Starship Troopers: How to Make Fascism SEXY - Wisecrack Edition

  • Published on Feb 16, 2019
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    Starship Troopers is a hard film to pin down. Some say it's an obvious satirical takedown or militaristic fascism. Others say a straightforward interpretation suggesting the film is earnestly pro-fascist isn't necessarily wrong. So, which is it? In this Wisecrack Edition, we'll study the powerful incredibly nuanced political philosophy of this sci-fi cult classic.

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    Written by: Myles McDonough
    Directed by: Michael Luxemburg
    Hosted by: Jared Bauer
    Edited by: Mark Potts
    Motion Graphics by: Drew Levin
    Opening Wisecrack Animation by: Michael Sinclair (
    Produced by: Emily Dunbar

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Comments • 13 007

  • Ryan Watterson
    Ryan Watterson 11 hours ago

    i want to mate with Lou she kind looks like that girl

  • mr k
    mr k 18 hours ago

    before I hear your answers, I did feel that the movie was a cheesy satire that had to be disguised as a sci-fi war flick. The book was clearly serious and undeniably fascist (besides own impression, I also read this opinion in many places). That said, the book has a much better story masterfully told where the movie is just awful in that respect. Can't even serve as an extended illustration to the book due to all the omissions (it seems like 90% of the book didn't get into the movie, replaced by some utter crap story-wise). Same goes for dialogues.

  • Lucas Warfel
    Lucas Warfel Day ago

    The German NAZIS were NOT FASCISTS!

  • Ben Hacmon
    Ben Hacmon Day ago

    Make one about how T2 is awsome!

  • Mark Barthel
    Mark Barthel 2 days ago

    I'd like to know more.

  • radchoco
    radchoco 2 days ago

    Hey!! I know Golden girls! Whats up with the crickets...I am a tv conisseur.

  • killtime1984
    killtime1984 3 days ago

    I had no idea that Rue McClanahan
    was that character, amazing what you learn.

  • Matthew Newman
    Matthew Newman 3 days ago

    not the worst society ever. i approve.

  • Israel Vargas
    Israel Vargas 3 days ago

    Facism?? Really??

  • blurglide
    blurglide 3 days ago

    Although they were militaristic, they were far from fascists. All militaries have that kick-ass attitude. Non citizens could still get filthy rich. They recognized how the bugs were in many ways superior.

  • EeJ
    EeJ 3 days ago

    i sure love it when people over analyses movies to fit a agenda

  • Daryl Wingo
    Daryl Wingo 3 days ago

    I still giggle a little bit when I see that some people cannot separate the movie from the book. These comments are the same I've seen in every ST debate.

  • Dakota Brown
    Dakota Brown 3 days ago

    This movie isn't a satire of fascism, it's a satire of propaganda

  • Nethan2000
    Nethan2000 4 days ago

    Starship Troopers: How to Make Libertarianism FASHY

  • 6 plyrich
    6 plyrich 4 days ago

    Its not fascist... The very thing that proves this is the fact that the government is not authoritarian. That is a key component in fascism. Its a libertarian state with American liberal leanings. People jobs in the military are based of statistics and analysis of what they can do and if they can't do anything but still want to join they will find them a job. You can leave military service just go awol and the government will let you go. They are transparent with their major loss on klandathu even showing the major loss in life and removing the sky marshal at the time. Business is run separate of government. The other part of fascism since fascism requires a european philosophy of government which is authoritarianism is government control of the economy which it does not have. They have free speech where people talk about how poor their government actually is which stands against the idea of fascism. Its brutal at times like the lashes but that does not define fascism. In fact with all the freedoms they apply rough punishment and allow the people to handle the duty of freedom without almost any input from the government. People say they are supremacist against the bugs... They never tried to go near the bugs and in fact warned Mormons who settled in the bug space that it was dangerous and then the bugs launched a sneak attack against earth. They are fighting against an enemy that wants to eliminate humans as a species. Later in the stories humans team up with another race of beings to fight the bugs.

  • The 1flym
    The 1flym 4 days ago


  • Manuel Camelo
    Manuel Camelo 4 days ago +2

    are you rasist?? >;O
    Fascism is Love, Peace and Coughhocracy™ >;O

  • A McSween
    A McSween 4 days ago

    Not fascism, Roman republic authoritarianism, only Italians can be fascists...

  • Dan 123
    Dan 123 4 days ago

    Yes we need more bug diversity, they were just throwing meteors of peace into our cities, we're just genocidalphobes for attacking them. Not being eaten by giant ants is antophobic.

  • BaitLordx
    BaitLordx 4 days ago

    Don’t do this in future, using Wehrmacht and the SS interchangeably. The SS was the NSDAP’s armed security force, while the Wehrmacht was the German military. The Wehrmacht was generally neutral to Nazism especially the enlisted men.

  • kingalvasto765
    kingalvasto765 5 days ago

    Bro you really don't get it do you. Sad

  • the1tigglet
    the1tigglet 5 days ago

    Today we have neoliberals and the GOP both stacking up in two parties who are on the same page. They want what's best for their corporate and bankster bankrollers who donate to them frequently and without limit!

  • the1tigglet
    the1tigglet 5 days ago

    I didn't find it good or great I recognized immediately in their so called "philosophy" class.
    It's a reflection today in the pushing of current military soldiers so high that they might as well be gods.
    They even tell soldiers today that they are better than any civilian because of their training and because they joined the military.
    Corporate Congress is closer to what we're experiencing today but that doesn't mean they are not using fascism to push their agendas particularly when talking about war!

  • Smeghead
    Smeghead 5 days ago

    Terrible hot take.

  • ͛
    ͛ 5 days ago

    Fascism is always SEXY!

  • sumrandumguy1
    sumrandumguy1 5 days ago

    4:30 The right to vote in the Federation isn't just earned through "inflicting violence", it's earned through public service. But given the fact that they're in a never ending war with ruthless aliens, military service is the easiest way.

  • 豆豆
    豆豆 6 days ago

    One of the dangers of fascism and one of the dangers of true evil in our world, is that it’s very attractive. That it is incredibly attractive in a way that most people negate. Most people make their villains ugly and nasty. But no, fascism has a whole concept of design, and a whole concept of uniforms and set design that made it attractive to the weak-willed. Fascism is a beautiful thing, as long as you are not on the receiving end of it, which is exactly what the movie makes it look like.

  • rainphantom
    rainphantom 6 days ago

    You are pathetic

  • Edward Alexander
    Edward Alexander 6 days ago

    Fascism? This dude is REACHING for a plastic straw, and we all know that makes him a Nazi because he dont care about the environment. A ridiculous ridiculous take on the movie

    • A McSween
      A McSween 4 days ago

      Fascism only applies to Italy...

  • Dee Lee
    Dee Lee 6 days ago

    Wow, never knew that was Blanche

  • Fox House
    Fox House 6 days ago

    I can understand your path and line to which you arrive at fascism.
    Though I think that this premise is wrong on the basis on a single segment.

    As stated (in the movie for easier reference) while in class,
    the teacher/commander of the protagonist states that everyone has the ability to join the defense force and get citizenship.
    and that the complete ability of choice of everyone in the public, created the path of their past.
    It is still a democracy, by virtue of proven self-sacrifice in service, there are other ways to become a citizen,
    but the ability to choose not for self-gain but for the greater good is the beneficiary of this society.

    A non-citizen can do everything he/she wants to do but is unable to hold a governmental job, or at least as far as the movie tells it.
    This does not look Fascistic as the main part of citizenship within Fascism is the correct 'ethnic' (hate this context) background,
    and same with communism, everyone is obliged to be part of the state. while in this movie it's a choice.

    Just my observations. :) Curious about what you guys think.

  • Joel Reid
    Joel Reid 7 days ago

    When this was released I was 17, so it was quite relevant to me...
    But it was obvious o me then that the movie was designed to demonstrate fascism. As a teenager i saw a lot of US culture in it (which was what the book was about).
    It teaches fascism in a great way... it teaches it in the way that we would experience it. By showing how easy it is to engage in fascism, by the protagonist, then we engage in something and experience it... thus will avoid it in the future.The movie is trying to make fascism repellent, by making it sexy.
    It is like sex... it is extremely alluring. Then you have it and realise it is messy and usually not what you expect.

  • Ramen Asahara
    Ramen Asahara 7 days ago

    To defend yourself is fascism

    • John Doe
      John Doe 6 days ago

      it's pretty heavily implied that the humans were the's not so much defending as it is poking and poking until shockedpikachuface.jpeg the person does something about it.

  • Boris Kljaic
    Boris Kljaic 7 days ago

    anyone who thinks its about fascism they need to think again ....

  • Emperor Constantine 1.

    Let’s see,...the only fascists thing in this movie is the FORCED fascists looks and feel the director DELIBERATELY put it.

    HE DIDNT EVEN READ THE BOOK!! He had someone else read it and had them write the script!!

  • I'm not going to say those words

    For a contemporary exemplar of authoritarian reactionaries look no further than Antifa. They claim to be anti fascist. Oh, the irony!

    • John Doe
      John Doe 7 days ago

      i mean they are...unless you are under the impression that opposing fascist with violence is fascist? if that's the case than every ideology in history is fascist even the founding fathers of Americans were fascist when they decided to use violence to establish their liberal democracy.

  • Alex Markadonis
    Alex Markadonis 8 days ago +4

    Para-libertarian, anthro-supremacist demi-stratocratic republic... Fascism is hard to define... Starship Troopers is kind of fascistic...but that is too simple

  • Homosexicle
    Homosexicle 8 days ago

    Holy shit look at all the facists in the comments. This is disgusting. I guess that's what it means to be an American.

  • E Unit
    E Unit 8 days ago +1

    Did you just call the Klingons fascist?

  • Woody Bongo
    Woody Bongo 8 days ago

    *looks at Brexit* Well guys democracy must the way to go

  • Nocure92
    Nocure92 8 days ago

    It's not fascism in starship troopers, it's just patriotism taken a step further

  • Grafknar
    Grafknar 8 days ago +2

    Big fan of y’all’s. I’m actually rather shocked y’all had this take on ST.
    I’re usually pretty smart. Didn’t realize you could make a video this clueless.

  • Urfauster
    Urfauster 9 days ago +1

    Lol jokes on you, fascism was always sexy.

  • asatruben87
    asatruben87 9 days ago +1

    Fascism is always sexy

  • ScottyNeedsIt
    ScottyNeedsIt 9 days ago

    God if only we could live in a fascistic society. We could be in outer space with 10/10 quality prom queens fighting monsters beside us.

  • Crawdaddy
    Crawdaddy 9 days ago

    LMAO ...... Ummmmmmmmmm.... the Government doesn't force everyone to become a Citizen or be a part of anything if they don't want too. But you did explain the leftists brilliantly though hahaha all emotions and no real logic, or rule of law for those who don't share in their ideology.

  • Nutsilica: moving comix laffs

    This is a shallow critique. It's not actually fascism. It has only the superficial adornments of fascism.

    DOUGLAS HOTCHKISS 10 days ago

    Read the books.

  • Reinert Zerker
    Reinert Zerker 10 days ago +6

    Bugs bred my wife, I was prepared to fight.

    But then I remembered they have a right to reproduce, I a human being should not oppress another species for simply existing.
    Do I get my virtue points now?
    I think I prefer my uncucked fascism.

  • Edgar Marenales
    Edgar Marenales 11 days ago +12

    If you are going to reference books , how about the actual Starship Troopers book of Robert A. Heinlein , the original story , just saying

  • tsukishiro70
    tsukishiro70 11 days ago +1

    Do you know who made the film and where he came from? I take it you don't. Do the research.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 7 days ago

      he did, he cited in the video.

  • Braunnylad250
    Braunnylad250 11 days ago +1

    What veteran stole this guys girl?

  • the w00tman
    the w00tman 11 days ago +1

    Wow, what a bad take.

  • Tristan Rense
    Tristan Rense 12 days ago

    I mean... it kinda already was

  • Redneck Guitarist
    Redneck Guitarist 12 days ago +1

    Are you mentally deficient?
    Of course you are.
    Otherwise you'd know it was made, both book & film, as a parody of fascism.
    Everything is "fascism" to leftists & you wonder why you keep losing, lol

  • József Kalmár
    József Kalmár 12 days ago +1

    "Fascist officer from a high-tech parallel universe" is one of the best moves in the Playbook.

  • kris reddish
    kris reddish 12 days ago

    I have read every Heinlein book, even the posthumous book Grumbles from the Grave. Starship Troopers was my least favorite. However I did like the movie for some reason and that reason my is perhaps because it was nothing like the book. Way more camp than Heinlein could even think of so the way it presents the messed up dystopia was something that really made the movie stand out. Much better than an old soldiers retrospection, hell I have that, it is not worth making a book over.

  • Liggie Smalls
    Liggie Smalls 12 days ago

    Are you guys that ignorant? This movie was a satire. It's MOCKING fascism. I can't believe someone can be that stupid. How much more OBVIOUS could Verhoeven be?

  • Mr. Battle
    Mr. Battle 13 days ago +4

    It's not fascism. It's a moviemaker's failed attempt to convey fascism and in so doing, creates a liberalist utopia in the process. Starship Troopers (the movie) isn't fascist in the slightest. Militaristic? Sure. Out of necessity. The bugs are rational, thinking beings who are unremittingly hostile toward a people that initially approached in peace (the Mormon colonies). The fact that the movie portrayed the bugs as capable of higher thinking proves that they weren't acting as animals, but simply decided that genocide on a fellow sapient species was the correct course of action when their territory was encroached upon.
    They didn't try to communicate in any way, nor did they send any warning. Just total war on an unsuspecting people. The humans responded in the only way they possibly could: total war in kind, retaliation on a global scale. To do otherwise would invite the extinction of the human race. We see the threat of the bugs even on Earth as Buenos Ares is wiped out. The movie didn't call into question whether or not the bugs were a threat; they were always portrayed as being an imminent threat to our survival.
    Yes, we see the recruits indulge in bravado and machismo in the military. This is normal. This is NEEDED, especially in the face of such an overwhelmingly powerful enemy. Militarism =/= fascism. A willingness to put oneself in harm's way to protect loved ones and fellow countrymen isn't "fascist". It's bravery. Putting yourself in the right mindset, to grit your teeth and face the hell of the frontlines is absolutely necessary.
    Not to mention that military service is entirely voluntary. There is no compulsory draft. There is certainly INCENTIVE to join, as service guarantees citizenship, but you are under no obligation to do so. The movie never claims that military service is the only path to citizenship; simply that it would guarantee it.
    The government also keeps its citizens well-informed with a free and open information network and access to an unrestricted analog of the Internet. At no time is there any inkling that information is strictly regulated; to the contrary, the movie goes out of its way to show that citizens are kept well-informed on current events with a free media.
    All of this adds up to a liberal society, not a fascist one.
    And Paul Verhoeven is kind of an idiot.

  • BatSkink
    BatSkink 13 days ago


  • maxismax100
    maxismax100 13 days ago


  • Lite–Wing Gift
    Lite–Wing Gift 13 days ago

    Krogans and turians > humans

  • Nathan Dean
    Nathan Dean 13 days ago +2

    express vpns been hacked into by at least 4 different gruops.

  • fuzzywzhe
    fuzzywzhe 13 days ago +1

    Starship Troopers was a satire, just like Robocop was. It was one of the funniest films I've ever seen.

  • combomelt
    combomelt 13 days ago

    not your silly misrepresentation

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname 13 days ago

    The movie has nothing to to with Fascism, you idiot.

  • Josh White
    Josh White 14 days ago +1

    Another dumb take on starship troopers?
    Didn't try very hard did you

  • Volksgrenadier 45
    Volksgrenadier 45 14 days ago

    I get your meaning but stop the"Oh it's Nazi" If you served them you can fully crack on it, BUT knock off the Marxist counter talk. Have a frappo at your fav coffee shop! Stalin killed more and so did Mao but if they say would revolution , it's okay right.

  • Volksgrenadier 45
    Volksgrenadier 45 14 days ago

    So marxism is better because it's a world one people United belief?

  • Thomas Simmons
    Thomas Simmons 14 days ago +1

    To be obsessed with fascism in talking about the movie is warranted, I'd say, considering Verhoeven was too closed minded to actually read the book. In my opinion, what Heinlein espouses in the book is much closer to medieval feudalism than it is to 20th century fascism. Civilians are akin to the peasants of yore, who work yet can become prosperous, while being subject to the political authority of the fighting men who are absolutely the best at war and are arrayed with the most advanced weaponry of the time and place. The power armor is the most evocative part of this theme.
    However, the most interesting part is that we have no way of knowing for sure whether Heinlein was doing this kind of neo-feudalism on purpose, for he considered himself a libertarian, and to my knowledge did not express any interest in medieval society and warfare motives.

  • Michael Dickey
    Michael Dickey 14 days ago

    Shitty movie checklist
    Underdeveloped protagonist I don't give a shit about... check
    Underdeveloped INITIAL love interest that I don't give a shit about... check
    More character development on the second love interest trope... check
    Still underdeveloped enough that I don't give a shit about her neither... check
    Underdeveloped best friend that I don't give a shit about... check
    Underdeveloped rival that I don't give a shit about... check
    Plot moved along by the deaths of other underdeveloped characters (Parents, teacher, commander, etc...)... check
    Underdeveloped enemy (bugs)... check
    Underdeveloped world physics and limitations... check
    Repeditive Michael Bay style action scenes... each of them indistinguishable from the rest... check

    This movie is a SHITsterpiece
    It did ZERO things well besides the CGI (kind of okay for the time... but not impressive even then)

  • royster Futrell
    royster Futrell 14 days ago

    The soldiers in that movie all looked rather pussyfied. Like a rabbit trying to look tough.

  • Dog days
    Dog days 14 days ago +1


  • Heather Lowry
    Heather Lowry 15 days ago

    Golden Girls is a great sitcom! RIP

  • Lolt West
    Lolt West 15 days ago +11

    Hot take: Calling Starship Troopers fascist is the mark of someone who fancies himself an intellectual but has neither the care nor intelligence to understand what makes something fascistic.

  • Leonidas Pereira
    Leonidas Pereira 16 days ago

    as a fascist myself, you are a retard...

    • Leonidas Pereira
      Leonidas Pereira 15 days ago

      +V3N0M ill check it out, thanks

    • V3N0M
      V3N0M 15 days ago

      I hope you watch cultured thug on youtube

  • John - B
    John - B 16 days ago

    Making Fascism Sexy -- Do you want to know more?

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant 16 days ago

    Is the book worth reading?

  • brianna bernaola
    brianna bernaola 16 days ago

    Ok, anti-semitism is bad, but you know what also is bad? Sterilize Sudan's women. Aggressive sionism has a lot in common with fascism.

  • Kristeana Tichenor
    Kristeana Tichenor 16 days ago +1

    At 6:15we practice this exact thing in Americas democracy.people vote using nothing but propaganda and feelings just saying.

  • Andrew Graves
    Andrew Graves 16 days ago +1

    WW1 was not a fight about nationalism, it was a bit about imperialism and a lot about getting to involved in treaties

  • WhyName WhyName
    WhyName WhyName 17 days ago

    Hey look - it's a soy boy jackass bearded fool. Wisecrack - that's original. What. An. Idiot.

  • Maiden Utah
    Maiden Utah 17 days ago

    When it comes to a Paul Verhoven film, I’ll buy that for a dollar!

  • Ardoron Ro
    Ardoron Ro 17 days ago

    "I'm doing my part."

  • ivan rangelov
    ivan rangelov 17 days ago

    This comment section is FUBAR , some argue using the book as evidence ,some use the movie since thats whats being discussed here and others talk WW2 ...but above all else noone can settle down on what Fascism is. (I don't need you to tell me since it will devolve into a discussion with no actual definition like all the others).

    • V3N0M
      V3N0M 15 days ago

      You can watch cultured thug on youtube he explains it really well.

  • ingram
    ingram 17 days ago +1

    I mean is fascism really THAT bad? Democracy is pretty shit.

  • neldot
    neldot 17 days ago +2

    A lot of millenials seem to not even have a vague idea about what fascism really means. They continuously mistake militarism for fascism, nationalism for fascism, every fucking "ism" is mistaken by them with fascism. Aside from militaristic Republics, like Rome and Sparta, even communism can be, and often is, militaristic (see URSS, China, North Korea), so saying that militarism is equivalent to fascism is really a stupid and ignorant statement.

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 18 days ago

    How to make Fascism sexy?
    Grow a moustache, wear a fun uniform, and talk like an effeminate German man.

  • Terrence Summerour
    Terrence Summerour 18 days ago

    Do they really give this book to military cadets to read

  • Mighty Nag
    Mighty Nag 18 days ago +1

    Actually the terran federation and it's propaganda have much more to do with homefront USA then the third Reich :) The terran federation is also a limited franchise democracy not an autocracy.

  • Kenneth Bowers
    Kenneth Bowers 18 days ago +1

    I like my opinion better, it's a goddamn movie, if you don't want to watch it then don't watch. This isn't the first movie to have this crap anyway.

  • Comrade Che
    Comrade Che 18 days ago

    I was 12 when I first watched it and knew that it was about fascism. It's a message that fascism doesn't necessarily have to be bad.

  • Bastiaan de Bruijn
    Bastiaan de Bruijn 18 days ago

    U need a dutch person in order to create a movie with Fascism in it.. hehe

  • Koren Gagin
    Koren Gagin 18 days ago

    Oh god, u god this so wrong...

  • woget264
    woget264 19 days ago

    Evidently you guys never read Storm of Steel either. Ernst Jungers depiction of World War One was anything but romanticized, more like Hell on Earth.

    • Nick Orlove
      Nick Orlove 17 days ago

      That book has changed many different times over the years, The modern printing is far different from the original one.

  • woget264
    woget264 19 days ago

    So dumb. The book wasnt even close to the movie, and they both lampoon facism. You ding dongs.

  • Sutton 5102992
    Sutton 5102992 19 days ago +1

    To be fair if extinction was the other option, I’d go for fascism.

  • Carlos Caro
    Carlos Caro 19 days ago +6

    "Johnny winds up a high-ranking leader in the war effort."
    He winds up a lieutenant. This is the lowest rank of commissioned officer. He is high-ranking only in the sense that the movie focused on a single platoon, which he ends up commanding. In the modern US military, a kid who finishes college and then enters the military and becomes an infantry officer gets to that rank in about 2-3 years. Someone with a specialized skill who is directly commissioned, like a physician, can skip that rank entirely just for signing up, entering as a captain.

  • Quentin Styger
    Quentin Styger 19 days ago

    Dizzy's so hot. Time to get some meat, porn and starship troopers.

  • garry
    garry 19 days ago +1

    I enjoy over 90% of your videos but this one is just ridiculous garbage. I thought you was smarter than this lol