2 Chainz goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

2 Chainz and Joe La Puma go Sneaker Shopping at A Ma Maniere in Atlanta and take a look at the high-end side of the footwear game.

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Автор Deon The Vine God ( назад)
2 chainz dog richer than us

Автор Igotsthesauce And the fuego ayy ( назад)
Why don't you do one with drake

Автор Iynniis ( назад)
id on first track?

Автор Cleto ( назад)
2 Chainz is so laid back, dude never has beef with anyone in the rap game

Автор No Name ( назад)
2 Chainz really using a dog as an accessory

Автор TheDarkWest-SideNiggaEmpireRapAndFreestyleLord0344 ( назад)
Im Not american So what I dont get is his Total is like 570 but he has to pay 630

Автор MArk Jackson ( назад)
anyone still wish yeezys were this price lol.....

Автор AGfoerver Andalways ( назад)
Mayor of Atlanta nigga please

Автор courage confidence ( назад)
that you call fashion

Автор Talha Khokhar ( назад)
If only

Автор ershnaberfganna smith ( назад)
trappy is huge 3:39

Автор Sophia ???????? ( назад)

Автор James Whitley ( назад)

Автор Tito Xen ( назад)
wtf cant belive he buy ovo yeezys retail price? WTF

Автор Mycah Alem ( назад)

Автор Ethan Kissoon ( назад)
the only reason I try on my shoes is to see if they fit

Автор Za Kid ( назад)

Автор jay cook ( назад)
"Luh duh ones"

Автор PattyC8ke97 ( назад)
Bruh got a 14 and a 13 😂what? I've seen half size difference if not full

Автор Micah Bisharah ( назад)
sneakerheads!! what are the shoes at 4:10-4:12?

Автор TY BanDzz ( назад)
"When u on stage u not suppose to look like the guy that's lookin at u" - 2chainz💯

Автор Lenashia West ( назад)
my boy 2 chainz came in with the dog. SAVAGE

Автор MineChoppz Gaming ( назад)
If the yeezys are 200 I'm shopping there

Автор Zion Sanchez ( назад)

Автор Canadian Moose ( назад)
throwback when Ovo's costed 350$

Автор thereal yungen ( назад)
Lol it looked like he traveled like a mofo

Автор Jimmi Deen ( назад)
walks into a random store and of course yeezy are in stock on the shelf what imaginary world he living in

Автор Jeremiah Bradley ( назад)
isn't anti fungus good cuz it stops fungus lmao 😂😂😂

Автор Adrian Juarez ( назад)
Retail 😳

Автор chashy gangster ( назад)

Автор Itz Redz ( назад)
Why get coppin those moo rocks for retail

Автор Donato Felicella ( назад)
crazy how the people who don't need retail price get retail price meanwhile were all pushing to get some nice shoes for so god damn much

Автор Kidace Gaming ( назад)
When you realize 2 chainz had more than 2 chains

Автор Demarco Atwater ( назад)
He could of fixed the shoe on the shelf

Автор Loan Change ( назад)
why do they add more money look at the total cost they added more

Автор Mark Anthony ( назад)

Автор RBUgaming ( назад)
$uicideboy$, pleeeease

Автор TheDolanizor ( назад)
lol theres no way he paid 225 for the moonrocks

Автор Amin Karimi ( назад)
how the fuck did he get them for retail

Автор Walker #123 ( назад)
when he went up the stairs he was on beat lol

Автор Timothy Nicdao ( назад)
At 4:00 what hat is 2 chainz wearing

Автор Emil Neisig ( назад)
I do not like this man

Автор Kapil Dabi ( назад)
2oooo... chaaaaaaiiinzz!!

Автор Chris Lewis ( назад)
How they be getting them for retail

Автор internet gangsters mob 351 ( назад)
"i dont try on shoes i know my size" type of mf to go right back and say he got the wrong size

Автор Jamari Smith ( назад)
this nigga so arrogant

Автор Aldosworldtv Is the best ( назад)
He ain't the mayor of Atlanta

Автор Trenton Wilson ( назад)
This nigga brought his dog....

Автор Alex Gerlach ( назад)
Guy is wearing like 6 chains... fucking sham!!!!

Автор luis h ( назад)
aint into this fOOs music but i liked how he schooled that other fOO real MFs dont try in them shoes if theyre really into that sneaker game is automatic _ gimee thems in the size what ever the f*ck and lets go MFCKA!!!!!!!

Автор teh clocadile music ( назад)
one of the best attitudes for a rapper

Автор YoungTrapLord 210 ( назад)
why he look so nervous,😂😂 "please " right after that my man look like oh shit

Автор Mathieu Laroche ( назад)
rape???? wtf?????

Автор Saw Mu ( назад)
I always lud da onez

Автор Michael Garr ( назад)
you can tell he's rich because of the way he man handles and tosses those shoes around.

Автор Anthony James ( назад)
when nike made jordans they were tough but since jordan making them they look cheap

Автор Marshauri Murray ( назад)
What store is that?

Автор Marshauri Murray ( назад)
What store is that?

Автор Henry Esparza ( назад)
If only i could be 2 chainz's dog...

Автор joshua hand ( назад)
I have a helicopter

Автор Elmo Emirkan ( назад)
He fucking bought the expenisve dog smh 2 chainz is a living legend

Автор Ultra Kicks ( назад)
That's cool he got them reatail

Автор ali shehabi ( назад)
The retail on them yeeyz and ovo's 💔

Автор Lit Brit ( назад)
2chainz ?? I counted 7

Автор Almighty.bros4life stay fly ( назад)
1:53 it's at but crack on the shoe

Автор Issac Costa ( назад)
He's a 14 in Ovos 😳

Автор WC Indie ( назад)
he really bought yeezys for retail

Автор Black Steve Jobs ( назад)
2 Chainz look soft ass hell wit dat dog

Автор Jason Akpabio ( назад)
those super expensive shoes ugly asf .

Автор Toby Tran ( назад)
How'd he get the moon rock for 225??

Автор Lil_campa ( назад)
Shoulda got infant yeezys for the dog

Автор Lil_campa ( назад)
Is that the 100,000 dollar dog?

Автор Juan Rios ( назад)
I love how he includes the dog 😂

Автор Nike King ( назад)
since when are yezzys 200 dollars

Автор Shayan Mobini ( назад)
Do yeezys cost 200$ now

Автор Two Flame ( назад)
that dog lives better than me

Автор Nickster 3073 ( назад)
I'm fucking dead the ovos and yeezys for retail I mean if anything his rich a$$ should pay resale

Автор Jaden Mitchell ( назад)
Dis nigga jus throwing the shoes 😭😭

Автор KicksGame ( назад)
why does he buy a jordan 10 size 14 and a yeezy boost size 13? these 2 shoes run an half size big, am I right ?

Автор Junsner ( назад)
He paid retail?!?!

Автор Grace Alexis ( назад)
That cashier was
cute af and she had a cute voice..checkout and BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS FROM (AUTHEnTIC HITS DOT COM)) and get ton of real views on youtube and all other social media services??

Автор S4VAG3 ( назад)
black guys are sick

Автор Kidz kicks ( назад)
What store is this 500 for ds ovo 10s and yeezys!

Автор Fadelikekobe 2 ( назад)
Can tell 2 chainz the only rapper who made it through high school...

Автор Adriana Ramirez ( назад)
cashier was cute af and she had a cute voice..checkout and BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS FROM (AUTHEnTIC HITS DOT COM)) and get ton of real views on youtube and all other social media services??

Автор W JE ( назад)
like how the fk thoese rapper can just goin store and buy a yeezy with retail price lollllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор hallie clayton ( назад)
where tf
is this store where you can buy these kicks for retail!?..checkout and *BUY* *YOUTUBE* *VIEWS* *FROM* *(AUTHEnTIC* *HITS* *DOT* *COM)*) and get ton of real views on youtube and all other social media services?

Автор FRAGAMES 230 ( назад)
he paid retail for the yeezy whatttt

Автор Carter Wilcox ( назад)

Автор John Terry ( назад)
all is nice

Автор Jonathan Alcaraz ( назад)
What are those white 6s? He picked up and put back next to the ones ?

Автор Trevon Reid ( назад)
" real niggas don't try on shoes " 💀 NIGGA WHAT! what if them birches don't fit?! THEN WHAT

Автор Roman Peter ( назад)
2 Chainz !!

Автор alvina acton ( назад)
2 Chainz
livin the dream man I wanna walk my dog in a sneaker store :(checkout and *BUY* *YOUTUBE* *VIEWS* *FROM* *(AUTHEnTIC* *HITS* *DOT* *COM)*) and get ton of real views on youtube and all other social media services?

Автор baran aydogan ( назад)
how did he get the yeezys for that much?

Автор Quicklogger ( назад)
what glasses are 2 chainz wearing?

Автор Nolan Sprite ( назад)
Every time he said balling I cringed

Автор Omar Ramirez ( назад)
Idk why I imagine 2 chainz saying " TRUUUU" everytime joe says sum like " u like these "

Автор JsOnMyFeet23 ( назад)
That jacket is covering up a lot of space.. Either way dude looks cool, and quite polite

Автор djmo 55 ( назад)
they should haev nyjah huston on the show

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