Osaka Japan Street Food Tour! Dotonbori Food Guide

I went to the Dontonbori area of Osaka Japan and tried out the delicious street food there. This is where takoyaki was orignated and the home to osaka's version of Okonomiyaki also known as japanese pizza.

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Автор 김덕희 ( назад)
oh... The cabbages.. I thought they were for to degrees some fatty flavor of katsu.
...and it worked too !

Автор Victoria figueroa451 ( назад)
17:17 i heard some big bang song in there

Автор rich ezell ( назад)
I had King Crab when i was in Alaska...The best I have ever had by far! I still dream about it haha

Автор William Lim ( назад)
I am learning Japanese

Автор Mele Tiedemann ( назад)
Your video is awesome and very informative. Thank you for making it! I can't wait to get to Osaka this weekend. :)

Автор samuski36 ( назад)
I dated a girl from Osaka for 5 years. One day I asked her what do the Japanese in Osaka eat for breakfast. She said just normal stuff, fruit, toast, coffee, cereal, etc. She never said anything about coal grilled crab legs for breakfast! I feel cheated Lol!

Автор x207Hoodlum ( назад)
hey man I just met you in NYC out on Flushing! I told you my name was Austin! It was great meeting you!

Автор ・ マット ・ ( назад)

Автор Sangsoon Whang ( назад)
i really hate it when vloggers just say things that aren't true. like what's in tempura batter in this one.

Автор Carter Halstead ( назад)
Putin is japanese caramel or custard pudding

Автор Loc Kri ( назад)
@1:58 PAUSE que Brazzers music ZOOM IN to left Girl on screen!

Автор *RicBol* Disciple ( назад)
Foods seem super delish...............the way you describe them super objective. Going to Osaka in 5 days from now.. can't wait to eat my way through that town.... lol. BUT prices seems high, am i right?

Автор JoDee Dugger ( назад)
I love how they were playing Michelle Branch at the cafe lol

Автор Artzie Music ( назад)
mmmm all of this food looks so good <3

Автор Humza Sheikh ( назад)
His head's down and out

Автор cholauna winda ( назад)
then i feel so hungry...😔😔

Автор marjorieb808 ( назад)
i thought Ranma 1/2 when I saw those okonomiyaki spatulas too!

Автор victor B ( назад)
i love your videos just if you can post the price that would be grate

Автор Adeline A ( назад)
12:13 "Come Here Baby" MIKE ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME?!?? Lol jks love you! 😂❤️

Автор Octozap ( назад)
I went there, everytime i go to Osaka I always go to that street to eat that Cotton Candy and Ichiran :0

Автор nighttime world ( назад)
this guy is so white American

Автор AMG or BUST ( назад)
anyone else feel like some of it wasn't good but he just acts like its amazing

Автор ko6akgirl ( назад)
Lol, love your food description!

Автор kkdrr12 ( назад)
I genuinely enjoyed this video, it's not overly exaggerated and looks like he really enjoyed the foods but not all which made it seem more real. You got yourself a new subscriber:-)

Автор A young nyucka ( назад)
Shout out to Ukyo Kyonji! Surprised this guy even knew who she was

Автор Stephen Chotprom ( назад)
Great videos! I was an exchange student in Osaka some years back. Ahhh I miss it so much when I see Dotonburi and the atmosphere. The food makes me even more eager to go back :D

Автор Jill Mccormick ( назад)
ooooh my goodness your videos are SUPER fun; new subbie!

Автор Roudhatul atfal ( назад)

Автор rage ( назад)
after taco bell I will eat cabbage also loooooooove mochi

Автор Alexandria ( назад)
Best part of your walking tour videos (aside from you and the food, of course) is watching all the people in the background watch you film.

Автор nig 1000 ( назад)
im gonna give him a thumbs up just by the confidence to eat in a metropolitan alone

Автор Ndoelicious ( назад)
Was there a Nurarihyon alien nearby?

Автор Rene Callanta ( назад)
I have had WAY more Japanese than Chinese food in my life but you have made Chinese food look so much better. I don't know how you did that.

Автор kairotox ( назад)
You're living the foodie dream, so jealous

Автор Lisa Shimazu-Bolibol ( назад)
Over the Takoyaki is dried bonito flakes. Thinly sliced dried ahi.

Автор ounzainati mari ( назад)
where did you eat japanese pizza please?

Автор kimberly washington ( назад)
This chicken can whoop you in a back alley 😂😂😂😂

Автор aylin vuong ( назад)
Ranma 1/2 first anime i watched 👌🏽❤️

Автор dbmnfinity y ( назад)
dude, did you ever make it over to izumisano....I went to a bunch of small shops in that area years ago, the food was amazing.

Автор AnotherPotato PassingBy ( назад)
LOL. Probably starring at you because of your tripod? English, Muscular, It looks like you're tall too? Hahaha. Keep on keepin' on man! Stay safe.

Автор Larry Johnson ( назад)
Okay..what's that honeycomb looking thing ontop of the egg at 11:32 ?

Автор mlcamc77 ( назад)
I am jelous 😅😅!!!

Автор Johnny's Angel bc TY won't like me ( назад)
I so wanna date Yuta just so that he takes me on a similar tour for a date 😂😂😂

Автор Jordan ( назад)
Japan looks like what I've been missing my whole life

Автор Buddy Grimes ( назад)
I'm soooo hungry now I love Japanese cuisine. Its so beautiful and delicious compared to everything else.

Автор MontrealBengalitiger Samurai モントリオール ( назад)
Osaka-friendliest city of Japan and the Kitchen of the best food in Japan and the world.

Автор Fan Love ( назад)
I really should not be watching this when I haven't eat yet

Автор undertherainbowss ( назад)
fantastic baby playing in the end ;)

Автор Krystal S. S. ( назад)
Aw, I missed you. I was there in Osaka for until the 8th -13th then went to Otaru, Hokkaido for the festival on the last day >.<. Darn it.

Автор TONY T ( назад)
why was the pink stuff moving in the pancake

Автор Isaiah Pisani ( назад)
that egg was decent but the bubbles in the yolk made me hella uncomfortable

Автор jjammom ( назад)
This is my first morning in Osaka!
I always enjoy your videos but this one is special!
So grateful to have the opportunity to visit this wonderful country!

Автор Nicholas Salerno ( назад)
Love your page man. I'm heading to Japan next week and have bookmarked a few places you had visited.

Автор 0wnuall101 ( назад)
Mike and I could never go on a date cause our taste in food is too different!

Автор Yudan watermelon ( назад)
can i join you next time you go? or anywhere yo go XD

Автор TheBackstreetNets ( назад)
After discovering this, I will never need porn again.

Автор Meister Eder ( назад)
You remind me of Jackie Chan somehow.

Автор TheDarkRangerz ( назад)
Melon Bread, I was anticipating Shakugan no Shana and it was there.

Автор Jagjit Bhatty ( назад)
I don't normally do this but I'm subscribing to your channel. Really like your presentation style and content.

Автор Eric C ( назад)
Camera quality is awesome! What kinda camera u use Mike?

Автор Ricky Chan ( назад)
ayyyy jackieeeee!

Автор James Ingrid ( назад)
Everything looked delicious... but I probably won't eat that Octopus tentacle.. yuck.

Автор Emma Younger ( назад)
Where is the place you had Okonomiyaki? I'm visiting Japan in a couple of weeks, and would love to try it whilst in Osaka!

Автор brian6265 ( назад)
I LOVE octopus, one of my favorites!

Автор Julian Luigi Nocamasi ( назад)

Автор PCsLIFEs ( назад)
i have an exam in 4 hours and here i am watching this... i love it, also now im really hungry lol

Автор DarkRedDust ( назад)
Holy crab? Really?

Автор RedGrasshopper ( назад)
the price equals with the taste I guess

Автор ruhtra619 ( назад)
i feel like theres around 220,000 people who look EXACTLY like this guy

Автор razor x ( назад)
Lol Pablo cafe. It has my name on it

Автор Hariharan Nair V.C ( назад)
I'm gonna go eat dinner again.

Автор suresh kumar ( назад)
Even after taking it's size into consideration, how could a cotton candy be worth $9....How is that even acceptable?.

Автор Alyssa B. ( назад)
Watching this at 11 pm whoops

Автор richycline ( назад)
I loved Ranma 1/2 as a kid. I thought of Ukyo too when I saw that those little spatulas. When are you going back to Japan?

Автор Mark McCullough ( назад)
+Strictly Dumpling When you ate the octopus at 9:00 and it was really chewy, that usually just means it was overcooked

Автор JK ( назад)
3AM and im watching this.....

Автор Jettybear ( назад)

Автор Fab Fab ( назад)
love this channel😀

Автор mateo ling ( назад)

Автор LoLyeesus NA ( назад)
Anyone catch the early 2000's Michelle Branch everywhere in that last restaurant? Man I haven't heard that song in forever

Автор TyTy Boiii ( назад)
This guy is amazing

Автор Elyse Chew ( назад)
Hi Mike may i know the name of the restaurant that you went to? can you list it out ? I really do appreciate !! :D

Автор Faye ( назад)
I wanna eat all that shit

Автор Ash Leigh ( назад)

Автор alexmcallister00 ( назад)
Oh man. The food in Dotonbori is so good. I visited Osaka with my wife in August and I consumed way more takoyaki and okonomiyaki than I probably should have. We tried making some okonomiyaki ourselves for Valentines Day because we missed it so much. Osaka is probably one of my favorite cities...I actually just released a song about it (https://open.spotify.com/album/61v2lSo0RXFwD3ieAHRpAA).

Автор Greg Austin ( назад)
Look's like a food haven

Автор Caroline Feyma ( назад)
did anyone else notice the vending machine with the Wi-Fi sign in on it behind Mike at 14:14?

Автор Caroline Feyma ( назад)
did anybody else notice the Starbucks coffee on the right side of the screen at 0:22?

Автор slayuh ( назад)
how the hell do you have room to eat all this stuff...i would be full off of the first thing

Автор Charles Smith ( назад)
I LOVED SQUID BALLS, I also had it in Kowloon Hong Kong

Автор Fredboy ( назад)
14:33 holly crab ha ha

Автор windy yunike ( назад)
how could japanese ppl are so skinny while their foods taste like heaven

Автор judith hernandez ( назад)
can somebody please try to describe the flavor of a lotus root please i have never heard of that

Автор NoLife Lel ( назад)
Japanese girl <3

Автор hafia abdrhman ( назад)
oh my god why I have to watch this

Автор hilariouslymee ( назад)
You are awesome...I love you!

Автор Rordown Jamesey ( назад)
If i am not mistaken the last fried thing you ate b4 nibbling on the breadcrumb is called pempek its fishcake with egg i think

Автор Lien Nguyen ( назад)
That cotton candy at around 2 minutes look like a penis with foreskin....

Автор Zaiho ( назад)
omg i feel bad for mike's cuticles

Автор Joshie Doom ( назад)
I really hope I get to go on my own one day instead of a business trip! Love these videos

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