The Case Of Dee Dee Blanchard

  • Published on Jul 22, 2018
  • The murder of Dee Dee Blancharde.
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  • Michelle Holloway
    Michelle Holloway 2 days ago

    I get where gypsy's coming from where she killed her mother,but she didn't have to really do that. You can be mad at your mother and never talk to her again but don't have to kill her,but I get where she's coming from. It wasn't right for her to go to jail, especially all the abuse she was getting and now she's even more trapped. She needs to get bailed out and go to a mental hospital.

  • Pearl
    Pearl 3 days ago

    She told Dr.Phil that she feels more free in prison, that is so sad 😭😭
    But tbh Gypsy doesn’t even suppose to be in jail omfg

  • jeremyviromek
    jeremyviromek 12 days ago

    thank God theres no buzzfeed actors talking the whole time

  • Reeta Tassberg
    Reeta Tassberg 13 days ago

    This could have been me. In my country the cps took action and took my sister and me out of our home in time.

  • Nikki Llewellyn
    Nikki Llewellyn 15 days ago

    De de was not killed

  • KissMyAspergers
    KissMyAspergers 19 days ago

    Man, the actor for Nick in The Act really got his every little quirk down pat, looking back on his police interview. And Joey King really captured Gypsy's spirit... Don't even get me started on Patricia Arquette... I barely recognized her. She didn't look a thing like herself until the flashback scenes in the 90s. Everyone was just brilliantly cast. The show has its fair share of issues, and the real-life people it was based on have some legitimate gripes with it (primarily the writing), but the casting was goddamn FLAWLESS.

  • KissMyAspergers
    KissMyAspergers 19 days ago


  • Nεяdii Lîonεss
    Nεяdii Lîonεss 19 days ago

    I wish so badly that she would have just turned her mother in instead of killing her. She lost more of her life than she should have.

    • Nεяdii Lîonεss
      Nεяdii Lîonεss 18 days ago

      +Scott Rat I know. I'm just saying what I wish she had done.

    • Scott Rat
      Scott Rat 18 days ago

      The mother had all these medical papers on her claiming she had the mental age of a child. She didn't believe anyone would believe her or listen to her since her mother could always "prove" that she didn't know what she was talking about. I'm not sure if it was the police or social services that were called, but there was an instant where an anonymous person had called in and told authorities they thought Gypsy wasn't really sick. Either police or social services came to Gypsy's home to do a checkup, spoke with her mum, spoke to Gypsy, and left with the note that Gypsy was "mentally challenged". I guess after that she didn't believe anyone else could reach her

  • Clover
    Clover 19 days ago

    Aren’t they making this into a movie?

  • Patsy Ayy
    Patsy Ayy 19 days ago

    Am I the only person who can't wrap their head around this unique case? Like, it seems quite unbelievable.

  • Black star Kiss
    Black star Kiss 20 days ago

    Yes yes just yes!!!

  • Kristina Lindsey
    Kristina Lindsey 20 days ago

    *oh wow*

  • Tavon Fenwick
    Tavon Fenwick 20 days ago

    Not so certain Gypsy Rose deserves jail time... she was being abused and was not in her “right” frame of mind

  • KenzieAndPip
    KenzieAndPip 21 day ago

    I don’t believe she deserved prison time but truly the saddest part is that Gypsy has said herself that she feels more free in prison than she ever did with her mother.

  • jazeyedgirl
    jazeyedgirl 23 days ago

    She could of left and I believe she was in on the scam.

  • andy dean02
    andy dean02 23 days ago

    So Casey Anthony can murder her daughter, leave her body in the trunk of her car, and get away with it... but when a 19 year old girl kills her mother to escape years of mental and physical abuse and manipulation she gets a 10 year prison sentence? SMFH

  • beans
    beans 23 days ago

    oh my god what a nightmare to have to live through that

  • Hollie Dixon
    Hollie Dixon 24 days ago

    I’m not totally justifying what Gypsy did to her mom but what she went through with her is worse than any prison sentence. DeeDee has claimed that Gypsy would love past the age of 18 but only gypsy’s father knew her true age as DeeDee told everyone she was 4 years younger than she actually was. I dread to think what she may have done when Gypsy reaches what everyone else believed to be her 18th birthday?! Would she have killed her in some way for more attention or would she have claimed it to be a miracle and carried on getting more money and support from others? She could have actually killed her just by giving her all those medications she didn’t even need!!?

    IMO 10 years is way too long although Gypsy has admitted she is happier in prison than she ever was with her mom. She’s learning to do her hair and make up and making friends and she recently got engaged to an unnamed man she met through the prison pen pal scheme. There is actually a petition for you to sign to try and get her sentence reduced. She was physically and mentally tortured by DeeDee and she finally snapped and I can’t say I blame her for that just maybe she should have left completely xxx

  • Yutzil C P
    Yutzil C P 27 days ago

    I would just run away instead of killing her, but I also believe desperation can drive you to do things you in your right mind would never ever do

  • rain
    rain 27 days ago

    Watch “the act”

  • luba obetkoff
    luba obetkoff 28 days ago

    The Doctors could not see, use their computers for previous care?

  • spiccypeaches
    spiccypeaches 29 days ago

    is there anyone who didn’t come here right after the act cause i feel like i’m the only person who knew about this before

  • Meerkat Cookie
    Meerkat Cookie Month ago

    No one deserves to be killed...but i dont blame gypsy or her boyfriend well i do but the reason is like...idk. Gypsy should be in a mental hospital and the boyfriend...can go there too.

  • Madeline Abigail Lukito

    I don't like Dee Dee. I wish she was alive, and face her sentence in prison. Oh what kind of lies would she tell them

  • DNZ 1014
    DNZ 1014 Month ago

    Gypsy is not pretty

  • Matthew Bxx
    Matthew Bxx Month ago

    I dont condone murder at all. But I can see why Gypsy snapped. She was basically poisoned her whole life with false medication , was lead to believe she was much younger than she was. a mental facility to get her mind back to that of a normal human being...yes.

  • Ally Marie kristeen

    Any one else want a life time movie on this?

  • MarkyPoo694
    MarkyPoo694 Month ago

    Get oofed

  • Ace Plays
    Ace Plays Month ago


    Literally I'm Not That Far From Springfield Edit:Maybe Like 20 Minutes Away

  • Zahria Spencer
    Zahria Spencer Month ago


  • Aku From the future

    Gypsy could have just told the world the truth

  • Lexie Apple
    Lexie Apple Month ago

    This story reminds me of the act

  • Lily
    Lily Month ago

    Who came here after watching The Act?

  • jayden gummy bear MSP


  • Taylor Marvin
    Taylor Marvin Month ago +2

    Why the hell did they out themselves out with the Facebook message 😂😅😶

  • Taylor Marvin
    Taylor Marvin Month ago +1

    The amount of work it probably took to hide and lie, she might aswell have gotten a good honest job

  • Kekistani Goddess
    Kekistani Goddess Month ago

    Christian Dating Website: Okay cool.
    *Murders Someone* Oh...

    (I think she’s innocent.)

  • Doha El feki
    Doha El feki Month ago

    Ok what the mother did was horrible ..but also the girl is have planed a murder !! Like she could just plan a run away ..if she walked into a police station and told them they would have known and make a medical check on her .. but she choose to kill her mom and her boy friend is proud of what he did by putting in on face book 🤔

    • human
      human Month ago

      Well you dont really know how it feels being trapped for ur whole life, being lied to and abused. Also gypsy was afraid of both her and her mother going to jail at the time for fraud. Her mother had brainwashed her. So you cant judge

  • Akire etak
    Akire etak Month ago

    What was the daughters face book account

  • Tina B
    Tina B Month ago +2

    Has anyone stopped to think what would have happened to Gypsy is she never arranged to kill her mother? For years, her mother told people that her "medical problems" would kill her before she was an adult. Dee Dee would of eventually had to of killed Gypsy to keep the charade up. She had already killed her own Mother... It was either Gypsy or Dee Dee. I do not blame that poor little girl for anything. I'm glad she's finally out of her mother's control.

  • Queen Of Memes
    Queen Of Memes Month ago

    its so sad
    Gyspy is so gorgeous
    I hope to god she can get out of jail soon

  • Oh Myiah
    Oh Myiah Month ago

    I don’t feel sorry for Dee Dee at all.

    The only person who I truly feel sorry for is Gypsy because she has never been her own free person.
    I wish Gypsy had the kind of boyfriend that just would have exposed her mother to the world and took Gypsy out of that situation without killing her.

  • Emma Feller
    Emma Feller Month ago

    In Gypsy's situation, one where the authority figures around her believed that she had a mental disability that caused her to make up stories of her mother's abusive behavior, I believe that if no other solution arose I also would have practiced self-defence.

  • MrBenjy1991
    MrBenjy1991 Month ago

    Gypsy needs to be released from Prison, yes she helped murder her mother. But her mother was a sick, sick woman. Gypsy needs to be in an institution but not prison.

  • Angel Villa
    Angel Villa Month ago

    It's sad, you got three million views because people assumed Ryan and Shane were going to be here.

  • diaamonds _k
    diaamonds _k Month ago

    She didnt deserve this!

  • Cadence Bron
    Cadence Bron Month ago

    So Aleah is Lacy

  • Celine Vorse
    Celine Vorse Month ago

    1:08 I can’t stop laughing

  • Liza Productions
    Liza Productions Month ago

    So lots of people are asking how the doctor's didn't realise Gypsy wasn't ill. What Dee Dee would do was that whenever a doctor got suspicious she would change the doctor to another one or sometimes move houses

  • san t
    san t Month ago

    Curiosity here, Im not american so... Why do women keep using the ex husband's last name DECADES after the divorce? Why?

  • Katherine Weissenberger

    “She taught me to lie, and I don’t want to lie. I want to be a good, honest person.”
    -Gypsy Rose Blancharde

  • CSsmallvillelover
    CSsmallvillelover Month ago

    I came to check out this story after watching The Act series on Hulu. I'm all caught up with it now and can't wait for future episodes. While this whole situation is beyond wrong I do sympathize with Gypsy. Too bad someone couldn't have done something sooner and got mental help for both Gypsi and her mother. So that gypsi didn't feel like in order to be free of her mother she had to have her killed.

  • ZestoMuch
    ZestoMuch Month ago

    i mean the boyfriend is pretty fucked up tjo

  • Taylor Patterson
    Taylor Patterson Month ago

    My cousins have muscular dystrophy and it’s hard for them to walk. If gypsy had muscular dystrophy it probably would have been caught earlier in her life, by the age of 5.

  • rad dad
    rad dad Month ago

    poor gypsy. with the act coming out, people are slowly starting to petition for gypsy to be freed from prison, so that the poor girl can finally have the life that she deserves. i'm on her side. #freegypsy2019

  • Jamey Leanne Cooper

    Why would you do this to your child

  • Unloved Jay
    Unloved Jay Month ago

    She don’t belong in jail. Argue with me about it

  • karen Crockett
    karen Crockett Month ago

    gypsy never should have went to jail for this.....another day our court system failed again

  • Furno
    Furno Month ago +1

    The sad thing is that she enjoyed prison much better, and that she felt more free than being abused at home

  • Ari spooks
    Ari spooks Month ago

    that is so sad a mother used her role to manipulate her child and use her and her child gets sent to jail for trying to break the cycle smh

  • because0011
    because0011 Month ago

    Dee Dee wanted sympathy and money. This story is crazy but it’s true. I feel bad for Gypsy.

  • Linda Woods
    Linda Woods Month ago

    Gypsy must have a tough heart and body to have all those drugs put into her tat she didnt need and live to tell the tale!!!☘🐾

  • Police 159
    Police 159 Month ago

    Hulu’s The Act Advertisement is really pissing me off. It’s the only ad I get.

  • *NZ Maori*
    *NZ Maori* Month ago +2

    Good job, she had it coming! Poor Gypsy

  • Brooklyn Walter
    Brooklyn Walter Month ago

    Do any of you release that dee dee is a horrible person for saying to her daughter and lied to all the doctors and abused gipsy, but I don’t think that dee dee should have been murdered I think that gipsy should have called the cops

  • Leslie Arthur
    Leslie Arthur Month ago

    Honestly I will say this, the whole case for Gypsy rose was a fail. This poor girl was failed by everyone who was involved. She wanted out of this hell she wanted to be free from the pain that her mom gave her for no damn reason !!!!! Her mom is in special place called hell I’m glad this women is gone I just wish Gypsy didn’t have to pay for it..... I understand murder wrong and it is but honestly though what would have happened to Gypsy if her mom was still alive ? This poor girl may have died from all this unnecessary stuff that was done to her if it had continued. Then this whole situation would have been worse And i feel this poor girl shouldn’t have had to pay so much for all this. they should have put her in hospital and mental place for a while to see how that had went. This whole case was just disaster and I feel sorry for this poor young girl .😭😭😭😭

  • Kailee Mae
    Kailee Mae Month ago

    This poor woman should NOT be in jail! She needs mental help and be able to live her life. She never got to enjoy life because of this monster of a mother.

  • July
    July 2 months ago

    Is anyone here in 2019 and there is a movie coming out about this called the act

  • the cool doge
    the cool doge 2 months ago

    HULU original

  • Almost Spilled My Tea
    Almost Spilled My Tea 2 months ago

    Gypsy didn’t even murder Dee Dee - her boyfriend did. Why did he come out as not guilty if he stabbed her?

  • Tresea Snyder
    Tresea Snyder 2 months ago

    My aunt's house was across from hers she even gave money

  • Maya Gonta
    Maya Gonta 2 months ago

    i feel so bad for gypsy. Her mom was an evil, lying schemer and she couldn't do anything to get out of it. poor gypsy.

  • Fast doggo
    Fast doggo 2 months ago

    Why is she going to jail???

    WOLFF 2 months ago +1

    Can I get some likes?

  • Jaelyn Lopez
    Jaelyn Lopez 2 months ago +1

    I would love to see Gypsy rose meet the actress that plays her

  • Lost In Translation
    Lost In Translation 2 months ago

    For real she even said prison is where she needs to he right now. I'd rather her have supervision and resources for education and therapy so when she gets out she can be okay and have a normal life. Best of luck Gypsy!

  • Hello TiffyBell
    Hello TiffyBell 2 months ago

    Even Dee Dee's own family flushed her ashes down the toilet, why Gypsy is in jail and not therapy is beyond me #FreeGypsy

    iAMPRINCESS 2 months ago

    funny because there’s a show called THE ACT based off this

  • Lilo MM
    Lilo MM 2 months ago

    Christian dating website lol OK

  • h e l l o
    h e l l o 2 months ago

    Anyone here after The Act trailer?

  • Isaiah The Comic Book Boi
    Isaiah The Comic Book Boi 2 months ago +1

    They meet on a Christian dating website but killed someone and made disgusting posts! 🤔

  • TeaLeaf Li
    TeaLeaf Li 2 months ago

    Christian dating cite leads to this. Ohhhh I get it there isn't sins being made.

  • Chilling Pineapple
    Chilling Pineapple 2 months ago

    Poor girl

  • Real Ganstas
    Real Ganstas 2 months ago

    How did they boyfriend not go to prison

  • noo yess
    noo yess 2 months ago

    why couldn’t they do voices reading the text, I would love to listen to this while I clean/work.

  • shawn mcdaniel
    shawn mcdaniel 2 months ago

    The more I think about this the more outlandish it gets

  • Elieza Jane
    Elieza Jane 2 months ago

    The daughter in her current state is just as manipulative as the mother.

  • Phoebe Osborne
    Phoebe Osborne 2 months ago

    Did her mum make her put on that voice or was her real voice cause.........
    Plz replie if u know

  • Mina Ashida {le best gorl}

    Her mom is so kind he’s
    Rated though.

  • Cheyenne Skye
    Cheyenne Skye 2 months ago

    I feel bad for both of them in all honesty.. but if you kill someone, you killed someone. If you helped kill someone, you helped kill someone. Either way it’s still a crime

  • Beat By Danielle
    Beat By Danielle 2 months ago

    Can you guys pleaseeee make a whole video on this? I feel like with the new show coming it is especially fitting for Shane and Ryan to really clue us in on what went down

  • Angie Barrios
    Angie Barrios 2 months ago

    Hurricane Katrina, more like hurricane tortilla

  • Taylor& Laila
    Taylor& Laila 2 months ago +1


    I'm watching this at night...

    NATALIE LARA 2 months ago

    T H E B I T C H I S D E A D 💀

  • LaJuana St.Clair
    LaJuana St.Clair 2 months ago

    her mom made her like take these pills .

  • Dlua Chang
    Dlua Chang 2 months ago

    I don’t get how the doctors missed EVERYTHING. it’s super confusing. Evidently none of them paid enough attention. If there were tests done, wouldn’t those signs of her not being ill show up?! I’m so confused.
    Her mother, Shame on her. To make a healthy young women go through all those surgeries and such is terrible.
    Honestly, if I were in that situation, all of that rage and resentment towards my mom, I’d probably kill my mom too. I think for her, it seemed like her only way out.

  • gatorred789
    gatorred789 2 months ago

    I don't watch a video to read... I dont like these videos without the 2 guys.

  • allisson gomez
    allisson gomez 2 months ago +3

    I believe the situation could’ve been handled better. However she was also taught to be mentally distraught, so she should have a minimized sentence.

  • Rachel Gelman
    Rachel Gelman 2 months ago

    Disgusting and horrific. Excited for the new Hulu series on this though

  • Veggy Peggy
    Veggy Peggy 2 months ago +14

    I will never consider murder right, but I can absolutely see why she did this. That her whole life of abuse, and she for sure had no others outlets that she knew of. Anger is a secondary emotion.