Staying at a Tokyo Capsule Hotel


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  • emorichimaru
    emorichimaru 2 часа назад

    we have meat on skewers like that here in south africa but we call it a sosati (read it like it is romaji) not sure if its of japanese origin but its a boer traditional food usually put on a braai (kinda like a barbie)

  • AnayaA 15
    AnayaA 15 22 часа назад +1

    Wtf you on about 😂 we have chicken on skewers in Britain, I have it ALL the time

  • Travis Miller
    Travis Miller 2 дня назад

    What the hell is a foot bath?

  • Jashak
    Jashak 3 дня назад

    wait, so you spent about 50$ for one night in a Capsule Hotel? I thought they were cheap

  • ChrisAlava PlaysGames
    ChrisAlava PlaysGames 4 дня назад

    I thought he said "CowPiss", it's the accent that made it sound like that, lol!

  • Remy Romano
    Remy Romano 4 дня назад

    I love this guy, omg so funny. Reminds me a lot of a Scottish comedian who’s name escapes me at the moment.

  • pinetreesquad
    pinetreesquad 4 дня назад

    did this mother fucker just eat a kitkat like that? How dare you!!! what ever city you are in is about to see heroshima part 2

  • i8Potato zz
    i8Potato zz 5 дней назад

    Y this.guy not on national geographic?

  • budgie love
    budgie love 6 дней назад

    Did anyone else think he said cow piss water

  • Brendon Valdal
    Brendon Valdal 7 дней назад +1

    Thanks man.

  • winterton
    winterton 7 дней назад


  • Domiyu Backup
    Domiyu Backup 9 дней назад

    I keep on hearing Calpis as cow piss.
    Gotta get used to the name.

  • be bo
    be bo 11 дней назад

    I guess you can still hear if someone's snoring?

  • WhiteBoyG
    WhiteBoyG 11 дней назад

    Ginza line from persona 5

  • duzzzty
    duzzzty 12 дней назад

    My God! Who eats a KitKat like that?! You must always separate the two fingers from one another before consuming. ...Otherwise, an excellent video. Good lad. :)

  • Riz2336
    Riz2336 15 дней назад

    I almost thought you said cow piss haha. I'd stay in one of those places.

  • Andrej Petrovic
    Andrej Petrovic 20 дней назад +1

    0:17 music?

  • Tiaran83
    Tiaran83 20 дней назад

    2:30 Chris what’s going on man?? *points to excessive large intestines*

  • Artistically No-One
    Artistically No-One 25 дней назад

    I miss Calpis (Calpico in the US) when I moved to another state.

  • driftwood promotions
    driftwood promotions Месяц назад

    Cow Piss?

  • MommyKicksAss
    MommyKicksAss Месяц назад

    Why'd I drink all that cow piss? God damn it! Now my tummy hurts! 😁😂😂😉

    JJ_ THE_ANTISOCIAL Месяц назад

    This is the first time I've ever heard of or seen a wasabi kitkat and I'm terrified and seeing the way it was eaten made me even more scared💀

  • The Not So Good Artist
    The Not So Good Artist Месяц назад

    When u said Calpis, I thought you said "cow piss"

  • Darkess
    Darkess Месяц назад

    I thought you said cow piss...

    And I also like how the people stare at you because you speak English and you are vlogging. XD

  • Mr Ripley
    Mr Ripley Месяц назад

    This is not very comfortable looking.. looks like your sleeping in a storage box... NO Thanks...

    SWIFTxMILES Месяц назад

    *Cow Piss !?*

  • ashley byrum
    ashley byrum Месяц назад

    lol i kept thinking he was saying "cowpiss"

  • Jesse Roberts
    Jesse Roberts Месяц назад

    Nice vid mate I agree with you Australia could use the idea @ bus terminals train stations airports etc clever Japan', and wotz wrong with cowpiss its the breakfast of champions, send us a carton mate.

  • Liam Motes
    Liam Motes Месяц назад

    I need to smoke weed in my room

  • RealistNewz
    RealistNewz Месяц назад

    this is much better than logan pauls adventure to japan

  • Akshay Gopal
    Akshay Gopal Месяц назад

    the comment session is absolute *GOLD*

  • Gamefact
    Gamefact Месяц назад

    i bet he got molested during sleep by some business guy in a suit 😃

  • payne max
    payne max Месяц назад +1

    me too! i eat lot bef sleep! and is bad!

  • 738polarbear
    738polarbear Месяц назад

    The UK are SAVAGES.

  • Masterwayne66
    Masterwayne66 Месяц назад

    Every time he said calpis, i was mistaking it to be cowpiss and it git me wondering why this guy is talking about drinking cowpiss?

  • DoubleDeckerAnton
    DoubleDeckerAnton Месяц назад +2

    I like's cool...!!! Minimalism 😁👍

  • beshjs
    beshjs Месяц назад

    The reason i didn't stay in one was because i was worried about noise.

  • Don Brown
    Don Brown Месяц назад

    Great video

  • Jonathan Small
    Jonathan Small Месяц назад

    are you in FHLOSTON PARADISE when you wake up? (fifth element)

  • trueblue
    trueblue Месяц назад

    wow - horrendous -but thanks for sharing -

  • Big Troll
    Big Troll Месяц назад +2

    7:15 Lol! In thr intro i thought he was saying "cow piss" as if it were British slang for "milk." 😄😄

  • Tom Wunderlin
    Tom Wunderlin Месяц назад

    45 dollars for one night in a box??? Wtf

  • Tom Wunderlin
    Tom Wunderlin Месяц назад

    Unskippable 15 second ad?
    You monster

  • John Mary
    John Mary Месяц назад +2

    I would recommend "doya" business hotels in the San'ya area of Tokyo and in the Nishinari ward of Osaka. These places offer cheap tiny rooms for day contract workers, but a lot of them have been converted into backpacker hotels nowadays. Though they are not nearly as clean as this capsule hotel, you can get an actual private room for the same or even lower prices. Prices vary a lot, but I think you can enjoy a decent stay if you pay around 3000 yen per night.

  • Karin Allen
    Karin Allen Месяц назад

    I'm not claustrophobic, but I'd never get a wink of sleep in a capsule hotel just because of the noise it's sure to have.

  • Otpimmti
    Otpimmti Месяц назад +5


    THE SIKE TUTTLE Месяц назад


  • mdirienzo
    mdirienzo Месяц назад

    what's the music that starts playing at around 5:00 ??

  • T Money
    T Money Месяц назад


  • Can't Edit This
    Can't Edit This Месяц назад

    I thought he said cow piss, seemed like something the Japanese would do

  • Nochicken 4u
    Nochicken 4u Месяц назад

    I thought he was saying "Cow Piss" lol.

  • Larry Quisno
    Larry Quisno Месяц назад

    Ahhhhhhh notice sexyie

  • Jason
    Jason Месяц назад

    This video would have been more appropriate if it had been documenting how friggin obnoxious and annoying the british are.

  • the_Chil1One
    the_Chil1One Месяц назад

    Who else heard *cow piss* 😅🤔

  • J V
    J V Месяц назад

    I understood "cowpiss" rather than Calpis xD

  • Matthew Plant
    Matthew Plant Месяц назад +1


  • Brian Carter
    Brian Carter Месяц назад

    Thats what happens when you get a Slugworth Sizzler instead of a good ol fashioned wonka bar.

  • kung
    kung Месяц назад

    why do I hear cow piss instead of calpis

  • kathy Higgins
    kathy Higgins Месяц назад

    Am I the only one who thought he said cow piss?

  • Internet Now
    Internet Now Месяц назад

    What's the suicide rate in Japan? Must be high. My dog would go ape shit in a place like this.

  • Viklar Exnol
    Viklar Exnol Месяц назад

    What's the ending song called? I love it

  • Tinker bell jones
    Tinker bell jones Месяц назад

    That’s not what aHotel is......... more like frikken coffin

  • Brian David
    Brian David Месяц назад

    theres a Japanese professor who builds human - like robots. i don't remember his name but his robots are off the charts, very hard to tell if its real human or not. that would be a good video

  • Marcus Sims
    Marcus Sims Месяц назад

    What's the song at the end? I like it!

  • FoxetaGames/ Fox Crew
    FoxetaGames/ Fox Crew Месяц назад

    We Have Chicken And Other Foods On A Skewer In Ireland For Like Only 5 Euro Its YUMMY

  • J Shepard
    J Shepard Месяц назад

    Make it tall enough to stand up and I'm in.

  • Ali Granger
    Ali Granger Месяц назад

    Am I the only one that thinks $45 is too much for a capsule?

    • AA610
      AA610 Месяц назад

      Capsule facilities often roll in a few other amenities to sweeten the deal. There's usually a lot more to a capsule hotel than just the capsule floors.

  • MinorJamz
    MinorJamz Месяц назад

    Wait 40 bucks a night, jeez id LIVE their

  • MinorJamz
    MinorJamz Месяц назад

    How much is that a night, id figure it would be really cheap

  • Jonathan Hernandez
    Jonathan Hernandez Месяц назад

    Imagine hotboxing that capsule

    • Tyler Roe
      Tyler Roe Месяц назад

      I know right

  • shadow faze
    shadow faze Месяц назад

    Can you do a video on where to get a translated?

  • Great Doggo
    Great Doggo Месяц назад

    Anyone ever told you your cabs are swole asf

  • Moirbasso
    Moirbasso Месяц назад

    H. Higgins could make a fortune off that accent, Mate.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Месяц назад

    When you are from the western world and you are now living like people in Asia you know your life SUCKS. Asians are DYING TO COME TO THE WEST, NOT VIC VERSA. Wake up people.

    • AA610
      AA610 Месяц назад

      As said by someone who's clearly never been to Japan.

  • Chloe93-
    Chloe93- Месяц назад

    You say every currency apart from your own...pounds. ££

  • Ivan Castellino
    Ivan Castellino Месяц назад


  • Preston Phelps
    Preston Phelps Месяц назад

    Presenter has a lisp....shouldn't be doing commentary

  • Flaming360Spider
    Flaming360Spider Месяц назад

    Lol he drank that cow piss.

  • nitish kumar
    nitish kumar Месяц назад

    Wow.. watching all this small hotel and apartments in Japan, I kinda feel sorry for Japan's WWII loss. If anybody needs an empire, it is Japanese. These people are stuck with tiny country surrounded by water. No wonder Japanese are most depressed people in the world.

  • Leister Ambroise
    Leister Ambroise Месяц назад

    Does the UK have dentist like wtf is up with the teeth

  • John vito
    John vito Месяц назад

    Chris I need the track at the end of this vid... or anyone plz
    Also start putting the goddam names of the tracks

  • Malcolm Hardwick
    Malcolm Hardwick Месяц назад

    Wasabi KitKat !

  • lhalls9116
    lhalls9116 Месяц назад

    Seeing the citizens watch you having a foot bath

  • Otosaka Yuu
    Otosaka Yuu Месяц назад

    Okay it's interesting and all that but ı just can't bust a nut in peace on those capsules dammit

  • ScottyD
    ScottyD Месяц назад

    I wish they did capsule seating like this on planes. I'd much rather lie down for long flights than sit in an uncomfortable seat.

  • Mr. Plusha
    Mr. Plusha Месяц назад

    Hey, this may sound stupid but how old can you be to sleep in a capsule? Me and my family are thinking about having the strange and fun experience of a capsule hotel and my cousin is 12. Do you know if he’s old enough to sleep on his own? I’m almost sure there is a age limit.

  • cleo graham
    cleo graham Месяц назад

    OH GOD THE CRINGE! the unsatisfactory... Who eats kit kats like that!?!?!

  • cleo graham
    cleo graham Месяц назад

    we do have food on skewers in the uk.... .__.

  • Michael T
    Michael T Месяц назад

    Abroad in Japan I wanna come or visit in Ginza. How far from Tokyo? I'm worried if I get lost.

    • AA610
      AA610 Месяц назад

      Ginza is pretty much the middle of Tokyo. It's like asking how far Times Square is from New York, or how far the Forbidden City is from Beijing.
      In terms of relation to Tokyo central station, it's only one stop away on the Marunouchi line.

  • Tommy Evans
    Tommy Evans Месяц назад

    If everyone farted at the same time you would defo need a gas mask haha

  • nicolas mark
    nicolas mark Месяц назад


  • plutoplatters
    plutoplatters Месяц назад

    More like a morg.

  • Goikuchan
    Goikuchan Месяц назад

    Am I the only one here who actually knows what Calpis is? Also, these capsule hotels look ideal. I wouldn't mind spending a few nights like that. Better than an overpriced hotelroom with constant noise coming from outside. And you get to use a spacious bathroom.

  • Mario Stelzner
    Mario Stelzner Месяц назад


  • Monty Python the Flying Circus
    Monty Python the Flying Circus Месяц назад

    You wouldn’t want to have to get up for a piss in the night.....

  • Travis Highfill
    Travis Highfill Месяц назад

    Neat...can you get out easily if there is a fire or something?

    • AA610
      AA610 Месяц назад

      Yep, fire and earthquake coding are important to these facilities (which is why capsules have blinds or curtains instead of locking doors).

  • SquaredbyX
    SquaredbyX Месяц назад

    ...yet another guy named Chess Board telling me about Cow Piss... why???

  • waitingfortheworldtoburn nrubotdlroehtrofgnitiaw

    35 dollars for a feed that would be here in nz

  • waitingfortheworldtoburn nrubotdlroehtrofgnitiaw

    the COMMENTS BELOW are the best ive read in soooo long nearly pissed myself laughing

  • Miserable I guess
    Miserable I guess 2 месяца назад +1

    Where is this (IM JOKING)