Ellie Goulding, Juice WRLD - Hate Me

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
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    DIRECTOR: Saam Farahmand
    Prod Co: DIVISION7
    Founding Partner: Patrick Milling-Smith
    Exec Producer: David Richards
    Exec Producer: Kamila Prokop
    Producer: Matt Day
    DP: Pete Konczal
    PD: Rob Ebeltoft
    1st AD: Chris Bicknell
    Wardrobe: Aeri Yun
    Hair: Panos
    Make-up: Lucy Wearing
    VFX: Platige
    Edit: Julia Knight, Speade
    Color: Bryan Smaller, Company3
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  • emkplayboy6
    emkplayboy6 4 minutes ago

    Wow at 1:45 my eyes bulging out! Look at her! Sexy af!

  • Bailey Bum
    Bailey Bum 2 hours ago

    remember when y'all were kids and you went outside and its cold and you pretend to smoke...

  • Umang Bhatt
    Umang Bhatt 2 hours ago

    *Global Warming Source*

  • R.E.D Music
    R.E.D Music 2 hours ago +1

    Low key juice wrld my dude😂

  • Loud_Snipez18
    Loud_Snipez18 4 hours ago

    thats mustve been the biggest hit ever by juice

  • Fortnite Bot XD
    Fortnite Bot XD 4 hours ago

    My friend kept playing this song
    so I decided to listen to it

  • unicorn hacks
    unicorn hacks 4 hours ago

    Who else thinks she looks like Lizzy miguior or however you spell it

  • Connor Lopez
    Connor Lopez 5 hours ago

    Juice wrld safed this song

  • Brandon
    Brandon 5 hours ago +1

    Juice just melted an iceberg

  • Eryn Vee
    Eryn Vee 7 hours ago

    😍😍😍😍 addicted

  • Sicilian Chick
    Sicilian Chick 7 hours ago

    I like your song you to miss

  • Harry F1
    Harry F1 7 hours ago

    She's so fit

  • Richelle Santos
    Richelle Santos 8 hours ago


  • Cobalt Fire
    Cobalt Fire 8 hours ago

    Like the song- but wth is the music video😂? Am just confused lol.

  • Tobias Kamp Boesen
    Tobias Kamp Boesen 10 hours ago

    only here for the juice wrld part
    dont tell me i am the only one

  • Rhys Danaher
    Rhys Danaher 11 hours ago

    Imagine playing 2 drag indi with juice wrld

  • Vxrsa_
    Vxrsa_ 11 hours ago +1


  • Aemamu
    Aemamu 12 hours ago

    we all can reconise ourselves from the end of the video when we find a fire song XD

    SHAJEEH SHEJU 12 hours ago +1

    U r telling to hate "me".. but its going "loves me" as much as listening the song😍😋😘🤩

  • Britney Azalea
    Britney Azalea 12 hours ago

    Queen ❤️

  • net alllf
    net alllf 14 hours ago

    This video is sponsored by apple (iPhone X)

  • Torben Mørk
    Torben Mørk 14 hours ago

    Ellie you have the most beautiful voice..

  • lazy emperor
    lazy emperor 14 hours ago

    Juice wrld was like the guy who smokes in the saloon

  • Høpełess YT YT
    Høpełess YT YT 15 hours ago

    But why ads?

  • Jobaer Hasan
    Jobaer Hasan 17 hours ago

    Where is EMINEM now

  • Aid Hašimović
    Aid Hašimović 17 hours ago

    I dont hate anyone or anything and you dont have to be god or a prophet 4 this I just implemented Jesus teachings

  • plolololololoo
    plolololololoo 18 hours ago

    32.018.879 visualizaciones
    737.642 19.577

  • YoungSlim Poole
    YoungSlim Poole 18 hours ago

    Is this the chick off get out

  • YoungSlim Poole
    YoungSlim Poole 18 hours ago

    Dam was his breath that bad

  • Meredith Hernandez 2004
    Meredith Hernandez 2004 20 hours ago +1

    Girl got me thinking my headphones were broken

  • Overwatch GAMER77
    Overwatch GAMER77 20 hours ago +1

    Vaulte Me !!!

  • Nata Kurtskhalia
    Nata Kurtskhalia 20 hours ago

    Me wearing earphones:

  • Kay Awa
    Kay Awa 22 hours ago

    2:12 - 2:20 if you listen to this part using earphone, it feels like you listen to 8D audio

  • Ruisu Gaming
    Ruisu Gaming 23 hours ago

    it makes me comeback just to see that many smoke in juice wrlds lungs (and also for the good song)

  • Zoeya Khan
    Zoeya Khan Day ago


  • Lucas T
    Lucas T Day ago +2

    Everything Juice touch will become gold

  • Michal Dinkha
    Michal Dinkha Day ago +1

    ellie: let's add a smoke effect for your part.

    Juice WRLD: *grabs cigarette- ok let's start.

    JBREEZII Day ago +2

    My fav song I put it on repeat everyday and night ❤️

  • JustGray
    JustGray Day ago

    First part looks like an iphone 20 ad

  • Kira Vella
    Kira Vella Day ago

    Ok but this song and video only exists bc Ellie Goulding needed to stay relevant and Juice WRLD’s poppin off rn so whoever they’re signed to saw an opportunity to make them all more money. Just wish the bullshit wasn’t so transparent tbh. Like damn, I wish music was still about expressing yourself instead of corporations figuring out what’s trendy or what will sell and sending some puppets out to perform so they can all get rich. Not to sound like a cliche or anything but we’re all fucking SHEEP.

    SABIR STR Day ago


  • Nlmb G-Slim150
    Nlmb G-Slim150 Day ago

    Anyone else listening to the song While slowly reading the comments?😹

  • Ishii sama
    Ishii sama Day ago

    juice wrld verse: 1:05
    your welcome

  • Noah Bogue
    Noah Bogue Day ago +1

    mechanic: what sound is your car making
    Me 3:20

  • May May
    May May Day ago

    alright let me see if i can piece this together, either ellie is singing about when her and calvin were together back in think 2012 to 2014 and later broke up in mid-2014 to 2015, the guy who was punching the glass was suppose to be calvin and that ellie and calvin were regretting there time together...hmp idk seems that way to me or she's taking about another guy she dated?

  • Kendrick Farrell
    Kendrick Farrell Day ago +1

    I wish juice wrld had a second verse in this song

  • Sheryl Richards
    Sheryl Richards Day ago +1

    I wish I can talk to Ellie 😔

  • Tim Air
    Tim Air Day ago

    It sounds at like his say cause im not letting you play minecraft"

  • eotions
    eotions Day ago +2

    3:02 James charles???

  • Digna Zambrano
    Digna Zambrano Day ago

    I thought it was halsey

  • Nisa Ahmad
    Nisa Ahmad Day ago

    Swifties came here because scarlett, oop-

  • ツM I Y A K O
    ツM I Y A K O Day ago

    Y’all the last part 🤣😂😂

  • Jonathan Mangione

    Juice wrld needs to go to rehab. Get some help

  • Fifth Gaming
    Fifth Gaming Day ago +31

    The last part where the people were singing was so cringe XD

    • Kayvee TheGoat
      Kayvee TheGoat 13 hours ago

      @Its ya gurl yassie XD let them come at you. Be a warrior and demolish your enemies

    • Its ya gurl yassie XD
      Its ya gurl yassie XD 13 hours ago


    • man_like _Dylan
      man_like _Dylan 14 hours ago

      Lmaoooooooo it was hilarious not cringe

    • Its ya gurl yassie XD
      Its ya gurl yassie XD 16 hours ago +1

      Omg ikr 😂😂😂😂😂

  • iggy azalea
    iggy azalea Day ago

    Umm honey the necklace is the wrong way.

  • Daniel T
    Daniel T Day ago

    This song came up when I searched "dated music"

  • Robert Caldwell
    Robert Caldwell Day ago

    They hate me

  • Dirk Klapprott
    Dirk Klapprott Day ago

    Ich finde das lied geil das lied muss auf den ersten Platz stehen 😇

  • Robert Caldwell
    Robert Caldwell Day ago

    He garbage

  • Timea Rusnáková
    Timea Rusnáková Day ago +5

    I sing this too often for someone who has never dated anyone