Crazy Rich Nation | The Daily Show

  • Published on Aug 23, 2019
  • The Daily Show takes a look at the shady business that rich people have been up to lately, including Robert Kraft’s prostitution charges and the college admissions bribery scandal.
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Comments • 2 514

  • Annie S.
    Annie S. Day ago

    "Senator Librarian" LMAOOOO!!!

  • Zhi Han Lee
    Zhi Han Lee 2 days ago

    Meanwhile some one in my country argued that "inequality is a must" because of his belief in trickle-down economics (& that the alternative would be USSR-style trickle-up economics); but I figure that's more theory than reality

  • Dexter Morgan
    Dexter Morgan 5 days ago

    rich people take everything and more than they should to survive and kill indirectly others this is serious !

  • Dexter Morgan
    Dexter Morgan 5 days ago


  • Rebecca C
    Rebecca C 11 days ago

    Can we also talk about how some of these rich people give there kids up (legally only with maybe a couple weeks outside their house) to a guardian so that they will pay less for college? Maybe the rich should be banned from colleges until they can prove they will not abuse the system.

  • World citizen
    World citizen 12 days ago

    It's getting to dangerous levels that, rich is richer and poor is poorer in US. Nearly 3 million people in jail. This number would of been 5 million but jails are full. Millions of people homeless. Well US supposed to hit the highest employment. Bulshit

  • Cedric Marcel Butz
    Cedric Marcel Butz 15 days ago

    Do they seriously think free healthcare and education have anything to do with socialism? Because that's ridiculous. It's just the state giving you stuff back in exchange for you paying taxes, just like roads and (in the US non-existent) public transportation. That's not libertarian or socialist, that's common sense. Socialism is the state appointing workers in state owned businesses according to state made plans while the state tends to be run by a single party in an authoritarian style.
    Free healthcare, education and transportation should be normal public wellfare measures of common sense and have nothing in common with socialism.

  • Kiswahili Kitukuzwe 254

    This is a recipe for a revolution. Revolutions don't happen in a vacuum!

  • Tkrv77
    Tkrv77 21 day ago

    Freddie Mercury: We will we will rock you!
    Mike Pence: No thank you Mister. The Lord is our rock.

  • Cynthia Richardson
    Cynthia Richardson 22 days ago +4

    Trump promise the USA they are gonna be so rich so fast.

    Almost 4 years ,Still waiting

  • Nalani Kerr
    Nalani Kerr 23 days ago +12

    "My God, the assholery."
    Omg, I love that! I'm gonna use that from now on.
    "What?! He cheated on you?! The assholery of him!"

  • Argentina3000
    Argentina3000 26 days ago

    murikans you are more socialist than you think:

  • Just Glorious
    Just Glorious 26 days ago

    Awesome. Congrats on your success.
    You got this (Mr Trevor Noah).

  • Jackie M
    Jackie M 26 days ago

    I mean...

    He's not wrong. I grew up hardcore republican, and switched to Warren/Bernie because it just takes one medical bill to utterly f*ck up your entire future. But sure, a spoiled rich kid goes viral for dumping a Mercedes into a river because it wasn't the Bentley he asked his daddy for... not like the asset-value of that one stupid car wouldn't get my life back on track and pay for an education... Or getting dropped from college just to hear about rich people bribing their way in.

  • Amy M Elliott
    Amy M Elliott 26 days ago

    Isn't a state gov't paying Amazon socialism; corporate socialism? Why is this ok, but not caring for medium to low income human beings?

  • crim somreaf5555
    crim somreaf5555 27 days ago

    crazy rich nation? yeah only for the 10% while the rest of us are barely getting by

  • Berhane Gebriel
    Berhane Gebriel 27 days ago

    The More The Bribe To Admission The More The Decline The Quality Of The Schools. We The So-called Minorities Have Been Excluded From These Schools. The Few "Monkeys" Were Samples. But Prayers And Fastings Are God's Wrath NOT Only To The Schools But Also To The Entire Nation. Keep On Praying And Fasting And You Will And Shall See The Edged Sharp Sword Of God.

  • Ilya Elis
    Ilya Elis 29 days ago

    So they cheated their ways to college, but did they end up staying there or were they kicked out?

  • Marilyn Lambey
    Marilyn Lambey Month ago

    That sound like a ponsie scheme that Trump been doing for years. Remember Bernie Madoff.

  • Joanna Leacock
    Joanna Leacock Month ago +3

    My favorite line was that Jussie Smollett ‘was judged by the content of his character not the color of his skin’ 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Well done Trevor; well done!

  • Dani Nicole
    Dani Nicole Month ago

    Felicity Huffman got sentenced to two weeks... two weeks.. du fuq

  • N&B Frost
    N&B Frost Month ago +3

    So trump has always been a liar and a con man whose brain is the size of a pea. Alright, thanks.

  • D White
    D White Month ago

    Wish I could explain to Trevor that this ends with a fine and 14 days in jail.

  • W GU
    W GU Month ago

    15:30 Why does this guy sound like Kaizer Neko?

  • Angel
    Angel Month ago

    Learners, these are normal deals in Nigeria

  • valmach2
    valmach2 Month ago

    Puritan Amerikkka

  • R H
    R H Month ago

    I challenge US citizens to do any of what these people have done and go free without atleast 6 months of Jail. Democracy my ass. It's still slavery for all and when slaves go against slave master they make an example of those poor slaves.

  • Patricia Lucious
    Patricia Lucious Month ago +1

    Well one rich woman just got two weeks in jail. The first one to b sentenced.

  • Patricia Lucious
    Patricia Lucious Month ago

    Not just rich ppl but Eusa ppl.

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina Month ago

    I need Yoda Sanders plushies. It's perfect.

  • DrDomich
    DrDomich Month ago

    Work bitches. Don't complain.

  • V J
    V J Month ago

    smollet should get no more than felicity


    14:23 A man who always makes me pay for dinner . . . Ayy buddy we should grab dinner soon... No thanks

  • Bree Harrison
    Bree Harrison Month ago

    Felicity Huffman Sentenced to Two Weeks

  • KittMouri
    KittMouri Month ago

    Trevor's laugh is priceless! 😂❤

  • Bongani Majola
    Bongani Majola Month ago

    I like this Nell guy.

  • Thea Robertson
    Thea Robertson Month ago

    Actually if you read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, none of the kids die.

  • Shireen Zada
    Shireen Zada Month ago

    Lmao at the” little Joshua “part

  • Crystal Sherman
    Crystal Sherman Month ago

    Rich people can be so wasteful!

  • Devastating Joke
    Devastating Joke Month ago

    ey why arent the subway near my house isn't opening at 2am but at 8am

  • raj shah
    raj shah Month ago

    'College ruiner' logo is like 'college humour'

  • Shawn Gichuki
    Shawn Gichuki Month ago

    #lightskin nigga shit

  • Thomas Panto
    Thomas Panto Month ago

    Miliatry Empires outlaw what Living things WANT in order to USE the obedient brainwashed children as soldiers, slaves and cannon fodder in their wars to murder creation to OWN the dirt beneath lifes feet.

  • Lexy Swope
    Lexy Swope Month ago +1

    AOC was criticized for seeing the Amazon big lie. She's so intelligent!

  • mizzpoetrics
    mizzpoetrics Month ago

    Annndddd this reminds me of that young man that worked & studied hard & got accepted into every school he applied to!
    And the newswoman accused him of taking seats from other students! 🤔🤔 How, when he can only accept & attend 1 school? 😕😒
    Welp, can "play stupid games, win stupid prizes" apply to this case? 👀👀

  • MusiqQueen6
    MusiqQueen6 Month ago

    The rich convince people it's minority kids taking their spots in school while they bribe and cheat to get their child in, the comedy of it all

  • Archana Taneja
    Archana Taneja Month ago

    Oh man trevor you are the best...

  • HaikatrineKat
    HaikatrineKat Month ago

    Eat the rich.

  • Farty McGee
    Farty McGee Month ago +1

    How many black, Mexican, or poor white people would have gotten the kind of offer that Kaft got? Really tho- “Admit your guilt and we will drop the charges and give u free social services like STD testing!” Really? For real? Real do?

  • Keenan McCarty
    Keenan McCarty Month ago

    Yeah Subways in LA are open 24 hours 😂

  • aurel cruz
    aurel cruz Month ago +2

    I was feeling bad for corruption in India now we have company

  • Jen Nelson
    Jen Nelson Month ago

    Maybe they should have to pay the same amount they paid to bribe their kids way into college, for tuition of students who deserve to go but can't afford to .. maybe also spend some time with those kids and find out the difference between working for something and their own spoiled ass kids.

  • Rodwell Mark
    Rodwell Mark Month ago

    juicy smueeey

  • Piyush Pandey
    Piyush Pandey Month ago +2

    Dude!!! You got more than 1.1k billionaires on youtube.

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds Month ago

    being rich isnt a bad thing. you just cant be an asshole that changes the system to benefit them more and screw over the poor.

  • Patrik Wihlke
    Patrik Wihlke Month ago +3

    This just reminds me of the whole ASAP Rocky deal... Trump offered to pay him out.. what justice system is based on payments as opposed to verdict?! And noticeably nobody cared about his body guards.. fame and riches is all that matter in the U.S. it seems.
    Send these criminals to us in Sweden. Prison might be comfy here but at least they get the same as anyone else would.

  • The Network
    The Network Month ago +41

    Only reason admission scandal was exposed because they messed up with IRS. Even Joker doesn't mess up with IRS.

    • Rebecca C
      Rebecca C 11 days ago +1

      It's sad but the IRS is one of our best law enforcement agencies. Lets expand it. The rich will finally see a court room for their crimes.

  • Lynn DeBeal
    Lynn DeBeal Month ago

    please Stop saying the word "Socialism" in reference to Bernie Sanders without including the word "Democratic" in front of it. He's talking about Socialist Democracy. They are two very different partys. You are doing Berny Sanders a disservice when You do thay. It's not true. You are prejudicing him to voters when you mak e it sound like he is a socialist. He is NOT a socialist. Neither is AOC. Sweden is a Socialist Democracy. Thank you. Love you Trevor.

  • Accutronitis The 2nd

    Trump liar in chief

  • Garys Johnson
    Garys Johnson Month ago

    Pay Adele Lim.