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Автор unclePaz 90 ( назад)
am i the only one that is highly dissapointed that they lied to us and its not really a "true story"

Автор wayofthegun ( назад)
is it wrong that Jean smart does it for me ..she's old but I would hit it ..sexy milf

Автор Shotana Studios ( назад)
The new alternate music in this trailer sucks compared to the original.

Автор peshmerge44 ( назад)
that cop is mollys father right?

Автор Δημητρης Τερζης ( назад)
song in 1.03 please. thank you!

Автор Tim Gantumur ( назад)
It looks soooo bad. Who the fuck made this trailer really messed up.

Автор Kshitij Birdi ( назад)
anyone know all those tracks used?

Автор captain The ( назад)
Take a picture and add a filter, the filter refers to its point in history, add truly wonderful and intelligent and creative writing, along with quirky actors and you have something unique. I thought season 1 had something that couldn't be repeated....I just love it when I'm wrong!

Автор ANewHope ( назад)

Автор Tom Kelly ( назад)
jesse plemons ruins great tv shows

Автор Derek Nelson ( назад)
Peggy Blumpkin!

Автор Ambidextrous voter ( назад)
This show is overrated. Especially the second season. It always includes a bunch of stuttering dim witted characters who drag out the episodes to an hour. The amount of time spend on this couple of morons with their meat shop is excruciating.

Автор grand master flash ( назад)
this looks bad. ted danson come on.

Автор anarchitect ( назад)
when is hulu gonna add this dang nabbit*@(&@**

Автор Jack D. Ripper ( назад)
Unlike Season 1, they DIDN'T stick the landing...

Автор Iris M ( назад)
This was great!!! hope there will be a season 3..

Автор EagDesert ( назад)
Seems like this show wants to be a torture porn. Obviously, not much like the film. They could have done something better with this idea than mimicking every other crime drama on TV right now.

Автор edmond the goat trashverdyan ( назад)
season 2 is great but i think season 1 was better

Автор Corey Moore ( назад)
wouldn't it be cool if Marge appeared in Season 3

Автор Saab Elie ( назад)
Why do I get a feeling like it looks like Desperate Housewives!!!!!

Автор Adnan Ahmad ( назад)
are these really true stories?

Автор Jester James ( назад)
Am I the only one that wishes season one's story and cast continued onto season two?

Автор gogo cat ( назад)
Mc Damon had too much fries

Автор Leonardo Schmidt ( назад)
was a bit uncertain after the first episode but this season nails it. lets just appreciate the perfection of season 1 AND 2 :D

Автор DashingNative ( назад)
They're gonna film season 3 here in Alberta! I hope I can audition for a role!

Автор James Colquhoun ( назад)
I'm not sure which season I liked better because they BOTH KICKED ASS!!!

Автор wanderer1955 ( назад)
Owwwwwkayyyyeeeee SO the flying saucer then? And this is supposed to be a true story??? Like yeah right!

Автор Laurie Coulthard ( назад)
Shit trailer

Автор Traviss33 ( назад)
awsome serie

Автор Emiscary1 ( назад)
Wow, it's amazing that the previews totally gloss over the single mos idiotic aspect of the series.

Almost like they wish they *hadn't* shoehorned D grade X-files fan fiction into the 2nd season for no good reason...

Автор Jeevan Nathan ( назад)
The aliens were us from the future.. revisiting the past to watch what actually happened in '79... and give poor Betsy a glimpse of the future... eventually being a part of the time cycle. Why the aliens would be interested in this particular events unfolding on planet earth? WE ARE THE ALIENS...oOoOo...oOoOo...

Автор James Shannon ( назад)
And kids that's how I met your mother.

Автор Emmanuel Gonzalez ( назад)
00:54 who dat? nice ass.

Автор andyinoregon ( назад)
Actor Jeffrey Donovan's transformation from the USA series "Burn Notice" to Fargo 2's Dodd Gerhardt is the acting stretch of the year. But then it's hard to find an actor who doesn't do their very best work on FX programs like "The Shield," "Justified" and now "Fargo."

Автор Pichuuka ( назад)

Автор CyberPolarBear ( назад)
Not as good as season 1 but equally brilliant!

Автор Luis Busch ( назад)
Isnt there Martin Freeman in the series?!

Автор vlaerenko ( назад)
Just finished season 1 which i liked a lot!
Second season doesn't look as good as i hoped...70's too colourful for the setting to start with.

Автор wanderer1955 ( назад)
I watched the entire series. Erm, can somebody tell what the dam show was about? and please explain in detail the FLYING FREAKIN SAUCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.

Автор MrMilkyway90 ( назад)
whats the name of the song in the end of the trailer?

Автор Sblinger ( назад)
fuckin awsum #fargo

Автор myfavoritescenes ( назад)
Watching season 1, I thought it was the most brilliant TV show to come in recent years. Most unique, most creative. Entertaining, brutal but also emotional and serious at the same time.
After hearing they would do season 2 I was like "Oooh.. it is gonna be good, I guess.... but no fucking chance they top this".

I have never been so wrong in my entire life...

Автор Jonathan WahChai ( назад)
Kinda like Dejavu isn't it Ed getting strangle in episode 5 like breaking bad LOL

Автор Micael Reis ( назад)
Can someone explain to me why season 2 doesn't cast Lester and all the other ones? I thought the story was going to evolve around season one's story line. But now it's more of a True Detective season 2...

Автор Jacob VD ( назад)
Season 1 of Fargo is some of the best TV work ever made in my opinion, Billy Bob Thornton, Allison Tolman, Martin Freeman and Colin Hanks were just tremendous. I loved season 2 as well with Jesse Plemons, Kirsten Dunst and Patrick Wilson! The Sioux Falls Massacre was a great piece of work. But wasn't feeling the whole UFO malarkey.. I just guess I haven't um, actualised fully yet, y'know? Great show! Can't wait for season 3!

Автор Dingo D. Manhunter ( назад)
That guy you are referring to as "Matt Daemon" is named Jesse Plemons and he has been in the two greatest television shows of our generation. He was just amazing in fargo and he deserves to be recognized as the formidable actor he is. Ed was a standout character in a show filled with the best characters put on the television screen, so i think it's time that we recognize this guy's talent.

Автор Erotic Potato ( назад)
best thing made since breaking bad!

Автор Nautilus1972 ( назад)
Knew the aliens would be a maguffin.

Автор Joseph Giral ( назад)
Excelentissime !!!

Автор Michael Akkarakaran ( назад)
am i the only one who sees comedy in this?

Автор Hoss ( назад)
Wow this trailer is awful, the show however is my favourit 2015 show if not of all time, it's brilliant..even better than the first season.

Автор Alq ( назад)
UFO??? WTF?? Was the writer on drugs, or whoever recorded the event was high?

Автор benverburg ( назад)
season 1 was much better

Автор Pat Murphy ( назад)
This trailer does not match the tone of the series at all

Автор busterbluesun ( назад)
Best show I'm watching right now!

Автор ГК Геоконсалт ( назад)
The best fx drama ever produced

Автор legion ( назад)
lol, you Brits and your 25 fps video. Everyone sounds very slightly chipmunky

Автор Sektion9 ( назад)
Ok then.

Автор Jo Babe ( назад)
Best show ever can't wait for the one don't ya know...

Автор bandilearo ( назад)
The best tv show right now.

Автор sam the man ( назад)
this show is a piece of art....period

Автор Tara Vera ( назад)
This series is awesome. At the beginning i didn't have so much hope because of all the disappointments on True Detective season 2, but this is one is great. I watched 7 episodes so far and can't wait to finish it.

Автор Pulsar77 ( назад)
One of the best tv shows of all time. Season 1 was great, season 2 is an absolute masterpiece. I'm so glad they announced a third season.

Автор lycka hi ( назад)
where the fuck is martin freeman??

Автор Super Nova ( назад)
Season 2 is good man! Ha ha fat Matt! Dude's a good actor

Автор Don Tron ( назад)
Brilliant writing and acting by these creators. Could be the best writing around right now. I hope these folks are recognized for this work cause it's too good to go under the mainstream radar.

Автор AW AW ( назад)
such a good show
the Kristen Dunst character makes me so angry I almost had to turn the tv off

Автор Martdom13 ( назад)
better then season 1

Автор Brian Wigglesabit ( назад)
How soon on 4!!! I wanna watch it Now,
so happy Patrick Wilsons in it

Автор sda1225 ( назад)
Kirsten Dunst hasn't aged well

Автор Rekt Mate ( назад)
The native american guy is a fucking badass

Автор Ron D'Avilar ( назад)
Is this the same Fargo from FX?

Автор Jon Snow ( назад)
Patrick Wilson is phenomenal in this show and definitely should be first credited, no idea why Kirsten dunst is first credited she's less relevant than most of them. Surprised they managed to keep the quality as good if not better than last season so far as well

Автор ople peo ( назад)
the actors have great lines and the events are interesting

Автор MegaPtasiek ( назад)
first season was really good,but the second one is a way much better,its great. 8/10

Автор Shipdacheese ( назад)
Season 1 i didnt like at all, this season i only seen 4 episodes and so far i think its one of the best things ive ever seen on tv. All the characters have a personality, they just seem right for the job u know and i like that they get philosophical at times as well. Great season 2 glad i watched it so far, despite the fact that season 1 sucked imo.

Автор Vincent Vin ( назад)
i wouldnt watch this if not the first season cause it lacks so much and so many mistake so its hard to believe only kudos for filming quality now is almost like real movie

Автор Vladimir Kareloff ( назад)
The Masterpiece!

Автор reno van zanten ( назад)
this... this looks pretty bad

Автор Itachi Uchiha ( назад)
Episode 1 title should be "okay then"

Автор Slack bitch ( назад)
Season 1 was ok, this is slow and plain stupid.

Автор shaunyboy19831 ( назад)
Did anyone else see what happened just after the shooting at the waffle house and just before the shooter got hit by the car??
I got a bit distracted and missed it, but I am sure that just before the shooter got hit with the car he was looking in the sky at what looked like a ufo hovering about the road?? Did anyone else see this??

Автор Andy Hicks ( назад)
No second season disappointment like true detective this is a great show

Автор dtadeo2006 ( назад)
Damn, that's Ted Danson now!

Автор Whane The Whip ( назад)
I just watched the first episode of season 2 today. I must say, slow start aside, the line up is interesting. So many recognizable actors.

Автор macker33 ( назад)
love it so far

Автор Lekteris ( назад)
Matt Damon got fat

Автор Stanciu ( назад)
"- Is he listenin' to me?"
"- We cut off his ears..."

Автор CleverCanary ( назад)
Cinematography looks jaw dropping.

Автор Bansh Cwipwa ( назад)
i thought this was going to be shit. due to the trailer and because simmilar shows (true detective) flopped. but the premiere was awesome.

Автор CosmicPentastar ( назад)
Wow, the awful public domain generic 70s funk track really takes the air out of this trailer's sails. The US trailer had "Right Place, Wrong Time" by Dr. John. It's amazing, the degree to which music effects how we view moving image. They should have paid for the rights to use the song in the UK because it probably would have paid off.

Автор Ali husein ( назад)
Is that meth damon?

Автор Marcel O. ( назад)
The first Episode was very great!

Автор warworks ( назад)
doesnt look as good as season 1, hopefully ill be surprised tho

Автор Move In-Silence ( назад)
great cast

Автор Sterling ( назад)
fuck the ginger now blonde matt damon killed that kid on the bike

Автор SuperHans64 ( назад)
I thought Bruce Campbell was supposed to be in it?

Автор adlovett98 ( назад)
but when is it coming out.

Автор Jax ( назад)
Todd y u do dis

Автор Louie Phillips ( назад)
looks shiiiiiiit , well compared to the first series anyway.

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