Staying at a Tokyo Capsule Hotel

Capsule hotels are dream come true for budget travellers - particularly in upmarket Ginza in Tokyo.
► WHERE I stayed: https://goo.gl/iJlL85
► ADVICE on Budget Travelling Japan: https://goo.gl/GhicF7

More videos on Capsule Hotels worth checking out:
► Tokidoki Traveller: https://youtu.be/R5zPjfW6SGE
► Kim Dao: https://youtu.be/Xbb4WAHGAVE
► Okano TV: https://youtu.be/Vwgv9Q-_MOE

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Автор Louden Erskine ( назад)
Chris great job on the japan content I really love how great you content is and how consistent you are with quality I have been watching your videos for a year now and I still find myself rewatching all your videos

Автор S1m0n Yu ( назад)
when he said calpis i thougt he said cowpis

Автор Tom Fotheringham ( назад)
I know what they play on those TVs. Also, they used to have glass doors on them but there was a fire in one which caused a bit of scare because the doors jammed in the heat.

Автор Johnny Fun stuffs ( назад)
it looks a lot bigger inside

Автор cominatrix ( назад)
i personally appreciate the fact that you do (essentially) cold opens instead of some useless "hey gaaaiz!"
also im really entertained by you eating for whatever reason. its a good time. i like that you got the special double capsule. did it cost more or was it the luck of the draw?

Автор Jack Rippers ( назад)
#BennyHill motherfcuking Jr.

Автор Salman Tipu ( назад)
i thought you said cowpiss............. no offence.

Автор Clare Abbott ( назад)
I'm sorry but because of your accent it definitely sounds like you're saying "cow piss" when you say "calpis". I'm sorry I'm just an ignorant Canadian without a fun accent.

Автор gooch master ( назад)
sugar addict

Автор Jason M ( назад)
YOUR FORM THE UK WHOoooooooooohoooooooo or at least used to live there or born but whoooooo

Автор Press M for memes's son ( назад)
This is the masterbating heaven

Автор sss6538 ( назад)
Anyone expected how it would be if a fire emergency happened in that hotel

Human oven 🤡🤡🤡
Anyways that was a justification of my small tiny places phobia

Автор Busterno Meme ( назад)
Heh i heard the vanguard opening in the background

Автор HardcoreHamster33 ( назад)
Lindt is the good stuff. lol Chris, you should be an adviser for Lindt.

Автор Dragon211 ( назад)
great video but never eat a kitkat like that again!

Автор yaspaige6 ( назад)
why would u want to stay in a tin coffin?

Автор Savva Moser ( назад)
Whenever I hear calpis it always sounds like cow piss

Автор vandit6354 ( назад)
I was in Ginza today and didn't see any wasabi kit Kat's, then again I've already posted a crate of matcha kitkats back to London... that'll keep me going for a while....

Автор Chocolaids ( назад)
I hate the way you eat a kitkat

Автор TurtyTheTurtle ( назад)
I totally didn't mistake calpis for cow piss...

Автор Hannah Sian ( назад)
Booked into a pod hotel in Osaka for a night. Wish me luck!

Автор dic pic ( назад)
japan is the closest thing to a futuristic country you could get

Автор Monkey D. Luffy ( назад)
i love the sarcasm, ironic and cynicall jokes!, although i dont know the difference between them pretty much

Автор PathofCultivation ( назад)
Minimalism makes you happier. I'd be happy living in one of these things. Just need my laptop, phone and I would spend my free time in the world.

Автор pokenei ( назад)
wouldn't work for me. I fart constantly. would stank up the whole hotel.

Автор BanjoOz ( назад)
I've been wanting to see you do a video on coffin hotels since you started your channel, since I'm fascinated by them and every other vlogger and their dog in Japan has done "staying at a capsule hotel" videos but I wanted one that was a) more than just "here I am in a capsule hotel" and b) done in your unique style. Thanks!

Автор super117knight ( назад)
you know what would be nice
a video in which you explain how to get started with living in japan
what you need, what things you need to know etc.

Автор Milo Taylor ( назад)
There's something admirable about a guy not breaking off a piece of that Kit Kat bar and just biting two pieces at once.

Автор Emily Edmonds ( назад)
I'm curious about safety in these capsules. What if there's a fire? That would concern me.

Автор The Mushroom of Death ( назад)
The main problem was you didn't break the kitkat in half before eating it.

Автор Scruffy P ( назад)
That foot bath looked amazing. You could just sit there on a hot day and chat to your best friend. I wonder if it's warm in the winter.

Автор Patrick ( назад)
How bad was the snoring from the fellow guests?

Автор Sim Salabim ( назад)
sounds like cowpiss

Автор Ian Crawford ( назад)
7:38 That face

Автор Evan Noakes ( назад)
I think you're decent sort of young man Chris. Might you please service my wife?

Автор Browntau ( назад)
Thanks for posting this. They actually look more roomy than I'd been led to believe. Given I'm sumo-sized, I'd been concerned about using a capsule hotel.

Автор Rayne Cloudsen ( назад)
lol Calpis sounds like you're saying "cow piss" xD

Автор Gato Loco ( назад)
What was that music at the end

Автор Sophie Sue ( назад)

Автор hirehare harahoro ( назад)

Автор Omar Guerrero ( назад)
I'm 2 big for this Japanese/Chinese hotel alien confined space room

Автор slashing dagger ( назад)
why do asians have small evrything

Автор jenny h ( назад)
style of vid reminds me so much of bbc generated content

Автор Bedroom Pianist ( назад)
Almost thought you said "Why did I drink all that cowpiss before bedtime?"

Автор It's Mika ( назад)
"Gin means... Gin." Well it might also mean silver but I wouldn't know

Автор Robert Ellis ( назад)
Am I the only one that kept hearing 'Cow piss' instead of 'Calpis'?

Автор Charleroifa ( назад)

Автор Tirzah Sandoval-LaBadie ( назад)
Holy Fuck Man where did that ghastly voice come from! I mean bravo. I see what you were going for but the execution was disgusting accurate. Bravo!

Автор Johannes Färber ( назад)
+Abroad in Japan Lindt is a German chocolate make, and its the best chocolate in the world.

Автор Jorge Orh ( назад)
Jin means person... right?
Chicken man? Person?

Автор AnimeNerd ( назад)
Calpis sounds like cowpiss hahaha😂

Автор The Hippy Christian Mum ( назад)
Great little insight to Tokyo thank you. I love all the different heights of your shots and angles. I reckon the hotel staff were having a laugh with you and that 'footbath' was actually an ornamental feature. ;)

Автор Shineymcshine79 ( назад)
Why does Japan seem so rabid about gender segregation? That's so foreign to me.

Автор Dahryl Roudriguez ( назад)
He ate a kit kat without braking it

Автор XIX GERMMAN XIX ( назад)
What is the song used at the end? I love it.

Автор Goat on a boat ( назад)
I'm claustrophobic so I wouldn't even go within a mile of one of those things

Автор Goat on a boat ( назад)
I'm claustrophobic so I wouldn't even go within a mile of one of those things

Автор CevyGhoul ( назад)
Lord I would be terrified when waking up. Usually the sunglight from outside or just the lights is easing but waking up to literally pitch black would scare the crap out of me!

Автор luke ಠ_ಠ ( назад)
Why do they wear masks in the middle of the street

Автор JHSToure ( назад)
Wait wait wait wait... how the fuuuuuck did you just eat that kit-kat!?

Автор Ashley Brown ( назад)
I look forward to each one of your videos. :) Thanks for always sharing!

Автор GenJotsu ( назад)
A Broad "means female in N. American" In Japan, I will tell you why this video is so popular. People are Perverts. That is all.

Автор Flornmonk ( назад)
As a 6'6" tall man. This looks painful.

Автор -ミーモ - ( назад)

Автор Ellie simpson ( назад)
thats class id easily sleep there 😂

Автор Kieran Addison ( назад)
What if your a trans bi fluid toaster muffin maker

Автор Ghorza ( назад)
Why the bloody hell wouldn't these be successful in the UK? I could see these in Kent, people always complain about premier inns.

Автор Nerfed Bee -TNB ( назад)
please stop calling calpis cow piss

Автор Humble Adventures ( назад)
I've stayed in 2 hostels like this, one in bristol and one in madrid

Автор jon lenon ( назад)
looks like you are the only person in the capsule hotel. probably you're really early, but still.... i love wasabi, how could it go wrong? must be the chocolate... ;)))

Автор Robert Clark ( назад)
I love this idea of capsule hotels.

Автор Dynamite229915 ( назад)
Oh, I had the Korean version of that drink, was it fizzy?

Автор Bjoern M ( назад)
What camera are you using ?

Автор deivis gorelcenko ( назад)
7:16 i wasn't paying attention to the subtitles and i thought he said " Cow piss"

Автор János Török ( назад)
Sometimes your vlogs reminds me of Michael Palin's travel series, because of your sarcastic personality.

Автор BLUEttofy// GTA V Multiplayer ( назад)
Every time he says calpis it sounds like cow piss

Автор Luka Sarcev ( назад)
This reminds me of Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Автор IANovich22 C ( назад)
Drink some cow piss

Автор Jen Vlogs ( назад)
At night are the capsuals pitch black? I wanna do it but I'm kind of scared of the dark lol

Автор Lembach ( назад)
Bonus points for using "Diamond" from the "Snatch!" soundtrack. One of my favorite films. :-)

Автор otaku man ( назад)
ジン means ジン

Автор Dustin Clark ( назад)
Legit thought he was drinking cow piss.

Автор Insane Panda ( назад)
Just saying there is more than just two genders. It says both. But there is more than two.

Автор PsiCrow ( назад)
1.1mil views... Well done Chris XD Damn son

Автор Adam Ward ( назад)
when he said slippers I straight away thought to myself "don't you mean WABAKI?"

Автор jungle cooking ( назад)
i'm claustrophobic

Автор Firepopcorn 123 ( назад)
They should ban feminists from going there, because they are going to complain about how it is sexist that they separate females from males.

Автор Blue Light Videos ( назад)
Who else thought of Karl Pilkington Idiot Abroad?

Автор Jadon Le ( назад)
I kept thinking cow piss

Автор Legends of Dave ( назад)
It's like the sleeper car on a train.

Автор Pot Ato ( назад)
4500¥ is about £32 at the moment
That's not bad at all for a capsule,
But why is the same capsule 5500¥ if you're a female ?

Автор Pot Ato ( назад)
It would be a great idea in the UK,
Hotels are too expensive and hostels don't have enough privacy,
Capsules would be somewhere in between, I'd use them 100%
Wouldn't use a hostel tho.

Автор Clorox ( назад)
When he said calpis it sounded like cow piss wtf

Автор Caolan Robinson ( назад)
how much ¥ does it cost? i would stay in this as all i do in my room anyway is sleep and watch tv and it would be cool to meet people there

Автор dracoes ( назад)
Interesting video, thank you! I had a couple of random questions though:

1) Were they comfortable to sleep in? Good mattress etc?
2) The showers actually looked communal rather than single-person - is that the case?
3) Were they noisy? Couple of people joked about fapping noises but in all seriousness could you hear much outside the capsule?
4) Whats the dress code in the mens area? I see you're wearing a dressing gown or something and you mentioned half-naked guys wandering around.
5) What time is check-out usually?
6) Are they popular with tourists generally, or do you get locals / workers and such using them too?
7) Would you stay in one again?

Автор Unsilenced Chaos ( назад)
I would love there to be a capsule hotels in the uk

Автор Falangrater ( назад)
"why did i drink all that cow piss?" haha

Автор spenky ( назад)
but who was filming?

Автор StevieSenpai ( назад)
Do you recommend the "Adult" entertainment in Japan or as a foreigner don't even bother.

Автор IAmNot Obsessed ( назад)
I really would like to stay in one. I'm quite small myself so I would like it quite much

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