Why Apple's 'Trash Can' Was A Colossal Failure

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • Apple's 2013 Mac Pro was a classic case of form over function. Pro users were unable to upgrade the "trash can" or customize it to their liking. There were also thermal limitations that Apple didn't think about with this design. And 6 years after the revolutionary "trash can" design, Apple goes back to the cheese grater design.
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    Why Apple's 'Trash Can' Was A Colossal Failure
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  • constantinos schinas

    1.5TB RAM and only 2 gpus. say that to davinci resolve pro users, that need the $6K apple monitor to work on multi gpu accelerated workflows. the apple is rotten for good.

  • Mr Random
    Mr Random 13 days ago

    I thought apple literally made a trash can and instantly I thought "Of course it was a colossal failure consideringg nobody had ever even mentioned or heard of it"

  • ameer vs
    ameer vs 13 days ago

    Steve didn't want this

  • Axtrosity
    Axtrosity 21 day ago

    “Can’t innovation more my ass” it literally is his ass today

  • RazzWolf
    RazzWolf 28 days ago

    but can it play Candy Crush?

    Stan JENNIEKIM Month ago

    I love IPhone but shit

    Apple makes the ugliest designs sometimes 😂

  • Bryan Robinson Null

    The new Mac Pro has the selling points of being the "most configurable" and "most expandable" Mac even though PCs and the older Mac Pros have been doing it for years lol

  • ramen noodles
    ramen noodles Month ago

    *i litterely told everyone i know that apple made a trash can...*

  • Sam - The Gamer
    Sam - The Gamer 2 months ago

    $999 for a stand...

  • Cracker
    Cracker 2 months ago

    Lol true

  • ricky v
    ricky v 2 months ago +1

    I think people are very hard on Apple for the trashcan Mac Pro. It was designed with Parallel computing in mind. Which was ahead of the time in 2013. FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, and several other programs now scale well for parallel computing across multiple GPUs and CPU cores. I get better performance in FCPX with two RX560 cards then one RX580.
    Anyway, I am excited for the release of that updated model. That’s exciting.

  • The Different GachaTubers

    I didn’t even know it was a thing ;-;

  • Obbyms 114
    Obbyms 114 3 months ago

    Apple:we da best! Android: hold my robot

  • Wolfsit
    Wolfsit 3 months ago

    3:17 1.5 TB Ram -_-

  • Danfuerth Gillis
    Danfuerth Gillis 3 months ago

    What moron would think that the trash can was a good idea, lmfao Engineers with University "Fake ass useless" Degrees is the result of garbage like this closed shit.

  • Hans F Productions
    Hans F Productions 3 months ago

    I want the perfect cheese grater, apple grater indeed!

  • The Alpha
    The Alpha 3 months ago

    His name sounds like Phil Swift.

  • AZ -
    AZ - 3 months ago

    I bet you guys have the cheese grader chairs at the office

  • Random kid Gamer 123
    Random kid Gamer 123 3 months ago +1

    Next make a video called “Why Android should have been (and sort of is) a massive failure”

  • HiImDaniel
    HiImDaniel 3 months ago +1

    A trash in a trash


  • Gaming Carlos
    Gaming Carlos 3 months ago

    Apple is making $1,000+ every day items

    GMB MNO 3 months ago

    My beautiful looking 'Trashcan' have served me 100% for 6 years, and is still a fantastic machine.
    I know I will use mine for more years to come.
    I've been running Pro Tools HD/Ultimate all these years, and she never let me down.
    So ... I totally disagree with it being a failure !

  • Unity Tutorials and series

    3.16 1.5 tb of ram yea...

  • просто слухаю
    просто слухаю 3 months ago +1

    apple is very passionate for making mistakes
    and other companies following these trends

  • Fed Bull
    Fed Bull 3 months ago

    Does anyone know how it has
    1.5 TB of ram?

  • game star
    game star 3 months ago +1

    On the thumbnail: casually just throwing a apple mac in a trash bin

  • Super Saiyan Goku
    Super Saiyan Goku 3 months ago

    Looks like Apple is getting worse every year.

  • Comentator
    Comentator 4 months ago

    I didn't know that an *trash bin* needs *graphics card* and *4 gigs of RAM*

  • Martell Tha Cool
    Martell Tha Cool 4 months ago

    Let me shortened it up for you guys: Apple is trash

  • Martina Martins
    Martina Martins 4 months ago +1

    Apple is a trash company and they made a trashcan. Make sense.. 😂 😂

  • C h a r l s i
    C h a r l s i 4 months ago +1

    Isn’t apple already a trashcan?

  • Mono832
    Mono832 4 months ago

    Still better security than windows unfortunately, though

  • Sultan
    Sultan 4 months ago

    With the new Mac pro, Apple has successfully/unsuccessfully priced out the general population! Way to go Tim. I have waited several years for the new Pro and a 30” plus monitor only to b priced out. Now i m stuck with Mac Mini dec, 2018.

  • Nikhil DeWitt
    Nikhil DeWitt 4 months ago +68

    It was called a trash can because it belonged in a trash can.

  • Duo Lingo
    Duo Lingo 4 months ago +3

    They made it look like a trash can because they knew that's where it was going to be at once people started using it

  • Matthias H
    Matthias H 4 months ago

    Because they’re overpriced. The computers themselves are good. I’m still using a first gen MacBook Air and it’s still reliable and fast. 1600 charge cycles and the battery is still good. Student loans paid for it at the time so I’ll let it’s $1100 price pass. Meanwhile my HP laptop was toast after 2 years. IMO the price is more than what they’re capable of. I could build a better Windows PC for the amount. Sell them for less and I’ll say it’s a good buy.

  • Tejas Kadam
    Tejas Kadam 4 months ago

    Apple Is Bull$hit

  • Toby Boss
    Toby Boss 4 months ago +2


  • ShadowAchievements
    ShadowAchievements 4 months ago

    No wonder it looks like a trash can.
    It's trash

  • Mimi Catrell
    Mimi Catrell 4 months ago +1

    Apple has been doing this for years lol . Idk why y'all surprised. Their in the intellectual property business not innovation.

  • John Smitherson
    John Smitherson 4 months ago +6

    Nevermind that the trash can costed $7k but we made an oopsee. Try our new cheese grater.

  • Tyler Neurohr
    Tyler Neurohr 4 months ago +1

    Apple just looks in the kitchen

  • The Human World Atlas
    The Human World Atlas 4 months ago +3

    The trash can WAS trash.

  • chris fuentes
    chris fuentes 4 months ago

    the apple enima.

  • Zero Sum
    Zero Sum 4 months ago +1

    I am using trash 🗑 Mac Pro, a beautiful and useful failure.

  • TUNGSTEN 0340
    TUNGSTEN 0340 4 months ago

    The product's name is ironic

  • Matt Sezer
    Matt Sezer 4 months ago

    It still has a lot more expandability than and iMac. I view it as being halfway between an iMac and a Mac Pro. An added bonus is that it's super easy to transport and really isn't that much more difficult to bring places than a laptop.

  • MothWizzard
    MothWizzard 4 months ago

    Isn't Apple all about the form over function nowadays?

  • Batuhan Çokmar
    Batuhan Çokmar 4 months ago

    Idea behind trashcan was actually great. Its the implementation just sucked... take the same design idea, but make it 50% larger and longer to be able to accept standard PCIe gpus and additional 4x DIMM slots. Make the whole "thermal core" a huge radiator and stick 3 waterblocks out of it with flexible pipes... New graphics card with different GPU location or new bolt pattern for a new CPU/motherboard? Just change the waterblock. It would have looked really unique like the trashcan did and quite upgradable at the same time. I acknowledge this new macpro is actually a professonal machine for a change, but, IMHO, it just looks bad... Any average PC with a shitty chinese case looks way better in terms of design..

  • sonic 768
    sonic 768 4 months ago

    I mean what can you expect? It is a trash can after all

  • João Vitor Rodrigues
    João Vitor Rodrigues 4 months ago +1

    So basically Apple made a PC with MacOs

  • moonmoonbirdcpt
    moonmoonbirdcpt 4 months ago +1

    they are going to bomb the new $50k trash can too.
    yes it is """expandable""", but only with their parts that's also super expensive and cannot put any other non-apple parts in it.
    with the new amd stuff that's coming out, soon apple will be back to the apple scene back in early 90s when they fired steve jobs and epic fail everything.
    except this time that they can't get steve jobs back to dumpster dive hp's r&d for them unless the next product they come out is called iNecro

  • Rufasa 37
    Rufasa 37 4 months ago +5

    Imagine being dumb enough to still buy Apple products.

    • Rufasa 37
      Rufasa 37 4 months ago

      Imagine being dumb enough to get salty over someone elses opinion. Mrs Herpies i can't even tell if you're a boy or a girl but heres some more generalizing you sound and look like every other snobby apple sheeps.

    • Florian Herp
      Florian Herp 4 months ago

      Imagine being dumb enough to generalize a company.

  • Peizxcv
    Peizxcv 4 months ago

    The fact it took 4 years for Cook to realize something is wrong shows how little he knows of the products he is selling. No wonder reports came out stating Cook don’t care about Apple’s products at all and wants to turn the company into service provider like Netflix

  • Fawzan Fawzi
    Fawzan Fawzi 4 months ago +1

    "The thermal design was really cool"
    That's alright.

  • Luis A
    Luis A 4 months ago

    Cause apple is shit

  • lperea21
    lperea21 4 months ago


  • Sean Place
    Sean Place 4 months ago

    What will Apple create next? The Apple Juicer? Apple Espresso Machine?

  • Dog with a hat
    Dog with a hat 4 months ago

    hey looks like people like the cheese grater tho

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis 4 months ago +81

    Wait, these ppl knowingly bought an Apple product then complained about a lack of expandability or customization???