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  • Published on Jul 21, 2017
  • Delicious recipe for JULY, Best recipe video. Click here:
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    Summer Treats!

  • dien tuan ngo
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    Tôi là người Việt Nam

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    Toga Himiko 7 hours ago

    “Ice cream, give me ice cream with wii cream”

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    Hussain 17 hours ago

    The bacon avocado one is disgusting

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    So Nice 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘👌👌

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    Dogsarebest12 Day ago

    Looks good for 2019 too!


    All the time I look up this for after the vid I make yummy foods😁

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    kailea smith Day ago

    Unicorn milkshake🌈🌈🌈🌈

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    My favorite baking show

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    So good

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  • Pug Vlogs
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  • Rosana Guevara
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    Your Food and desserts look so yummy I wish that I can be a amazing at making delicious food:)

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  • almita Girett
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    Te quiero juli

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    Wow! This looks delicious yum 😋

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  • Nikeisha Anindya
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  • Koko
    Koko 8 days ago

    Me:sees title
    Me:it's almost Canada day and it's on July 1 so I should bake some of these
    Me:o wait am only 8

    Who also celebrates Canada Day and who is Canadian and who is watching this on June 9, 2019

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    Like al quien le encanta😙😘

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    Who else saw the purple dye mixed with the cream but forgot to put it in the cupcake

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    **confused zombie noises**

    • G_H_O_S_T
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      Malu Sison
      I just dont understand why this is for July specifically.

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    Me gusta

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    Dolos limdos domito e gostovo

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    So I was working out a lot and then I stopped for a break and just started watching RUclip. *this is what I’ve come to.*

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    Ice cream give me ice cream with whipped cream

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    I’m literally eating ice cream right now😭😂😂👋🏼

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    2:04 "Give me ice cream with whipped cream"
    Me: that sounds good
    2:32 *"Tie me up with ice cream"*
    Me: *Wtf*

  • FaceTune Hero
    FaceTune Hero 11 days ago

    The 1 recipe is also really gold for pride month if that is something you celebrate

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    😭😭😭😭 no bleed🥺💉🤯

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    Yummy. Cakes. Recipie

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    who else watches it but doesn’t do it.. me *(;-;)*

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    Are you gonna give me the ice cream yet?

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  • Juan Diaz
    Juan Diaz 12 days ago

    Porque no lo ponen las letras en español

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    1:52 I love ICE CREAM

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    WOW!!! A diabetes how to video!!!

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    Torie sheldon2.0 14 days ago

    What's the music called for the unicorn milkshake? Does anyone know PLZZZ tell me

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  • Sunsteel Savage275
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    At war
    General: "we need heavy firepower!"
    Me: *throws bacon avacado bomb*

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    I love it

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    These look so good! You're such a great cook so yummy!

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    مين صايم ويشوف الفيديو ومين عربي يحط لايك للتعليق

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    AlihanXDtaetaek00kiE 16 days ago

    Why does the last recipe freak me out?? Oh I know...eggs and meat with AVOCADOS!!...yeah I doubt her sanity

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    Exactly, you can eat them after you made them 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

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    i. loVe. the

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    Thats so yummy

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    1:53 ... the best music

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    So nice

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    1:35 does it annoy anyone else that they took it from the middle not the side?

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    I really wanna hear the sound when you make these YUMMY foods

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    I really wanna try the fruity pebble roll

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    Quem deu vontade de comer curte por favor 😍😊

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    No entiendo pero me gusta ver estos videos 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

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    are you doing that just for u get fat

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    Who else born in JULY.....?😘🎂And born especially for these treats??😋

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    "Recipes for *JULY*"
    That's racist for other months

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    The hi hat cupcakes look like someone pooped on the cupcakes

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