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  • Published on Mar 2, 2018
  • With exclusive access, this eye-opening series reveals the latest military innovations which are shaping the present and future of the armed forces. Each informative episode features must-see inventions and life-saving gadgets.
    This episode shows how simulations are giving RAF pilots the winning edge, how the revolutionary X-Plane blends fixed wing and helicopter technology and how 3D printing is becoming a world-changing industry.
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Comments • 27

  • Steve Wakefield
    Steve Wakefield 8 months ago +2

    to bad they spend all this money on killing each other instead of putting it to bettering man kinda and space exploration and colonizing other planets

    • BearI91
      BearI91 6 months ago +1

      Military research is also what brought you GPS, the internet and more

  • chiz79
    chiz79 Year ago +2

    15:17 OMG. How dumb is this freakin chic. The guy just explained everything it does for the pilot, then she asks, "so what does this do for the pilot then". Wow. I think this caught the guy off guard a bit. You could just see him thinking, "I just freakin explained it... it can't be dumbed down any more than that."

    • FutureGuy_
      FutureGuy_ 4 months ago

      chiz79 She's actually an army reserve officer. She's not dumb, but probably wasn't thinking at the time.

  • Niva Ango
    Niva Ango Year ago +2

    Puka puka

  • John Hearn
    John Hearn Year ago

    military build up equals millions dead. The world
    won't survive Thermal nuclear

    • John Hearn
      John Hearn Year ago

      Dr.Strangelove "love the bomb"

  • J. Henson
    J. Henson Year ago +1

    This is the problem we have in the world today,to much military construction/destruction.

  • Lion King
    Lion King Year ago +3

    Best equipments to kill women and children of Yemen and Syria with!!!

    NICKISGZ Year ago

    she dont realize shes upsidedown

  • Roland Lawrence
    Roland Lawrence Year ago

    seeing that the number of planes is going to be so small, the royal navy could have actually kept the old aircraft carriers and saved a bunch of money.

  • Fat SAM18
    Fat SAM18 Year ago

    SHIT SPARK AND FRY ASS old video crap spark shit

  • Ted Hernandez
    Ted Hernandez Year ago

    And five out of six commenters didn't have anything to contribute to innovations of the military but criticisms . Being #7 I reserve comment. :>)

  • Infidel Gastro
    Infidel Gastro Year ago +2

    What's this F35B? Does this mean the Sopwith Camel bi-plane is going to retired from active military service one day? 😂

  • Peter Bustin
    Peter Bustin Year ago +2

    Great video. Love this channel. Many thanks !

  • repawnd
    repawnd Year ago +6

    The presenter > ventriloquist's dummy. :)

  • Cartoonman154
    Cartoonman154 Year ago +3

    Why are Journalists so boring?

    • Cartoonman154
      Cartoonman154 Year ago

      I don't know why I did that.

    • chiz79
      chiz79 Year ago +1

      Statistically speaking, they are the lower part of the IQ curve next to public school teachers. I'm not being facetious. Seriously. Look it up.

    • Billy Usher
      Billy Usher Year ago +1

      Cartoonman154 *Journalists. Never use an apostrophe for a plural.

    • Roy Nolan
      Roy Nolan Year ago

      I remember when

  • Dean Ford
    Dean Ford Year ago

    F-35 All variants are over priced pieces of shit. British radar picks them up like houses, therefor so must the radar systems of the US and UK's favorite punch bags must pick them up the same. Stealth jets my arse. A beautiful example of private companies abusing politics to make a shit load of money from the tax payer in return for something thats utterly fucking useless.

  • Al Huxley
    Al Huxley Year ago

    The jet looks a bit like the Lilium Jet