5 Things OKAY in Japan (but illegal/rude in the USA)

  • Опубликовано: 27 сен 2016
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  • Patricia Hensley
    Patricia Hensley 7 часов назад

    Ah... You guys are so cute!

  • Alex Nameless
    Alex Nameless 9 часов назад

    The yelling for your waiter makes sense, i wish we could do that. And as a kid, i had a friend in like first grade and her mom would always get on her for making noise while eating. Even like sipping from her drink got the immediate 'don't sip its rude' response. Like really she's not trying to be obnoxious, she's just eating the snack you gave us.

  • Vaibhav Saini
    Vaibhav Saini 9 часов назад

    Also the guy’s smile is contagious
    Leaking positivity 😄

  • Vaibhav Saini
    Vaibhav Saini 9 часов назад

    Pause at 1:47
    I’m so sorry

  • blair montgomery
    blair montgomery 12 часов назад

    What a good looking couple.

  • Ambi Cahira
    Ambi Cahira 14 часов назад

    You two are adorable ^_^ I never eat out here in the US (I'm from Sweden) because I feel so horribly uncomfortable with the waiters constantly checking in if everything is alright. Its polite but it stresses me so much, feels like pressure to pretend the food is good even if it isn't or overall feel super watched about it all. Then the tipping... Honestly it feels like paying for clingyness to further say that you loved the food no matter what and I never ever feel like I got time to actually enjoy the flavors just because I felt so stressed and pressured, and it makes me try to hurry to get away so I don't chew properly which is crazy unhealthy. It's the only thing I don't think I will ever grow used to, especially with a former eating disorder. Comparing cultures is so much fun though!

  • Funtime Claw
    Funtime Claw День назад

    Lucky for japan

  • Masterjedi Keith
    Masterjedi Keith 2 дня назад

    Greetings from NYC. You both are super awesome. Thank you for sharing.👍👍😀

  • Gene Ballentine
    Gene Ballentine 2 дня назад +1

    Oh I live in the USA I've seen people yell at the waiter!

  • TDF_ W0rldKeY
    TDF_ W0rldKeY 2 дня назад +1

    I don't blow my nose in public anyway. It makes me uncomfortable

  • Kenn Tollens
    Kenn Tollens 6 дней назад

    My nose runs like a faucet during alergies, no way I can sniff it back in. It would be a big long stream of snot.

  • Ruth Guardado
    Ruth Guardado 6 дней назад

    love Japan and their culture!
    much love and respect

  • ubuntuber
    ubuntuber 6 дней назад

    Scat sex?

  • Paulo Sousa
    Paulo Sousa 7 дней назад

    none of those are a problem in portugal, we are really carefree, so we drink in public, at any time, with friend or some spot, like squares, plazas, ...just having deep conversations or ranting drinking from bottles we bough from supermarkets, cafes, indian groceries...
    no problem calling to be served here, we call up for anything, waiters evens ask us to call them when we know what we want, most of cafes and restaurants have so few waitresses, that they do a bunch of tables, and they have bunch to do, so you just call them, some restaurants are so small that only the family works there, so the owner may be the one who cooks and serves, so you just call him dearly by "ohh chef" "sorry chef" or "whenever you can, can you come here", we ask the bill the same way, because we tend to prolong our lunches or dinners, generelly the person asks for their bill when they want to leave, we fin it rude to be presented with them without asking for it, or the waitress asking if they can bring it (which may happen if they want to close, or if they are so full and with so many people waiting, that they do it as a way to politely tell us if we can leave so they can vacant the seats).
    All of the others is also done here, dinners or night out with the boss, sometimes after a full year of working, sometimes depending on the job you can lunch together with your coworkers or boss everyday.
    About the cleaning of noses, we do it all the time, old womans do it on the bus, sometimes in they cloth handerkerchiefs, and some people do it very noisy too :P

  • 三咲美香
    三咲美香 7 дней назад

    I eat out at restaurants in Canada all the time and yell for my waitress all the time.

  • Steven Labry
    Steven Labry 7 дней назад

    You guys are awesome. I miss your videos. Thanks for sharing. Take care

  • Barbara Dulude
    Barbara Dulude 8 дней назад

    LOL! Loved this.

  • Ginumisan
    Ginumisan 9 дней назад

    We miss you guys. Come back already!

  • Dominic Hewitt
    Dominic Hewitt 9 дней назад

    Another one is talking about personal issues perhaps with having kids.. in Japan it’s strange to ask a couple if they have kids if they are older. Or perhaps someone has a medical condition where they can’t have a baby I’ve learned Japanese people are much less open to talking about the situation where Americans will usually be pretty open about their situation and even talk about what they are doing about it

  • Box Xog
    Box Xog 10 дней назад

    Very cute gay husband.

  • Musomania27
    Musomania27 11 дней назад

    Im American and didnt know most of these lol

  • TheRedBaron999
    TheRedBaron999 13 дней назад

    lol that guy makes me laugh , i would like to have some drinking game with him ;P

  • Michael RS
    Michael RS 14 дней назад

    Grace wouldn't happen to have an unattached twin sister, would she? ☺

  • Isi Ggarcia
    Isi Ggarcia 15 дней назад

    Cute couple God bless

  • shake ass
    shake ass 15 дней назад

    They are too darn cute!

  • Baby Carat
    Baby Carat 16 дней назад

    He’s the first Japanese man to catch my eye you did a great job he’s so adorable 😌👌🏽

  • Rocco Casadei
    Rocco Casadei 17 дней назад

    I think drinking in public is perfectly fine in 90% of (non Islamic?) countries. Here in Italy, but also in Spain, France, Germany and most of Europe there's nothing wrong and people just enjoy their drink while relaxing outdoor, both in city parks and countryside

  • Steph B
    Steph B 19 дней назад

    In New Orleans, Louisiana, it is ok to drink while walking down Bourbon St. 🍺🍸

  • Jack
    Jack 19 дней назад

    Isn’t it illegal to drink in public in most english english countries? Like i’m from Australia and it’s illegal but it doesn’t really stop me (or others) you’re just seen as a degenerate i guess and don’t worry about the police just skull it and when they ask about the alcohol say what alcohol?

  • おっきいにゃんこ
    おっきいにゃんこ 19 дней назад


  • YugyeomsChocolateMilk
    YugyeomsChocolateMilk 20 дней назад

    I can't imagine how horrible it must be to be not allowed to drink in public x.x like what are u doing in summer with your friends !¿xD

  • Benedek Tóth
    Benedek Tóth 21 день назад

    We have the third option for public drinking in Hungary: the USA law with Japanese habits.

  • ahmad
    ahmad 25 дней назад

    sniffing drives people crazy american or not, blowing your nose you're excused that way but sniffing like this, it drove me crazy just watching it on video

  • speteelie
    speteelie 27 дней назад

    Texan in Japan # life goals

  • AgelessRelic 433
    AgelessRelic 433 27 дней назад

    I always wait for the waiter to pass by then I ask for help.

  • Michael D
    Michael D 28 дней назад

    Good, stay in japan we dont want you trash here

  • Sofiya Mastura
    Sofiya Mastura Месяц назад

    u guys seem rude too

  • Selma
    Selma Месяц назад +1

    What kind of uptight part of America is she from??

  • Poofy Poof
    Poofy Poof Месяц назад

    The nose thing was me during my exam lol

  • Poofy Poof
    Poofy Poof Месяц назад

    The thing with the restaurant! I don't live in the USA or Japan, but it's just so annoying to me when they wait staff feels so clingy and come over. When I have been to the USA many times I have wanted to ask for the wait staff. And it has been incredibly weird when they come over all the time during the meal to ask how things are going. Seriously, don't come disturb someone's meal unless they ask for something.

  • Briana Peterson
    Briana Peterson Месяц назад

    Almost every job I've had you party with your coworkers and usually your boss/manager as well. I'm from California, maybe it's different than Texas?

  • Hope Hooper
    Hope Hooper Месяц назад

    This was randomly reccomened to me, I miss you guys. I hope you and your child are doing well though, love from Kanazawa!

  • sasutomato
    sasutomato Месяц назад

    Shouting out for your waiter is rude? Oh....why did no one tell me this...I do it sometimes. Hahaha I usually sell their name XD I'm American and I never heard this before.

    • Кира Мишель
      Кира Мишель Месяц назад

      sasutomato It depends. Saying "excuse me" when the waiter walks by is okay. But if you yell (sometimes depending on how you say it) is rude.

  • Ivan Soto
    Ivan Soto Месяц назад

    Usually the waiter is getting us our drinks while we think of what we want to eat I thought?

  • dejah willis
    dejah willis Месяц назад

    I thought you could drink in America in public

  • Cameron Barros
    Cameron Barros Месяц назад

    Your husband is so adorable!! You guys are goals

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith Месяц назад

    Stop sniffing. We get it.

  • James Abbakiss
    James Abbakiss Месяц назад +1

    What an ugly girl I see why she had to marry another race.

  • sakrefunholy
    sakrefunholy Месяц назад

    What do you do when you have a runny nose? Like you can't stop IT by sniffing?

  • acidphaze
    acidphaze Месяц назад

    The blowing your nose thing is the same in China. Usually its OK to wipe your nose with a tissue, but never blow your nose. Its the sound that is rude.

  • Charlls Quarra
    Charlls Quarra Месяц назад

    "we can drink anywhere in japan except on shinto temples"
    wtf I love japan now more than ever, almost but not quite to the point where I can tolerate their gun prohibition laws

  • Cassandra W
    Cassandra W Месяц назад

    This popped up in my suggested feed.....I miss you guys!!! I hope life is good for you two! I’ll always be a follower.

  • TheHoonJin
    TheHoonJin Месяц назад

    The drinking is okay in brazil as well haha

  • harem king
    harem king Месяц назад

    I have questions about number 4( drinking with co-worker and boss)
    1. What if when girls and boys is drinking with co-worker and boss, and everyone drunk, then wat if a guy from the team take advantage on the girl? Can such a thing happen?
    2. You guys got say, co-worker and boss coming home at night or stay until night, wat if all of u drunk, then a guy take advantage on the wife? Can such a thing happen?
    3. If you are bad at drinking and do not want to drunk, will the co-worker or boss force you to drink.
    This was question I was thinking for few years, thank you if you replied.

  • Lyra Frost
    Lyra Frost Месяц назад


  • KyuubiNo Kitsune
    KyuubiNo Kitsune Месяц назад

    I think I'll feel better in Japan than America!! 😂😂I saw some similitude with Switzerland.

  • Yutu Hagge
    Yutu Hagge Месяц назад

    Where I live the waiter just sees that someone sat down and comes a couple minutes later

  • AstroTibs
    AstroTibs Месяц назад


  • MachineAtomic
    MachineAtomic Месяц назад

    It's not rude to say "excuse me" to your waiter in Canada. How else do you get their attention??

  • Axel Stoner
    Axel Stoner Месяц назад

    I don't know if I should feel weird or genuinely impressed at these

  • juicy
    juicy Месяц назад

    We don't have to tell our waiters to come to us because they check on us constantly (they want a fat tip)

  • Izabela M
    Izabela M Месяц назад

    drinking alcohol in public is legal everywhere in the world except the usa xD

  • Mohammed Farouq Abdul-Jalil
    Mohammed Farouq Abdul-Jalil Месяц назад

    How do drink on the trains ok when you cant even talk on them? Lols

  • Robert Dicke
    Robert Dicke Месяц назад

    I just do what I must to get what I want efficiently without disregarding NAP. If someone thinks it rude then thats their fault not mine.

  • breezter
    breezter Месяц назад

    This popped up on my feed and I thought they had posted another video :-(

    • Setsuna Rinn
      Setsuna Rinn Месяц назад +1

      yeah same. I miss them

  • Miss Nicole
    Miss Nicole Месяц назад

    Imbibing alcohol in public in my experience is not taboo everywhere in the USA, and also not all the time. Where I live now in Northeast Kansas, it's not allowed except with a special permit, like for a wedding. However, where I lived in West Michigan, it was very common to see people with beers or wine coolers or liquor walking around and drinking. The telltale brown paper bag... I know there's some places in the USA where alcohol is not permitted at all and you can do jail time if you get caught with alcohol, like where my sister lived in Mississippi and near where my cousin lived in Alaska. It's really a spectrum because the USA is so big. Also, where I'm from in Michigan, hailing a waiter is common. When I lived in Japan I had no culture shock over that. The in-your-face "irasshai" whenever you enter a business open to the public was more shocking. After I moved back to the states, I found that I missed it very much.

  • maximumjesus
    maximumjesus Месяц назад

    I disagree about not getting drunk around co workers. It sounds like you just work at a very uptight place.

  • TheDarkwarrior1208
    TheDarkwarrior1208 Месяц назад

    her:maybe i just hate fun
    him:half smile looks down in silent agreement

  • Sheila Diuguid
    Sheila Diuguid Месяц назад

    I love order, politeness and even rule-following and had always thought I would love Japan for these reasons. However I have misophonia which means that hearing people make noise when they eat, and sniffing runny noses would make me kill someone 😂 not really... But I would want to 🤣

  • AdamAldo Smith Mitch
    AdamAldo Smith Mitch Месяц назад

    In japan is it alright to kiss and hug in public and sun tan in thongs underwear ?

  • Tifa Plays
    Tifa Plays Месяц назад

    Not totally true. In Savannah Georgia they allow you to drink in public as long as you have a clear plastic cup while walking the blocks.

  • NewFiegirl Holly
    NewFiegirl Holly Месяц назад

    😦 this showed up in my feed... I miss you so much.i wish you would come back..😢😣

  • inue windwalker
    inue windwalker Месяц назад

    Awe their children are going to look beautiful

  • Jayden Beresford
    Jayden Beresford Месяц назад

    Wow, she needs to lighten up. Nothing but uptight and full of complaints. He is so sweet and nice to put up with her.

  • Adarsh Kumar
    Adarsh Kumar Месяц назад

    Fking weird lol

  • MK
    MK Месяц назад

    1,2 and 4 are fine in Germany as well. Nobody can drink more beer than my boss :D

  • Cherrie Getison
    Cherrie Getison Месяц назад

    This was in RUclip recs. Why RUclip. Why you do this to me. ;____;

  • Peng Qin
    Peng Qin Месяц назад

    It is so weird that Americans shouldn't raise their hands to make contact with waiters..... are they so easy to be offended?

  • Mia Cortesse
    Mia Cortesse Месяц назад

    The waiter thing!!!! Here in Chile we call to the waiter if they're taking too long in coming to take our order, it's not really rude and people won't spit in your food 🤣. But if not, it's true!!! You just try to telepathically call them to come to your table 😂

  • Sergio Garcia
    Sergio Garcia Месяц назад

    Lol I’ve always thought blowing your nose was disgusting

    EVRUSSTV Месяц назад +22

    In my opinion Japanese people are million times more polite than Americans or Europeans.

    • Jathon Thompson
      Jathon Thompson 2 дня назад

      who is they? I might need some details to know what's being confirmed. lol.

    • Brandon's EliteTV
      Brandon's EliteTV 2 дня назад

      Jathon Thompson As American myself I can confirm that part. They seem to make fun of me for being a Japanophile

    • Jathon Thompson
      Jathon Thompson 2 дня назад

      Many Americans don't know the culture/etiquette of other countries. That's not special to Americans; usually, no one knows the etiquette of other countries until they've been there, even the Japanese. In America, it's okay to be "outgoing/cheerful/excited"...in other countries, this same behavior is thought to be "loud/annoying/distracting/obnoxious." For short-term travelers, I think studying etiquette is not worth the effort. They will just be there for a short time. But maybe "Americans are rude" comes from the actions of tourists. But long-term American expats probably know the proper etiquette of the area they live in; usually they are not considered rude.

    • Kenn Tollens
      Kenn Tollens 6 дней назад

      Americans are considered rather rude and obnoxious everywhere they go.

    • Jathon Thompson
      Jathon Thompson 21 день назад +1

      I'm not saying Japanese people don't respect other nations. But the video itself showed that he, a Japanese person, didn't know a lot about the American manners and etiquette. He nearly called for the waiter, for example. Which is okay. I didn't know a lot of the Japanese etiquette until I looked it up.

  • Abdul Hafiz
    Abdul Hafiz Месяц назад

    Your husband is soooo cute

  • Warrior1405
    Warrior1405 Месяц назад

    Maybe I just come from a rude family, but we will call for a waiter in Southern California, but only if they are close by.
    I have heard that at parties when people get tipsy, or drunk, that they might speak Honne with people they probably wouldn't otherwise. Is this due to the fun party, being a little influenced by the drink, or a combination? Just wondering.

  • Kyleigh Stalker
    Kyleigh Stalker Месяц назад

    As an American server, it does get a little annoying sometimes if a guest calls after you. However, your husband seems so sweet and if you say it in a not rude way, we won’t be that annoyed bc at the end of the day, we’re at work to make sure y’all get a good experience at the restaurant we work at (:

  • geee
    geee Месяц назад

    After having lived in Japan for a few months and now being in the US it‘s so annoying you have to make eye contact to get a waiter‘s attention. The „sumimaseeeen“ makes it soo easy (or even better, the button on the table to call for the waiter)...I hate having to stare someone down until they notice and it also takes away from the conversation you might be having on your table.

  • Sisi
    Sisi Месяц назад

    I was laughing so hard omg, thanks guys :D

  • powered by tech
    powered by tech Месяц назад

    This girl is so so sexy

  • Tim Dore
    Tim Dore 2 месяца назад

    I thought Japanese where smart but to snif up your boogers is a sure way of getting a sinus infection. Do you also hold your bowl movements all day?

  • Nina Ristic
    Nina Ristic 2 месяца назад

    I’m from Germany and I was more shocked about America than japan.. didn’t expect that

  • Silent g
    Silent g 2 месяца назад

    How u got americas wife?

  • NormalStyleCrew
    NormalStyleCrew 2 месяца назад

    I like that beautiful wife and unbelievably, mythically handsome husband

  • berserker7331
    berserker7331 2 месяца назад

    Beautiful couple

  • DankTrix
    DankTrix 2 месяца назад

    This lady was annoying me but the husband seems like a great guy

  • Doz Altair
    Doz Altair 2 месяца назад

    👍Lovely couple, very informative video. Thank you so much.

  • Kiraykay Folyedo
    Kiraykay Folyedo 2 месяца назад

    The husband looks like seventeen Dino/Chan!!!

  • SageModeLuis
    SageModeLuis 2 месяца назад

    She must have yellowfever

  • Neil O'Neal
    Neil O'Neal 2 месяца назад

    Slurping noodles loudly is peasant behavior. Just because it's been done that way traditionally, doesn't mean the tradition should continue. It needs to be updated.

  • Neil O'Neal
    Neil O'Neal 2 месяца назад

    Girl has lovely eyes! I'm not sure why Americans pronounce Karaoke as "carry-oh-key". It's car-ah-oh-key, the way I've heard Japanese pronounce it, including the guy in this video.

  • Sam M
    Sam M 2 месяца назад

    Drinking with you co-workers in the US varies alot based on the companies. Some have company outings where co-workers all drink together pretty regularly.

  • Hoodnetwork ktg
    Hoodnetwork ktg 2 месяца назад

    She's pretty cute but weird🍵*sips*