DIY Geriatric Simulator

  • What does it feel like to be old? Well now you can find out with our patent-pending geriatric simulator!
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Comments • 80

  • that thing in a place
    that thing in a place 17 minutes ago

    Ethan: grandpa don't get in the wat-
    Grandpa Mark: *y e e t*

  • Julia Martinez
    Julia Martinez Hour ago

    What was the song that was playing when Ethan complimented mark? 😂

  • Jennifer Tuchmatulin

    i feel like mark would make a great grandpa he may be stern but behind it all he has a kind heart

  • Samantha Lemons
    Samantha Lemons 3 hours ago

    Imagine being their neighbors and looking out the window, just to see what kinda crazy shit their up to today

  • Dak Zougan
    Dak Zougan 3 hours ago +2

    Ethan: Anyone got any L O A F E R S?
    Amy: looks down at fish flip flops

  • Vienna Weidner
    Vienna Weidner 4 hours ago

    They act so sweet when they're taking care of each other but not when they're the old ones lol

  • Renaee Collier
    Renaee Collier 8 hours ago

    Ya know, I’ve been a CNA for about two years, spent 6 months of that working in a nursing home. This is pretty dang accurate, especially Mark when he kept saying “what pool”. That’s literally everyday with residents.

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 8 hours ago

    Is no one gonna talk about the mirror transition

  • SubXero X
    SubXero X 8 hours ago

    Ethan: "You got any loafers?"
    Amy: **Fish sandals intensify**

  • Minin Kookie Tae
    Minin Kookie Tae 10 hours ago +1

    Ethan: I can call nurse Tracey Mark: DON’T CALL THAT TWIG!

  • AdamJae
    AdamJae 11 hours ago

    This reads like an improv brandon rogers video

  • Jesse Friday
    Jesse Friday 11 hours ago

    Did he get ethan fish oils? I give those to my dog🤣👦

  • Neiva Kayla
    Neiva Kayla 19 hours ago

    I need to know where to get those fish slippers

  • Hvnxe
    Hvnxe 20 hours ago

    Chica: Fine ill walk with you just when did you get so slow and ugly Ethan
    Ethan: Good girl good girl

  • Kflynnx
    Kflynnx 20 hours ago +1

    mark and walker fall into pool
    Ethan:That was to the left.

  • Hippie Hobo
    Hippie Hobo 22 hours ago

    I don't think I ever laughed as hard as I did during this video.

  • 狮子座
    狮子座 Day ago

    alternate title: mark and ethan become boomers

  • Techy boi
    Techy boi Day ago

    that made me laugh so much especially when mark was going around the pool

  • Marching Flute
    Marching Flute Day ago

    Chica must be the most confused dog in the world, lol

  • Lily Lefco
    Lily Lefco Day ago

    old mark is so posh

  • It's Weeb Time
    It's Weeb Time Day ago

    who else thought mark was gonna drown when he fell in the pool with the weights on.

  • I Am SherLocked
    I Am SherLocked Day ago

    7:53 this is me when someone asks to try on my glasses and then asks me how they look

  • U-phoria Blū
    U-phoria Blū Day ago

    Mark being old: WhEre? WhY? FoR whaT? *FuriOus gRUnTs*

  • Alisas Dreamworld

    the fact that mark was casually walking underwater amuses me.

  • Sapphire Gaston
    Sapphire Gaston Day ago

    Mark is Buff Grandpa

  • Cheddar Cheese Cat

    2:53. Mark looked so genuinely happy.

  • Christianne Shojania

    "These kids, jackin in, not jackin OFF like the old days."

  • ciel clark
    ciel clark Day ago

    grampiplier and grampsgames

  • Oh_Kaejay
    Oh_Kaejay Day ago

    Ethan: you look wonderful tonight
    Mark: (confused) Me???
    Ethan: Mmhmm
    Mark: (smiles intently) Oh thanks 😊
    Ethan: this song
    Mark: Ohh... I thought you were complimenting me ☹️
    But why is this so sad aweee poor Mark!

  • Ayiana Ramirez
    Ayiana Ramirez Day ago

    This being my birthday video makes me a little nervous.

    I hope I get younger like grandma Ethan did!!!

  • demondogbuddy1
    demondogbuddy1 Day ago

    I cried, hyperventilated, and almost pissed myself watching Ethan go around the pool. Today is a good day.

  • Noah Pulliam
    Noah Pulliam Day ago

    Ethan: good girl Chica
    Mark: WHERE.

  • ClearEvening :}
    ClearEvening :} Day ago

    He put the handles on backwards x,’D on the walker/seat

  • MonstersInsideMe
    MonstersInsideMe 2 days ago +1

    *Stare deeply, into my eyes. I will transition you back to the next scene.*
    Me: falls more deeply in love. "Damn you"

  • Hectic Hive
    Hectic Hive 2 days ago

    I seriously love how at the end he just casually walked on the bottom of the pool

  • DrizzlyEarth
    DrizzlyEarth 2 days ago

    Mark had me worried walking into the deep end like that, you'd think it might be hard for him to get out cause he's so weighed down and obstructed.

  • MinecraftGamerGuy RN

    Mark is still manly even when he’s old unlike Ethan not manly enough to walk in the tub

  • Foxy Turnez
    Foxy Turnez 2 days ago

    All I have to say is:
    "I'm fine."
    " *WHERE?* "

  • Mai ND
    Mai ND 2 days ago

    why are we still here? just to suffer?

  • Emma Kelley
    Emma Kelley 2 days ago

    Why only one year!!!! WHYYY and please do a workout video 🥰

  • Isabel N
    Isabel N 3 days ago

    This video gave me an existential crisis

  • KaylaLuvsGizmo98
    KaylaLuvsGizmo98 3 days ago

    Did anyone else have a heart attack when Mark went into the pool and you could tell he struggled at the bottom for a sec...cuz I did

  • Sombre Lasombra
    Sombre Lasombra 3 days ago

    oof, that "I think we should put him in a home" bit hit a little too close to home.

  • Jérôme Lévesque-Boucher

    Me: "Uh oh, Grandpa Mark doesn't have a mic anymore. He sure ends up in the pool, then-YUP, he's in the pool."

  • MafiaFox
    MafiaFox 4 days ago

    So far this is still my favorite episode

  • Natalie Glass
    Natalie Glass 4 days ago

    can we get an elderly Amy?

  • Natalie Glass
    Natalie Glass 4 days ago

    why does elderly Mark remind me exactly of my grandpa.........?

  • RedxArt UwU
    RedxArt UwU 4 days ago

    I love how Ethan put the diaper on backwards and was like “I think this is right.” 😂

  • Katie
    Katie 4 days ago +1

    I can totally see mark being a grumpy ol man

  • snakehands
    snakehands 4 days ago

    I love how mark is the crankiest, mouth-breathingest old man

  • Melinda Griffith
    Melinda Griffith 4 days ago +1

    5:39 5:44 chica looks so confused

  • Tree Dirt
    Tree Dirt 4 days ago

    So far. This is my favorite Unas Annus video. I've watched it WAY to many times

  • Ariel Isai
    Ariel Isai 4 days ago

    "Its like lego"

  • Tyler Rivas
    Tyler Rivas 4 days ago +5

    "Don't take your tightness for granted."
    - grandpa heapass

  • Enzho The Omega
    Enzho The Omega 4 days ago +3

    I love how Ethan's version of "Old person" was sweet and loving, but a little confused.
    _And then Mark's was old, senile and short term memory loss_

  • peopleandanimalslovm
    peopleandanimalslovm 4 days ago +2

    Ethan:takes his time walking
    Mark: this is what it means to go *EVEN FURTHER BEYOND*

  • peopleandanimalslovm
    peopleandanimalslovm 4 days ago +1


  • Andrew Wright
    Andrew Wright 4 days ago +1

    genuinely the funniest video i've seen in so long

  • Ryyi23
    Ryyi23 4 days ago +1

    What show was Mark talking about?

  • Weird Fantasy
    Weird Fantasy 4 days ago +1

    Ethan is so cute, "wHo put the hOle in the ground???" 11:08

  • Teresa Nester
    Teresa Nester 4 days ago +1

    Grandpa nester....well then.

  • Robert Cozad
    Robert Cozad 5 days ago +1

    Almost nailed my gramps to a tee, R.I.P..

  • まあCloud
    まあCloud 5 days ago +1

    When Mark said “Abigail” I jumped. I did not expect my name to come out of his mouth in this video😂😂

  • Matthew Lorton
    Matthew Lorton 5 days ago

    If I'm not walking under the water when I'm a old man I dont wanna be alive anymore

  • Hailey willock
    Hailey willock 5 days ago

    I actually hoped that someone would go into the pool

  • Jérôme Lévesque-Boucher

    Just think of this poor neighbour, waking up, pulling the curtains with a fresh coffee. He then sees...Mark walking deeper in the pool. With a walker. While Ethan doesn't help him and Amy is filming.

  • Sarcastic Barbie
    Sarcastic Barbie 5 days ago

    Ethan is how everyone will be when they're old. "I can't see bitch."

  • Ali Borel
    Ali Borel 5 days ago +2

    Mark: has a weighted vest on
    Also mark: rolls into pool

  • Carly Mocek
    Carly Mocek 5 days ago +1

    Mark as an old person is literally my nana

  • penguingirl03
    penguingirl03 5 days ago +1

    Ethan@7:07 "I feel like I'm getting ready for a fucking roller derby"
    Me at home "PLEASE DO ROLLER DERBY!!!!!"

  • Lucky Lex
    Lucky Lex 5 days ago

    "Water doesnt slick off you like it used too"
    Ughhhhhh the worst lol

  • yaboi mrman
    yaboi mrman 5 days ago

    the end killed me

  • Konniptionz
    Konniptionz 5 days ago

    Elderly Ethan: " Let me help you, son. " Elderly Mark: " BOY YOU WANNA SEE JESUS!? "

  • Scott W Pilgrim
    Scott W Pilgrim 5 days ago

    Why... Why would you buy grandpa the unswallowable horse pills?

  • NGC 1277
    NGC 1277 5 days ago +1

    Ethan: No way, you look wonderful tonight
    Mark: Me?
    Ethan: Mhm
    Mark: Oh thanks!
    Ethan: This song.
    Mark: Oh.
    Ethan: Yeah
    Mark: I thought you were... complementing me...
    Ethan: No, never
    *Me:* Oof harsh.

  • Alyssa Toogoodforyou

    9:47 Ethan's cameltoe lmao

  • Attacking Lizard3
    Attacking Lizard3 5 days ago

    I know it's a old man suit but Ethan looks like he's about to go fight spider-man 5:18

  • Georgia Loch
    Georgia Loch 6 days ago +1

    Mark: **handing Ethan his drink for his pills** Here paps
    Ethan: hit me up!

  • Guitarate
    Guitarate 6 days ago

    Don't take your tightness for granted

  • Kian Parry
    Kian Parry 6 days ago

    My grandfather will be 88 next week and he's still out everyday (except from these last few days on lockdown) walking for at least an hour, putting bets on etc. And going to the pub on Sundays