5 Things OKAY in Japan (but illegal/rude in the USA)

  • Опубликовано: 27 сен 2016
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  • tick tock
    tick tock 3 часа назад

    Should change the title to "listen to the one on the right complain about everything"

  • 1thess523
    1thess523 День назад

    "they're going to spit in our food" that's my wife 🤣

  • cometflash021
    cometflash021 3 дня назад

    Drinking in public is accepted in most part of the world.

    When I first arrived in US my sister took me out for breakfast. First thing she said to me was not to say the word knife. It didn't took long before I did. Knife in Portuguese is like saying fuckup (but without the p at the end). Couldn't say syrup either because it was to close to shutup. I thought the coffee was tea, and was wondering what to do with the little cup of cream. In Brasil we drink warm milk with our coffee, and is almost a half and half mix. Brasil coffee are super strong too compared to american coffee.

  • MST3Killa
    MST3Killa 5 дней назад

    1) Depends where you are in the US. There are a few places you can drink in public, but certainly not 'everywhere'. New Orleans is fun...
    2) Calling out to servers is considered rude (more so if done rudely, there are nice ways of getting someone's attention obviously) because the understanding is that the server will come to you when they're able to do so. Sometimes they aren't doing their job, in which case, yeah, it's acceptable to get their attention, but most the time they're waiting other tables and such. Effectively, it's demanding services rather than the 'guest' type relationship. It's also Americans tendency to be non-confrontational when it comes to interactions with strangers and demanding someone's attention is a fairly confrontational stance in the US. Apart from New York City, Boston, and the whole of New Jersey, that is.
    3) Slurping is rude in the US because it comes across as uncivil. That probably has more to do with our European roots than anything unique to America. Eating relatively quietly (in terms of noises like slurping) will be more accepted in most places around the world than being noisy.
    4) Drinking with bosses/coworkers is entirely dependent on what you do for work, the company you work for, and your relationship with those people in particular. It's certainly not illegal to do so unless you have a very specific job type (like... an astronaut or something maybe) and it's not really taboo either apart from a slightly wider segment of jobs. Getting hammered with bosses is different. If you're just drinking and having fun... you're still probably fine. Yeah, if you go making passes at their spouses or saying horrible things, probably not a good idea no matter what country you're in.
    5) Sniffling instead of using tissue? Really? That's not rude at all. Most of the time it's just that people don't have any tissue with them or don't want to blow their nose and stuff it in their pockets until they have a trash can to throw it in.

  • Charles Thomas
    Charles Thomas 5 дней назад

    You are indeed a proper southern lady. Italians and Hispanics have no problem yelling for a waiter or waitress and people from New York and New Jersey will chase a waiter all of the way back into the kitchen!

  • MorioRex
    MorioRex 5 дней назад

    Wait, you're telling me saying excuse me in a restaurant to get a waiters attention is rude? This is a major revelation, I have been waving down waiters my entire life.

  • Ben Griffin
    Ben Griffin 5 дней назад

    In West Africa, you hiss to get the waiter’s attention. Or a motorcycle taxi. Also just look vaguely foreign walking down the road and you’ll get a motorcycle taxi...

  • Missy Señorita
    Missy Señorita 7 дней назад

    The second one is normal in Hong Kong too.

  • Goldenboy617
    Goldenboy617 7 дней назад

    hmm..i have a deviated septum and i make that sniffing noise. guess its polite to judge people.

  • Stonemansteve II
    Stonemansteve II 8 дней назад

    That's not just a Japanese thing, that's an Asian thing, slurping the noodles. They all do it, they all claim it makes the food taste better, and they all say it shows how much you love the food. If you slurp tea, it adds air to it, and makes it taste better, so there might be something to it!

  • deepak chandramouli
    deepak chandramouli 8 дней назад

    Dayum those blue eyes ! Would be a shame if that turned out to be lenses...

  • Kunzilya Yerdaulet
    Kunzilya Yerdaulet 9 дней назад

    Omg, such a cute couple! The video is very interesting and informative

  • Eve Hopskin
    Eve Hopskin 10 дней назад

    Interesting... Interesting... Interesting.....

  • Mandy Bell
    Mandy Bell 11 дней назад

    I like how Cardboard Grace’s shirt says “Grace Y’all” on it lol
    I so miss these two uploading! I still watch these old videos regularly

  • Ming Louie Jr
    Ming Louie Jr 12 дней назад

    The girl has beautiful eyes 😁💖💚💛

  • than217
    than217 12 дней назад

    Fascinating! I wouldn't have thought those things are okay to do in Japan.

  • Super PP S u c c
    Super PP S u c c 12 дней назад


  • ILoveJesusMySavior
    ILoveJesusMySavior 13 дней назад

    Japan sounds like the worst place in the world for someone with Misophonia.

  • CastelDawn
    CastelDawn 13 дней назад

    ryosuke is like the best name in the universe

  • Amber Lindsey
    Amber Lindsey 14 дней назад

    I don't think you should blow your nose in public either. But sniffling is just as bad. I find then both rude

    TREVORVADER 15 дней назад

    I’m an American who slurps noodles because it’s enjoyable to me.
    My family will also wave down waiters/waitresses or say excuse me to get their attention

  • TheKnight OfCydonia
    TheKnight OfCydonia 17 дней назад

    I would slurp noodles, however, people around me wouldn't like it..... splash screen required

  • Celestino Silva
    Celestino Silva 17 дней назад

    slurping (not ok but not scandalous either) and nose blowing (not bad but try not to sound like a elephant in mating season) aside... thats pretty much Portugal

  • The Point of Clearity
    The Point of Clearity 20 дней назад

    You can drink in public in America, each state has its own unique laws and in Alaska you can drink in public.

  • Meowzbluu
    Meowzbluu 20 дней назад

    Awww! You guys are such a good couple ~!!

  • Kai
    Kai 20 дней назад

    Why would you consider getting the waiters attention rude? How else would you get their attention in a busy place? Very odd

  • Kenneth Scott
    Kenneth Scott 21 день назад

    You can drink in New Orleans in public

  • Faded Rainbow Gaming
    Faded Rainbow Gaming 21 день назад

    I love to slurp when I eat ramen or any meal with broth.... I can only enjoy my noodles at home or I'll get my ass kicked by my parents for slurping

  • E E
    E E 21 день назад

    Omg your husband is a beautiful soul with such a happy innocent face XD hahha

  • Citty Khanoom
    Citty Khanoom 21 день назад

    You are so cute together😍

  • Shakira Gomez
    Shakira Gomez 23 дня назад

    Aw they look like a cute couple haha

  • JMB
    JMB 23 дня назад

    Except for the noise with noddle everything else can be applied in other countries such as mine. 🇧🇷👊🏽 Haha we are closer to Japan!! ❤️🙌🏽
    Btw it's still so weird how people from US refer to themselves as North America. Or even America. A continent, or part of it, its more then one country.

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel 23 дня назад

    In uk we call people over but dont shout it. And depending on the boss you can go drinking with them

  • meister_sd
    meister_sd 24 дня назад

    I was married to a Tokyo woman. Here are my feelings on these points.
    Disclosure - My girlfriend (then wife), I learned / saw these things first in the USA (San Diego, CA) - then went to Japan and saw the differences.
    #1 - Drinking in Public - No one in the videos I've seen talks about the vending machines selling alcohol. AND the American celebrities on the machines. People we, in America, *NEVER* see advertising like this.
    #2 - Yell to get the waiter/waitress - YES! Me too. A time or two into our dating, she yelled at the waitress when were ready to order. OH BOY "What the HECK are you doing!!!???" (In America) Snarky? You're from the midwest (me too). Never heard anyone say it outside of there....
    #3 - Slurping - OMG, I chastised her for doing that. How could she be so rude? (Then when I was in Japan I was rude because I was so quite)
    #4 - Drinking - Yeah - I spent some time in Tokyo and saw many "salary man" (which means regular business men) joining other business people out late at night. I asked my girlfriend/wife what this was and she said it was a normal part of business. She also said that if I, as a foreigner, were to be asked in a job interview in Tokyo - "Are you willing to go out after work and drink with a client?" and you said "No", that you probably wouldn't get the job. (I don't know if this answer applies outside of Tokyo)
    #5 - Blowing your nose - I don't have much input other than every subway station I came out of (It seemed like) some cute girl was handing out tissue for your nose. So this one I don't get.....

  • daily dose of nightmare fuel Dad
    daily dose of nightmare fuel Dad 24 дня назад

    Her eyes dude. I have blue eyes but not that... bright. Its crazy

  • nana noon
    nana noon 25 дней назад

    I miss you guys 😭😭

  • douche plays videogames
    douche plays videogames 25 дней назад

    I think you found the のんびり guy that can たえる your personanality. Congratulations

  • douche plays videogames
    douche plays videogames 25 дней назад

    It's not rude to scream at a waiter in a US restaurant. At all. It's just that they are so devoted to the customer (I rather say bootlickers for tips) they tend to be so much attentive to you that you don't even need to call them loudely. But you can do it, it's not considered as rude at all.

  • Davey Valor
    Davey Valor 25 дней назад

    You can drink on the street in New Orleans year round. No glass bottles but legal with cans.

  • Ridogg81
    Ridogg81 27 дней назад

    The lady seemed uptight and miserable to be around. Her poor boyfriend. He seems light hearted and carefree and fun to be around. Lady sounds like buzzkill or Debbie downer

  • zigzagyipyup
    zigzagyipyup 27 дней назад


  • Ibrahim
    Ibrahim Месяц назад +1

    Why all comments refers to the dude
    Im just gonna say the girl is like made of stars dust. While god spend 5 days to creat earth he spend 6th to creat her :p

  • Emily M
    Emily M Месяц назад +1

    Those eyes are unreal. Like woah

  • Rolan J
    Rolan J Месяц назад

    When it comes to the slurping sound, I would probably fit in at Japan. I'm a bit of a noisy eater myself (to the annoyance of my family). Anyway, nice video you two. Keep it up.

  • Spero R
    Spero R Месяц назад

    You can drink in some places in public in USA for example Las Vegas

  • Bayu Aji
    Bayu Aji Месяц назад


  • MeoTheRandom
    MeoTheRandom Месяц назад

    The slurping and sniffing things makes me feel so bad for anyone with misophonia in Japan

  • Miss Momo
    Miss Momo Месяц назад

    I guess im glad being Asian

  • yunggoth
    yunggoth Месяц назад +2

    I want to drink in public xp

  • Probing Uranus
    Probing Uranus Месяц назад

    Drinking in public is pretty common in my country too. I live in Slovenia. We sometimes gather with drinks in the park and hang out. I also yell for a waiter if I don't get noticed. xD Seriously it's like I'm invisible. I almost never get noticed and have to ask for a bill loudly. For slurping it's true. Everyone hates loud eaters here. :D Though I'm used to it completely since my grandma always eats quite loudly. Strangely, it's kind of satisfying to watch her. It really does feel like she enjoys the food more haha. :D My dad and brother eat loudly too. xD

  • Cassalyn Dane
    Cassalyn Dane Месяц назад

    Can someone tell me why is blowing of nose considered rude?
    I was in japan last year and was wondering why isit rude to blow ur nose while it is actually ok to be coughing like crazy be it covering or without covering their mouth in the train? I dont get it. If you say that you can hold your mucus till you reach the toilet to blow your nose, I dont see why people cant try to hold in their cough or eat mint sweets/ lozenges to soothe the throat. if it's rude to blow ur nose bcos of the virus and stuff then how is coughing not? Im not a hater, in fact I really love japan. But I just dont understand this part.

  • Dookie Howser
    Dookie Howser Месяц назад

    Your husband is very cool. And, World War II aside, Japan is one of our greatest allies with a top-notch military.

  • elrolly
    elrolly Месяц назад

    Asking for the waiter being a taboo is a bunch of faggy BS

  • C
    C Месяц назад

    Not drinking in public is pretty weird. Go to any park in the UK and anywhere in Europe on a sunny day and there will be people drinking

  • Aubrey Sprague
    Aubrey Sprague Месяц назад

    She has so many manners my family just slurps away and rubs there elbows on the table

  • Aubrey Sprague
    Aubrey Sprague Месяц назад

    In Washington people just walk around and drink I don't think it's illegal

  • Creep D3ep
    Creep D3ep Месяц назад

    A minute for each one... quality

  • Jasmine Limon
    Jasmine Limon Месяц назад

    you guys are so cute i wanna marry a Japanese man too your living my dream!😊 i love the culture and everyone seems so sweet much love to you guys

  • Robbit Bobbit
    Robbit Bobbit Месяц назад

    What part of the US are you from, where sniffling is taboo? Yeah, maybe it's annoying, but blowing your nose in public is disgusting. I'm shocked so many people are comfortable doing it. They even blow their nose into the napkin at the table. It's disgusting, and Americans with manners and/or class feel the same way. Maybe the rarity of manners and class here, is the reason you feel it's ok, since it happens so often. It not. It's gross, and just because the majority of people might do it, it simply means they're disgusting, not correct. If you have to blow your nose, go to the bathroom, or somewhere away from the public.

  • thegreatonecometh200
    thegreatonecometh200 Месяц назад

    It seems to me that your wife is a bit of a douche bag !

  • Koakoa45
    Koakoa45 Месяц назад

    Sniffling in America is condisred rude and shows you don’t care if you make others sick

  • alim ikfa
    alim ikfa Месяц назад

    in u.s they blow their nose next to poeple who are eating , that is disgusting for my north african culture, they also say "shit" like a coma in every phrase, again without any consideration for sombody eating next !! thats horrible culture. for me ,i would say in general that occidental culture is far more rude than eastern cultures, mannars, sincerity, humanisme, that s what i see at least without knowing the details in eastern cultures.

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler Месяц назад

    noodles must be slurped.

  • Cranberry
    Cranberry Месяц назад

    The waiter thing is okay to me,and I'm American.

  • ray domani
    ray domani Месяц назад

    Howdy Partner

  • 子猫-ちゃん Miss Kitty
    子猫-ちゃん Miss Kitty Месяц назад +1

    What the hell drinking alcohol in public in America is illegal that's really weird... but then again I'm Australian soooo...

    • Scott Shafer
      Scott Shafer Месяц назад

      子猫-ちゃん Miss Kitty Yeah it's weird. But it's only illegal if the police can see its an alcaholic beverage. Which is why people put brown bags around drinks in public.

  • I Bara
    I Bara Месяц назад

    she had russian eyes and nose. tell me. do u have russian bloodline?

  • ameliaiscri
    ameliaiscri Месяц назад

    they're so cute what the heck

  • I'm da illuminati
    I'm da illuminati Месяц назад

    I wonder how their child will look like

  • Gordon Adams
    Gordon Adams Месяц назад

    I see people hailing wait staff here in the U.S. it's becoming more common I believe.

  • Uncle Fugnutz
    Uncle Fugnutz Месяц назад

    What if he's really into the "pussy"does he slurp?!?!and is it rude

  • Lord Iga
    Lord Iga Месяц назад

    you guys make a great couple I love it !!!

  • WakkaSeta
    WakkaSeta Месяц назад

    Drinking in public really is illegal in America? Is that some sort of leftover from prohibition?

  • Kasidit Rattanawong
    Kasidit Rattanawong Месяц назад

    I'm studying in Tokyo right now and American people are really rude in classroom like 'swearing in front of teachers' Is that considered a polite thing to do in America?

    • Scott Shafer
      Scott Shafer Месяц назад

      Kasidit Rattanawong In the south, it's very impolite. We are taught to respect and mind manners, and not be vulgar. But of course some people in the south and the rest of Americans don't care about their manners and are very vulgar and disrespectful.

  • Shabby Golem
    Shabby Golem Месяц назад

    I would also think miscegenation (race-mixing) is highly discouraged in Japan.....Used to be in highly discouraged in USA (Kalergi and the rest of the Bolshevik kikkes be dammed)

  • Terisha Simeone
    Terisha Simeone Месяц назад

    Actually in america you can say excuse me and raise your hand

  • Artificial245
    Artificial245 Месяц назад

    Working until you collapse and die is ok in Japan, but not ok in America

  • Stephen Stinson
    Stephen Stinson Месяц назад +1

    So rad! The Japanese customs remind me of something I’d expect from Vikings. Definitely counter intuitive from an American perspective of Japan (but totally badass).

  • Kari Mohlman
    Kari Mohlman Месяц назад

    People at our work have drinks together all the time. Normally the boss and his wife would throw parties/get togethers and would offer thier couch or wherever for anyone who had too much to drive. But both of them were kind of wild when they were young so that might be it. Heck, it is also pretty common for there to be a cooler of beer and some pizzas at the office after one of the long meetings or training days 🤣

  • Jason Schultz
    Jason Schultz Месяц назад

    Nice couple. Great info!

  • Lucas Thomas
    Lucas Thomas Месяц назад

    quite painter favorite nearby extremely hope deal garlic your divide.

  • Elzabeth Makowski
    Elzabeth Makowski Месяц назад

    It's sooo awkward between these two. Soooooooo cringy

  • Teeve Lee
    Teeve Lee Месяц назад

    Guys if you’re still reading your comments please come back, all you fans miss you guys.

  • Markus Patients
    Markus Patients Месяц назад

    Everyone in American restaurants spit in your food, after the pick it up from dropping it on the floor.

  • Alexandre Freitas
    Alexandre Freitas Месяц назад

    In Brazil: if it's not a crime and it's not harming anyone, do whatever you want.

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones Месяц назад

    Depends on where in the U.S. regarding the alcohol. In my city as long as it’s in plastic you’re good.

  • Kahealani Nakoa
    Kahealani Nakoa Месяц назад

    Slurping noodles .. hard habit to break in US lol

  • Heather Curran
    Heather Curran Месяц назад

    You guys are not just utterly adorable, but funny and informative.

  • chewie
    chewie Месяц назад

    Also heard if you sneeze don't say anything unless a women does it then say something

  • chewie
    chewie Месяц назад

    That's awesome seen another vid said about drinking outside. Wish we had it here

  • hentai senpai
    hentai senpai Месяц назад

    I live in germany here minimal drinking age is 14 and drinking in public is completely normal without being judged(unless you really smell like alcohol do you know what I mean?) some guys in my class even brought beer while on a school trip (9th grade)

  • DanVR
    DanVR 2 месяца назад

    Anything Logan Paul did in Japan.

  • steph4691
    steph4691 2 месяца назад

    your husband is so cute!

  • 》Tessa 《
    》Tessa 《 2 месяца назад

    I really love the top you're wearing! Is it from a popular store? I want it

  • Cody Pearce
    Cody Pearce 2 месяца назад

    Your wife is gorgeous. My goodness man, great job. 👍

  • x CHEX
    x CHEX 2 месяца назад

    Great vid and I just have to say that she is one of the most beautiful girls ever!

  • ِ
    ِ 2 месяца назад

    Lol i live in Finland and once i went to school at 8am i saw a man in a bush and he was very very drunk

  • Kage Tsume
    Kage Tsume 2 месяца назад

    I wish you guys were still on youtube

  • Origami and Cats
    Origami and Cats 2 месяца назад

    If loudly slurping noodles and drinking in public will lower the amount of brutal violence and drug overdoses in the USA, I'm willing to try.

  • Daisies and Lillies
    Daisies and Lillies 2 месяца назад

    Lol she said you telepathically think towards your waiter in America hahahaha