Me and My Twin

  • Hey! So yeah, I have a twin sister named Hannah. I know I have never mentioned her to you guys, but I had a good reason--she's a show off!! Anyway, I felt weird hiding it from ya'll so I decided to introduce her to you! Hope you like this video!
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    If you want to see Hannah again, just leave us some questions to answer in the next video ;)
    P.S. soo sorry for not posting in 2 weeks, I have been a little distracted recently...but, I am getting back into regular video posting so, stay tuned :)
    Video Facts:
    1.) first video of Hannah
    2.) one of the easiest filming and editing ever. only filmed for 20 minutes and editing was a breeze as well :)
    3.) Hannah actually had concealer over her "beauty mark" for the first half of the video....but I made her wash it off so you guys could see haha
    4.) I know we act like we hate each other, but we are actually really close...just very different haha
    5.) the reason the frame zooms out at 1:05 and then zooms back in again at 1:56 is because Hannah was playing with the camera. you can kind of see the remote on the floor next to her lol

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