz Month ago

    Thank you. i can light my cigarette with fire

  • TheSimpleThings
    TheSimpleThings Month ago

    True story...

  • Nick Callahan
    Nick Callahan Month ago

    Perfection is never attainble, it's debatable.

  • Nick Callahan
    Nick Callahan Month ago

    My sword is my mind. And it's not a sword, it's a pen.