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Woodward: People better wake up to what's going on

  • Published on Sep 12, 2018
  • Legendary journalist Bob Woodward says a presidency is measured by what actually is done on the issues that affect people. Woodward goes on 'The Daily Briefing' to talk about his new book 'Fear' detailing life inside the Trump White House.
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Comments • 6 426

  • RandomThoughts
    RandomThoughts 5 months ago

    wtf! This video doesn't report any of the crazy stories they had in the book. Things like how senior aides would secretly steal official papers off the President's desk so he wouldn't see them or sign them. How Trump wanted to assassinate the Syrian dictator but his aides ignored him. How John Kelly said Trump was an idiot and has gone off the rails. That they were in Crazytown. What kind of reporting is this?

  • David Sharbel
    David Sharbel 7 months ago

    Brave man going on Fox.

  • nofirethanks
    nofirethanks 7 months ago


  • De Anna Austin
    De Anna Austin 7 months ago

    You have to say... Bob, you're dead! You just don't know it!!

  • De Anna Austin
    De Anna Austin 7 months ago

    That's also true for Woodward, Ok: People better wake up before it's too late!

  • walter hankins
    walter hankins 7 months ago

    He went bankrupt 7 times actually,. But the first was when he went morally bankrupt.

  • unknown President
    unknown President 7 months ago

    Republicans are too boofed with trumps toxic orange smeg , to see that red is dead.

  • Robert Sorenson
    Robert Sorenson 7 months ago

    Hey lefties. Trump is POTUS, hillary is not. You lefties are psychospaztic over that fact. What's left of your party will get wiped out in Nov. Buzzy Ginsberg retire. Good bye Roe v Wade.

  • WXOF
    WXOF 8 months ago

    Just took 10 Million dollars from FEMA funds and gave it to ICE to build "The Fence" .
    Only republicans live in hurricane zones - it's OK cause they don't like big government and not one of them would ever ask FEMA for assistance.

  • Kevin McCauley
    Kevin McCauley 8 months ago

    bob woodward better wake up

  • Hildebeast Clinton
    Hildebeast Clinton 8 months ago

    Your book is complete garbage. Just like your creepy style.

  • sarge5000
    sarge5000 8 months ago

    Lmao fox News comments from the trumptards are epic 🤣

  • Alfred Strickert
    Alfred Strickert 8 months ago

    None of you liberal commentators stopped to think "Wait-I'm actually against making America better?? I like my lies and inefficiency. Give me the bland bureaucratic politicians again. You know, Ones who can make a two hour speech and not really impact anything? That told me jobs were gone, the economy was doomed and the most important thing was bringing in hundreds of thousands of new people. Those guys."

  • Alfred Strickert
    Alfred Strickert 8 months ago

    Bob woodward could do a book on Hillary and the democrats malfeasance next. It might actually be a story and sell.

  • Alfred Strickert
    Alfred Strickert 8 months ago

    That the left hates him so much is obvious proof he's not a commie spy.

  • Beet
    Beet 8 months ago

    You guys are so triggered 😂

  • Kenneth. B
    Kenneth. B 8 months ago

    Yeah, people are better wake up and see how full of shit bobby piece of crap and the rest of the liberal/left are!!!!

  • marcello234
    marcello234 8 months ago

    "you can't add an addendum to events that haven't happened yet".

  • Joe C
    Joe C 8 months ago

    it's sept 22, 2018 and woodward and his book have disappeared
    another woodward book no one cares about

  • mondblume63
    mondblume63 8 months ago

    Impeachment can’t come soon enough!!! Drumpf is a total asshole and horrible excuse for a leader

  • johnathan clark
    johnathan clark 8 months ago

    People are in a coma.

  • denis murray
    denis murray 8 months ago

    This is very unlike fox.

  • Dan F
    Dan F 8 months ago

    Woodward trying for 15 more minutes..... Fail. Communist coup plotter. Part of the swamp!

  • Mitchell Rose
    Mitchell Rose 8 months ago

    I keep hearing about these so called accomplishments. Any bully or tyrant will accomplish something. At what cost? How much of it is stolen credit, or outright misinformation. This is a professional liar we're talking about, or as his base calls him, a "successful business man".

  • WXOF
    WXOF 8 months ago

    TRUMP- I had a car like you once!

    • WXOF
      WXOF 8 months ago

      A 58 Ford wagon, all my buddies barrowed it to take to the Drive in, but afterwards, the Thrill was gone!

  • Jermaine Perry
    Jermaine Perry 8 months ago

    Fox news is awful

  • Poison Toad
    Poison Toad 8 months ago

    Easy to spot the Trumptards in the comments. Fox airs the truth for once and their heads explode lol

  • Matthew SMITH
    Matthew SMITH 8 months ago

    I never felt more awake! Im liking the america first slogan. I think donald trump is doing very well. You guys got blind sited becsuse you thought you would have a demo in texas and you a rebulican. Thats how powerfull it is the republicans out number you so bad its crazy to think your going to win anything.

  • Ken Rascon
    Ken Rascon 8 months ago

    Politics bore me!!

  • Wes Brazo
    Wes Brazo 8 months ago

    I woke up to Bob Woodward's tactics with the publication of The Final Days, about the Nixon White House. After co-writing the brilliant All the President's Men, he came back with a book full of anonymous sources. To this day, I believe many of those quotes were made up. You are again losing your credibility, Bob, with your current book.

  • WanderLust
    WanderLust 8 months ago +2

    Trump is destroying America. Wake up and see him for what he is: Corrupt & dangerous.

  • Lorry Ann
    Lorry Ann 8 months ago

    It's nice to see someone on FOX who doesn't have Trumps hand up their butt making them say "fake news" and "witch hunt"

  • Tim Butler
    Tim Butler 8 months ago

    I thought it was Bernie in the pic....

  • Jay cvu
    Jay cvu 8 months ago

    The book is 99% quotes from sources from friends of sources. It's a joke, 99% of the book is not even things he was part of it. He just wrote a book about thing people told him, that people in the administration said... 🤣😂🤣😂

  • R0berto Amador
    R0berto Amador 8 months ago

    Fox news disgraced

  • Steef Lee
    Steef Lee 8 months ago

    How can anyone take these Trump supporters seriously? They are now claiming Woodward is a political hack just because they don’t like what he reported. There is zero evidence that Woodward is anything but a reputable journalist with unflappable integrity. If Woodward reported the same on any of Trump’s political opposition, they’d be praising him. These people are delusion, deranged and dangerous. What are we to do with them once this nightmare is over?

  • Kevin Hughey
    Kevin Hughey 8 months ago

    Exclusive listen to Trumps conversation with Woodward over the phone its on utube!

  • Powerfactorguy
    Powerfactorguy 8 months ago

    We're awake, that's why your book is going to be on the $2 rack with Hillary's book, in a couple of weeks.

  • Cathy Warren
    Cathy Warren 8 months ago

    Liberals all carry their brains in their asses hence they are called asshats

  • Cathy Warren
    Cathy Warren 8 months ago

    Jasper has more personality than Dana ..her voice makes nails on a chalk board sound pleasing..a Bush groupie

  • Kari Aintyourbizz
    Kari Aintyourbizz 8 months ago

    Mysterious cut at 5:06. I wonder why.

  • Gary Foutch
    Gary Foutch 8 months ago

    Can we all say: Opportunist? Writer of FiXtion.. ? If some want to believe this, possibly hibernating, Political writer, when the last POTUS was in office, then awoke for this Opportunity,,,to get in the Spotlight, once again, just like in the days of the Nixon Administration, "FiXtion Writer" go right ahead. Wodward's "..first hand sources" ( of course that tells us exactly who that would be, Right ? No it doesn't and that is a very sneaky way of saying: I can write anything that hints at "someone told me" and never naming who that was.. Ever.. because..He and any Political commentator can get away with that because he and they, know that a portion of the nation hates our POTUS so much they actually believe there are " un-named sources etc. Remember that Super Market Tabloid, The National Inquirer ? Yes when Nooos Was Nooos.. and we all could believe everything we read in that kind of Nooos.. Will Woodward try to put a new Nooos magazine on the shelves of the Super Markets and big bulk stores..that reading material we miss so much ? That might be his real forte, (or writing kiddie stories) ?

  • Don Goelz
    Don Goelz 8 months ago

    For the past 70 years since the end of WWII, each president's, both democratic and republican administrations had to face both financial and international crises. Not until the Trump presidency has the media played the fear card to this level. Bob's point over this book leaves out the history and basis for the paths that have been set in motion today. liberals just hate the idea of America saying no more to the policies of appeasement becoming the foundation of Americas diplomatic efforts in dealing with a increasingly difficult international environment. Just as they hate the idea of personal responsibility, the liberals wish to appease world opinion by blaming America for all the problems and not put the blame were it firmly belongs. Bob is part of that generation of liberal idealism which makes life easy today, but does little for the following generations peace and stability. Always remember the British Prime Minister Chamberlin waving a piece of paper in the air when returning from Germany, proudly proclaiming "Peace in our time"

  • Angelo Kournianos
    Angelo Kournianos 8 months ago

    We are waking up. Why Trump won. You fake news to

  • John Here
    John Here 8 months ago

    Any good thing happening in the economy now is the result of President Obama's work.
    DT is just a total disgrace, a crooked pervert, border line fascist, a destroyer of the founding values in this country. The results of his work will soon show.

    NHMO OYTIS 8 months ago

    Among other things they need to wake up to the fact that Woodturd has been a CIA mockingbird asset from the word go. Die you old motherfucker.

  • Eddie3074
    Eddie3074 8 months ago

    Trump fan boys refusing to believe they got conned, lol.

  • James Kline
    James Kline 8 months ago

    So many Shiiilllssss. . . . . THE SHEKELS ARE OVERWHELMING

  • Wandering Goliard
    Wandering Goliard 8 months ago

    "try not to report on the future." What measure.

  • Jay cvu
    Jay cvu 8 months ago

    Everyone is trying to make a buck . They love Donald Trump, he is making everyone richer. Lol

    • Kevin Hughey
      Kevin Hughey 8 months ago

      cute puppy you are right economy is rolling Dem's are mad!

    • Jay cvu
      Jay cvu 8 months ago

      Kevin Hughey
      And everyone is writing books and 24/7 news about him . Is a money maker

    • Kevin Hughey
      Kevin Hughey 8 months ago

      401 k mega stocks at their highest rock on!

  • john Buchanan
    john Buchanan 8 months ago

    Don't worry Libtards, it will all be over in 6 1/2 years, but there is good news, Costco has tissues on sale. MAGA

  • john Buchanan
    john Buchanan 8 months ago

    According to General Kelly and General Mattis, two highly decorated Marines, said the comments in the book that they were quoted on, were bullshit.

  • Gordie Eggleston
    Gordie Eggleston 8 months ago

    Obama tried to make America's economy like the economies of all the other countries in the world.
    Trump has made the American economy great again, like it was under Reagan.
    And the economy is now so great it is better than any other country's economy which is why corporations from other countries want to do business here... which is why, despite our deficit, the interest rates in America have not gone up. The only business-friendly country on earth is now the United States of America.

  • Veracity North
    Veracity North 8 months ago +4

    Bob Woodward is a well-respected man. Trump is a complete well-known liar.

  • Rev. J. Roger Allen
    Rev. J. Roger Allen 8 months ago +1

    Woodward has been lying ever since Watergate and he is still lying now.

  • Outgarth Loki
    Outgarth Loki 8 months ago

    At least six US citizens were targeted for assassination via drone strike and the civilians who happened to be standing around, were murdered via drone strike under the obama administration and this schmuck thinks Trump is the problem ?

  • Harold Johnson
    Harold Johnson 8 months ago

    If people do actually wake up to what is really going on, people like Mr. Woodward would be laughed at or jailed depending on just how dishonest and/or criminal they have been in trying to keep their hold on power at any cost even if it should damage the country irreparably. I do not believe Mr. Woodward is being honest about his motivations (power/fame/money).

  • P Carey
    P Carey 8 months ago

    unhappy old man again.

  • Samuel Stag
    Samuel Stag 8 months ago

    Dana Perino is WEAK

  • Johan De Boer
    Johan De Boer 8 months ago

    Thanks for voting a complete lunatic as your president.

    MrREDWOOD6 8 months ago

    shut it old man we live in a different world now

  • claude clayton
    claude clayton 8 months ago

    Woodward one of the most boring mother F***ker I ever . he's more boring than Obama.I can't take no more. this mofo gives me a headache.

  • Ash Kavash
    Ash Kavash 8 months ago

    A SAD STORY..........
    What nonsense ........

  • chuxtuff
    chuxtuff 8 months ago

    Who would believe that Bob Woodward is now a fine example of FAKE NEWS....(and that's not a question).

  • Mike Thomas
    Mike Thomas 8 months ago

    He's a pos !

  • sv/ Wild Horse
    sv/ Wild Horse 8 months ago

    Bob Woodward better wake up to whats going on. First, he should admit he's a socialist but one of those "elite" socialists that will expect to live above the means of every other citizen. But when all us deplorable's get tired of his crap we will show our true patriotism and strength

  • Da Choppah
    Da Choppah 8 months ago

    Nice job Dana......a blow job that is. That was terrible. Shame on you. Put your top back on and get home. Fix your lipstick. Where's his book on Hillary's Server ? Or Uranium One ? Or weaponizing the FBI DOJ ? Or that corrupt Clinton Crime Family Foundation ? Dana proving once again that Journalism is for people that flunked gym.

  • Dylan S
    Dylan S 8 months ago

    Measure the presidency by kissing the worlds ass,sure Bobby,best President we ever had,sorry bobby shove your book in your diaper,Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • truth seeker
    truth seeker 8 months ago

    President Trump: one of the best leaders the world has ever had. In time people won't be able to deny this. Trump WILL be re-elected in 2020.

  • Thin BlueLine
    Thin BlueLine 8 months ago

    Sounds more like he's trying to sell his book than anything else.

  • Allen h
    Allen h 8 months ago

    Hillary is in jail. Mexico is currently building the wall and paying for it. The coal business is thriving. The NFL lost ALL of its viewership. Promises made promises kept. MAGA!!!

    • BanKulin
      BanKulin 8 months ago

      Yeah and Gitmo is closed too!

  • BanKulin
    BanKulin 8 months ago

    Alzheimer? Strange timing. A book about the first year of presidency - now! I wonder why? Yourself? MI6 troll factories are running hot!

  • Jay Hardin
    Jay Hardin 8 months ago

    I thought he was dead , we did Bob Woodward, and we elected Donald Trump

  • Reverend Fry
    Reverend Fry 8 months ago

    Woodward is a globalist minion and enemy of the truth. Please do not down vote the video because of the guest, tell that POS what you think of him in the comments.

  • RYaN Sterling
    RYaN Sterling 8 months ago

    trumpers have every right to comment..I am not a supporter but i watch fox because it is important to know what the other side knows..i think some people just watch these fox videos to rip on trump supporters? And I do believe he has Child hands.

  • Guru Sandirasegaram
    Guru Sandirasegaram 8 months ago

    Meticulous meeting . By trusting whom
    Author is rhetoric and hyperbole

  • Random ID 10 T
    Random ID 10 T 8 months ago

    It wasn't actually KoolAid

  • WhiteRooster88
    WhiteRooster88 8 months ago

    I agree, Hillary would have collected at least 30-40 million for the foundation at this point. Woodward's a freakin' establishment hack.

  • River Raid
    River Raid 8 months ago

    Look at all the trolls out tonight... So many nonsense anti-trumpers in the comments. Must be another group effort funded by Soros. Or maybe by Woodward to promote his book. So many left-wing morons, so few brain cells.

  • Felicia Jones
    Felicia Jones 8 months ago

    united States of America? stay tuned.

  • Marcelo B
    Marcelo B 8 months ago

    America has never been in a situation like this, with this president. Unfortunate.

    • Kevin Hughey
      Kevin Hughey 8 months ago

      hey sweet cheeks swallow the red pill and say you love me from an alpha male!

    • NathansHVAC
      NathansHVAC 8 months ago

      Accept democrats in 1860

  • Christian Martyr
    Christian Martyr 8 months ago

    Woodward and " sloppy " Bernstein have been irrelevant for 35 years

  • Office of Peace Information

    Yes, people better wake up to peace between North and South Korea brokered by Trump, record employment levels for black and Hispanic Americans, exposing unbelievably corrupt unelected FBI officials, appointment of SCOTUS that are not left wing activists. wake up and vote Republican midterms, Trump 2020!

  • Wane Red
    Wane Red 8 months ago

    Trump Trump Trump win win win

  • Wane Red
    Wane Red 8 months ago

    Bob should be hung

  • Celtic uprise
    Celtic uprise 8 months ago

    Yeh but what did they say ? Nothing ! Not one word ! Worthless promotion of a book by some dude who has his foot in the door.

  • Mike M
    Mike M 8 months ago

    don't worry Bob, we are waking up more and more every day. President trump is the best man for the job by far. you are the problem, not the President.

  • 1mespud
    1mespud 8 months ago +1

    Just wondering what would be considered as collectable artifacts for the Trump library when this is over? Any suggestions?

    • Kevin Hughey
      Kevin Hughey 8 months ago

      lots of moola some gold and hot chicks i am good with that!

  • Jeremy Alan
    Jeremy Alan 8 months ago

    yuck this guy is creepy. also.. why the hell is everyone writing books? money grab.

  • Jonathan McGhee
    Jonathan McGhee 8 months ago

    Now, I get it! Trump keeps talking about how he won the election, so his supporters keep talking about how he won the election. No one's still thinking about the election, bros (besides Robert Mueller). It's the lying, recklessness, and dumb tweets.

  • Jack Rauber
    Jack Rauber 8 months ago

    Is there a bigger loser out there in journalism than Bob Woodward? He thinks he is a hero because of Watergate. Watergate pales in comparison to what the Clinton Mafia tried to pull off against Trump and Woodward won't write a work about it. He is a ego-bloated sycophant for the Left. Always has been. Get the F out of her, Bob. We don't need your BS.

  • Monsieur Tarzan
    Monsieur Tarzan 8 months ago

    If there is another genuine crisis like the 9/11 attacks or the 2008 financial meltdown, no sane person would want Donald Trump directing the response. Trump supporters need to leave the cult.

  • Zachary Collins
    Zachary Collins 8 months ago

    Ha... All the dislikes from the Trumptards and Russians. Bob's turds are more credible than anyone in the Trump administration.

  • Robert Zraick
    Robert Zraick 8 months ago

    We have nothing to fear but Bob Woodward itself.

  • Noble D.
    Noble D. 8 months ago

    Please God prevent this clown to run for office again.

  • Tobby 999
    Tobby 999 8 months ago

    Mark 975 a Lot of People who voted for Lire and Chief got fooled. INCLUDING me. A Blue Wave is a Coming . Don't you want too be on the right side if History. Remember Drain the Swamp. Built the wall. Lock Hillary up. The Biggest Bestest Healthcare. "Trump" I am a Stable Genius. And number 1. America First. All Lies and Many more to come. Take that MAGA hat off, wipe the sweat out of your eyes 👀 and realize m. Trump and his team of fraudsters are done come November. Peace.

  • superflea72
    superflea72 8 months ago

    Why are her eyes so far apart? She's hard for me to look at...

    • superflea72
      superflea72 8 months ago

      +Kevin Hughey not soon as I saw them I had to stop looking at her all together!

    • Kevin Hughey
      Kevin Hughey 8 months ago

      whos looking at her eyes?

  • Fred haslitt
    Fred haslitt 8 months ago

    Just another Trump hater. Part of the coup his book can't be taken seriously except if you're a CNN vombie. It seems this guy was to affaid to tell the truth about Obama and his hatered for America.

  • Kevin Daskal
    Kevin Daskal 8 months ago

    People have woke up and have figured out what's going on... That is why said people have put Trump in the White House... It's THIS political hack who needs to wake up and stop living in lala land with his fellow traitorous lefty fascists...

  • NWOutdoorsman
    NWOutdoorsman 8 months ago

    Woodward is a jerk. He writes an unhinged, totally biased, slanderous book against the president and the Dems run right out to the book store with their money to eat this stuff up with a spoon. Pathetic!