Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale Ending Scene

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • - Jon Snow goes north of the wall with Tormund and Ghost
    - Arya Stark travels west of Westeros on a ship to explore
    - Sansa Stark is crowned the Queen in the North
    #GameofThrones 8x06 "The Iron Throne"
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  • The CuddleBun
    The CuddleBun 20 hours ago

    I still tear up watching this :,(

  • Enzette
    Enzette 4 days ago

    The ending of the best serie of the world 😭😭

    • Dżeser
      Dżeser 4 days ago

      Good game of thrones ended with Great Sept of Baelor.

  • Calactic
    Calactic 5 days ago +1

    I. Enjoyed. Season. 8.

  • David Endgame 2000
    David Endgame 2000 5 days ago

    Jon may have lost everything, but he still has the one thing he cares about: his pet!

  • Age Of The Witch
    Age Of The Witch 6 days ago

    I really want one of the other endings shot to be leaked !!!! We need that.

  • Zuzanna Budziarek
    Zuzanna Budziarek 6 days ago

    from a show about political intrigues into a display of pretty visuals. i think someone calculated that 57 minutes of the finale were silent.

    JOHN ANGELES 6 days ago

    The Starks from the start,had been the underdogs,they are so far,incorruptible and so far the cleanest royal family in Westeros,they deserved to rule.

  • Girin Das
    Girin Das 7 days ago

    The moment they left us, I feel so alone

  • Garry Bajwa
    Garry Bajwa 8 days ago

    feeling so bad john lost his everything start again GOT with new land ,& charactets

  • Garry Bajwa
    Garry Bajwa 8 days ago +2

    john snow right ful king of throne targeryan

  • Alpha Hollow
    Alpha Hollow 10 days ago +1

    The true question is, where is the bittersweet we were promised?

  • Bloodshot Bansal
    Bloodshot Bansal 10 days ago +2

    This season teared the hearts of billions of people

  • Nam Nguyen
    Nam Nguyen 12 days ago +1

    Why can't I stop listening to this music?

  • Ishan Bhowmick
    Ishan Bhowmick 12 days ago

    Had to rewatch breaking bad to revive from this

  • Pratik Kanthi
    Pratik Kanthi 13 days ago

    No matter how bad the finale was this is a fitting end to one of the the greatest TV shows to have ever aired.

  • EloImFizzy
    EloImFizzy 13 days ago

    I think we learnt a very valuable lesson here. If there is ever a zombie apocalypse and your settlement gets attacked, go and hide inside whilst everyone else is fighting. Once the fight is over proceed to shit on everyone's plans whilst coming up with no alternative. Oh, and last but certainly not least, break your promises. The people will respect you so much that they'll make your the King/Queen.

  • Captai Noah
    Captai Noah 14 days ago

    Breaking bad > got
    So true

    MD SHAHID ALI 14 days ago

    What's a ending
    I'm crying 😭

  • Colin
    Colin 14 days ago

    Good times were had 💙

  • mohit sankhla
    mohit sankhla 14 days ago +1

    Music is the soul of this show..Ramin Djawadi you are LEGEND boss🤘

  • JayTheMachine
    JayTheMachine 15 days ago

    Lame 😒 we all wanted to see Jon and danny take the iron throne TOGETHER!!! bran was hardly part of the show last thing we wanted to see is bran taking the 7 kingdoms but I’m happy Sansa being queen of the north other then that I would gladly change everything else

  • Gamergod 4k
    Gamergod 4k 15 days ago

    The ending fucking sucks

  • ashok ramakrishnan
    ashok ramakrishnan 15 days ago

    Awesome ending😅😅😅😅😅.The soundtrack while jon marching into wild with wildlings.

  • Romeo Gomes
    Romeo Gomes 17 days ago

    The show began and ended in the same place = North of the Wall.

  • xxaleenazxx
    xxaleenazxx 17 days ago

    The most boring, whitest, Eurocentric ending ever.

  • Rain Stand
    Rain Stand 17 days ago

    The boy is dead and the man proudly rides

  • Victor James
    Victor James 17 days ago

    Wow scrappy but... Sansa Stark successfully initiates a Brexit deal from Bran the broken ( EU ) at the end!

  • Rawa Bahadin
    Rawa Bahadin 17 days ago

    Good ending actually. But the stuff that happened was messed= S8

  • Sean Coles
    Sean Coles 17 days ago

    Sansa becoming queen was so poorly done,

  • Darkness pacman
    Darkness pacman 19 days ago +1

    Bran stark can see through the past but he also can talk to people from the past ( just like how he shouted at his father when he was young) so couldn't he change the future if he tried and save Ned Stark?

  • Snoobz1986 Snoobz1944
    Snoobz1986 Snoobz1944 19 days ago

    Wel atleast is with hes best friends from the far north

  • Kimmee Blakeney
    Kimmee Blakeney 19 days ago

    This season got a lot of crap, and most of it for good reason. But this ending was really good for the Stark family and I will defend this ending to the day I die.

  • Zainab
    Zainab 19 days ago

    The music right at the end - what’s it called and where can I find an extended version?

  • glowing
    glowing 20 days ago +1

    I just realized that their hair style are different from before..
    Sansa has straight and loose hair, Arya has all her hair taken , and Jon has it loose ( like in Season One)

    P.S: Sorry for my english

    • syria touré
      syria touré 6 days ago

      oui pour Sansa cela signifie qu'elle est libre, elle n'a plus de besoin de suivre/correspondre aux autres comme dans les précédentes saisons où elle était coiffée selon l'endroit où elle était et les gens qu'elle côtoyait ^^

  • Bane Epewid
    Bane Epewid 21 day ago

    this only makes sense if Val was a character on this show. She was there when he got stabbed she will get to him before he dies, Jon wont die in the books like he did in the show. everyone thinks he is dead but GRRM never said he was, plus he wasnt even the cliff hanger in that book they were two chapters after his.His love intress is Val so it only make sense if this happens in the books he will leave with her.

  • נדב הורביץ
    נדב הורביץ 21 day ago

    Timon: Well this is it. The big wrap up, the happy ending, the grand finale.
    Pumbaa: You mean it's over?
    Timon: Well Pumbaa that's the thing about a series finale they come at the end.
    Pumbaa: Can we watch the series again?
    Timon: Pumbaa we just seen the whole thing. maybe tomorrow.
    Ma: Hey what are you guys doing? 'gasp' you didn't tell me you"ve watched the entire Game of Thrones series I want to watch it to.
    Timon: Ma we just finished the show's over.
    Ma: Well your just gonna re watch back to season 1
    Timon: But ma.
    Ma: Uncle max we're gonna watch the series again.
    Timon: oh no
    Uncle Max: hey i got extra butter.
    Simba: Hey you guys watching the series
    Rafiki: Oh oho oh every story worth telling is worth telling twice.
    Mickey comes in.
    Timon: What the?
    Snow White and dwarves: Excuse me
    Grumpy: Get out of the way!
    Timon: That is this crowd? Hey down in front please.
    Stitch: Ooh ooh
    Goofy: Gwarsh
    stitch: Ahola "Cackling happily"
    donald: Hey what's the big idea?
    Peter Pan rooster crowing
    Lost boys cheering
    Timon: Watch it. "grunting" Ok buddy you win.
    Pumbaa: You sure you don't mind?
    Timon: Hakuna Matata. Shhhh.
    Pumbaa: But Timon i still don't do so well in crowds.

  • Richard Meiler
    Richard Meiler 22 days ago

    I thougt the wall was damaged at this part?!

  • xxaleenazxx
    xxaleenazxx 22 days ago

    Of course the show had to end up being all about the Starks and the North. Of course the prequel is going to be about that boring winter wasteland. Essos has way more potential for an interesting story. It's history is richer and more diverse than westeros. So tired of this Eurocentric BS. I'm guessing all the actors in the prequel will be white as well.

  • Denise Martinez
    Denise Martinez 22 days ago

    So many of you have said that the ending scene made up for the shitty season, and i agree! although, it does hurt that the pack was split at the end. Ugh, this show and the many feels it made me feel!

    SL PRODUCTIONS 23 days ago +1

    I loved this scene, the ending I hoped for. Just wished they’d got here a lot better.

  • Double Rainbow
    Double Rainbow 23 days ago +1

    Very simply: like a doctor who accidental removes your healthy leg in surgery instead of the infected leg : D & D didn't do a good job!!

  • Vanessa Thompson
    Vanessa Thompson 23 days ago +2

    Jon Snow la primera temporada, se iba sin saber su destino, preguntándole a Ned Stark sobre su madre, y ahora vuelve a irse para formar parte del Mundo Libre, conociendo sus raíces y salvando a su familia.
    No fue la mejor temporada, Pero así debio terninar. La casa Stark ganando el Juego de Tronos.
    Gracias 💙

  • TheIcemangoo
    TheIcemangoo 23 days ago +2

    i still have depression from this shit

  • Maksim Nikiforovski
    Maksim Nikiforovski 24 days ago +1

    Perfect and fitting ending. But the episodes leading to it make us think there is smth missing. Something was left out. It could have been glorious.


    People are ungrateful

  • freepeople091
    freepeople091 25 days ago

    Jon is heading north to the MCU

  • T Ramadhar
    T Ramadhar 25 days ago +2

    Such good performance!!!! Best ending ever

  • P.P. 30101994
    P.P. 30101994 26 days ago

    2:12 migliori amici fino alla fine👨🐶

  • chimchim
    chimchim 26 days ago

    What's the point of the nights watch

  • Jed Adrian Cuaton
    Jed Adrian Cuaton 27 days ago +1

    It's still the House of Stark who made it up here.

  • Pradeep Singh
    Pradeep Singh 28 days ago

    What about Season 9......we need Danaerys back

    SL PRODUCTIONS 29 days ago

    Wish bran had been in this scene as well, perhaps being crowned?

  • unnati upadhyay
    unnati upadhyay 29 days ago

    I dunno why ...but just wanna say...THE STARKS WOHOOOO

  • Chantelle Buckle
    Chantelle Buckle 29 days ago

    The show started at the wall and it finished at the wall

  • Ariel Bujnowski
    Ariel Bujnowski Month ago +1

    Jon Snow should have been king. End of story.

  • Elena Rothenburg
    Elena Rothenburg Month ago +1

    Since the beginning I wanted Sansa to be queen.
    Since Dany let dragon the Tarly burn I was for sure that the north will never be one of the seven again.
    And I wanted Dany since a long time death, I new she would lose the right way.
    But I don't like the endings of Jon and Bran, and a little of Arya.
    Bran king, the "I won't be lord of everything"-guy? Tyrion would be more suited.
    Jon ending is totally shitty, saving all people of a terrible death in the future and then be banned? Oh common... I would have wanted him in Winterfell by Sansa's side.
    And Arya I almost through she would travel but what I wanted to see is how she kills Cersei and then Dany.
    And common what the thing that nobody of Sansa's family is by her crown rising(?) then she will be named as queen of the north.
    The whole season was to short, to jumpy-from secene to scene-, to less talking too short scenes.

  • PMB
    PMB Month ago +1

    Jon Snow will kill himself, I don't think he endures after losing twice to the women he has loved

  • Peter S
    Peter S Month ago

    The Starks got what they wanted at the beginning. Thank god Ghost lives. Great music ! Very emotional !
    ...yet, still could ended way better ! I believe they made the show bad on purpose so the books will be sold, none of us believe they will end this stupidly. Still excited about the next show about Andals, First Men . .

  • Nash Ley
    Nash Ley Month ago

    The one thing I don't understand is Jon going beyond the wall. Is he living with the wildlings?

  • Cyber KID
    Cyber KID Month ago

    Why u can't monetize your channel?