Little Brother's EX GIRLFRIEND Reacts to His NEW GIRLFRIEND!?

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • My 16 Year Old Little Brother's Ex Girlfriend Reacted to his New School Crush...
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Comments • 1 075

  • Exotic_grim
    Exotic_grim 2 hours ago

    Is faze Kay the new Ali a it rimes

  • GUAP Enrique
    GUAP Enrique 6 hours ago

    Harriet honestly bomb

    OG FORTNITE 4 days ago

    he play on ps4

    OG FORTNITE 4 days ago

    1v1 carlitos he has the recon expert

  • Dominique Long
    Dominique Long 4 days ago +1

    He's 17

  • 3RB_ YYM-_-Q80
    3RB_ YYM-_-Q80 4 days ago

    Jarvis gets a dub

    Kay:your insane bro

  • Manuel Luna 713
    Manuel Luna 713 6 days ago


  • Itz Epicbtw
    Itz Epicbtw 6 days ago +2

    Faze Kay said he was 16 3:51

  • ZTM PapeRr
    ZTM PapeRr 8 days ago

    It won't let me

  • BLAST 1904
    BLAST 1904 9 days ago

    They are pranking him

  • K 1 4 T S A D
    K 1 4 T S A D 9 days ago

    0:03 i was thought that he say Jarvis sister is his ex gf
    I was freak out bruh 😂

  • EliteCiro
    EliteCiro 9 days ago +1

    Little Jarvis doesn’t want a girl, he wants Fortnite only!

  • Ethan Vlog
    Ethan Vlog 9 days ago

    I’m 10 and I have a girlfriend

  • The_Shooter_8181
    The_Shooter_8181 9 days ago

    I use your user name swar all my life please I only have 0

  • The_Shooter_8181
    The_Shooter_8181 9 days ago

    Not you sorry

  • KJL_rayray
    KJL_rayray 10 days ago

    Fresha and Sharlot sitting in the tree KISSING

  • KJL_rayray
    KJL_rayray 10 days ago

    Jarvis and his GIRLFRIEND sitting in the tree KISSING

  • Antonio Hernandez
    Antonio Hernandez 12 days ago

    You and your brother and should 1v1 me

  • Antonio Hernandez
    Antonio Hernandez 12 days ago

    I want to 1v1 you you suck at fortnite it is wired you got in faze I am 11 years old and am better than you I started in season 8

  • FAZE Sanchez
    FAZE Sanchez 17 days ago

    V-bucks broo oooo come broo

  • Mike D'Addario
    Mike D'Addario 19 days ago

    can I have 100,00 vbucks

  • Michael O’Shea
    Michael O’Shea 19 days ago

    Such a shitty brother

  • Riley Vanderschuit
    Riley Vanderschuit 20 days ago

    Give me vbucks

  • Penguin Patrol Gaming
    Penguin Patrol Gaming 22 days ago

    What build sens does Jarvis play on?

  • Jxckz
    Jxckz 23 days ago

    Harriet is my krush

  • liquet123
    liquet123 24 days ago

    Faze kay

  • Team e.c.h.o
    Team e.c.h.o 25 days ago +1

    Faze Jarvis farts
    Faze Kay ‘yo that’s crazy man’

  • Kelly Nunn
    Kelly Nunn 26 days ago +1

    you are amazing Jarvis I play on Xbox one (epic name is madnesskid223)

  • Amanda Duckett
    Amanda Duckett 28 days ago


  • Mr_kingthegod YT
    Mr_kingthegod YT Month ago


  • xNET GaMiNg
    xNET GaMiNg Month ago

    U said near the start hariot where is hariot 😂😂

  • Mr k00l K1d
    Mr k00l K1d Month ago

    2019:::::: faze kay literary just using Jarvis for views

  • Genuine
    Genuine Month ago

    How gold diggers looks like

  • Aidan Bowman
    Aidan Bowman Month ago

    Hello Jarvis and kay

  • Jacob Wieder
    Jacob Wieder Month ago

    Does Jarvis play claw?

  • Mauricio fortnite Mobile

    How many crushes does Jarvis have lmao

  • Snicko Bros
    Snicko Bros Month ago

    Use me as a “man what the fuck this isn’t” FaZe button

  • Ace Mcgase
    Ace Mcgase Month ago +1

    What are his settings?

  • TTV ThYrZ
    TTV ThYrZ Month ago

    He said bonner in chat hahahah

  • Giovanni Gonzalez Alvarez

    I swear kay milks views by jarvis, Every video is about jarvis

  • Michael Trujillo
    Michael Trujillo Month ago

    Lana rhodes?

  • OpT- Recon
    OpT- Recon Month ago

    Your from north London but how comes you talk like your from Australia???

  • Liam Taylor
    Liam Taylor Month ago

    Jarvis has been 16 for 3 years

  • Cash money
    Cash money Month ago +1

    So girls get wet over sweaty players now? Bet

  • Fred Flins
    Fred Flins Month ago

    Jarvis and Kay two of the most annoying and irrelevant faze members sheesh where’s the faze application these days ima just write half ass at fortnite plus gold digger I should deff get in

  • kyle espeleta
    kyle espeleta Month ago

    I actually wish I am jarvis

  • TrapStarJay
    TrapStarJay Month ago

    Ya jev has my support a creater code because he is my dad and thats fax bro👌😎

  • noahshively
    noahshively Month ago

    The only reason that is his gf is cuz he's in faze and is rich

  • Geoffery Francis
    Geoffery Francis Month ago

    Yo Jarvis can ya do 2 90's with one jump

  • Fitxy
    Fitxy Month ago

    Is she actually his girl

  • Prodigy_Playz
    Prodigy_Playz Month ago

    0:34 0.25 playback speed

  • Just Vapid
    Just Vapid Month ago

    Who more thicc harriot or Jarvis new girlfriend

  • Ripped Fusion
    Ripped Fusion Month ago

    R.I.P pumps

  • Jakub Klobouček
    Jakub Klobouček Month ago

    Harriet is so nice lol

  • Apostuhl
    Apostuhl Month ago

    I love how they pronounce Jarvis lmaooo

  • garison bargdill
    garison bargdill Month ago

    i yoused fazekay

  • EZP909 The beast
    EZP909 The beast Month ago

    Sub to pewdiepie

  • Andres Martinez Redin

    his ex is so dumb

  • Lewis Wilson
    Lewis Wilson Month ago

    Bro, I wish I had a brother like kay!! I want V-bucks now

    FUCK.THE.SYSTEM Month ago +5

    I like Jarvis's vibe he's so chill 💪

  • Tristin Barrett
    Tristin Barrett Month ago

    Can Jarvis do a setting video

  • 10,000 subscribers no videos

    Wait so Jarvis brothers girlfriend sister dated Jarvis wtf

    LIGMA BALLZ Month ago


  • Tom La-ffin
    Tom La-ffin Month ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that tfue killed Jarvis

  • enCALツ
    enCALツ Month ago +5

    0:32 look at that😂😅😍😄

  • Sniper Shoot5000
    Sniper Shoot5000 Month ago

    Harriet jealous

  • Power df Jr
    Power df Jr Month ago

    Harriet is better then Jarvis new girl 😂😂😂Jarvis wake up

  • Mathias Di candia
    Mathias Di candia Month ago


  • PC Richardson
    PC Richardson Month ago

    Ahhhhh, the power of money

  • Iausanne van Heerden van Heerden

    Harriet is much more prettier that Carrington... Carrington is very gorgeous but I think Harriet is in *my opinion* prettier!

    • Altin Hoti
      Altin Hoti Month ago

      Iausanne van Heerden van Heerden Carrington is a model tho

  • Nick Neyra
    Nick Neyra Month ago +2

    3:45 i’m still tryna focus on fortnite 😂😂😂

  • greene fn
    greene fn Month ago

    1:52 this is a youtubers smurf but i dont remember who... can someone remind me if u know

  • Abdur Raafay
    Abdur Raafay Month ago

    Stop milking him

  • Vincent Aguilar
    Vincent Aguilar Month ago

    Who broke up with who though? Would make it so much funnier if she broke up with him 😂😩

  • Angel graves
    Angel graves Month ago +1

    Yall should do a video making your ex girlfriend jealous

  • Hamlinz is Sus
    Hamlinz is Sus Month ago

    Jarvis what’s ur sense

  • SB 2605
    SB 2605 Month ago

    Using his brother for vids

  • TK_ bluey
    TK_ bluey Month ago +2

    Hareyet likes Jarvis but Jarvis is not showing that he likes her I really hope that Jarvis and hareyet will be boyfriend and girlfriend

  • ZayGo Crazy
    ZayGo Crazy Month ago

    Do you know that 100% of the world is ...

    Thor and Ironman die

    • OTG Tyweg
      OTG Tyweg Month ago

      ZayGo Crazy I’ve watched the movie and this triggers me that u would comment this

  • River Jakepaul
    River Jakepaul Month ago

    Make Jarvis get a hair cut for $500

  • alex3235a paul
    alex3235a paul Month ago +1

    Just saying I think he has aim assist just o can u show us his settings plz .I can bc I don't have a console can u do a giveaway plz I always wanted a PS4 or an xbox

  • MAD-4-WAR -
    MAD-4-WAR - Month ago

    Big improvement 🙈

  • SuperFly
    SuperFly Month ago

    free vbucks

  • Silenttruth47
    Silenttruth47 Month ago

    he dumped her for the game? that's so dumb. do both! literally lol sad.

  • gill
    gill Month ago +2

    Κay jarvis is 17 not 16

  • Beck kceb
    Beck kceb Month ago

    Stop using your brother for views

  • Ferdie Middleton
    Ferdie Middleton 2 months ago

    Jarvis is 17 im pretty sure

    • Dylan
      Dylan Month ago +1

      I don’t know what Jarvis’s birthday is just going off what they said, he may be 17 for all I know

    • Ferdie Middleton
      Ferdie Middleton Month ago

      @Dylan no its just cus he said his birhday was 11/11/01 once and that would make him 17. Also kay could be saying hes 16 to make it more entertaining

    • Dylan
      Dylan Month ago

      Ferdie Middleton yeah definitely 17 it’s not like Jarvis and his brother would know his age

  • AvesFn
    AvesFn 2 months ago +4

    Only players that like faze kays vids can like this comment ❤️ how bout that

  • Jayden Shuford
    Jayden Shuford 2 months ago

    bro i get so uncomfortable too when i watch this

  • IAmJuicyyy
    IAmJuicyyy 2 months ago +19

    You can ønly ŁIKE this if you played during seaosn 1 - 3

  • Err -
    Err - 2 months ago

    I’ll finesse his girl🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Sam Bo
    Sam Bo 2 months ago

    Jarvis looks as weird as his name.

  • Dale Anderson
    Dale Anderson 2 months ago

    I use your created code

  • K.R.B.C CLUB
    K.R.B.C CLUB 2 months ago

    Jarvis the view for kay

  • R-DUBS
    R-DUBS 2 months ago

    Take Herriot idiot

  • Vadim Paduret
    Vadim Paduret 2 months ago

    I actuly us ur creater code

  • Vadim Paduret
    Vadim Paduret 2 months ago

    I did use ur creater code but i dont have instragram

  • Spencer Tutterow
    Spencer Tutterow 2 months ago

    Little did Jarvis know he was in FaZe

  • parminder pannu
    parminder pannu 2 months ago


  • Nathan Sanchez
    Nathan Sanchez 2 months ago +1

    Have to capitalize “Ex Girlfriend” and “Girlfriend” Just for views for u