The Most Satisfying Movie Scene Ever

  • Published on Jul 27, 2018
  • Toy Story 2 Woody being fixed scene.
    This famous scene from a great movie has always been oddly satisfying to me, at least as a kid.
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  • Connie 458
    Connie 458 3 minutes ago

    It starts being satisfying from when he presses the door bell 😌😌

  • Gaming GirlC
    Gaming GirlC 38 minutes ago +1

    Why was this on my recommended?

  • Fusion GPS Integrity
    Fusion GPS Integrity 54 minutes ago

    So this clip is racist and sexist. Patriarchal conformity and homophobic. Whiteness people needs to be exterminated

  • Tornadowah Cake :3
    Tornadowah Cake :3 55 minutes ago


    I'm addicted to this scene now

  • DeanPai 778
    DeanPai 778 Hour ago +1

    I’m sorry but I can’t ignore the fact the Woody was probably screaming on the inside when he was getting is arm sewed back on.

  • Gaming Applez
    Gaming Applez Hour ago +1

    Lmao it show up in my homepage
    Every year😂
    Who've got the same problem as me?
    👇 ( you guys dont need to like)

  • Gaming Applez
    Gaming Applez Hour ago +1

    Lmao It show up in my homepage
    Every year😂
    Who've got the same problem as me?

  • Farras Aldi
    Farras Aldi 2 hours ago

    that was right 🤣✨

  • Miłosz Pierzchalski
    Miłosz Pierzchalski 2 hours ago

    Absolutely noone:

  • Muhammed Butt
    Muhammed Butt 3 hours ago +1

    Let's be honest, no one searched this up

  • Muhammed Butt
    Muhammed Butt 3 hours ago +1

    See you guys in 3 years when this gets recommended in 2023

  • Kaylee KIEW
    Kaylee KIEW 3 hours ago

    Yessss this is my fav part

  • Sh00k Wh0
    Sh00k Wh0 3 hours ago

    Wait but couldn’t woody technically feel this? Like if his eye had been replaced or something..

  • historicallity 11
    historicallity 11 3 hours ago

    Dear RUclip,
    Please stop recommending this to me.

  • Steampunk Mike
    Steampunk Mike 3 hours ago

    Ahhhh, sastisfying

  • KnightSmashGaming TV
    KnightSmashGaming TV 5 hours ago

    Admit it, you didn’t searched for this.

  • YouTube Gurveer
    YouTube Gurveer 6 hours ago

    Who got this is their recommendation in 2020

  • professorrawneedle 7136

    “You can’t rush art”
    Rohan: *Heaven’s Door!*

  • Dantheman A
    Dantheman A 6 hours ago

    Best asmr ever lol

  • Hejsan På dejsan
    Hejsan På dejsan 6 hours ago

    -You cant rush art!
    Tell that to marvel

  • Zedrick Gaming
    Zedrick Gaming 6 hours ago +1

    Who's watching this in 144p

  • Nigward
    Nigward 6 hours ago

    Almost had an orgasm.

  • eazy 10
    eazy 10 6 hours ago


  • Eggloma
    Eggloma 7 hours ago

    It was at this moment I knew, I wanted to be an animator.

  • Gaming Applez
    Gaming Applez 8 hours ago +1

    See you all in 10 years when this recommended again!
    (This is not my comment but I'm just letting you know that we'll see again!)

  • Tvgaming _24
    Tvgaming _24 9 hours ago

    Very true

  • Jazzy Life
    Jazzy Life 9 hours ago

    Am I the only one who wanted that box so bad as a kid?

  • Alzedrin
    Alzedrin 10 hours ago

    *So how long is this gonna take?*
    * *You can't rush art, but first a word from our sponsor Raid Shadow Legends*

  • Curtis Husted
    Curtis Husted 10 hours ago

    You think it felt nice for Woody?

  • acLewBert
    acLewBert 10 hours ago

    Main reasons why this movie scene is so satisfying, IMHO :
    - an older man giving such attention to detail to gently and respectfully making a toy feel brand new
    - cleaning something in general feels nice
    - music complements the work so well
    - face's a very kind act to watch that we don't see often everyday. Who wouldn't want to see this?

  • Chamithu Gunawardana
    Chamithu Gunawardana 10 hours ago

    Ikr why is so satisfying?...I love this part...and this movie

  • Yourfavanimeperson 123
    Yourfavanimeperson 123 11 hours ago

    Absolutely nobody:
    Boys when they hit puberty: 1:03

  • Cryonic
    Cryonic 11 hours ago

    This scene is the only reason toy story was good...

  • calix gaming
    calix gaming 11 hours ago +1


  • calix gaming
    calix gaming 11 hours ago +1


  • Nekodeko! !
    Nekodeko! ! 12 hours ago

    I cannot be the only one who does not get satisfied from this?

  • LeolTV
    LeolTV 12 hours ago

    00:52 Must’ve not been so satisfying for Woody!😬

  • RavenAdri
    RavenAdri 12 hours ago

    This scene made me feel so uncomfortable as a kid

  • Mia Mori
    Mia Mori 12 hours ago +1

    This dude need his own movie. Where all the toy story characters go get fixed or get a makeover and chat with him like a beauty salon/ barbershop 💇 💈 Satisfying 💯

  • Hopermelon x3
    Hopermelon x3 13 hours ago +1


  • Allie Earps
    Allie Earps 13 hours ago

    If you haven’t seen any pics or shorts yet, you should because the person who clean Woody is a dude who played chess with himself

  • decaffinated hearts
    decaffinated hearts 14 hours ago

    despite this being the best scene in any movie, it still makes me sad when he paints over andy’s name

  • !? Joker
    !? Joker 14 hours ago

    I felt his love…

  • Scar Bar
    Scar Bar 15 hours ago

    It was so intriguing to my little 7 year old mind how many compartments there are and how cool it worked

  • Star__Gacha
    Star__Gacha 16 hours ago

    I'd legit watch that movie when I was little just to see that scene

  • Rayhaan Yasin
    Rayhaan Yasin 16 hours ago

    thank god im not the only one

  • - Gacha Potato -
    - Gacha Potato - 16 hours ago

    See you soon when this is in my reccomendations again in like half a decade or two.

  • jerald meow
    jerald meow 17 hours ago

    *gayest movie scene ever

  • #Pencilmate
    #Pencilmate 17 hours ago

    24,752,317 more views then subs

  • GGllamaking the king of all

    Every night I see this

  • Der_Dude
    Der_Dude 17 hours ago

    Nice video but terrible video quality.

  • Leroy Arnold
    Leroy Arnold 17 hours ago

    When i was young watching this scene made me feel so relaxed that i thought something was wrong with me nd this was in the early 2000s wayyyy before asrm vids

  • DylanTalksAboutStuff
    DylanTalksAboutStuff 17 hours ago

    Cya in a year when this is recommended again

  • Xalitus Sales
    Xalitus Sales 17 hours ago +1


  • Nikolay Mitev
    Nikolay Mitev 18 hours ago


  • Artiist
    Artiist 18 hours ago

    Now we know where the budget went.

  • Le Magicien
    Le Magicien 18 hours ago +1

    John wick, popping heads is more satisfying imo...

  • DIY & Dance
    DIY & Dance 18 hours ago +1

    1:47 yes that is super satisfying

  • Lily johnson
    Lily johnson 18 hours ago +1

    This was like one of my favourite parts in the movie when I was little.... lol

  • Nidish Manne
    Nidish Manne 18 hours ago +3

    My friends: Cmon man, the cops are coming
    Me while spray painting: *Y O U C A N ‘ T R U S H A R T*