$7 Buffet Vs. $95 Buffet

"Champagne wishes and caviar dreams."


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Автор Simple Clean ( назад)
poor adam ...

Автор MooseJuice7 ( назад)
am I the only one who noticed how they kept swapping the iWatch throughout the video?

Автор zgamer200 ( назад)
Aaawww, Andrew is jealous that Steven had originally chosen Keith over him

Автор CatchMine_ID ( назад)
Adam is driving... I'm dying. Loveeee it so much thank you he is so freakin' hot!😍

Автор Helena xx Lovely ( назад)
Did anyone else see Adam wink in the car at the beginning? 😂

Автор Cyclode - Minecraft & More! ( назад)
The zoom-in face of Steven while eating and making a cheeky smile is just so satisfying.

Автор cruz lara ( назад)
cheap vs expenive weed?

Автор prone2 laff ( назад)
Adam turned into a badass when he got to the driver seat

Автор ßavage Nebulous ( назад)
I feel sorry for adam

Автор Xo-sarbear-oX ( назад)

Автор Xo-sarbear-oX ( назад)

Автор the siriusseeker ( назад)
im hungry STOP

Автор JhapNy14 Channel ( назад)
make more worth it! yahoo!!!

Автор The Beast ( назад)
Poor adam eating leftovers ! :P

Автор I'm a born Hater ( назад)
Ice cream, chocolate or chicken please!

Автор Emma Norling ( назад)
Andrew and Steven, my #relationshipgoals for 2017.

Автор Pinned by Dan and Phil ( назад)

Автор Pinned by Dan and Phil ( назад)

Автор Pinned by Dan and Phil ( назад)
White chocolate is for children 😂

Автор kaden konakis ( назад)
I liked the video and was happy until he pronounced Nevada wrong.

Автор Pinned by Dan and Phil ( назад)
Bone sucker 😂👍🏻

Автор Pinned by Dan and Phil ( назад)
Frog legs and bone marrow... 🤢

Автор Pinned by Dan and Phil ( назад)
Spoon is my favourite utensil...

Автор jonsterlee ( назад)
I want Andrew to eat me like he eats that chocolate-covered strawberry. Like, damn...

Автор ER2M-605 ( назад)

Автор Natalia Lopez ( назад)
Can i be the girlfriend that gets taken to the sterling brunch? 😉thanks!

Автор tj flores13 ( назад)
I live in Vegas 😂

Автор Mikhail Tagallie ( назад)
adam is not a pet! FREE ADAM!

Автор jb2435 ( назад)
OMG I went to the feast.

Автор Julio Cardona ( назад)
$10 prostitute vs $1000 prostitute

Автор Nitaant Vyas ( назад)
11:38 when you're never been to an expensive place and then you do this...

Автор Lil B. ( назад)
Cheese and fish. Seriously

Автор Ellie Strums ( назад)
I always knew Adam was an adorable little bean but him driving like that... word.

Автор diana capstin ( назад)
I liked how at the end they didn't drive they let the camera guy drive cause they had wine, love how you both adulted. xoxox

Автор josh barnaby ( назад)
5$ SUCC Vs. 50$ SUCC

Автор Mr. Executive ( назад)
Adam trying to act cool all of a sudden smfh

Автор Erica Jones ( назад)
$1 ice cream vs $100 ice cream???

Автор sXeFire72 ( назад)
I hate buzzfeed...but i love watching these guys eat...

Автор Username is too un-original ( назад)
$7 Buffet is the cheapest?! Here, the cheapest i could find is $16.

Автор Demi Baby ( назад)
I love Adam (I hope I got his name right) he seems so sweet ❤️

Автор Alexis Buckallew ( назад)

Автор iheardavoice1 ( назад)
Yeah 1990 babies!

Автор Alishaa. ( назад)
95 dollars are you kidding me the avagrage price for a buffet in Australia is 40- 90 dollars each 🇦🇺 wtf and seven dollars I'm bout ta have an entire days worth of food

Автор zjs kju ( назад)
$1 pistol round VS $100 Pistol Round

Автор Chocolate Thunder Games ( назад)
my favorite utensil is the fapoon.

Автор Waffle Nuggets ( назад)
Classical music to a fancy moment, that's nice. I wish i could have a fancy moment in a sound proof seclusion pod, jamming to my favorite tunes, decor of booth suited to one of 10 styles, and tv in there just in case your bored of the people your there with lol :)

Автор elviitaw1 ( назад)
Lmfao you guys are my favorite people on YouTube!

Автор /_FR0STB1T3_/ ( назад)
I feel like Duff is one of those rejected Bond villains during an interview once upon a time.

Автор Nadia Bhatti ( назад)
Adam why are you driving?! Oh well, guess what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Автор Sarah Nava ( назад)
Adam is so cute

Автор Nadia Bhatti ( назад)
"Wicked" is slang that New Hampsters, such as myself, are known for (New Hampshire resident lol)

Автор Nadia Bhatti ( назад)
When it comes to a buffet I think price is key since that's kind of what it's all about: a lot of choices at an affordable price

Автор Isaac Slaughter ( назад)
really...? you didn't asked him if he lost his eye poorly opening a bottle of champagne?

Автор Nadia Bhatti ( назад)
There are too many funny/cute moments in this one for me to comment about them

Автор mimsredjelly ( назад)

Автор Aarin ( назад)

Автор Dragonfly 59 ( назад)
Oh god I need to do that Sunday brunch. Thank you guy

Автор frexgames ( назад)
ive been to the hotel del Coronado buffet and i suggest it to everyone the meats are all fresh they have almost every food you can think of and a candy bar... they probably had to shut that one down after i came through

Автор Dylan Summers ( назад)
I love how Adam had to drive because they drank too much 😂😂😂

Автор ~Kittykath~ ( назад)
also, the orange circular cake at 7:02 is AMAZING. i ate like 2 of those!

Автор Billy bae Cyrus ( назад)
The waiter is actually a pirate in the desert of Nevada

Автор arya stark ( назад)
honestly the sterling brunch is by far the most "worth it". i've eaten it twice. wouldn't recommend going as hung over as i did, but i basically just ate oysters and caviar the whole time. well, mostly oysters. I'm an oyster fiend and i think i ate 4 dozen or so. the lobster tails were overcooked. the boursin lobster omelette just tasted like boursin cheese but i liked it. and if you don;t get the champagne it's around 80 iirc. most restaurants around me serve oysters 3$ per, so thats 36$ a dozen so in oysters alone you're getting your money's worth. sure it's expsenive but its so good.

Автор Luis Garza ( назад)
The Bucannal Buffet at Caesar's Palace is by far the best buffet on the strip. It's a little pricey though at like $69 a person.

Автор Boss Kid ( назад)
i went to wicked spoon at COSMOPOLITAN

Автор SkyJack Morgan ( назад)
do a nachos episode at Nacho Daddy!

Автор SECRET Schrodinger ( назад)
Yeahhh I've been to the last restaurant!!! Worth the price.

Автор alejandrovette ( назад)
0:58 That wink!

Автор KaylaNoelle1 ( назад)
Sad they didn't eat all the pastries at the last one . I would have had one plate dedicated just to pastries.

Автор Zuriah Barlow ( назад)
I'm definitely that person who jumps out of a car to pet a random dog smh

Автор George Lianos ( назад)
"we just clapped thighs there"

Автор Haleigh Phillips ( назад)
golden corral at $15 but i could go to Vegas and get that for 15! or 7$! i feel cheated

Автор Patrick Hyland ( назад)
Nice way to subtly mention their gf's to dispel the gay rumors

Автор Relena Chong ( назад)
Cheap vs. Expensive chocolate

Автор Fowl Outdoors ( назад)
This made me so hungry I stoped the video and cooked food

Автор Ly Pham ( назад)
omg sterling brunch I would love to try it

Автор Kenneth Bresson ( назад)
IMO gay guys must not do buffet reviews because one time plate serving is a waste of money. You gotta learn from +WayneAlgenio. He is the master of buffets!!!! #ILikeEggs Oh wait...did you guys just got a (free) buffet sampler in exchange for your review? Thats why you guys didn't go back and wished you've gotten some of the more yummy food.

Автор Storm Fullbuster ( назад)
10:20 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор channelbaru ( назад)
like it

Автор Sophia Torres ( назад)
why does he remind me of derrick barry

Автор Chris Cirnigliaro ( назад)
This is one of the best shows on YouTube

Автор Cj James ( назад)
They out there in Vegas eatin at a 95$ buffet then i'm just sittin here with a tub of ice cream watching them eat. Life isn't fair.

Автор Sarah sako ( назад)

Автор Charles Reed ( назад)
You pronounced Nevada wrong! It's Ne-va-duh NOT Ne-vah-duh

Автор Thathystericalmoment ( назад)
The eye patch sommelier was the best part of the video lol

Автор Tiffany Dai ( назад)
wicked spoon is AMAZING. I've been there like 5 times and I've only gone to Las Vegas twice in my life. Their food is like over the top.

Автор Robobvious2 ( назад)
Turducken episode? Roti Sans Pareil maybe?

Автор Mujtaba Hadi ( назад)
Is it just me or does it feel like Adam lowkey wants to talk but isn't allowed to.

Автор Nick Weidner ( назад)
Obviously you forgot about Frisch's breakfast buffet for $7

Автор Mau Lop ( назад)
Is the food that good everywhere, or they just like to eat?

Автор Spoon ( назад)
I'm not wicked.

Автор Richard Huynh ( назад)
Reply if you agree that the Worth it Videos are one of the most popular series for Buzzfeed

Автор iron son ( назад)
Adam is like the unspoken hero in these videos

Автор Katrina B ( назад)
$7? that's cheaper than the cost of a golden coral buffett😂😂

Автор ItsMac ( назад)
9:44 Steven, why

Автор lill gabriela ( назад)
adam is my favorite

Автор Anna'sLife 13 ( назад)
when they talk about splurging when a Sears is in the background...

Автор jeirys Batista ( назад)

Автор Coral Bawden ( назад)
how much was a buffet at the wicked spoon? did I miss where it told us that?

Автор Sentless ( назад)
why are the camera men that record this so damn awkward lmao?

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