Priced out: L.A.'s hidden homeless

  • Published on Feb 22, 2019
  • Los Angeles is in the midst of the worst homeless crisis the city has ever seen, driven by rising rents, stagnant wages and an affordable housing shortage. CBSN Originals' Adam Yamaguchi meets a single mother living in her car with her teenage daughter, just one example of L.A.'s hidden homeless population that is steadily growing as longtime residents are priced out of their homes - with nowhere else to go.
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  • Irene Duke
    Irene Duke 10 hours ago

    A very sad and good documentary. The mom, little girl, and her dog should leave the state bc they can find much cheaper places to live in TX, than $2,400 and plenty of work in this state.

  • HL Watts
    HL Watts 20 hours ago

    I don’t understand why these people stay in LA. You can’t afford the rent so find work in a state you can afford to live.

  • Pinkie Love
    Pinkie Love 23 hours ago

    lots of hidden homeless in Arizona , im in mesa , and im hidden homeless going on 2 years, i just saved 120,000 in 2 years

  • KC Chiefs
    KC Chiefs Day ago

    I don’t understand people are so ignorant why don’t you move to freaking Midwest Iowa Missouri Minnesota Nebraska I know they wanna live in LA because the ocean is close by I moved from Bosnia to Germany to here I didn’t have nothing I started from bottom to and sometimes you have to and to get somewhere you have to start from the bottom, where I live now you can get a two bedroom apartment for 800$ / $900 a month and you can work 2,3,4 jobs if you want to people need to start thinking don’t be like frozen ice get stuck in one place start moving so yes I can do it and you’ll do it nothing will come on it’s own good luck..

  • Missy Lazo
    Missy Lazo Day ago

    This is so sad ... I can’t help but cry .. The democrats impeaching trump more than helping the homeless .. shame on you Pelosi fix your homeless state .. if your a true catholic this should be your 1 priority these are thousands of people from California instead of having impeaching trump help these people in need ..

  • Wild Enemy
    Wild Enemy 2 days ago +2

    Where is the father of the girl who lives in the car with her mom?!

  • Sherry Roy
    Sherry Roy 2 days ago

    vote republican and see change

  • Sherry Roy
    Sherry Roy 2 days ago

    why not leave that place??? you could live off 900 month in georgia or florida

  • Norman Alvarez
    Norman Alvarez 2 days ago

    Keep voting democrats

  • Dangerous Television

    Many homeless people find ways to be homeless. Many don't want to adhere to other people's household rules...many don't want to clean...many aren't willing to take the necessary steps not to be homeless.

  • Shawn G Caperna
    Shawn G Caperna 3 days ago

    This is all done by design... it's apparently apart of an agenda.

  • Shawn G Caperna
    Shawn G Caperna 3 days ago

    Greed should be a crime

  • albertdlc88
    albertdlc88 3 days ago

    Losing our families and asking for help to the government

  • albertdlc88
    albertdlc88 3 days ago

    We can barely survive we drown to death

  • Marcy's Eco Village Life

    If I couldn’t afford rent in a particular city, I think I would leave that city. If I have to live in my car anyway, I would drive it towards an area with cheaper rents. Then just keep working at whatever I do, and squirrel away money to pay first and last, or just save for a camper and move into a trailer park. Oh wait, that’s what I actually did! I lived in a camper and worked anywhere I could until I had enough money to better my situation.

  • Just Suzie
    Just Suzie 3 days ago

    She should probably consider moving to Mexico. She could make it on her SSC there and probably thrive to boot. Cheaper healthcare and all.

  • Just Suzie
    Just Suzie 3 days ago

    All of these folks need to move down south like Houston, Louisiana or Mississippi.

  • Silvia Mallen Wilhelmi

    It hurts my heart... 💔😢

  • js arne
    js arne 4 days ago

    That 2006 bmw is a ticking time bomb just waiting for that $1000 brake job

    JOCELYN WYOMING 2 4 days ago +1


  • Mayra Alonso
    Mayra Alonso 5 days ago

    I live in Sanford NC and the rent here is 500$ a month for a 3bedroom trailer im so grateful that my fanily moved here whem i was smaller and i never had to deal with not being able to move out on my own 🙌 god is great

  • Cameron Ward
    Cameron Ward 5 days ago

    Its time to burn down la and new york

  • Daddy's babygirl
    Daddy's babygirl 6 days ago +1

    Im so disgusted at how the politicians are in America. How they can see what there laws are doing but no one does any thing.

    • cc cav
      cc cav 4 days ago

      The government and its politicians never gave a crap about the very people who voted for these individuals who we put in office. It's all greed and capitalism.

  • Jonny Boy
    Jonny Boy 6 days ago +1

    well leave LA , tons of work and affordable living in republican states and counties

  • Michael Angel
    Michael Angel 7 days ago

    You are poor because you put yourself there. Most of us are doing just fine.

  • Suga Boom
    Suga Boom 8 days ago +2

    They need to sue the landlords. Just greed 😔.

  • Jake Milner
    Jake Milner 8 days ago +1

    Wake up America make more affordable housing for people and the homeless

  • Phuck U ALL
    Phuck U ALL 8 days ago +2

    WHY Would Anyone Want To Pay Ridiculously High Rent With a Tent City on The Sidewalk In Front of it ?

  • Dorian Nash
    Dorian Nash 9 days ago

    This homeless crisis has nothing to do with a particular political party, they are all one in the same. Playing their part in this world stage. What's going on is all by design. Things are speeding up, and we can no longer ignore it. Tents are popping up everywhere, even in the nice areas, and they are going to keep popping up. If nothing has been done to help these people before, what makes you think all of a sudden they will. When they closed the mental health facilities, and left them to fend for themselves was the beginning to the end. Now the high cost of living is pushing even more people to be homeless. The only solution to this is going to be FEMA CAMPS. It's time to get connected to our Creator.

  • Luke1too4
    Luke1too4 10 days ago

    I know the people from one of those buildings 😡corporations suck and should be ashamed what they're doing

  • Michael Matthews
    Michael Matthews 10 days ago

    Drive your house somewhere cheaper

  • Michael Matthews
    Michael Matthews 10 days ago

    "I have a few places that are real dark where I like to park my car"
    Parks under street light

  • Edge
    Edge 11 days ago

    Les Miserables 2019

  • John J. Rambo
    John J. Rambo 11 days ago

    Best thing to do is find roommates. But good ones. I pay 500 a month for a room with electricity, water, cable and internet included. I have 5 roommates and we all get along great. I live in Tampa and if I wanted a small 1 bedroom apartment I’d have to pay at least 1300 a month just on rent with no utilities. Tiny homes are a good option too

  • Pablo Vales
    Pablo Vales 11 days ago


  • binahustles
    binahustles 11 days ago

    White people acting shocked but gentrification has been happening to minorities for years

  • Daniel Imoesiri
    Daniel Imoesiri 11 days ago

    December 3rd 2019, 9k people liked this video wow

  • Coper Nicus
    Coper Nicus 12 days ago

    In europe that would never fly! Sorry to hear....

  • Mayleevang75
    Mayleevang75 12 days ago

    This is insane that America is raising our peoples’ rents to sky high. Why are we putting our own people out on the street and handing money to other countries!!!! Let’s put an end to this.. I don’t know who or how and what can we do but we got to do something..

    • Mayleevang75
      Mayleevang75 12 days ago

      You haven’t failed as a mother! The government have failed the American people, to take care of those who has worked all their lives only to find out they can no longer pay for a place to stay.... My heart goes out to all those who are struggling with this.

  • Lynell Jansen
    Lynell Jansen 12 days ago

    Sorry but if you have a low income or you are using food stamps why are you buying food at 7 eleven. Prices there are way over priced why not shop at the grocery stores?

  • Carl_Sandzs
    Carl_Sandzs 12 days ago

    83% increase in rent vs 11% increase in wages?! I'm no mathematician but the statistics involved in this gap is horrible. I live in VA Beach and you can find a 3 br apt or townhouse here for $1250 -$1500.
    People here complain about homelessness but its dwarfed and pales in comparison to LA.

  • Jayk Frisby
    Jayk Frisby 12 days ago

    These people like to blame the property owners, but they dont realize that if property TAXES go up and cost of living in the state go up, then if the property owner wants to keep his or her house instead of losing it then they must raise their rents. Im not saying this is the reason rents are going up but its more than oh the tryna triple my rent.. Look at your democrat government leaders they are actually the ones who are screwing you. Btw renting a house is a BUSINESS if they arent making money then they arent going to keep that house for long.

  • Kay Elizabeth
    Kay Elizabeth 12 days ago

    I do believe they should be giving more than a 60 day notice. But people need to realize they are renting a building they do not own. So how can you not BELIEVE when someone buys it? Lmfao you dont own that apartment it's a loaner in exchange for a financial agreement however. I do feel for those who've been homeless I've been homeless TWICE. SEEN A world that's unbelievable when you're in survival. God bless to all...

  • Alva Shoemaker
    Alva Shoemaker 12 days ago

    What about SRO'S?! 🙃😶👣

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore 12 days ago

    It's ok to take what you want the government does.

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore 12 days ago

    It takes two jobs to be homeless.

  • Clement
    Clement 13 days ago

    I live in a government-owned flat, I pay 15 US dollars a month. I'm from Indonesia

  • Keith Snider
    Keith Snider 13 days ago

    Dystopian Capitalism.

  • George Singh
    George Singh 13 days ago

    You need some one to tell you it is not your home,you are just renting,

  • George Singh
    George Singh 13 days ago

    It cannot happen to any one! You are a fool !

  • Jen Morris
    Jen Morris 13 days ago

    I think Airbnb is a major factor of this horrible situation.

  • Cliff M
    Cliff M 14 days ago

    I hope Ana and everyone have found homes and are doing ok!

  • Slowburner74 Big B.O.S

    Alotta Ppl In This Video Needs To Move Like That Women With The BMW And The Lady With Daughter That Was Paying 1500 Close That Chapter In LA And Move To Another State Were The Cost Living Is Affordable Here In Minneapolis (Twin Cities) She Could Of Been Renting A House For 1500

  • KnockOutCutie
    KnockOutCutie 14 days ago

    And now ppl from California are fleeing and coming to Texas causing our rent and home prices to sky rocket .....

  • Trajan Trajan
    Trajan Trajan 14 days ago +1

    Food stamps.... so that’s why 7/11 charges 3$ for a cup of noodle that cost 40 cents in a grocery store

  • BOB P
    BOB P 14 days ago

    Why would anyone want to live in CA it’s too expensive. Rent in Kentucky is $500 a month you can buy a small house for $80k and a pretty good size one for $150k you can live good on $12 per hour.

  • Jes
    Jes 15 days ago

    Nice story.

  • Andrew Freeman
    Andrew Freeman 15 days ago

    I feel for these people but most of these issues could be solved by MOVING OUT OF STATE...Plenty of cheap place in mid west.

  • Werther's Original
    Werther's Original 15 days ago

    I'm confused because these people are renting. They don't own the property. So what grants them the power over the owner to dictate what the owner can and can't do with his/her property?

  • John Hays
    John Hays 15 days ago

    All CA will have left soon are the 1% and the homeless...luckily thats how the Dems believe society should function...the flat broke and the wealthy ruling class