25 M&M Ice Cream Sandwiches (6,000+ calories)

  • Published on Sep 16, 2016
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Comments • 6 547

  • Fabiann Leon
    Fabiann Leon 3 hours ago

    I would of ate them with milk not water

  • Bikash ajak
    Bikash ajak 8 hours ago

    Man they really look so tasty😛

  • Felipe Figueroa
    Felipe Figueroa 12 hours ago

    How do you eat all that ice🍦 cream

  • *babanoob *
    *babanoob * 15 hours ago

    Ded brain

  • mousers :D
    mousers :D 21 hour ago +1

    i keep rewatching 4:35 sjdbdh

  • Marco Ayalaa
    Marco Ayalaa Day ago

    I can feel a brain freeze coming in while watching this 🥶

  • doa stella
    doa stella Day ago +1

    I love ice creams

  • Ramiz 133
    Ramiz 133 Day ago +1

    Why does he make eating challenge why not slime vedio

  • Jake Fearon
    Jake Fearon 2 days ago +2

    matt: eats 25 M&M ice cream sandwiches
    diabetes: helllllllloooooooooo

  • Armaan Kajani
    Armaan Kajani 2 days ago +1


  • אורית ימין
    אורית ימין 3 days ago


  • Mahrukh Ali
    Mahrukh Ali 3 days ago +1

    So yummy

  • nshanahan13
    nshanahan13 4 days ago

    Those look so gross goddamn

  • Joseph Peters
    Joseph Peters 4 days ago

    How can 4 boxes of cookies add up to 25 if there is 6 in each box????

  • CocoHead Official
    CocoHead Official 4 days ago

    EMINEM: ok imma diss this guy from eating my family

  • Nheil Adrian Cano The Filpacilp Animation Meme.

    Why the ice cream not melting yet?Something eat Ice Cream M&M Like Cookies challenging food that kind hard 25 ice cream not pretty short that long?

  • GamersMark3
    GamersMark3 7 days ago +2

    A video isn't completed without Morgan's laugh

  • The Mysterious Stranger That doesn’t exist

    I’d eat them all

  • landline00
    landline00 8 days ago

    I could eat like 8 max.


    I’m braziliam bit I like your vídeos

  • Elijah Garza
    Elijah Garza 8 days ago

    Why water milk would be better

  • bobo 84
    bobo 84 9 days ago

    The Good part is that you Get to eat that many. The bad part is that you Have to eat that Many... Then puke later lol

  • Typon
    Typon 9 days ago

    2:35 spooky

  • Brian Nario
    Brian Nario 9 days ago +1


  • Ryan Mccreary
    Ryan Mccreary 9 days ago +1

    Matt: 25 ice cream sandwich’s
    Diabetes: am I a joke to you

  • Daygian Davis
    Daygian Davis 9 days ago

    Mom can you make me a cookie sandwich
    Mom yes
    Me oh wow it look good

  • lexcouple82
    lexcouple82 9 days ago

    13 seconds for every sandwich

  • Chrysi McDonald
    Chrysi McDonald 10 days ago

    I am a food person but please tell me that I am not the only one who feels sick watching these videos!

  • Rejhie Gasco
    Rejhie Gasco 10 days ago

    Loser your so bad

  • Anilzkie TheThird
    Anilzkie TheThird 10 days ago

    Wowww matt stonie is not scared of calories

  • Sagar Bagad
    Sagar Bagad 10 days ago

    enjoy the food...what is the haste.. start enjoying stop counting, that would be fun.

  • Leoni Ben
    Leoni Ben 10 days ago

    0:19 feels it's gonna fall down

    0:24 IT FALLS DOWN

  • zaid Al-Baghdady
    zaid Al-Baghdady 10 days ago

    they look huge in the thumbnail

    • Doctor Strange
      Doctor Strange 3 days ago +1

      At first look, I thought those are as large as a Sofa, Lmao.

  • namkook chelisa
    namkook chelisa 10 days ago

    Me: enjoying food😋😋
    Matt stonie: enjoying food faster than me.............

  • NolanPo
    NolanPo 11 days ago

    Morgans laugh is hysterical

  • نونو الكلابي
    نونو الكلابي 11 days ago +1

    في عربي هون

  • Moto moto likes you
    Moto moto likes you 11 days ago

    There breakfeast lunch and dinner for 3 days

  • BBo BBo
    BBo BBo 12 days ago

    I want one!!!!!

  • Navin R. Johnson
    Navin R. Johnson 12 days ago

    They came out the same shape as they went in.

  • Jack Bard
    Jack Bard 12 days ago

    my teeth feel so uncomfortable rn

  • Kevin Boudrey
    Kevin Boudrey 12 days ago +1

    I wish I was him but not doing the challenge

  • Myzell Patty
    Myzell Patty 13 days ago

    Mmm that so delicious 😋
    M&ms 🍦 🍪 sandwich

  • Ace Of Spades
    Ace Of Spades 13 days ago


  • Lisa Singletary
    Lisa Singletary 13 days ago

    The ghost said fuck that

  • Great Hope
    Great Hope 17 days ago

    I don't think this eating challenge of Matts is that impressive, compared to his other ones. I think I could actually do this one easily.

  • Jared Shepherd
    Jared Shepherd 22 days ago

    How does he not get a brain freeze???

  • XboxAddict 678
    XboxAddict 678 22 days ago

    This is one of the challanges I could complete and love it

    NOE MARTINEZ 22 days ago

    I want one rn !!!!!!

  • The Wheel-Addicted
    The Wheel-Addicted 23 days ago

    When u realize this guy is skinny af

  • Quinten Pena
    Quinten Pena 23 days ago

    0:19 Sounds like Jason Voorhees’ introduction

  • M2bz 33
    M2bz 33 24 days ago

    Matt: these things look delicious!
    25 Mam cookies: am I a joke to you?

  • Leestheories 117
    Leestheories 117 24 days ago

    HEY he’s right gotta get those scraps too boy haha

  • Ariel Cruz
    Ariel Cruz 24 days ago

    The chocolate version of these are not as good

  • Flights RAGE
    Flights RAGE 24 days ago

    Fake ice cream.. how is it 10 mins and it hasn’t really melted?

  • Naomi Adams, Photographer

    What does your brother sound like the Asian Ronald Reagan

  • Eone Hundred
    Eone Hundred 25 days ago

    This reminds me of those small ice cream bits that were Incase’s by chocolate and almonds I think or peanut and was in a red bucket what’s the name?

  • wassami plays
    wassami plays 26 days ago


  • Fred Mccowan
    Fred Mccowan 27 days ago

    Yeah they melted bro. They don't expect someone to eat 25 at once.

  • Collin Thomas
    Collin Thomas 28 days ago

    How does he do this shit

  • NotYourTypicalGamerYt
    NotYourTypicalGamerYt 28 days ago

    I hope u washed ur counter before putting those on it lol

  • ZMinion
    ZMinion 28 days ago

    100% savage

  • prestige wolf
    prestige wolf 28 days ago

    easy i would be qble to do this jk i woukdnt be ablevti

  • Артем Руев
    Артем Руев 28 days ago

    1:37 start!

  • Nika Laluashvili
    Nika Laluashvili 29 days ago

    1:36 thank me later

  • Zahmya Robinson
    Zahmya Robinson 29 days ago

    I am hungry 😫😣😤 😣👍

  • KonIzKoming
    KonIzKoming Month ago

    Diabetes: Doctor what disease do I have
    Doctor: I’m afraid you have Matt Stonie

  • Anthony Ybarra
    Anthony Ybarra Month ago

    Honestly his laugh is so fucking annoying

  • Lelelelele Gomez
    Lelelelele Gomez Month ago

    You eat ice cream Y U NO GeT brain freeze

  • Troy Rumsey
    Troy Rumsey Month ago

    This is your mission!
    No, this is an envelope!

  • KurgZ
    KurgZ Month ago

    Food is good

  • Mrnjavac Svensson
    Mrnjavac Svensson Month ago

    will there ever be a vid where he throws up?

  • Leo Padilla
    Leo Padilla Month ago

    Dude who eats ice cream with water

  • Frank The Tank
    Frank The Tank Month ago

    *diabetes has left the chat*
    *death has joined the chat*

  • Lau Junhao
    Lau Junhao Month ago

    I think the rest of the people in matt's house (Can't confirm it's his) are eating the same ice cream sandwiches

  • Kazoo Kid
    Kazoo Kid Month ago

    Watching this makes me not wanna eat anything else for the rest of my life

  • NZXT SlaYz
    NZXT SlaYz Month ago

    4:14 sounds like someone is wiping the window

  • Dean Finson
    Dean Finson Month ago

    Ok. Next time you let frozen things melt instead of eating I unsubscribe.

  • platinum gg
    platinum gg Month ago

    How doesn’t this man get fat. Do a daily vlog please

  • Hoodie
    Hoodie Month ago

    I could probably do this in 2 hours

  • Olivia and Tala 2019

    ...I thought I ate unhealthy

    REVAN x KURD Month ago +2

    Now the toilet says :
    Ah - shit here we go again!

  • Pixel Wolf
    Pixel Wolf Month ago

    0:19 scary movie sound

  • - Cyths
    - Cyths Month ago

    Matt Stonie: eats 25 ice cream M&M cookies
    Diabetes: Am i a joke to you?

  • Alberto Bonilla
    Alberto Bonilla Month ago

    I'm curiouse does he do this once a mouth and stays on a diet the rest of the days because that's alots of calories to eat in less than 10 min

  • Jasmin Rowe
    Jasmin Rowe Month ago

    You know pirtson playz i cant know

    • Cod or Bf
      Cod or Bf Month ago +1

      Jasmin Rowe perfect grammar 10/10

  • Denesha Ferguson
    Denesha Ferguson Month ago

    How can he do that I will get a Brain FREEZE !!!🤔🤔🤔

    PATEFILD Month ago

    Um q delicia

  • Milktea
    Milktea Month ago +2

    *dude i watch 7 of your videos this hour then i havent finish 1 bowl of noodle ;-;*

  • dbevans1328
    dbevans1328 Month ago

    You shoupd have either a banana challenge👎👎👎👎 or sugar cookie mmmmmm👍👍👍👍👍

  • tcha rau
    tcha rau Month ago

    Diabetes isn’t in Matt’s vocabulary

  • Jrodarod 2006
    Jrodarod 2006 Month ago

    Matt’s Brain: Lets do this
    M&M sandwiches: I’m about to end this whole mans career

  • chloe walker
    chloe walker Month ago

    I could eat 1 in the time he can eat 25

  • saige 70
    saige 70 Month ago +2

    Me: Eats one of those ice creams and get diabetes.
    Matt Stonie: eats 25 ice creams and doesn’t break a sweat.

  • 댕댕이
    댕댕이 Month ago

    시발ㄹ 어케먹엇노

  • Rocky Delgado
    Rocky Delgado Month ago

    matt stonie... the man ⬆, the legend ⬇

  • Kaan Moser
    Kaan Moser Month ago

    Why do you do this all for YT Money that ist bad😕😕😕😔😔😔RIP World😩😩😩

  • Alex. M the red ninja
    Alex. M the red ninja Month ago +2

    Umm theres something called starving children in Africa aka *ME*
    Jk but for real

    • #fuck the LGBTQ
      #fuck the LGBTQ Month ago

      Alex. M the red ninja than donate food to them you fucking loser

  • Grape
    Grape Month ago

    Do you have diabetes?

  • Paul Morse
    Paul Morse Month ago

    Where’s the milk

  • Sereen Assaf
    Sereen Assaf Month ago

    oh m god even 1 would be too much for me