Overwatch: HUGE Reinhardt Brawl BUFFS! - Orisa BUFF Reverted!

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • Okay this is the 3rd time this video has gone up, I'm sorry, Blizzard keeps changing the patch notes. Rein buff went through, Orisa's speed did not.
    The holidays have come early, Jeff graces us with a MASSIVE game-changing update that shifts Overwatch gameplay from guarded to aggressive. Barriers get nerfed across the board which should institute the fasted most brutal form of Overwatch gameplay we've seen since maybe the dive era. Reinhardt and Orisa get huge buffs, along with buffs to Genji Torb etc Moira and Widowmaker get nerfs. This new patch will be quite fun to explore this week so be sure to subscribe to catch our future videos covering the new state of Overwatch! If you enjoyed the video, please be sure to leave the video a LIKE!
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  • Officer Earl
    Officer Earl Day ago


  • WindBlaze Anims
    WindBlaze Anims Month ago +2

    Hammond is so annoying, can we nerf his adaptive shield by a microscopic amount? Sometimes he's unkillable I swear

    • WindBlaze Anims
      WindBlaze Anims 27 days ago

      @Revan true, flanks just flood in while doing that tho, unless we/they are stuck at a form of choke point

    • Revan
      Revan 27 days ago

      WindBlaze Anims gotta communicate with your team to focus fire

  • Lukas Lambraia
    Lukas Lambraia Month ago

    It’s important to remember zarya will be using her secondary fire a lot more for all the reasons you mentioned in addition to it being better against armor, which is now stronger. Should be interesting

  • Marcus Sync
    Marcus Sync Month ago

    Super late

  • Oopsie
    Oopsie Month ago

    Imagine talking about Orisa and other tanks while showing Bastion gameplay. I hate this kind of videos.

  • Axelcool124
    Axelcool124 Month ago

    Im gonna miss my 2000 shield I am rein main

  • Dalan White
    Dalan White Month ago

    *Moira's healing has been reduced*
    Me apparently the only healing Moira main on console: Why Blizzard. Why are you like this..

  • Dorshal Xd
    Dorshal Xd Month ago

    Moira attacking me as a genji main as my team is with me
    Moira:what’s a team
    Me:flip you your coming with me!!!!

  • Midway 69
    Midway 69 Month ago +1

    Ok so I a rin player will die 2X faster to bastions.
    I still don’t understand why the shields had to be nerfed for sigma

  • Jarod Johnson
    Jarod Johnson Month ago

    So no one else notice the aimbotting

  • Tommy Cha
    Tommy Cha Month ago

    I quit playing competitive when roles were locked 2-2-2. Is that still a thing?

  • Imfromjamaicaman
    Imfromjamaicaman Month ago

    Lol that was why it was so fucking hard trying to boop rein off eichenwald bridge yesterday on comp with lucio...

  • Justine Sagan
    Justine Sagan Month ago

    Kinectic grasp is pretty much useless

  • Another Furfag
    Another Furfag Month ago

    As someone who loves sigma, my disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

  • John Arch
    John Arch Month ago

    I don’t know the speed seems the same from the PTR to live from what I’ve tested they just didn’t put it in the patch notes I mean I could be wrong but it feels exactly the same to me

  • dizzy dwarf
    dizzy dwarf Month ago

    This patch has sorta highlighted how good immortality field is especially with the lack of barriers if a good baptiste is in the game they can essentially take it over with just immortality usage, and I'm all for supports being able to carry, but I felt and still feel like immortality field is bad for the health of the game similar to doomfist before nerfs, sombra specifically emp, multi freeze on mei, these things add unessecary clutter and levels to play around in the game overxomplicating it and causing the last few metas where it is easier to play heroes that sustain for as long a time as possible rather than a more dynamic comp.

  • Petit
    Petit Month ago

    Sigma barrier from 1500 to 900.
    Holy crap

  • Mr. H
    Mr. H Month ago

    Genius bastion in the video. Nice shield break, buddy.

  • VeronViper 06
    VeronViper 06 Month ago

    The Orisa speed buff is still there, but not in the patch notes

  • Dark
    Dark Month ago

    Wrong is using an aim bot

  • Leah
    Leah Month ago +2

    I’m a support main and I’m disappointed they’ve nerfed Moira’s healing instead of her damage.. they nerf shields, nerf healing outputs, TT-TT

  • Boneknock Grit
    Boneknock Grit Month ago

    rip sigma....

  • Zwordsman
    Zwordsman Month ago

    Rein really needs Mei resistance

  • Zwordsman
    Zwordsman Month ago

    Pretty sure it still feelsl ike orisa on live still mvoes fast while firing.

  • ???XZ
    ???XZ Month ago

    Ow pvp compared to what xD

  • Jake Bischof
    Jake Bischof Month ago

    I was in you game

  • Star Rattler
    Star Rattler Month ago

    What combo? Dude Orisa pull is being used as a mini Grav rn. That's pretty good.

  • nutmeg
    nutmeg Month ago

    kinetic grasp can stand to last a few seconds longer to even be worth more than an eight second cooldown, but thats just my two cents 😘

  • Trevor Jones
    Trevor Jones Month ago

    Let’s actually do something meta and nerf Moira’s DAMAGE! Blizzard fucking up another brilliant hero.

  • Lassie The Dog
    Lassie The Dog Month ago

    I think Bap and Lucio are going to be the new support duo

    But im a gold so who listens to me

  • Eric Faimon
    Eric Faimon Month ago

    Hey Freedo, with the new patch I've been playing a good amount of soldier 76. When the high ground can be abused he is UNSTOPPABLE. Are you getting the same results?

  • di. mythios
    di. mythios Month ago

    If I wanted to play a DPS GAME I go play something else. This utter crap of balancing this game is a main reason why people stop playing it. The same shit they did and KILLED Starcraft is happening now. This is all Kaplan's fault and the lack of creativity on his part.

  • Mara Sov
    Mara Sov Month ago

    yep make tanks even more unattractive so that no one plays them and role queue times go even more higher .stupid blizzard shit

  • Even Aarek
    Even Aarek Month ago

    Sooooooo, doom's only gonna do 11 dmg to armor per shot now?

  • Garrett Vannatta
    Garrett Vannatta Month ago

    Do you think bap will be a necessity now with immortality field and the fat amount of healing now that Moira is a bit worse or something like Ana will be much better with Less shielding?

  • OperationSauce
    OperationSauce Month ago

    this patch it hell for me, i started playing whilst bunker and brig were the meta and got into plat whilst double shield was a thing, i know nothing else but these ;-;

  • Tellis Varda
    Tellis Varda Month ago

    Imagine your character not being able to do gold damage and healing. Rip moira

  • Lord Darkrai
    Lord Darkrai Month ago

    R.I.P. orisa mains 💀

  • desktop gaming
    desktop gaming Month ago

    Overwatch mercy gets potg too much time for a nerf moira getting potg almost all the time seems fine to me

  • Pro Digious
    Pro Digious Month ago

    Orisa has 4 freaking legs. She should be fast

  • Dameom
    Dameom Month ago +1

    I think sig is good to support ur team on shield breaking, doing that makes his shield going down same as fast as the other shields in not that rarely situations

  • darksidex11
    darksidex11 Month ago

    An this why i stop playing this trash ass game u can never balance this game always taking something away

  • ChriseFTW
    ChriseFTW Month ago

    Now just delete roleque and were 1/10th of the way of making this game perfect 👌👌

  • Ben Blunt
    Ben Blunt Month ago +1

    Brawl comp is back. I'm a 4300 hundred rein hog player and during some scrims we decided to pull out a Brig, Lucio, Rein, Zarya, Reaper, doom/mei. We went 13-0 that day against multiple other teams. Honestly. Play brawl now before it gets nerfed 😂

  • Win From Within
    Win From Within Month ago

    I'm surprised people still play this game

  • AwakeRadio
    AwakeRadio Month ago

    The new patch feels so fucking amazing

  • Not Cool
    Not Cool Month ago

    1:06 That's dirty

  • christina delrio
    christina delrio Month ago

    Yeah who cares about Orissa. She’s dead now anyway.

  • ツSavannah
    ツSavannah Month ago +1

    I need a group of players to play Comp w me I’m tired of losing because of bad players.. 🙂

    • ツSavannah
      ツSavannah Month ago

      NVK’ed I mean, I’m decent I’m not gunna say I’m godly. 🙂

    • NVK’ed
      NVK’ed Month ago

      ツSavannah maybe you should get good

  • Housama BeaseTaMere

    Is it just me or its the wrong patch note ? On my screen the only change to heroes is about Baptiste and torbjorn

  • Carter Wisniewski
    Carter Wisniewski Month ago

    1:07 “FRESHNUTS”

  • R V
    R V Month ago

    This dude dont even know a venn diagram

  • Reynolds Colton
    Reynolds Colton Month ago

    Still waiting for a mercy buff.

  • pinghajen
    pinghajen Month ago +1

    I'm convinced my first thought when playing Sigma was "Why does his shield have 1500 hp?" Because that was almost a Rein shield.

  • Eric Houstoun
    Eric Houstoun Month ago

    I feel like these videos allude to potential break points way more often than actually identifying what break points there are. That'd be sooo much more interesting, and useful, to know.

    T0UGH GUM Month ago

    Kinetic grasp is kinda gimmicky? Choi is smiling at your small brain

  • Andrew Gonzales
    Andrew Gonzales Month ago +1

    Dude I played my main tanks and they suck, how can you call them tanks when they die faster than ever

  • Myrick Crampton
    Myrick Crampton Month ago +1

    *realizes the amount of people who want to play tank is gonna go down making queue times go up...*

  • Myrick Crampton
    Myrick Crampton Month ago +1

    this update is trash, as a tank main I can attest to how hard it is to find someone to play main tank instead of myself. this update made orisa and rein boring and useless, just my opinion, but they really screwed it up here

    • NVK’ed
      NVK’ed Month ago

      Myrick Crampton but there was no other choice
      Tank Mains < Off tank mains, Dps mains, and healers.

  • Lego IG-88
    Lego IG-88 Month ago

    Reinhardt is still boring to play without being mega pocketed change my mind