Is This The Last Episode of Table Talk?!

Maybe. We don't know. For sure it's going on hiatus for a while. Hey everyone - maybe you should have watched it more often.

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Автор savsparkles ( назад)
Table Talk has been one of my favorite series on YouTube. I used to watch it every single day and I love all the hosts. I will truly miss these channels but I can't wait to see what is to come for everyone at SourceFed, SourceFedNerd, Etc. Best of luck to all of you. Thank you for making me laugh for 4 years now.

Автор chelsea's artyness ( назад)
Why? I love this channel, You guys are amazing. I really enjoy watching you talk about things you find passionate and learning about new topics.

Автор Ace Diamonds ( назад)
RIP sourcefed.

Автор cgald ( назад)

Автор Wanda Tapscott ( назад)
And is just me or is Trish boobs like really huge now or have they always been that big

Автор Wanda Tapscott ( назад)
I see in the description it says maybe we should have watched more I know ur upset and shit but honestly if y'all better people host for example we probably would have watched more I mean I'm upset I loved the show specially when joe and everyone was there but anyway you can't say us when really we dnt watch because of the material but idk damn yea I do wish more people would have watched and watched more often

Автор quintary1 ( назад)
sam sam sam! sam! sam! sam! sam!

Автор Garrett Hedden ( назад)
Yes. This is the last TableTalk. Don't rub it in, title.

Автор Danilo Figueroa ( назад)
i heard lee in the background at 11:30 idk if shes there as of writing this right now and if she isnt there ima be sad.

Автор Justin Huffman ( назад)
should've stuck to table talks and truth or dares and comcoms instead of the news, no fans really care about the news we just love the hosts.

Автор Illuminati ?????? ( назад)
39:00 just a time stamp for myself

Автор Oscar Ramo ( назад)
Yeah i came back just to see if Suptic really pee his pants, and holy shit its true

Автор N. Ted ( назад)
If they delete the channel, I will lose all my shit..

Автор Larklan ( назад)
Got awkward around the 13 min mark lmao

Автор Midnight Faun ( назад)
@AvaGordy my chronic nosebleeds developed my blood fetish so I'd say I won here

Автор TheRealProstreet314 ( назад)
Trisha! I'm so happy you got to be part of the final table talk. I will miss all of you guys so much! BTDubs... where was Lee and Meg an Philly D?

Автор Travis Takamori ( назад)
Trisha gave her son the do's and don't's on masturbating! Best MOM, along with Lindsay!

Автор SkyNet Communications ( назад)
Not special enough! #cancelled!

Автор Isabella Vasquez ( назад)
I saw Trish and Logan and I smashed the video

Автор nansasa ( назад)
honestly I almost cried. I believe you all will do great things with your life and keeps on giving smiles to the people around you

Автор ForkInToaster ( назад)
going a way for a little while....

Автор Iray Diaz ( назад)
Can Ross date your baby ;)

Автор mnjones92 ( назад)
Yes, yes it is.

Автор Kevin Vieira ( назад)
The prodigal son Ross "Joe Bereta" Everett returns!

Автор Tristin Mailhot ( назад)
Dude Filup, that Grandpa dream sounds like sleep paralysis, you should look it up to see if you think those dreams were.

Автор John Duwe ( назад)
To quote President Trump when he was a celebrity "You're Fired".

Автор Jesse Noals ( назад)

Автор Jesse Noals ( назад)
start your own new channel!

Автор iluvchrishalliwell ( назад)
Yaaaaay, they said hi to Ross!!!!! I was so worried there was like a ton of bad blood between him and the crew. Ugh, I'm so glad. I'm gonna miss this channel so much.

Автор Alex carey ( назад)
Was the jewellery think joe from after prison show

Автор Jessica Oswalt ( назад)

Автор Mwoakill09 ( назад)
I wonder if this video was a last chance that group 9 gave to sourcefed they dont know about.
if it was then,
you guys fucked it up..

Автор Gnome King ( назад)
am i the only one that likes Ross?? fuckin love that jew and the original cast

Автор Gnome King ( назад)
trisha's tits stillamazing

Автор Maplebeard ( назад)
Love this so so so so much. Seriously to all the hosts and production crew at sourcefed. Been here for the whole ride and at a particularly troubling time in my life, this really was full of good memories

Автор k11a22i33 ( назад)
18:20 original gang. Man I stopped watching source fed awhile back, as I didn't have time in my day, but before that I used to watch it religiously every day for years. They almost felt like another group of friends. I'll miss you Source Fed they were some good years

Автор Kelli F ( назад)
I wish Lee was there :(And what about Reina

Автор Jonah Wirrick ( назад)

Автор Doc Trower ( назад)

Автор Patrick Bruch ( назад)
"It's not gone forever"
"Just wait a couple days, you never know what's going to happen"

Автор The Swagonborn ( назад)
where can I get that hoodie?

Автор Quin ( назад)
I just want Elliot, Suptic and Ava all to do something

Автор Emily Berendzen ( назад)
tbh the saddest moment was when the edgy blonde tried to start a Sam chant and failed

Автор OhMyGulay ( назад)
No. it's not coming back lol that's the funny part

Автор sooperdud ( назад)
Did they know Sourcefed was being canceled when they made this video or did they legit think it was just Tabletalk going on hiatus?

Автор Alfred L. Walker ( назад)
"Hopefully we'll be back some day..."

Автор Alfred L. Walker ( назад)
OMFG when Ross popped up i cried so fuckignhard

Автор Sam Sidhu ( назад)
Thank you all for filling the internet with positivity <3

Автор Casshat ( назад)
i cried

Автор fazeel ashraf ( назад)
Eliot and ava look so much alike

Автор Henry Minis ( назад)

Автор Megatopkick ( назад)
not coming back, so sad....

Автор Hondo Fernandez ( назад)
Does it bug anyone else that everyone but Bree was ready to leave whenever

Автор Erik Vastag ( назад)
I was laughing at this really hard and then I started crying because I realized their dumb jokes will never make me laugh again

Автор Milubee ( назад)
wipes tears away

Автор Luffy1045 ( назад)
39:12 WHAT 😂😂😂🤔😂😂😂

Автор Erica ( назад)

Автор Ryanmaloney Strippy2 ( назад)
Trish is bes mum.

Автор Lexi D ( назад)
It's like they all already knew

Автор Dumb Bitch ( назад)
What is that Catapult made of?

Автор Cynthia Price ( назад)
I have gotten the teeth-falling-out dream a /ton/ throughout my life. The curse of a depressed overachiever?

Автор BTeddy3 ( назад)
i forgot how big of a personality trisha had

Автор akhurash ( назад)
I think all the old hosts came back at least once to appear on a SF video except Meg. :/

Автор Christopher Lewis ( назад)
Where is Joe and the crazy Lee newton in her dinosaur costume saying crazy things? I'm so sad this channel is ending the whole cast was so great. The new cast members made it even better it felt like generations of one big family.

Автор ChaserJam Storm ( назад)
why did this have to end?!

Автор ChaserJam Storm ( назад)
eveyones clappin bc of the kiss im just clapping and hype bc maudes here lol

Автор Ricky Bobby ( назад)
I'm sorry.. Did he pee his pants?

Автор Dumb Bitch ( назад)
Where can you get one of those table catapult things?

Автор Rampetamper ( назад)
Absolutely loved ths episode, especially the last 10 minutes. Hope TT is not on hiatus for too long

Автор GhenghisKhangai ( назад)
43:28 "Thanks guys, hopefully we'll be back someday!" yeah.... probably not...

Автор Depressed Kermit ( назад)

Автор ZeetherUnlocked ( назад)
So was this it? The last video they made before they found out it was all going to end?

Автор Alondra NONA ( назад)
OMG I love this!

Автор Royal X ( назад)
no lee no joe. wtf I wish I had more dislikes to give

Автор Levi Shackelton ( назад)
Who is keeping the launcher?

Автор ivlust ( назад)
Not even a single mention of reina 😕

Автор ivlust ( назад)
that awkward moment when Ross shows up.

Автор Alistair Wetherall ( назад)
wait what's the JD Witherspoon joke?

Автор vafeliite ( назад)
I'm not going to miss Steve Zaragoza

Автор mythirdchannel ( назад)
Ava! I love Lisa Loeb and Natalie Imbruglia :D <3

Автор HellsinkPoke ( назад)
I'm going to miss you guys too. Hope u all fare well

Автор prometheusking ( назад)
will, looks soo sad!!!

Автор Crispy Senpai ( назад)
When did we as a species discover that we all masterbate? Hmmm

Автор Gabby Jane ( назад)
Table talk was the only reason I ever got school work done. But maybe now I think about it I probably should of been studying then watching table talk...

Автор Thomas Samuels ( назад)
Is it just me or did they all get super baked for this?

Автор MaxYComics ( назад)
this started it all

Автор AtomicMonkey32 ( назад)
Steve and Elliot is too good so sad it never was

Автор Fearlessjoker21 ( назад)
Hope you feel better Maude. Going to miss you guys 😁

Автор LT ( назад)
Holy crap Trisha's titties

Автор SarahAndSomeGuy ( назад)
screaming" like in Bobs burgers

Автор Benjamin Lawrence ( назад)
stopped watching after joe left , shame to see it go but two words, vest friends

Автор Table Talk With Case.c ( назад)
my channels name is table talk

Автор desliedianne ( назад)

Автор Xaine's World ( назад)
The Offspring - Americana, still one of my favourite albums!

Автор Morgan Butler ( назад)
I liked Ross Everett.

Автор Morgan Butler ( назад)
Steve's shirt is a Dexter's Lab shirt!

Автор Morgan Butler ( назад)
I wish I could see behind the camera

Автор Morgan Butler ( назад)
Oh my gods I just remembered Trisha is a mommy!

Автор Alysha Brooks ( назад)
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I loved this show.

Автор Morgan Butler ( назад)
It's been so hard to watch these videos knowing there won't be anymore. So sad now

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