Building my DREAM HTPC in the new Evolv SHIFT from Phanteks!

  • Published on Jul 26, 2017
  • Evolv Shift @
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Comments • 2 253

  • Red Hunter
    Red Hunter 3 hours ago

    почему никто не показывает как у него крепятся ВСЕ провода?: монитор, клавиатура, мышь, и другие приборы!?

  • wis yu
    wis yu 3 days ago

    very good

  • Angel Dominguez
    Angel Dominguez 6 days ago

    Can you go through the software set up to get 7.2 surround

  • Jony Superstar
    Jony Superstar 6 days ago

    What about the temperature of GPU and CPU at full load?

  • Enzo Rocha
    Enzo Rocha 25 days ago +1

    Anybody else enjoy the shaky cam?

  • larry shilling
    larry shilling 25 days ago

    But the verge said that you needed an allen wrench and a Swiss army knife and a pair of tweezers where is the Hope

  • Christopher Tsai
    Christopher Tsai 27 days ago

    I want this case but I feel like building in it will be too confusing

  • Shimaqan
    Shimaqan Month ago


  • ColorfulJbird
    ColorfulJbird Month ago

    Who else need AMD everything?

  • David Weaver
    David Weaver Month ago

    I wish you could you replace the glass with perforated metal and place radiators behind them

  • zeus1117
    zeus1117 2 months ago

    Another toaster design with zero airflow. No thx

  • Indigo Montari
    Indigo Montari 2 months ago

    Phanteks finally released the air version of the case and the replacement panels if you don't want to buy every thing again . Maybe it's time to do a refresh of this system and get a video out of it ?

  • sam parkin
    sam parkin 2 months ago

    i think the grey vengeance would look better just saying

  • German Rendon
    German Rendon 2 months ago

    what about surround sound card with dolby digital, dts and thx ?

  • LBH Share
    LBH Share 3 months ago

    Too many Butts 😫🤦‍♂️

  • Stonewall Sisk
    Stonewall Sisk 3 months ago

    What is the thickest (width) gpu that can fit?

  • Josbell_
    Josbell_ 3 months ago

    so guys... for real, if I want to make a cheap tv box replacement that can do a little bit more than my $55 US bucks tv box, what would I need for the cheap. Cause a 1080ti I think is a little bit too freaking much xD and out of my poor ass league... :(

  • Robin A
    Robin A 3 months ago

    How are your thermals in this case?

  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith 3 months ago

    What OS do you typically use for a htpc?

  • boredinlbue
    boredinlbue 3 months ago

    This video is 2 years old plus and no shift x video? I was hoping to see what you would do with the larger case.

  • ckenz21
    ckenz21 3 months ago

    At this time its still a WOW. Tho its still expensive. Can you use it on a new build but low budget work and gaming set-up....😍

  • ulhurusurf club
    ulhurusurf club 3 months ago

    1080TI..of course its not excessive..i have a HTPC WITH A 1080 ZOTAC MINI ..DOING THE GRAPHICS....32 GB RAM..SEEMS ADEQUATE....FOR NOW...

  • Clutch
    Clutch 3 months ago +3

    two years later, kyle's htpc is still better than my setup by FAR

  • For The Ride
    For The Ride 3 months ago

    That case is rad, but have you considered using a NVIDIA Shield and Plex instead of a dedicated PC in your living room. I hid my shield behind my TV and as long as you can deal with android TV it works perfectly.

  • MeisterPC
    MeisterPC 4 months ago

    Is the PSU a regular size?

  • Randolph Myers
    Randolph Myers 4 months ago +1

    Is there a part list of this build somewhere?

  • Emil Yeet
    Emil Yeet 4 months ago

    if you dont have that fan at the bottom

  • Emil Yeet
    Emil Yeet 4 months ago

    if you relly squish a atx psu in could it then fit

  • Scot M
    Scot M 4 months ago

    Question! Anyone have this case had or have riser card issues with this case? I've had nothing but problems.

  • Riley Nobes
    Riley Nobes 4 months ago

    Nobody saw that he missed the e in his title for “evolve” or is it suppose to spell like that

  • Gregory Passaretti
    Gregory Passaretti 4 months ago

    the case looks cool but way to tight i wouldn't recommend it

  • oceanminded024
    oceanminded024 4 months ago

    I'm fucking getting this

  • Eric McManus
    Eric McManus 4 months ago

    I love that case

  • Laughingman91
    Laughingman91 4 months ago

    Thumbs up for the 17 minute muck up lmao its just like REAL LIFE XD

  • Phillip Green
    Phillip Green 5 months ago

    Can you not have the mobo facing you from the left? I like to have my case on my right and if I did that I'd be stuck just looking at the back of the gpu....

  • 490o
    490o 5 months ago

    What a waste

  • Airdrifting
    Airdrifting 5 months ago

    Yea that case looks like a freaking nightmare to work with, from SFX factor power supply to the tiny clearance to the reversed GPU mount (I believe if you want to showcase your GPU with the tempered glass panel, the fan side is supposed to face outward not the other way around but then you ran into the PSU). Also by the looks of it, this case will most likely have terrible cooling. It seems Phanteks just couldn't put them together a decent ITX case, the Evolv was a semi disaster too (top vent utterly useless, no airflow for top mounted rad, video card too close to the divider plate separating the PSU and main chamber).

  • D S
    D S 5 months ago

    Case seems like it could be a a little smaller and easier if it didnt reroute the GPU, power and drives and put the MB in sideways... Weird ass case, Good video tho! Thanks for building this so I dont have to.

  • Jub Threesixnine
    Jub Threesixnine 5 months ago


  • Captain Murk
    Captain Murk 5 months ago

    What a beautiful Banu Merchantman in the background :D

  • Michael Kenyon
    Michael Kenyon 5 months ago

    .... great so the gpu mounting is unique but if you could mount it facing out it would blow into glass and not a screen.. wth.

  • tony lucas
    tony lucas 5 months ago

    Hi, how did you manage to insert the psu sfx-l?

  • Centurio
    Centurio 5 months ago +1

    Whats about the temperatures? Some Benches done?

  • Rob Ch.
    Rob Ch. 5 months ago

    16 gb and a 1080 ti for Netflix and streaming services , absolutely not overkill.

  • Logan Ayers
    Logan Ayers 5 months ago

    I know most people dont ise cd drives anymore but I think it should still be an option in cases especially this one cus it could hide under the top panel that flips up

  • Danny Tangtam
    Danny Tangtam 5 months ago

    you should pick up some double stick tape from 3m and the magnetic tape as well. Handy to have in your kit

  • Karl Moritz Sallmann
    Karl Moritz Sallmann 5 months ago

    would you say that even a biginner can build in that case ?

  • Stephen Barrett
    Stephen Barrett 6 months ago

    The z270 is almost impossible to buy now.

  • Infinite Flight On Air
    Infinite Flight On Air 6 months ago +1

    That's not really meant to stream media. That's meant to trigger and make broke gamers feel even poorer.

  • brianr101010
    brianr101010 6 months ago

    Wish you had a parts list with link to source/price.

  • Carlson Coins
    Carlson Coins 6 months ago +28

    I don’t need anything too overkill. Just for Netflix and stuff.
    Uses a 1080 ti
    Me: rrrEeeee

  • Itz_FaMzz
    Itz_FaMzz 6 months ago

    You build the best pc ever❤️i wish i build one with you❤️❤️❤️

  • Eik44
    Eik44 6 months ago

    i would like a fan at the top as corsair have

  • Something Logical
    Something Logical 6 months ago +1

    His home theater pc is better then my only pc

  • Sacred Root Journey
    Sacred Root Journey 7 months ago +1

    I spy a star citizen concept art background.. wonder if Kyle plays

  • Hairysamsung
    Hairysamsung 7 months ago

    looks like corsair one case

  • Well Hi John
    Well Hi John 7 months ago

    Banu Merchantman as wallpaper. I like that.

  • Markus Braunholz
    Markus Braunholz 7 months ago

    what a bad cooling situation for the 1080ti. RELAY!

  • RyansXD
    RyansXD 7 months ago

    Let’s play games

  • Albert Lam
    Albert Lam 7 months ago

    will this case fit Asus Rog Ryuo 120 and MSI RTX 2080 Sea Hawk X 2 liquid cooler together