James Blake - The Sound of Silence

video | Andreij Tarkovskij's 'Ivan's Childhood'

it seems that Justin wasn't part of this cover so I took his name down :)

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Автор Юлия Романова ( назад)
Очень красиво!

Автор Elliana Esquivel ( назад)
Shame on me for not finding this sooner

Автор Mark McArthy ( назад)
Ever so often a "sound" moves us to a place We all sense-to a spiritual connection We all seek. This is a pure example of the power of music & why it is has a value not measured in money $. 4 LA

Автор Veronica Gravino ( назад)
not words to express what i feel :) softly

Автор Eva EvaS ( назад)
Amazing! Perfect fit! Thank you so much! It was 4 mins of pleasure!)))

Автор Oskar Rådstam ( назад)
the cover from DISTURBED is much better,that`s why i dilslike

Автор Daina Imperiale ( назад)
YES. JUSTIN VERNON (Bon Iver) IS singing with James on this.

Автор KENNETH ( назад)
To necessary

Автор MeB IveR ( назад)

Автор Furzkampfbomber ( назад)
I was not reading the description and when the first picture appeared I thought _"FUUUUCK, Ivan's Childhood!?!? Someone still remembers this gem?"_.

Well, someone else said it here before, but a big THANK YOU for this alone. And yes, this song fits so perfectly well to this movie, both in lyrics and tone.

I just had the nightshift from hell and now I am sitting here, smiling the widest smile on earth. I swear, if my ears were not in the way, my upper head would simply fold back. It's true, it's the little things that make life worthwile and by some strange twist, you've just made a grumpy old bastard a bit more happy. Life is strange, isn't it?

Автор Gleydson evANGELista ( назад)
Only Love it

Автор Jiří Kyjovský ( назад)
heaven ...

Автор Svava Anne ( назад)
absolutely beautiful ❤

Автор Zoe Staff ( назад)
What movie is in the background?

Автор Christopher Bowen ( назад)
this is a great cover by james blake, especially since justin vernon can 'almost' be heard...i'm a die hard fan of justin's since his solo days and this video is still misleading with the text in your video, stefano. :(

Автор Wawawaw Wawawa ( назад)
What ? Vernon isn't part of this ? :( I could swear I hear him...

Автор Dustin Rye ( назад)
God the remixes

Автор Dustin Rye ( назад)
God the remixes

Автор Julieta Rigoni ( назад)
beautiful work. <3

Автор Lola Knolle ( назад)
Hey, I really like your contnent. And I thought Loch Lomond's "Wax and wire" would fit perfect in "A series of unfortunate events"

Автор Breeana Cowan ( назад)

Автор Karen H ( назад)

Автор Janobi Simone La Licata ( назад)
I want this to be played at my funeral

Автор SelfReferencingName ( назад)
James Blake and Tarkovsky, two of my favourite people. Love it!

Автор carmen Oniga ( назад)
This is so deep, genuinely beautiful

Автор giorgi chxaberidze ( назад)
andrey tarkovsi <3

Автор Martin Oursel ( назад)
Justin Vernon isn't in the track unfortunately but yeah the song is awesome

Автор neantibi ( назад)
beautiful video but I have 2 comments:
1. justin vernon isn't part of this cover
2. who are you fooling with the vinyl noises? this is a radio rip :)

Автор Restu Hapsari ( назад)
Thrilling yet enthralling all at once! Omg I'm cryin'.

Автор gunnarnizzler ( назад)
Ivan's Childhood hell ya

Автор Wawawaw Wawawa ( назад)
huge wow

Автор Stella Franjic ( назад)
Thank you so much for putting up this phenomenal cover perfectly paired with the scenes from iconic movie. THANK YOU!

Автор Quincy Productions ( назад)
Is this footage from a movie? If so, what movies?

Автор Zion Urquidi ( назад)
Listen to this while it's raining

Автор Mykyta Dmukh ( назад)
Mi sembra di sognare. Soltanto oggi ho scoperto questa magnifica cover di Blake e poi mi ritrovo questo spettacolare montaggio. Mai avrei pensato di trovare così tante belle cose insieme: The Sound of Silence, James Blake e Tarkovskij. Ancora complimenti per il video. Hai un iscritto in più.

Автор WATSON 4K ( назад)
Am i only one who thinks, that this song is like an orgasm? :)

Автор James Burrell ( назад)

Автор 00SENNENGOROSHI00 ( назад)
too good

Автор Amy Sanders ( назад)
If you like this, you should listen to Dry The River, I recommend Gethsemane

Автор Roshan Kshetri ( назад)
I wish it was longer, muy bien 👍

Автор Michael Messmer ( назад)
love it

Автор Sérgio Castro ( назад)
Thanks God.

Автор Francesco Deiana ( назад)

Автор Jose Moralea ( назад)
Totally fan of your videos! Thank you for the work!

Автор STPHN PLCHT ( назад)
quelle horreur

Автор Jacopo Santoro ( назад)
Splendido video. "L'infanzia di Ivan", bel film davvero. E Blake è perfetto: una messa laica.

Автор Valeria Prosseda ( назад)
Stefano, I appreciate your work. Thanks for sharing.

Автор Moon Light ( назад)
What a magnificent work you did !! Genious.

Автор Idro_Novenalen ( назад)
Adoro questi video. Grazie

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