5 Things OKAY in Japan (but illegal/rude in the USA)

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Автор hafid lho ( назад)
I remember in Indonesia, a japanese tourist sat in front of me and drank 2 bottles of beer in public and i'm like wtf is that even legal?

Автор slycordinator ( назад)
Every example they gave also applies to Korea.

Автор XxVampiregirl17xX ( назад)
😂😂😂 I'm so glad I watched this. xD TEACH US JAPANESE! Also, I may go to Japan in the future.

Автор zalbortrox zalbortox ( назад)
I don't get why we can't try and get the writers attention.

Автор How To Anything ( назад)
people drink anyway in America

Автор kaiyos ( назад)
US seems like a bunch of sensitive pussies. i miss the old america.

Автор LoV SonG ( назад)
almost every night going to strip bar with coworkers lol

Автор Gerg C ( назад)
she failed. she said snarky so is likely Canadian, vs usa.

Автор Alia Younus ( назад)
here the thing y'all in America there is so much diversity and different culture that maybe even subconsciously we try to be EXTRA careful of how we act to try not to accidentally offend someone...
wait but then theres this whole thing abt freedom of speech n shiet idek xD

Автор Lilly Acosta ( назад)
Well, i live in Louisiana, and i can drink what i want, when i want, how-ever much i want, anywhere i want to drink it. Its sorta f'd up.

Автор Coby Kilgore ( назад)
you can drink alchohal in public in japan? All right Japan get ready to meet the drunkest American ever.

Автор Robin Altair ( назад)
She has stunning eyes

Автор Four Chan ( назад)
Child pornography?

Автор KingHenryVR4 ( назад)
You keep snorting like that here in the US an people with think you have a cocaine problem :)

Автор chrisbayridge1 ( назад)
LOL yelling at Waiters and drinking in public I'd fit right in

Автор darkwater9990 ( назад)
I'm from texas

Автор Mei Misaki ( назад)
I couldn't stop looking at this girl, her eyes are so pretty :o

Автор Billy Ingles ( назад)
my filipina wife does that calling the waiter thing and it makes me feel uncomfortable every time hahaha

Автор David Simms ( назад)
Well Japan sounds great, but from someone who suffers from some major allergies, kinda stuck on that last part lol

Автор Daryle Fleming ( назад)
Cute young couple

Автор THEDUD 420 ( назад)
Wth? Skrew America, Japan sounds fun!

Автор Spade ( назад)
In Colombia, the chefs and waiters are usually family, so they switch out. The restaurants are well lit, and the staff will constantly check on you. In Canada, you have to do the eye contact thing too. I'm a Colombian living in America, so I find it somewhat difficult to change my behavior in Latin and American restaurants.
Also, you guys are the cutest couple oml

Автор Josephine ( назад)
what about tipping

Автор nebrew centric Giptian ( назад)
you can drink publically in most areas of america, you can drink and drive in some states

Автор Baka Crazy ( назад)
Thing one, two and four are also okay in Germany.

Автор Justjoka ( назад)
Just remembering all the anime I've watched...

Автор Mandy McCullough ( назад)
why's she so uptight?

Автор Jane S ( назад)
I disagree with the statement about calling servers over to the table when you want to order food in America. I neither think that's considered rude nor do I think waiters/waitresses are that offended (at least in my experiences)

Автор Kenya King ( назад)
Why does the girl seem so uptight ?

Автор Daniel Huerta ( назад)
I'm in the U.S. and I go out to drink with my bosses. My trainer, my lead, and my supervisor. They get more drunk than I do.

Автор Tancredi Caltagirone ( назад)
what a weird couple

Автор Adele Gill ( назад)
This was actually very funny!

Автор tick tack ( назад)
1. Depends on the state.

2. Rude in all states.

3. lol, yeah, Rude.

4. Not rude. Depends on the company if it's okay. My mom's workplace will even suply for the office party.

5. It's gross either way.

Автор Taylor Cornelius ( назад)
I am curious about one thing. Maybe it doesn't happen in real life as much as it does in television shows, so maybe they do it for a comedic effect, but...What about seniors hitting their juniors on the head when they do something stupid? In America that would never fly. Lol. I live here in Japan now, and I've never seen this in real life, but I have also never been in a professional setting where that might happen.

Автор black pachenko ( назад)
this woman looks like albanian idk why

Автор YOU PEOPLE SJ ( назад)
You can drink in public in New Orleans, LA

Автор Whitney Roth ( назад)
Drinking alcohol in public is illegal in the U.S everywhere but New Orleans 😂

Автор Seid Kona ( назад)
Americans party with their bosses and coworkers all the time, I just think shes quite reserved.

Автор Think It ( назад)
I hate how this girl is acting rude talking about Japanese culture. On the other hand, guy is not saying bad about americas culture. This shows the culture difference. Everyone's culture is ok and nice. You do not have to rude about other's culture. Just do not stay there if you do not like.

Автор Dreadlord Regulation ( назад)
american english sounds so gross

Автор Awesomeness.kpopper13 ( назад)
how do people with rhinitis or hay fever survive in japan without blowing their nose. i cannot do that or ill start crying.


Автор Wolf Grey ( назад)
It's not just Japanese, all Asians yell to catch a waiter. Asians eat noodles, westerners or Americans... yeah it aint on the popular menu next to burgers. So slurping mind be somewhat new to you, and yes soup doesn't really count because they don't have long noodles in em. The only valid point was the last one on snot sniffing.

Автор Star Robbins ( назад)
They're so cute together!!! <3

Автор Leo S ( назад)
Slurping noodles and soup is the best way to eat. Also, it has a multi-purpose.

1) It helps cool the noodles/soup down as you eat it.

2) It helps to prevent soup from dribbling down your chin so it's technically a cleaner way to eat.

3) This is most important... SLURPING MAKES IT TASTE BETTER

Автор Lord Toshibakoludo ( назад)
on balkan u yell "Alo konobar" which means hello weiter

Автор calbastian ( назад)
I love Japan, you'll never go hungry when you're there and they take so much pride in what they serve you. Their 7-11 has karaage for crying out loud and it taste better than some restaurants I've been to here in the US.

Автор Zizimonique Del Valle ( назад)
I am seeing more diversity in terms of relationship in Asia. I always believe and seen homogeneous couples, but today I am seeing more mix culture couples like you. Asian with American, or with African_American or with Latinamerican. Could you talk about your experience as a mix cultimate couple?

Автор Zizimonique Del Valle ( назад)
funny. Thanks!

Автор first name ( назад)
i think this not only apply in japan but in most asian country its fine to do all these

Автор Sam Palin ( назад)
I agree with Japan on the last one, atleast. Blowing your nose makes me want to throw up. I don't see the problem with people sniffling...

Автор nico ( назад)
I mean if getting drunk and having a good time promotes better work then so be it right? as long as you don't shoot someone it's all goooooddd...

Автор nico ( назад)
I find slurping noodles makes the noodles taste better cuz it reminds me of how my grandpa would eat😁😁😁

Автор Tammi Wallace ( назад)
you can't drink in public in USA? omg

Автор The82bobbyg ( назад)
sad to say i think u may have grew up in a high society family. or known to americans as snobbish familys. because half of what u said is exceptable in america like the slupping or getting drunk at work socials and even calling ur waiter or waitress. no disrespect but i disagree with the video

Автор Oldkidsjonge ( назад)
I think you can drink outside anywhere except for the US. I remember you had to have this paper bag or something.

I will say that if you slurp and burp food tastes better.

I did learn something, I didn't know you weren't supposed to blow your nose.

Автор Dev Smith ( назад)
Cute couple.

Автор mr.JR1981 ( назад)
I still yell at restaurants in America, I don't give a shit

Автор mr.JR1981 ( назад)
that girl is hot

Автор Yuuka Ayano ( назад)
I think Poland have the same culture are US :) but at home I like bahave like Japanese people xD

Автор Daniel Iddo ( назад)
slurp in my country my mom will slap the pig out of you.

Автор Yuliana Guedez Forgiarini ( назад)
I love her eyes! Very nice couple by the way :D

Автор IIIrandomIII ( назад)

Автор Mary Anne Laroya ( назад)
It's the same with Philippines

Автор Luna Wicked ( назад)
y'all are too cute.

Автор officialkpopfan ( назад)
what.... my friends are waiters and they tell me all the time that they forget tables during the dinner rush because the flow is hard to keep up. Putting your hand up and saying "excuse me" doesn't seem rude to me at all... I'm sure doing that might be perfered over awkwardly waiting to make eye contact and not leaving when the resturant is busy. She seem like a very proper lady, maybe a lil more uptight.

Автор Denzel Taylor ( назад)
Funny thing is I definitely call out to waiters in restaurants quite often.

Автор C-X 3 ( назад)
If I raise my hand and say "Excuse me, may I order?" in a restaurant how is that rude

Автор Jason TheRealOne ( назад)
What? I always say excuse me to waiter lol

Автор Icebunnyinori Chan ( назад)

Автор lovemonster everythin ( назад)
America:me:yelling.. very excuse me
Japan:me:doing the exact same thing
waiter:yes how can I help you:)

Автор Kay Leen ( назад)
oh no D: I gag when people do that snot thing and you can hear it go in their throat. OMG I hope I'm not around to many sniffly people D:

Автор Jay Croker ( назад)
She is a bit of a prude for an American though.

Автор Jesse Cuthbert ( назад)
Sounds like I should move to Japan.

Автор Beatriz Rodriguez ( назад)
I was taught not to slurp. But I do slurp at home not in public. I'm Mexican in Chicago, IL.

Автор 82 01 ( назад)
I always slurp while eating my food and my family hates it😂😂

Автор Bangtan is the definition of awesomeness ( назад)
2:01 I always do that. Would I get kicked out if I would do that in the USA?

Автор Nyla Stewart ( назад)
Japan sounds so fun😂😂😂

Автор Nyla Stewart ( назад)
it's illegal to drink in public here??!

Автор Latria Rashenti ( назад)
About the napkin thing: My mom raised me to blow my nose in private because public nose blowing just seemed rude and disgusting. We're all Hispanic but we have some influence from Eastern cultures since Mom was raised near the Pacific Ocean.

Автор Robo King ( назад)
if someone makes too much noise while eating I would bash their head

Автор sitieneshambrecome ( назад)
I would do fine in Japan

Автор Mayo Japon ( назад)
すみませーん、is so true. I think in the US, the customers are so intimidated because we feel like they are going to spit in our food. Also people feel so much sympathy towards servers saying "they work hard for such little money!" but to me, it's like any other work.

Автор redconvoy ( назад)
Oh my God. the sniffling would drive me nuts also, because I have misaphonia (SP). I would start crying.

Автор Silver HawkFeathers ( назад)
lol he was like opening his eyes and look up a little so that his eyes can be seen. no offense though

Автор Silver HawkFeathers ( назад)
lol he was like opening his eyes and look up a little so that his eyes can be seen. no offense though

Автор Kelo gii ( назад)
me no rikey !

Автор Lise Liu ( назад)
Listen to what they say about Japan makes me want to live there so bad:)

Автор Lillium Relle ( назад)
he is so cute, the way he acts and his face. cute.

Автор Patrick Azzarella ( назад)
The last one is ehhhhh

Автор languagebucket ( назад)
There is something even more terrible. In Austria it's kind of not nice to blow your nose in public OR suck it in again. You just have to try to make noone notice it and find the next bathroom.

Автор Rennae Lucker ( назад)
I usually wave to the waiter for them to come over.

Автор Jai McD ( назад)
It's not rude to call the waiter, not every state has the same laws, elbows on table is a British thing passed on to us, drinking has always been about having fun, and sniffing that snot in is how people die of pneumonia... it runs out for a reason.

Автор Sofia Demethos ( назад)
In Denmark to get the waiters attention, it's kind of a mix between these two. For me personally I raise my hand, but I don't say anything, I'm just trying to get eye contact with a waiter. Eventually saying "excuse me". The japanese way I think also seems impolite, and sometimes my mother and especially my grandmother will be a bit louder that me to get attention, and I find that really embarrassing, but she - my grandmother - is from Greece so that is probably why.
You two are so adorable!

Автор positiveemotions ( назад)
you it's funny I rarely blow my nose I just can't do it I find it disgusting so I just sniff lol

Автор Zd AT ( назад)
omg your wife look like Yuki Kato from indonesia 😍

Автор Kaustubh Pandey ( назад)
whe he said we have someone else with us i thought she is pregnant XD

Автор Black swordsman ( назад)
What about the hentie shops??

Автор アスカ 「月」 ( назад)
When your half Japanese and lived there for 6 years and most of the shit you know...
XD (13)

Автор Leme Astral por Marcelo Levi ( назад)
In Brazil, in restaurants, we raise our hands in silence haha Its a mix of the japanese and american way

Автор TuAmigoElMorrocoy ( назад)
your husband is very handsome, the peck he gave you in the end was so cute. i can tell he loved you very much ...lucky woman!

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