• Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Overwatch two years ago, I released the video titled "Top 5 Worst Ultimates". That video has taken my channel to heights I never would have guessed... However, I think it's time we redo the list now.
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  • The Real DylzSklz
    The Real DylzSklz 6 hours ago

    Mate, Mcree is one of my mains and I have to back his ult. You do get exposed but if you have a good team you can have shields. Also Widows ult can be good if you have someone else ult like Mcrees or Junkrat on point

  • Kyara Bova
    Kyara Bova 10 hours ago


  • Adam Studio
    Adam Studio 15 hours ago

    I waited for infra sight for whole video

  • Itsawesome Walker
    Itsawesome Walker 20 hours ago


  • S3xy Man990
    S3xy Man990 Day ago

    surprised genii blade isn’t here

  • Bbujj
    Bbujj 2 days ago

    Fam can u really hit every single shot in a 75 clip?
    It really isnt a bad ultimate very good for just taking the whole point by yourself

  • Linkalot
    Linkalot 3 days ago

    Widow Maker ult should also make it so you can shoot through walls with your sniper for like 10 seconds

  • fourtwentynick
    fourtwentynick 3 days ago

    Where is Winston’s Primal Rage? 🦍

  • Remko VDC
    Remko VDC 3 days ago

    Widow ult is like hacking wallhack, not so bad imo

  • ima very savage kitty

    Sounds like a press q to lose

  • samu rai
    samu rai 6 days ago

    I acctuly think soldiers ult is good. Yes i am acctuly good at aiming but why is it good? Bc you dont need to think about aiming and instead thinking about doing other stuff

  • Jaahcraft
    Jaahcraft 10 days ago +3

    I’m sorry but Ima have to back my boy hog here on this one he’s really useful for clearing points and not so much for just killing people. Yes it can kill some hero’s but that’s only if their in a tight space or on a wall. So he’s definitely a team player at the most and his ult isn’t that bad most people just use it wrong

  • Julian Kroon
    Julian Kroon 13 days ago +1

    0:19 everyone needs to see that dog

  • Jacob Kane
    Jacob Kane 13 days ago +1

    That one person on your team that criticizes you for playing tracer Well they’re playing bastion

  • Jacob Kane
    Jacob Kane 13 days ago +1

    Your favorite heroes Hanzo cough ( one trick )

  • Jacob Kane
    Jacob Kane 13 days ago +1

    For your showcasing for Mccrees ult every time he tried to use it it didn’t work that’s that’s because he’s ult is meant for far range

  • ashes burning
    ashes burning 13 days ago +1

    My brother said once ( when I had the yellow mcree legendary skin ),

    "Never play mcree because you are gonna stick out
    Like a yellow high lighter".
    -my brother

  • ATL Triumph
    ATL Triumph 14 days ago

    I legitimately thought he was joking when he said Infra sight is the worst because it is actually an amazing ult

  • Brett K
    Brett K 16 days ago

    Your a sniper so it could be helpful to know where people are and fucking teammates are not helpful

  • Brett K
    Brett K 16 days ago

    Tac visor equals super aimbot
    You: it helps you aim I guess

  • Thorvald Reistad
    Thorvald Reistad 17 days ago +1

    I got the rime sombra skin

  • milk tea
    milk tea 20 days ago

    Sombra EMP: yOu FoRgOt MeEeEeEe

  • Daniel Sheets
    Daniel Sheets 20 days ago

    With road god it’s called using it in a room

  • Karcsika Boross
    Karcsika Boross 21 day ago

    Roadhog's ultimate is a shield buster (this is my personal experience)

  • sLamy 7
    sLamy 7 21 day ago

    widows ult should boosted her damage

  • Line Hagen
    Line Hagen 22 days ago +1

    You clearly don’t know how to play mccree

  • Line Hagen
    Line Hagen 22 days ago +1

    In every single way ur wrong about all of this

  • Jayden Johnson
    Jayden Johnson 22 days ago

    You said mc Cree was glowing on his alt so it’s bad now for widows alt the glowing is not god. Not trying to hate

  • True Infinity Blade
    True Infinity Blade 22 days ago

    Literally got 2 5 mans with high noon today😂

  • Rahil Shaikh
    Rahil Shaikh 23 days ago

    I agree with this list except from Widow's ult. With infrasight, you can line up shots easily and as soon as someone turns a corner they get sent back to their spawn. Using this, you can kill like 4 of the enemy team's heroes even if you see them for less than a second. (DPS and support).

  • Mikolaj padykula
    Mikolaj padykula 24 days ago

    Is bro you wack dumb

  • SpinoPlaysPS4
    SpinoPlaysPS4 25 days ago +16


  • James Buckingham
    James Buckingham 29 days ago

    Surprised to see infrasight up here

  • Philip
    Philip Month ago

    There is no bad ult, you just have to use it tights. IT doesn't matter og you just get 1 pick. 1pick is good in Comp.

  • Pr0ng
    Pr0ng Month ago

    I’m not sure you know this but roadhog has no damage fall off while ulting.

  • Javonnnlikesvans 1
    Javonnnlikesvans 1 Month ago

    Bro that video is why I watch u and I play overwatch

  • CrazyBMWdude
    CrazyBMWdude Month ago

    Phara should get a damage reduction when she uses her ult. Nothing to big but it might give her an extra 2 or 3 seconds

  • Mento
    Mento Month ago

    Btw you could just put a orisa shield in front of the phara

  • Radu Mihai
    Radu Mihai Month ago +2

    0:18 damn that dong

    RUGBYKING Month ago

    change yoour mei reticle to a tiny green dot thank me later

  • chubbypandaftw Boy
    chubbypandaftw Boy Month ago

    If your aiming is bad then dont even bother picking soldier. The ult should be used to put pressure on the enemy team.

  • Gaming Pit bull
    Gaming Pit bull Month ago

    Bro mccree ult is not met for a whole team wipe it’s really meant for 1 or 2 maybe 3 and hey if your lucky 4 you get the picks you need so your team can win the fight

  • Raistlin2k
    Raistlin2k Month ago

    6:50 your to needy.

  • BoyBandit
    BoyBandit Month ago

    What about symmetra

  • Alexander HAMILTON
    Alexander HAMILTON Month ago

    This list is trash

  • Christy The
    Christy The Month ago +1

    Widow has 1 of the best ults. Just cause u cant aim

    HOOTYDOOT Month ago +5

    i feel like tracer's should have made the list, since even when you stick someone with pulse bomb, it isn't even a guaranteed kill, not even considering shields or armor.

    doodoo cuh

    • Miguel Lorenzo
      Miguel Lorenzo 3 days ago

      at least it does a good amount of damage that kills squishies and it charges very fast

  • Royal Rahim
    Royal Rahim Month ago

    Ummm t500 widow main here, and widows ult is actually pretty useful for people who can aim. It’s essential in the widow v widow matchup, and can be a deciding factor of who wins the fight. Considering you use widows ults like at 11:27, it’s no wonder u think it’s useless lol. When I was like plat and below I use to think it was worthless cause people like reaper or junk can just press q to win, but at the higher ranks where everyone has skill and game sense, it’s actually pretty useful!

  • Nolan Rowswell
    Nolan Rowswell Month ago

    I got a six man with Mcree I have video proof but I don’t know how to put it in the comments

  • Wyatt M
    Wyatt M Month ago

    I am a roadhog main and his umm is used to counter a lot of other ults like an as if she puts a tank Winston a sym shield breakes from his ult readers ult and sometimes genji his umm is used for a counter

  • PixelJesse
    PixelJesse Month ago

    Uhhh, *Mercy*

  • Benny Hunt
    Benny Hunt Month ago

    So giving u wall hacks is the worst ult but making a 2 centimetre thick shield that last for 8 seconds isn’t on the list. Every ult is situational and can be called bad but with Mccree it charges so fast a good player will get it 1 a fight and get 1-2 kills
    Love the vids

  • John Askings
    John Askings Month ago

    I agree with Widow being the worst. I'll even add to your reasoning... Hanzo has this ability on cooldown.

  • Riley Russell
    Riley Russell Month ago

    if deadeye wasn't here i'd leave lmao

  • SkyBird
    SkyBird Month ago

    I have no clue how u are masters based on how u place these ultimates in the list. Ur literially misunderstanding the use of almost all of the ults. "WiDoWmAkEr'S uLt Is BaD cAuS' yOuR tEaMaTeS cAn GeT tHe InFo AbOuT tHeIr PoSiTiOn FoR u."
    I guess it just proves that console masters is gold pc.

  • Shrowd
    Shrowd Month ago

    8:56 that spongebob joke got me 😂🤣

  • Questionable Ethics

    tac visor issue #2: NO HEADSHOTS

  • ENDLESS nightmares
    ENDLESS nightmares Month ago

    I Love McCree

  • sxphiealivio
    sxphiealivio Month ago

    widow mains are quaking in their seats

  • Kakkupohja
    Kakkupohja Month ago

    I thought #5 is symmetra