2017 Kia Niro Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

The all-new Kia Niro is trying to break the Toyota Prius' dominant position in the hybrid market. With a lower starting price than the Prius, the Niro has high hopes of becoming a top fuel economy contender.

For more on the cars mentioned in this video:

2016 Toyota Prius Quick Drive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GwUY0-gB0Q

Toyota Prius Gets Record-Setting 52 MPG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ii9oBcRCoLU

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Автор K Zayas ( назад)
They use a dual clutch because they know cvt are retarded.
Good job Kia!

Автор landyachtfan79 ( назад)
Come on, Simpsons fans, you know what you get when you say Kia Niro 3 times fast!!!!!!!

Автор Hankyu Park ( назад)
Cosumer report asks too much
I was like
Even Japanese cars dont equip those safety feature for standard trim dude wtf... and why do u say like
Handling is not sporty... holy tits it's not sport car
Biased report i dont expect right review from this channel

Автор Bo Choi ( назад)
very nice

Автор Mai Le ( назад)
you cant compare the price, this drive train is unproven. using double clutch auto manual transmission is gonna be quite hard to be reliable. Prius can go 500k miles with its drive train.

instead of just reading features, CR should focus on testing. .....

Автор Nick Purdy ( назад)
You guys need to test the top of the line touring trim. Beefier wheels and grippy tires make the ride much more dynamic than the lower trims.

Автор Akhil Bolla ( назад)
Where is AWD in this suv like hybrid

Автор Kiss Kiss ( назад)
"Full battery of tests" I see what you did there.

Автор shopwithaaron ( назад)
Niro doesn't have the what plant am I from looks of the Toyota....

Автор azn5594 ( назад)
And it looks good!

Автор McSMACKthe1st ( назад)
Looks nice and a great choice for driving around town while getting good MPG. 👍🏽
But one question, 10 missed calls?! 😯 This guy needs to answer his phone every once in a while. I mean the Niro comes with Apple CarPlay AND his phone is plugged into it. I'd say "Hello!" Right now but he'd ignore it like those phone calls.😂🤣

Автор albert7139 ( назад)
Why should those safety features be standard? Are people buying their drivers licenses now a days?

Автор Henry Ford ( назад)
I would definitely try one out and for that price might even be tempted to buy one!

Автор DigitalYojimbo ( назад)
wait wasn't cmax one of the worst picks a year or 2 ago ?

Автор SuperHollowfied ( назад)
Consumer Reports loves being wrong.

The Kia Niro is a compact hybrid crossover. Naturally it competes against other compact hybrid crossovers like the Toyota RAV4, Nissan Rogue, etc.

Автор Maestro_T ( назад)
It seems like the more normal-looking hybrids have not done as well historically, so maybe they should have added a few "weird" styling cues, though not so many as the Prius (ugh). The exterior styling seems old, but I like the simple interior.

Автор Frederick Rothe III ( назад)
People will pick this over Toyota.

Автор Jake Root ( назад)
How can it drive on electric only (up to 40 mph) with a 6-speed gearbox?

Автор cadsux ( назад)
"Low gas prices & Toyota's dominance...means the Niro is facing an uphill battle." There were similar thoughts about the Kia Soul, when the market had cube shaped MPVs like the Scion xB, Nissan Cube & Honda Element. Now all that's left is the Honda Fit. Also, last December, the Niro achieved a world's record of over 77 mpg from Los Angeles to NYC.

Автор Robert Schneider ( назад)
Like this car but I'll never buy or lease a car equipped with a Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission again.

Автор nickolastiguan ( назад)
More competition is always a good thing.

Автор landyachtfan79 ( назад)
Best part about this vehicle...........it doesn't look like a robot/Storm Trooper!!!!!! I am not going to lie, I find this vehicle EXTREMELY intriguing. However, I do think that the lack of AWD, even as an option, is seriously going to hurt sales in the increasingly competitive compact crossover market. What say you all? Nissan & Toyota both offer AWD in the Rogue & RAV4 hybrids, so I see no reason why Kia shouldn't on the Niro.

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