macOS Sierra Tutorial - XAMPP, Brackets & phpMyAdmin

  • Published on Jul 12, 2017
  • In this OS X Sierra tutorial we'll go through how to set up XAMPP, phpMyAdmin, mySQL, Apache, and the open source text editor Brackets. Then we'll connect Brackets to XAMPP, so we'll be able to use Live Preview to instantly see changes we make to our PHP projects.

    To see how you would go about installing WordPress locally on macOS Sierra now, see the follow-up tutorial here:

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  • RD Tech
    RD Tech 2 years ago

    Followed this video step by step it worked beautifully. I then added the localhost@root account with a password and now i cant edit the file as it says that I don’t have permission lol. I’ve been all day searching for a solution. Any Idea?

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