Rubber Knuckle Squishies

  • Published on Oct 5, 2018
  • Today we're mixing up a bunch of proto-putty and molding that soft rubber into a very ironic shape!
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Comments • 3 490

  • Brian Deshazo
    Brian Deshazo 8 days ago +1

    Ninja stars

  • Stuwy Serri
    Stuwy Serri 8 days ago

    Make a container

  • Seth Crowe
    Seth Crowe 8 days ago

    Proto putty bike grips!!

  • Echo Clippinger
    Echo Clippinger 13 days ago

    cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cast cast cast wear

  • Kate VanSickle
    Kate VanSickle 16 days ago

    make a protoputty rope.

  • Kk Puff
    Kk Puff 18 days ago

    You should try to blow a ballon with prodo putty

  • Chloe VanDasselaar
    Chloe VanDasselaar 19 days ago

    Make a mini hockey stick

  • hi
    hi 21 day ago +1

    Fun let’s make brass knuckles that are brass knuckles but have no purpose :))))))))))

  • Bowhunter04 -
    Bowhunter04 - 23 days ago

    make ninja weapons!!!

  • The Gaming Kitty
    The Gaming Kitty 28 days ago

    What if you use liquid nitrogen for it. That was only the first part.Part 2 make ninja stars Pls requested by Oscar Wang(aka Oscar the pro Gamer)

  • Lillia Williams
    Lillia Williams 29 days ago

    Call you plz make skyballs filled with proto puddy? 😁

  • Theresa Oliver
    Theresa Oliver Month ago


  • bridget carole
    bridget carole Month ago +2

    What happens when you put a magnet on a iPad screen

  • moraru cristian
    moraru cristian Month ago

    Make a like by prodo pudy

  • DaRealSavageTeam
    DaRealSavageTeam Month ago

    You Should Make Proto putty Gloves Or Proto Putty Legos🙂

  • Itz Ayden
    Itz Ayden Month ago

    3:03 does the blade look like that irl or is it the camera making it look that cool (kinda like in slow motion)

  • Daisy Loper
    Daisy Loper Month ago

    You should try to make a cast ok your foot/leg

  • ArtStation 112204
    ArtStation 112204 Month ago

    see if it’s possible to make a functional proto putty gun with rubber bullets

  • ArtStation 112204
    ArtStation 112204 Month ago

    proto putty sword or nunchucks

  • Bri Hoffman
    Bri Hoffman Month ago

    How strong is all types rubber

  • Michael Ogden-Schuette

    Need assistance with protoputty, it never becomes rubber stays like play dough for days after. Using same silicone and same corn starch. Any advice?

  • Hailey and Friends
    Hailey and Friends Month ago

    Make these, but for feet

  • Trigga Tre
    Trigga Tre Month ago

    Please make hand grenades from proto putty

  • Amazing gaming Forever

    Make a rubber key

  • Noah Lunceford
    Noah Lunceford Month ago +1

    You should try "The king of random" logo.🤔

  • lovellucy
    lovellucy Month ago

    Scroll saws are the death of me. I cant use it to save my life much less my grades in tech ed

  • zach hammond
    zach hammond Month ago

    A gun ?

  • pug sourcer
    pug sourcer Month ago

    Make a protto putty lure then use it to go fishing

  • Mary Mulligan
    Mary Mulligan Month ago

    Did you know you made wooden

  • Ryker Solis
    Ryker Solis Month ago

    Try a ring made of proto putty

  • Galaxy
    Galaxy Month ago

    "Don't punch people with them"
    Me: "Okeh"

  • destructor 11
    destructor 11 Month ago

    Make katana plzzz

  • Austin Davis
    Austin Davis Month ago

    A few guns

  • Daniel Descombes7
    Daniel Descombes7 Month ago

    Proto putty boxing gloves

  • Anne and JJ
    Anne and JJ Month ago

    make proto putty ninja stars

  • Anne and JJ
    Anne and JJ Month ago

    one of my aunts has 1 brass knuckle, it's cool

  • Luke Maynard
    Luke Maynard Month ago


  • Luke Maynard
    Luke Maynard Month ago

    I think you should sun glasses

  • Leelo Kasanoe
    Leelo Kasanoe Month ago

    protoputty scculptures

  • Ebanse Jose Anil
    Ebanse Jose Anil Month ago

    Try adding some iron particles in the protoputty and see if they stick to a magnet!lol

  • Gray Rosenberger
    Gray Rosenberger 2 months ago

    make a proto putty helmet

  • Arjun Suresh
    Arjun Suresh 2 months ago

    Can you burn squishes and put them in liquid nitrogen and a vaccum chamber

  • skyott
    skyott 2 months ago

    The issue with the mold was that there wasn't any form of cast release. Baby powder or cornstarch would have made it way more easy to unmold.

  • Michael Persico
    Michael Persico 2 months ago

    Protoputty condoms.

  • SnakEstUdios productions

    this is th3 king of sandpaper

  • Alyssa Carcelli
    Alyssa Carcelli 2 months ago

    Vacuum obleck

  • Katie Simnacher
    Katie Simnacher 2 months ago

    What would happen if you pour molten something (you decide) into liquid nitrogen

  • Isaiah Stephens
    Isaiah Stephens 2 months ago

    Try freeze drying proto putty

  • Kolby Wallace
    Kolby Wallace 2 months ago

    Can you do something with Oobleck

  • zed estrada
    zed estrada 2 months ago +1

    pls make a candy knukle

  • Tlw Sub
    Tlw Sub 2 months ago

    Try to make a thick knife then sharpen

  • LASER TAG 1400
    LASER TAG 1400 2 months ago

    I love how it says we won’t be making knuckle weapons then it immediately cuts to a clip of him putting on super pointy metal knuckles

  • Charlie butcher647
    Charlie butcher647 2 months ago

    how do you make proto putty

  • Cody Jones
    Cody Jones 2 months ago

    Make a master sword

  • m a
    m a 2 months ago

    Can you make metal brass knuckles that are also a flash light incase i need to kung foo some punks when i walk my chihuahua at night?

  • Doge Doggo
    Doge Doggo 2 months ago

    The saw is moving so fast it looks like it is slow

  • Antonio Sarquilla
    Antonio Sarquilla 2 months ago

    Make a diamond sword

  • Jackpot 95
    Jackpot 95 2 months ago +1

    Mix Play-Doh putty in sand

  • Madisen Preston
    Madisen Preston 2 months ago

    Bouncy ball

  • Ex Brazen0
    Ex Brazen0 2 months ago

    make a knife please

  • Scott Hait
    Scott Hait 2 months ago

    Make protopudy knuckles with matalic color

  • Ashley Homan
    Ashley Homan 2 months ago +1

    Hey! You should do something with pop rocks!! ...please

  • lil_devil
    lil_devil 2 months ago

    What anxiety sounds like

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 2 months ago

    can you try to make a screwdriver silicone mold cast it with aluminium

  • motha rusia
    motha rusia 2 months ago

    How to not get demonitized

  • Nodnarb
    Nodnarb 2 months ago

    2:31 Woah man, that saw looks cool!

  • Ryan Richardson
    Ryan Richardson 2 months ago

    I’ve made protoputty before and the smell isn’t as harsh as he makes it seem

  • Kevin Conley
    Kevin Conley 2 months ago

    Have you ever thought of using the Freeze dryer to cure pottery ?

  • MermaidQueenDina
    MermaidQueenDina 2 months ago

    put proto putty in a vacuum chamber!

  • Eman M
    Eman M 2 months ago

    Can’t wait to try these on some old people

  • Trickedblaz
    Trickedblaz 2 months ago

    I made proto putty it breaks when you bounce it I let it dry for 1 day

  • AJ gang
    AJ gang 2 months ago

    You guys should make a rubber diamond placke from youtbe

  • Donovan Gilbert
    Donovan Gilbert 2 months ago

    hey make slicon culking from viniger

  • SquidProQuo
    SquidProQuo 2 months ago

    what if you made a giant proto-putty ball and jumped on it?

  • Eddie Smith
    Eddie Smith 2 months ago

    I got you a idea heat casting two part plastic bottle molds into any figure or shape

  • Purple Avacado
    Purple Avacado 3 months ago

    Is there a link in the description for the outline?

  • IShockingFilms
    IShockingFilms 3 months ago

    How do you make those animations for the instructions

  • JustinMorsesGaming0Go
    JustinMorsesGaming0Go 3 months ago

    Notice the slow mo look on the saw at 2:33? That's because of the camera's shutter speed being almost in phase with the saw. That's what causes the effect.

  • Aaron Thompson
    Aaron Thompson 3 months ago

    I would punch some thing as hard as your work bench bare knuckled totally

  • The Pudgy Cats
    The Pudgy Cats 3 months ago

    Oh my gosh did you see how the saw moved it was so cool and wirde at the same time!😮

  • Bunny art Gachaverse Studio

    Painting turns

  • Snorlax
    Snorlax 3 months ago

    In the Netherlands there's a shop called So Low that actually sells these rubber knuckles.

  • jonner PL
    jonner PL 3 months ago

    do those work with copper or zinc , i dont wanna buy brass

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana 3 months ago

    proto putty knife?

  • Kyle Elliott
    Kyle Elliott 3 months ago


  • Tendividedbysix
    Tendividedbysix 3 months ago

    The saw moving on camera looked wicked :D 2:35

  • Auto Krane
    Auto Krane 4 months ago

    Can you make proto-putty with FlexSeal?

  • Alysia Kemp
    Alysia Kemp 4 months ago

    You bought the protopudy from my dad’s company

  • 123pandaparkour
    123pandaparkour 4 months ago

    cast prodoputty for metals

  • Mia Rose Laws
    Mia Rose Laws 4 months ago

    Maybe training knuckles

  • arrow on the moon productions

    That could be a wood brass knuckles

  • lagg field
    lagg field 4 months ago

    2:31 - 3:19

  • Randomking hej
    Randomking hej 4 months ago

    make a gun

  • brad fekken
    brad fekken 4 months ago

    Was cool watching the arm on the saw the way it moved with the frame rate

  • Sindu Gokulapati
    Sindu Gokulapati 4 months ago +1

    Cast soap in all your moulds

  • The Restoration of Dr Who

    I've made this silicon stuff before and its never very strong.

  • Amin M. Abdo
    Amin M. Abdo 5 months ago

    Hey guys can. U creat a katana sord with this stuff ??

  • The Yeetster
    The Yeetster 5 months ago

    I feel like Nate’s more silly than grant

  • Rage Tokey ghoul
    Rage Tokey ghoul 5 months ago

    You keep me happy cause my grandma just past away

  • Carole Benninghoff
    Carole Benninghoff 5 months ago +1

    Make a doll