My Dad Stole All The Money I Earned During The Summer

  • Published on Jul 4, 2019

    Hi. I’m Tessa and I'm in a total panic. I've never been in such a complicated situation in my life! I have literally no idea how to process this. I need somebody to help me out, but first I guess you’ll have to hear the whole story.
    Three months ago I realized that I badly needed a laptop. I live with my parents (I’m an only child) and we have an old desktop computer. It’s like… ancient. It takes me hours to do simple homework, and that’s just one of the problems. So I really needed my own computer. And I was determined to get it.
    I chose a relatively inexpensive model, and I didn't have any other expectations from the very start. I knew my family was going through hard times, my father was currently between jobs, and what my mom made was enough to just buy food and the necessities. My only option was getting a summer job and buying it myself.
    It turned out that it's not that easy for a fifteen-year-old to find a job in my hometown. From the very beginning I had a backup option. I have a friend named Laura. Her Mom works as a cleaning lady. She is self-employed: people hire her for a day or two and then come back to find that their place looks better than when it was brand new. During the summer she works together with Laura. And they told me I was welcome to join them.
    Until the beginning of June, I didn't give them my answer because I was hoping to find something easier and... cleaner. And after I was unsuccessful… I finally said yes.
    And then the summer that every high school girl dreams of started. There were four of us working: Laura, her mom, her mom’s assistant, and me. We walked into a house or an office in the morning and when we left late in the evening, everything was shining. I guess this was not the best choice for my first job ever: first of all, it was exhausting. All I could do afterward was go home and fall asleep, sometimes even before I reached the bed. But I was determined to achieve my goal. And after all, I learned A LOT. If someone at school asks me where I spent my summer, I might say that I spent it outside of my comfort zone.
    Laura’s mom would pay everyone at the end of the month, so the plan was to get the money (which was about half of the amount I needed) and estimate how much I had to work the next month to get what I wanted. And when I got the cash, which was even a little more than I expected, I was so happy and proud of myself. It turns out that it feels so good when your hard work pays off.
    So it was the end of June, and by that time my dad still had not found a job. He had spent these weeks at home, sometimes drinking, sometimes just watching TV and browsing through vacancies online, saying there were no decent jobs in our whole town. My mom was not happy with this, of course, so they would fight every other day. And that’s what was happening the day I got my first paycheck.
    I got home, so eager to share this feeling with someone. I saw my parents in the living room and, not even thinking about what was going on, I told them about the money I had earned. My dad was a little drunk and furious about their fight, which was obviously about him not making any money, so he argued with me in a pretty aggressive way, saying that for all these years they fed me and payed for me, and that it was probably time to get some of it back. I could not believe that he was saying that, neither could my mom, but... he was always able to be so convincing. He started talking to my mom about the things our family could buy with this money that we could not afford over the last few months, and he was not aggressive with me anymore, he just asked me to “help out the family” with tears in his eyes, and of course… I could not say no.
    Did I regret it? Yes, every single day of July. In June I only volunteered to work on the big gigs, but now I had to earn almost twice as much. So I started to work with Laura and her mom every time they went on a shift. And it was twice as exhausting. At night I would cry because I felt like I was betrayed. Dad tried to be nice to me, but he never said he was sorry.
    Just like everything else in life, that July was over too. My hard earned money still brought me satisfaction, but this time I tried to contain my emotions and… I did not tell my parents, well, just in case.
    The amount was just enough to buy the laptop I wanted, and I would even have some left over! I put the money into a drawer in my room and was finally ready to go buy my laptop the following day. Lying in bed, I was imagining how awesome my last month of summer would be.

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    ACTUALLY HAPPENED  2 months ago +4561

    We don’t think this is normal, and it exhausts her emotionally. But what can she do here? If you have any advice, please leave it in the comments!

  • Xbox God Fortnite Xbox player

    Get a credit card

  • OLe Jack Green The weird green guy

    A greedy and manipulative scumbag for a father !! 😠

  • Skill Billz
    Skill Billz 11 hours ago

    Where is the laptop charger -_-

  • Alex Leitner
    Alex Leitner 18 hours ago

    Maybe make your dad go to a drug and alcohol place or call the police

  • Naaraliz Alvira
    Naaraliz Alvira Day ago


  • Ana mria Ana maria
    Ana mria Ana maria 2 days ago +1

    By. Stupat. OO

  • Royal Burry101
    Royal Burry101 2 days ago

    I’m in the same position, but instead of a couple hundred it’s more like a couple thousands. This has been going on since I was born. Yeet.🙂

  • stephanie damodar
    stephanie damodar 2 days ago

    Stay away from him

  • Merry Joy Dequiña
    Merry Joy Dequiña 3 days ago

    Thats wat happend to me.

  • your daily dose of compilations

    Kick him out if he don't pay the bills he just using y'all for a place to stay

  • Paco Hernandez
    Paco Hernandez 3 days ago

    Find a new father that son of a *//^^"£%$

    • Kermit
      Kermit 11 hours ago

      Paco Hernandez say bitch youtube won't censor it lmao

  • Juanita Afi
    Juanita Afi 4 days ago

    her dad,s cruelty could have let her to a really bad emotion

  • Conxzy
    Conxzy 5 days ago +1

    0:02 "iS tHe CoMpEtItIoN sHoOk?"

  • Bobby
    Bobby 5 days ago

    give ur dad a job dude

  • Gloria Cardona
    Gloria Cardona 5 days ago

    put it somewhere safe

  • Terrence Smallwood
    Terrence Smallwood 5 days ago

    Give it to god and pray

  • La'Trea De'Zhanae
    La'Trea De'Zhanae 5 days ago

    Her father was a user. Point Blank. She is not the only one with this problem. I can totally relate. Every time I turned around. My father would either ask me for money or steal from me. When he was sober. He'd be minding his own business. He could be the sweetest person in the world. But once the drugs and alcohol entered his system. He was a whole completely different person. And that ruined our relationship completely. Even though he refuses to admit it

  • Hamda Hussein
    Hamda Hussein 6 days ago

    At 4:21
    "I tried to contain my emotion"
    Me: plz tell me thats what you did with your money💰

  • Dr. Kesa
    Dr. Kesa 6 days ago +3

    If i even had $100000 in my room and my parents didnt have for bills they would not take it from me

  • Tom Holland fan
    Tom Holland fan 7 days ago

    sorry but it’s her moeny

  • Max Brawl
    Max Brawl 8 days ago

    Worst father ever. I better tell him give me my money back you lazy ass

  • Grayshienah Mala
    Grayshienah Mala 8 days ago

    1 like=100 punchs in her dad face

  • Patricia Gervais
    Patricia Gervais 8 days ago

    Next time call the police

  • Leirei Sarmiento
    Leirei Sarmiento 8 days ago

    i mean my not mt

  • Leirei Sarmiento
    Leirei Sarmiento 8 days ago

    my uncle ck steling are thing in are closet and he took mt treats my juice and chips every thing i had but i got revange i record him last years and i win

  • GabrielBtw_
    GabrielBtw_ 9 days ago

    You should help your parents though even you want the laptop bad.
    But the dad could’ve asked! THAT FRICKING ALCOHOLIC

  • Shanny Shanny
    Shanny Shanny 9 days ago

    I would make him pay me the money he stole from me or put his ass in jail

  • lil mars gaming
    lil mars gaming 9 days ago

    The dad need to be punched in the f#%&ing face

  • lil mars gaming
    lil mars gaming 9 days ago

    Love you guys you the best

  • Ilyas Mowlid
    Ilyas Mowlid 9 days ago

    Who wants to disown the dad like if u agree

  • ELHAM Waseel
    ELHAM Waseel 9 days ago

    You can not work because your 15 not 18

  • IceCreamJunkie
    IceCreamJunkie 10 days ago

    As long as she bought a PC and not a Mac, then I'm on her side.

  • Leia Mutzak
    Leia Mutzak 10 days ago

    You work hard enough to get an apartment for your self???

  • molly brewer
    molly brewer 10 days ago

    tessa u should tell your dad that he should stop drinking

  • Kevin
    Kevin 10 days ago

    Dad: Someday I'll buy you the best laptop out there
    Her: *buys laptop*
    Also her: Dad tried to act like nothing happened, and he still does
    Why did he even say he'll buy her a laptop but she did it herself

  • Enye Fuller
    Enye Fuller 10 days ago

    How can u tell ur story ?

  • Lyana Lyanastockinga
    Lyana Lyanastockinga 10 days ago

    My life without having my OWN room

  • R. G
    R. G 10 days ago

    windows XP

  • Ahmed Ehab
    Ahmed Ehab 10 days ago

    I prefer that you tell your mom
    And if it’s possible that your mom can do something just try to do it
    If you fell that there still problem you can ask any body of your near Friend or family to help you don’t stay under this pressure

  • Kenny Martin
    Kenny Martin 10 days ago

    Not normal its wrong

  • Kenny Martin
    Kenny Martin 10 days ago

    The devil allways on our sholders

  • Carl Pasia
    Carl Pasia 10 days ago +1

    Did you know you can do a loan right?

  • my girl play vlogg
    my girl play vlogg 11 days ago

    No 😠😠

  • Behdad Zangeneh
    Behdad Zangeneh 11 days ago

    C fav v to F. V. V. V

    ARMY FOREVER 11 days ago +1

    How can you cope with your dad i would say no

  • Amarreyea Wilson-Brown

    Go live with your friend until your dad stops asking for money

  • Peter Chen
    Peter Chen 12 days ago

    Video: "*My dad stole all the money I earned during the summer*"
    Me: *yeah lost my money too*

  • Donald Bullock
    Donald Bullock 12 days ago +1

    If only and pls read my comments

  • Donald Bullock
    Donald Bullock 12 days ago +1

    Plus your dad has money for alchohol but no money for bills he probley sees you as a bank or his paycheck instead of luxury bills come first the money you gave was all probley wasted....if you guys leave and dont come back he will live on his own and hopefully get some sense and get on his feet again

  • Donald Bullock
    Donald Bullock 12 days ago +1

    My advice is for you and your mom to leave him he's only pulling you two into a trap but he just can't force the money out of you two my advice and i think ypu should listen

    FATHA KN 12 days ago

    your father is ugly

  • awesome of doom YT
    awesome of doom YT 12 days ago

    Call child abuse or 911

  • Vanish R4V3N
    Vanish R4V3N 13 days ago

    U know how get revenge have a 100k debt on him

  • Realistic_M ?
    Realistic_M ? 13 days ago

    You should hide the money under your pillow :

  • Queesz M
    Queesz M 13 days ago


  • Jinyoung Stan
    Jinyoung Stan 13 days ago

    Wish I didn't relate -
    Well my mom also took money from me while I was earned it so like lol is fine
    I'll work again😓

  • craftyguns the pro kid

    Me:yeah why dad did not noticed that their family computer was a tech garbage and they needed a new one and she helped them

  • Nathan Fida
    Nathan Fida 13 days ago


  • Ali Mohanad A Alharbi
    Ali Mohanad A Alharbi 13 days ago

    That did happen to me too