The Science of Thinking

How the brain works, how we learn, and why we sometimes make stupid mistakes.
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This video was inspired by the book Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Harpist: Lara Somogyi http://ve42.co/Lara
Animator: Jesse Agar http://ve42.co/ThisPlace
Filmed by Raquel Nuno

Music by Kevin MacLeod, http://incompetech.com "Sneaky Adventure" "Harlequin"

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Автор Doubleranged1 ( назад)
lol the add one example was way too fast, I only saw the first 2 numbers before it already was gone. Nothing to remember if you didn't see it in the first place.

Автор hoople212 ( назад)
he grew up in canada? but he never says Eh?

Автор Zhenya Farrington ( назад)
Next great sitcom: The Misadventures of Gunn and Drew. The Dynamic Duo.

Автор Joseph Neeley ( назад)
Now I need to go play KSP :-/

Автор kanaan bahmani ( назад)
man learning with you is never hard, awesome vid man.

Автор Max Frankenberg ( назад)
who else read Tae Cat

Автор Andres Franco Valiente ( назад)
I can't tie my shoes yet, lol.

Автор killarz0 ( назад)
For anyone interested in learning more about this, I can sincerely recommend "Thinking, fast and slow" by Daniel Kahneman. It will cause some discomfort to read when compared to just watching this video and thinking you learnt something, but it is totally worth it!

Edit: My suspicion was right, this video is based on the book as per the video description. Highly recommended reading!

Автор ραηcαкεs ( назад)
Or, people under pressure of a question from a complete stranger may not think and instead go with their instincts.

That's just me though, I'm not questioning it.

Автор MatteoFromRome2 ( назад)
Great Episode!!

Автор Jeff Roberts ( назад)
Another episode I'm going to watch again with my children. Thanks, yet again, for helping me better prepare them for their future education and life in general.

Автор ttgbot amiable ( назад)
This episode was completely based on a book by a famous psychologist Daniel Kahneman, named 'THINKING, FAST AND SLOW".

Автор Christian Ingmar Kjølsvik ( назад)
gr8, m8. I r8 str8 8/8

Автор ssShenlai ( назад)
5:43 The correct number isn't 8302, it's actually 8402

Автор mark li ( назад)
I saw Justine?  the bike video is two yrs ago?  not sure

Автор Jason Axford ( назад)
You've just described the core problem with getting the religious masses to think critically. Just as it's easy for me to type in English but difficult in German, getting an Islamist to speak Atheistian (a made up word/language) would be near impossible.

Автор DJPelio ( назад)
So our brain has enough RAM for 4-5 objects at a time.

Автор DJPelio ( назад)
I noticed that it's easier for me to remember strings of digits if I read them out loud inside my head. It's like my short term memory of spoken language is better at remembering a string of numbers or a sentence or a few sentences. But my visual memory of those numbers isn't as good...

Автор neo2264 ( назад)
I'm sorry but not knowing that the earth makes it's way around the sun in about 1 year is overwhelmingly stupid.  Other than that, great video though and I agree with the concepts.  But the orbital period of the earth was just sheer lack of education in my opinion.

Автор poobserver ( назад)
Great video! I would think that that is a very difficult concept to explain, but you did a great job at it!

Автор Tommy Rosendahl ( назад)
Read "Thinking - Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman and you will understand even more.

Автор Line Kernel ( назад)
one could argue that the pupil dilatation thing is due to the adrenaline rush of being recorded on camera and the fear of making a mistake , it is the adrenaline surge that boost your brain to help you not make the mistake and then save yourself from appearing ridiculous on "film", it has to do with the fight or flight response . What do you think ?

Автор Reymar Garcia ( назад)
your ending statement hits me very hard "... watch videos that gives you the sensation of learning without actually understanding anything". Thank you for that. I'll exert more effort in learning :)

Автор Prateek Kaushal ( назад)
one of your best episode.

Автор Obi Wan Tschernobyl ( назад)
I guess in fitness studios they would say: "No Pain, no Gain"...

Автор Fahimus Alimus ( назад)
Quick question Dereck, how do you know so much about physics, and science in general? Are you a physics teacher, graduate do you have a degree? What's your secret?

Автор xWafflezGames ( назад)
I actually like to not just take notes, if I get to do questions it stimulates my brain (a tiny more than normal)

Автор Data Juggler ( назад)
Maybe because I have been a programmer for 20 years, but the add one and add 3 tasks are automatic to me. I spend so much time doing calculations that 'Gun' does this for me else Drew is super fast.

Автор Berke Nihat Akay ( назад)
Life is pain. Cold is also pain. Get used to the cold.

Автор Raphael Fua ( назад)
Amazing video! Great way of illustrating how our brains work. Thank you so much for this eye-opener. I will try to make discomfort the compass for my decisions.

Автор Aarne Ålander ( назад)
How does 9+1=0 XDD

Автор Drew Shell ( назад)
"Drew is lazy. It takes effort to get Drew to get ANYTHING. And he is slow. But he's the careful one that catches mistakes."

Man, that's deep.

Автор Vgamer311 ( назад)
I'm sorry, what was that? I zoned out.

Автор ahoyhoy1 ( назад)
Beautifully explained! Great work!

Автор Muammar Thangkhiew ( назад)
1000 hours of motivation, but this is all I needed... Front door, here I come!

Автор Firsford ( назад)
would you think this is why when you are young you learn more things so they are more used to use the drew part. So when you are older you know a lot of things you can use the gun part in lots of things and rarely use the drew part.
may the misconsception of the younger people being able to learn easier because of you being younger?

Автор Firsford ( назад)
man i think i love you

Автор SoSo ( назад)
So drw is like RAM

Автор Pedes85 ( назад)
I don't know why you set the answers to a metronome. Add one and and three became considerably more difficult when you set them at such a slow pace. I could recite every number before you'd finished the first count, but when you added the clicks, I couldn't remember the original numbers long enough to even finish the answer. I do however agree with changing the format of a classroom away from lectures. When the instructor was reciting whatever he'd have to say, I'd always have my face in the book he'd be quoting from, finish reading ten minutes into the lecture, then fall asleep for the remainder of time he'd be instructing.

Автор Bellamy Chae ( назад)
THE CHT looked like THE CHT to me. I thought there was something wrong with my eyes for a second, and shook my head and blinked.
But then again, I did take a doorknob to the brain a while ago.

Автор ArnoldsK ( назад)
This was so superbly explained!

Автор Anthony Almgren ( назад)
When I get put in pair e.g science class I'm always drew

Автор Nickolay Pelov ( назад)
How do you explain the amount of effort I'm willing to put into something I want to learn. I really don't feel lazy when I think on a complex task I like solving. And I am quite lazy in a task I don't want to solve. So there are other ways to trigger Drew.

Автор Peter George ( назад)
Ryan Anderson in NBA and Versaitium Host. There I just did it

Автор Aldefax Kuhn ( назад)
Excellent video, thanks!!

Автор DONGYI WANG ( назад)
Omg i read that book before. Its interesting but too much scientific facts n too dry for me

Автор jimihenrik11 ( назад)
Wow, this was amazing. Though non of the information was new to me, I think you explained it very good, especcially for people, who are not from "this" (why is there no word in english to describe this kind of science, in german i would say "Geisteswissenschaften" which would poorly translate to "arts" in english). I'm working as a tutor at my university and I always use methods, that force "drew" to do all the hard work, which makes the students hate me during the semester but love me when it comes to the exams.

Автор Mohammed Alamri ( назад)

Автор Lucas Williams ( назад)
2:38 OH MY GOD you actually got my ass hahaha that was good

Автор Fire Of Beauty ( назад)
One of the best videos on the webs.

Автор Azer Ltifi ( назад)
well , thank you .

Автор dfjshjkd ( назад)
the number exercise was fun

Автор dfjshjkd ( назад)
great video!

Автор Abdou CH ( назад)
I actually read a book called thinking fast and slow by daniel Kahneman the book is the same as the video just more precise I totally recommend this book

Автор 4 E ( назад)
could we say drew is our intelligence and gun is memory

Автор madn93 ( назад)
Thinking Fast and Slow by Malcolm Gladwell is a book that relates to the subject. You're welcome

Автор La Flaneurette ( назад)
4:44 That is quite a generalization. Spinal circuits and spinal motor neurons are involved as well.

Автор kakanhejsan ( назад)
Really good video vertaisum!!!

Автор Jozzarozzer ( назад)
"To watch videos that give you the sensation of understanding without actually learning anything" Calling out a lot of people here.

Автор Celso Souza ( назад)
I was reading this on "Thinking, fast and slow" and it reminded me of this video o/

Автор Lucas Bicho Solto ( назад)
This was one of your best videos in my opinion! Thank you for the good content!

Автор Louis Bu ( назад)
great Kerbal Space Program background music

Автор Abel Corina Casanova ( назад)
Wait! what? JK beautiful episode....Mate.

Автор Sree Hari Gaduputi ( назад)
Wow! This is one to watch for everyone..

Автор Nikola Marko ( назад)
Brilliant episode!

Автор Steve Crosby ( назад)
Where do I get Gunner shirt?

Автор Jack Müller ( назад)
i lack gun

Автор KebapRocker ( назад)
It's pretty funny, I left this tab open for several days because I was too lazy to think

Автор snehit k ( назад)
thinking fast and slow.everything he says comes from thinking fast and slow.

Автор Seameus ( назад)
what song is the harp lady playing?

Автор isaac pizarro ( назад)

Автор David Fitzpatrick ( назад)

Автор Ty Williams ( назад)
KSP theme song!!!!!

Автор Shorty ( назад)
This guy will probably end up being the Bill Nye of Australia.

Автор MindSmash ( назад)
man that was more beautiful than I expected it to be

Автор Joel Carli ( назад)
I must admit I did get fooled by the bat/ball question.

Автор xilefx ( назад)
5:12 - 10 dollars he is banging her ;)

Автор boiled egg bro ( назад)
bro why are ur eyes purple

Автор Brian King ( назад)
This was worth the watch.

Автор sklanman ( назад)
I actually enjoy thinking

Автор Michael Aldridge ( назад)
the guys who where asked how long it takes for the earth to go round the sun where still off by 1/4 of a day

Автор Mystic Wuz ( назад)
this episode connects with me so well

Автор Lot2rocks ( назад)
I thought a lot about this video.

Автор Andika Hetris ( назад)
this video feels like a brain porn

Автор The0Burger0King ( назад)
Kerbal Space Program music!

Автор JEAD ( назад)
why do you have to call me out like that? (great video btw)

Автор D S ( назад)
11:23-11:28 wait a minute.....

Автор DuckyDude ( назад)
Wasn't the title "The Uncomfortable Effort of Thinking"?

Автор Jackson Fitzhenry ( назад)
My drew is really good at getting right answers tho like in math sometimes I just know the answer

Автор Alaric Balthi ( назад)
i have tried my very best to learn during last decade or more to not use my all energy to thinking. before, the compulsive constant thinking and planning became unimaginably tiresome and frustrating, with no way to relief those thoughts and ideas. smoking cigarettes helped, luckily i have never liked alcohol. but now i have achieved more relaxed and less thinking lifestyle and i like it.

Автор Kwekinator117 ( назад)
Are you still taking suggestions?

Автор Suharsh Tyagi ( назад)
Hey man can you do a video on meditation ?

Автор James D. Harrington ( назад)
This is The kind of video I subscribed to your channel for. great job!

Автор Farenhite ( назад)
I saw an ad for a series that your in called "Digits" on curiosity stream

Автор Alexander Tome ( назад)
This was a seriously amazing video, very informative.

Автор rosenvitae ( назад)
6:55 Voight-Kampf complete. Subject is Replicant.

Автор Roman Knaub ( назад)
First time i hear of Veritasium. Am I right that it's just diet Vsauce ?

Автор Finley Castello ( назад)
0:07 *Are most Australians this dumb?* or am I being racist? *Can someone please explain?*

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