God of War Wins Game of the Year | The Game Awards 2018

  • God of War wins the Game of the Year award at The Game Awards.

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  • Tomaz Shimizu
    Tomaz Shimizu 15 hours ago

    After played both (red dead and gow) I think it’s ok gow won this, but omg red dead is a truly masterpiece, but as I said “ok”...

  • Diego Vera
    Diego Vera 18 hours ago

    Winning the game awards was part of Dutch’s plan and that’s why they lost

  • Luiz Marinho
    Luiz Marinho Day ago

    I'm confused. Why did she speak instead of Cory?

  • Shayan Mahdavi
    Shayan Mahdavi Day ago

    I came for 3:00

  • Christian Deepe
    Christian Deepe 2 days ago

    That guitarist is having so much fun. Look at that smile!

  • KroolWeb
    KroolWeb 3 days ago

    This is so hard for me to decide which is better but I might’ve enjoyed red dead 2 more

  • Denis Ho
    Denis Ho 3 days ago

    Odyssey is badly optimized that is why it will never win GOTY

  • mark anthony mendoza
    mark anthony mendoza 3 days ago +1

    I love how Alanis Morisette now heads an award-winning studio that gave us one of the best games of all time

  • Yeezy Slayz
    Yeezy Slayz 3 days ago

    2018 was one of the best years for gaming and ps4
    God of war
    Red dead redemption 2
    Were my top 3

  • mr. bear
    mr. bear 4 days ago +1

    RDR2 has a story like no other game has and will have.

  • MasterHepburns
    MasterHepburns 4 days ago

    playstation just kicking ass on xbox rn. The last of us 2 will get the award again this year. for sure

    • KVI_Ohm
      KVI_Ohm 2 days ago

      Well, my moneys on cyberpunk, or maybe even alyx

  • *Donato De Santa*
    *Donato De Santa* 4 days ago

    That Spiderman intro tho... And that swinging music akdndkdkdbdkd

  • xARYZHACK__ _-
    xARYZHACK__ _- 4 days ago

    BOI !!!¡¡¡

  • Nezuko Onii-chan
    Nezuko Onii-chan 5 days ago

    what's the music in 0:58

  • Abhijay Sudharshan
    Abhijay Sudharshan 5 days ago

    I've played both games multiple times, and I believe RDR2 should've won. Nonetheless, GOW was still a phenomenal game

  • Debanjan Sarkar
    Debanjan Sarkar 6 days ago

    2018 game of the year awards had the best nominations and music... Omg none of the game awards had this level of orchestra. My favorite is the celeste soundtrack and god of war soundtrack. Though I haven't played God of war and played rdr2 so i was hurt that rdr2 couldn't win.

  • Luis Emilio Bañuelos

    The other games:sorry. God of war:don’t sorry,be better

  • Revolted Quexez
    Revolted Quexez 6 days ago +1

    But the ac oddyss theme song was beutiful here

  • Big_papi_senpai Y-Y
    Big_papi_senpai Y-Y 7 days ago

    Red dead should of won

  • Paolo Reyes
    Paolo Reyes 9 days ago +1

    The best game ever of my life... Congratulations

  • DialgaMarine3
    DialgaMarine3 10 days ago

    From one of the most badass reveals to Game of the Year. Truly a masterpiece.

  • Rituraaj Datta
    Rituraaj Datta 11 days ago


  • dwarak reddy
    dwarak reddy 12 days ago

    Who is that woman with a guitar in her arms. Man.

  • Le The Mec Dude
    Le The Mec Dude 13 days ago

    2010: RDR over GoW3
    2018: GoW4 over RDR2
    Kratos: My vengance ends now...

  • Worthee
    Worthee 13 days ago

    Damn so many great games couldnt win awards because god of war and red dead exists. Had they been released in 2019 they wouldve had a chance

  • El Ingobernable
    El Ingobernable 13 days ago

    Honestly, 2020 will be as great as 2018, specially for PS4, as usual

  • Arne
    Arne 14 days ago

    God of War wins game of the year
    Kratos: You are not ready

  • Momtaj Mohal
    Momtaj Mohal 14 days ago

    Rdr2 was a little big

  • Hani Rifai
    Hani Rifai 14 days ago

    i think Sheran is the only current CEO of anything that i like

  • toasted waffle
    toasted waffle 14 days ago +1

    2018 Was truly the BEST year for games.

  • Oreeve
    Oreeve 14 days ago

    I don't get why people keep arguing which is better. From my experience alone, both are great games. You don't know unless you played all. Each of them gave us different and their own experience.
    Eh, love both my boah and my boi until this day tho.

  • Greg Gibbs
    Greg Gibbs 15 days ago

    Cory Barlog MUST remain on all future sequels

  • chazzy austin
    chazzy austin 15 days ago

    The transition from monster hunter world to red dead redemption 2 though 2:51

  • Kabya Banerjee
    Kabya Banerjee 15 days ago

    That transition from Celeste to AC Odyssey was so smooth and epic!!! And the God of War rendition.... Just wow!!!!! The orchestra is just amazing!!!!

  • Musicologist
    Musicologist 15 days ago

    In india, parents are not interested in gaming world ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️that's why there are no gaming company

  • RockyGaming
    RockyGaming 16 days ago

    RDR2: Best soundtrack , best storyline , best graphics and detail .
    GOW: Nothing but only GOTY

    • RockyGaming
      RockyGaming 12 days ago


    • Megäblue
      Megäblue 12 days ago

      God of war - Best action game, Best game direction and Game if the Year

  • RGR
    RGR 17 days ago

    The reason why god of war be goty because
    No sick microtransaction
    No stupid loot box
    No expsensive battle pass
    No crazy DLC
    Just fun game without must pay again to buy more content.

    • KVI_Ohm
      KVI_Ohm 2 days ago

      MUSCULAR GENIUS you do relies that online is only free roam? Meaning it is completely pay to win. God pf war doesn’t need an online because it isnt a money hungry studio

      MUSCULAR GENIUS 2 days ago

      @KVI_Ohm does god of war ha online??

      MUSCULAR GENIUS 2 days ago

      @KVI_Ohm it ha both my friend online and singleplayer and the modes aren't pay to win only the free roam

    • KVI_Ohm
      KVI_Ohm 2 days ago

      MUSCULAR GENIUS cuzz the onlines pay to win

      MUSCULAR GENIUS 13 days ago

      y not rdr2

  • pitam malakar
    pitam malakar 17 days ago

    Jawal puchne keliya comments diya hay

  • pitam malakar
    pitam malakar 17 days ago

    Me ek jawal pucung feby mughe kesa tv degi

  • Jeremy Potter
    Jeremy Potter 17 days ago

    We can’t change what’s done we can only move on

  • Jack Marston
    Jack Marston 17 days ago


  • arber nuka
    arber nuka 19 days ago +3

    to be honest Assasin's odysseys soundtrack is GOOD..

  • Jakub Krawczyk
    Jakub Krawczyk 19 days ago

    4:21 ⭐⭐⭐

  • A M
    A M 20 days ago +1

    Oh my god the m9ment rdr2 mysic kick in....😍😍😍😍 gives me goosebumps every single time...

  • DaNTe_ ReKu
    DaNTe_ ReKu 21 day ago

    RDR2 is better than god of war

  • Miguel Braga
    Miguel Braga 22 days ago +1

    Goddamm I love to be a gamer

  • Gianfranco Espinoza
    Gianfranco Espinoza 23 days ago

    I cried and smiled when i heard Proof of a Hero

  • Wyattz - VG
    Wyattz - VG 24 days ago +1

    I personally believe that it was a three way tie between GOW4, RDR2, and Spider-Man

  • suraj shetty
    suraj shetty 24 days ago

    Cory chase? 😨

  • Tushar Virdi
    Tushar Virdi 25 days ago

    They deserve it

  • Allan Firmansyah
    Allan Firmansyah 25 days ago


    DOOM SLAYER 25 days ago +1

    Marvel's Spiderman deserved to be the game of the year

  • A Morgan
    A Morgan 25 days ago

    Should’ve been Red Dead 2 or Odyssey

  • x Harley
    x Harley 26 days ago

    Badass game but rdr2 should have won it such a better game

  • Ronaldo Miguel
    Ronaldo Miguel 26 days ago

    5:17 kkkkkkk

  • Sebastian Duczkowski
    Sebastian Duczkowski 27 days ago +1

    Hm rdr2 2020 pay to play

  • pitam malakar
    pitam malakar 28 days ago

    Mera jawalo ka jawab dug

  • pitam malakar
    pitam malakar 28 days ago

    Me kiya james ke sath god wala game khel pawogey kiya

  • Malevolent One
    Malevolent One 28 days ago

    Those music theme transitions didn't have to be that clean.

  • Bravo Six
    Bravo Six 29 days ago

    I just started god of war and so far I don’t see how it won game of the year over red dead redemption 2💀

    • Oreeve
      Oreeve 14 days ago +1

      Don't just started. But, finished it, boy.

  • nikos23a
    nikos23a 29 days ago +1

    And the winner is....GOD OF WAR!!

    Oh boy...

  • Jordan Herndon
    Jordan Herndon 29 days ago

    Bands normally have the weird talented people in them

  • zambairativo thompson
    zambairativo thompson 29 days ago +6

    God of war: Winn
    Dutch: I still have a plan

    • komang hansen
      komang hansen 7 days ago

      Dutch: but I still need more money... ARTHUR!!!

  • Scott Nunn
    Scott Nunn 29 days ago +1

    EA must be really pissed that a single player game with no loot boxes, no microtransactions and no multiplayer won game of the year.

  • pitam malakar
    pitam malakar Month ago

    Me kiya james ke sath god wala game khel pawoge

  • pitam malakar
    pitam malakar Month ago

    Me kiya james ke sath god wala game khel pawogi kiya

  • pitam malakar
    pitam malakar Month ago

    Me kiya james ke sath god wala game khel pawogi kiya

  • pitam malakar
    pitam malakar Month ago

    Me kiya james ke sath god wala game khel pawogi kiya

  • pitam malakar
    pitam malakar Month ago

    Mera jawal ka jawab dug

  • pitam malakar
    pitam malakar Month ago

    Me kiya james ke sath god wala game khel pawoge kiya

  • pitam malakar
    pitam malakar Month ago

    God sab kuch likh du

  • pitam malakar
    pitam malakar Month ago

    Papa mughe kesa t.v dega

  • pitam malakar
    pitam malakar Month ago

    Dina mughe kesa t.v dege

  • pitam malakar
    pitam malakar Month ago

    Ba kitne bar t.v lejaege

  • Ricardo k20
    Ricardo k20 Month ago

    God of war 4 its one of the best games ever made,they deserve the award please make GOW5

  • Eml BeamNg
    Eml BeamNg Month ago

    This was better than 2019

  • Henrique Mota
    Henrique Mota Month ago

    The thor scene by itself made this goty

  • Yumpin Yiminy
    Yumpin Yiminy Month ago

    God of War was an excellent games but not as open or envolved storyline as Red Dead II. This crap is all politics anyway.

    • Scott Nunn
      Scott Nunn 29 days ago

      Even though people voted for it? It's not really political when its people like you and me who voted for best game

  • Sanjay Goel
    Sanjay Goel Month ago +2

    Love you kratos

  • Ravi Verma
    Ravi Verma Month ago

    just love how much hard work they do while creating games and their passion for their job/work...... love it truly....