Jennifer Aniston Scares Fans at Central Perk

  • Guest host Jennifer Aniston spent 10 years working on the Warner Brothers lot for “Friends,” and since part of the set is still here, she scared unsuspecting fans taking pictures on the famous orange couch. Plus, Ellen proved she couldn’t go to work today by sending a video of herself at the DMV to prove the SAG Award winner wrong.
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  • kajsjsjsj ksksjsl
    kajsjsjsj ksksjsl 14 minutes ago

    omg im gonna cry

  • its_elianeee
    its_elianeee 8 hours ago


  • M. Oliveira
    M. Oliveira 11 hours ago

    What was all the screaming?! 😖

  • Ava Delaney
    Ava Delaney 12 hours ago

    I love Jennifer and friends 😙💗💝

  • Jimena Salinas
    Jimena Salinas 13 hours ago

    This happened in warner brothers studio I’ve been to the cafe Before is was my bday present and I loved it

  • Nathalie Alvarez
    Nathalie Alvarez 14 hours ago

    I can’t believe I cried watching this 😢 I wish I would ever have the luck to meet Jen, definitely Rachel has always been always my favorite character!!!

  • Maya Rose
    Maya Rose 16 hours ago


  • Kovács Tóth Csaba
    Kovács Tóth Csaba 18 hours ago

    This woman is so cool and funny ... :( lol ... Always loved Friends series...

  • youtubetrash
    youtubetrash Day ago

    “It’s okay we all like Joey” I-

  • John Terrino
    John Terrino Day ago

    The insipidness never ends.

  • Second Syth
    Second Syth Day ago

    Jennifer Aniston hands down biggest celebrity crush of all time

  • Nada Minaj
    Nada Minaj Day ago

    so none of them didn’t say Rachel?!? sad.

  • laura r
    laura r Day ago

    My favourite one is Rachel, OBVIOUSLY

  • Marcell Newman
    Marcell Newman Day ago

    Classy. - MN

  • Sean Price
    Sean Price Day ago

    Well she finally talks about friends spontanousely

  • JenS en
    JenS en Day ago

    Brad. How dare you?

  • Siddik Patel
    Siddik Patel 2 days ago


  • MyNameIs Unknown
    MyNameIs Unknown 2 days ago +5

    The one with Rachel's talk show

  • Puma_ Rare44
    Puma_ Rare44 2 days ago

    Lucky them 🐍😍😍

  • Elizabeth Cooper
    Elizabeth Cooper 2 days ago

    lol mine is actually Rachel

  • TheBestFrenchFry ́
    TheBestFrenchFry ́ 2 days ago

    Wait... will there still be a friends remake?

  • Steffan Hoffmann
    Steffan Hoffmann 2 days ago

    you invented it 🇺🇸
    Oh dear! 🇬🇧

  • Tevans_1628
    Tevans_1628 2 days ago

    Bruh Jennifer Anniston is still so beautiful 😍

  • le pakit
    le pakit 2 days ago

    qué suerte tienen algunos :(

  • David Onufrak
    David Onufrak 2 days ago

    I love Jennifer Aniston. She is funny and beautiful.

  • Aratrika Lahiri
    Aratrika Lahiri 2 days ago

    ... none of them said Rachel lol

  • Cheech1973
    Cheech1973 2 days ago

    My fave has ALWAYS been Rachel!!! 😍🥰😘😘😘

  • Ahmed Elhreich
    Ahmed Elhreich 3 days ago

    did that girl really say ross?

  • Horse lover 103
    Horse lover 103 3 days ago

    I wish she was scaring me 😂😂

  • Sumanta Chatterjee
    Sumanta Chatterjee 3 days ago

    The Morning Show=Jen's overacting.

  • Crazy bad Cuber
    Crazy bad Cuber 3 days ago

    She sound so much like Ellen

  • Aubryn Boyd
    Aubryn Boyd 3 days ago

    This always makes me wonder what I would do if I was in there position, I would have no words 😂

  • Chloe Doile
    Chloe Doile 3 days ago +2

    Everyone is saying chandler is underrated, and he might be. But Monica is way too underrated XD. Like I stan for monica.

  • Enrique Whrite
    Enrique Whrite 3 days ago

    Esta mujer está preciosa!

  • Kylie Lenora
    Kylie Lenora 3 days ago

    I love Jennifer Aniston so much😁❤

  • Lindsey Mercado
    Lindsey Mercado 3 days ago +1

    I love Jennifer Aniston

  • bee
    bee 3 days ago

    i’ve never even seen friends tbh quarantine just got me bored

  • Wwe evolution 2019
    Wwe evolution 2019 3 days ago +1

    4:10 that girl in the yellow t shirt just looks like a freak

  • latinchulo13
    latinchulo13 3 days ago

    Its because they drink adrenochrome.

  • Brice bol
    Brice bol 4 days ago

    Asian reaction : 😐

  • Anne Silva
    Anne Silva 4 days ago

    Girl in the yellow tee

  • Hope.cooper
    Hope.cooper 4 days ago

    I would’ve said Phoebe or rachel

  • Andreas A
    Andreas A 4 days ago +2

    I love Jennifer Aniston but my favourite friends character is Phoebe

  • MrJobofo
    MrJobofo 4 days ago

    I know they have re-runs but the show ended before most of these "fans" were born ffs.

  • Jorji J
    Jorji J 4 days ago +147

    Girl: **screams like she’s being murdered**
    Jennifer: 'dont worry i love joey too!!!!'
    Thanks for 9 likes!

  • Revolzy
    Revolzy 4 days ago

    Bro no one said Chandler, Chandler was my favorite

  • Muni Mendilaharzu
    Muni Mendilaharzu 4 days ago


  • Aamir Hamzah
    Aamir Hamzah 4 days ago

    Salmon skin roll

  • colomba anabell payacan vielma

    Yo devi haber estado hay vamos como nadien su personaje fav de friends es rachel really

  • Lidia :v
    Lidia :v 4 days ago

    a mi nunca me pasa esto F

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts 5 days ago

    Gosh this is was having no kids looks like at 50 😍😍😍

  • David Panken
    David Panken 5 days ago

    4:11 the yellow shirt girl just came

  • Abraham Zarich
    Abraham Zarich 5 days ago

    I'll also get scared if Iggy Pop pops behind the couch screaming

  • Lu Lu
    Lu Lu 5 days ago +8

    People who don’t like Ross. Don’t have a real sense of humour.

  • meriçsu Karahan
    meriçsu Karahan 6 days ago

    04:05 the girl with yellow tshirt, I SWEAR, She is MOOD.

  • Kichuck Schuldiner
    Kichuck Schuldiner 6 days ago

    Clearly this is fake cause someone said Ross

  • Sagarika Dutta
    Sagarika Dutta 6 days ago

    It is me or Jen is acting like Rachel?

  • Tuna on White, No Crusts

    Jennifer Aniston's deeper voice now is a little disturbing to me.

  • Cim Kalsi
    Cim Kalsi 6 days ago

    Girl in yellow t shirt was like she had seen a ghost

  • Billie Eilish
    Billie Eilish 6 days ago

    I loveeeeeee Jennifer shes def my fave

  • D E S I
    D E S I 6 days ago

    No one said their favorite was Rachel 💀

  • Om ghuge
    Om ghuge 6 days ago +1

    *How you doin'*

  • Hjönk Hjönk Am Goose

    "Central Perk"

  • ramey ramey
    ramey ramey 7 days ago

    When i saw the sign fo central perk i could not hold my tears for those grat happy days

  • ramey ramey
    ramey ramey 7 days ago

    As an arab friends was and still the best show in history and there will never be a show as great as friends

  • iveta deksne
    iveta deksne 7 days ago +1

    I love Rachel green she the best and Joey tribiani and Monica geller but I love them all so so much but Rachel is my inspiration

  • Anna Fairbairn
    Anna Fairbairn 7 days ago

    I prob if I was Jennifer I would of walked in crying and said I ran out in berry

  • luffy sama
    luffy sama 8 days ago

    No chandler???

  • Antonella Araújo
    Antonella Araújo 8 days ago

    Omg my big dream

  • Anita
    Anita 10 days ago

    OMFG she's so beautiful! I love you Jennifer! I miss F.R.I.E.N.D.S !!!

  • João Ives
    João Ives 10 days ago +1

    Jennifer Aniston looks like Rachel of Friends.

  • Morita C
    Morita C 10 days ago

    Cuando Rachel quiere utilizar el unagi jeje
    Me encantaría estar ahi😓

  • Prince Winston
    Prince Winston 11 days ago

    Y'all call her Jennifer anniston
    I call her Rachel❤

    AQKI GAMES 11 days ago

    I love you Jennifer Aniston. ❤

  • blaze.tiger.water
    blaze.tiger.water 11 days ago

    Jenni your skin tone is amazing ❣

  • Priya Balazova
    Priya Balazova 12 days ago

    I have watched friends so many times

  • Rahul Choudhury
    Rahul Choudhury 12 days ago +1

    Anything related to 'FRIENDS' is the biggest clickbait!!! Ps- fan of friends till eternity myself

  • Emelia Gehman
    Emelia Gehman 12 days ago

    I don’t have a favorite cuz they’re ALL AWESOMEEEEE. I wanna meet them :,(

  • Brooke T
    Brooke T 13 days ago

    My favorite was her jumping up and screaming ESPRESSO because that’s just random

  • Nicola Moore
    Nicola Moore 13 days ago

    She’s really funny