Willy Paul and Alaine - Shado Mado (Official video) Skiza 9048439

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
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  • Lucy Njenga
    Lucy Njenga 2 hours ago +1

    Shake your head if you feel okay... Shado mado

  • research wilson
    research wilson Day ago

    Shado Mado

  • nuwahereza sandra

    fell in love with this song da first tym i listened 😍💃💃💃🕺🕺

  • VanMose Music
    VanMose Music 2 days ago

    ruclip.com/video/Pg0fx6s1Z-I/video.html WATCH WILLY FREE STYLE

  • Ten cent ke
    Ten cent ke 4 days ago

    Top top 10000000000000000000000times pozeee

  • melvin awuor
    melvin awuor 4 days ago

    Kali Sana

  • Jeniffer Hamida
    Jeniffer Hamida 5 days ago

    Enyewe willy Paul sauti NAyO ulipewa daddy

  • cm_nation 14
    cm_nation 14 6 days ago +2

    2:05 🔥🔥 cant stop listening to it. 👍🏽👍🏽

  • biko steve
    biko steve 6 days ago

    Pozee am a good dancer but hapo kwa shingo sijui vile unaifanya ..how can i reach you so that you train me mzito.

  • Grace Maina
    Grace Maina 7 days ago

    Shado mado💃💃💃

  • Esther Nasimiyu
    Esther Nasimiyu 8 days ago

    Can't get tired of this song...i just love it..

  • Ayub Ngure
    Ayub Ngure 9 days ago

    I hate the fact that willy isnt singing gospel anymore but i cant stop following him awesome song n video

  • Sylvia Kinya
    Sylvia Kinya 9 days ago +2

    September 2019???

  • Kudzaishe Chitado
    Kudzaishe Chitado 9 days ago

    I just like the song##

  • Johnny nice
    Johnny nice 10 days ago

    I love

  • Jay Wafula
    Jay Wafula 11 days ago


    SHARP STUDY 12 days ago

    Huyu alaine bado azalishwe na boy child kutoka Kenya.Nice collabo's

  • Wacucu
    Wacucu 12 days ago

    Love for Alaine

  • David Mburu
    David Mburu 12 days ago

    Inamaanisha “ shut your mouth o” shado maado

  • Sir Eliud
    Sir Eliud 13 days ago

    When am on this song I play it more than 3 times, Likes for Alaine voice please

  • Victor Kamuto
    Victor Kamuto 13 days ago

    Najitia kitaaaanziiii...

  • shee emxy
    shee emxy 14 days ago +1

    pozee and Alaine always gives a hit........big up!!!!!!!!!!

  • priscaa hamisi
    priscaa hamisi 14 days ago +3

    willy paul wee unanimaliza nakupenda bureee

    SYLVIA MAITHA 16 days ago +1

    This song is awesome to me I don't know what a bout u but to me is great One 😍

  • Flavian Manirakiza
    Flavian Manirakiza 16 days ago +1

    They're so cute together, I wish they, they can be together by one day will happen. Love is God, God bless them and I hope you happy husband and wife one day ❤😘❤❤❤ @alainesinga #alainewillypaul 2 beautiful birds 2 beautiful humans

    OMONDI BRIAN 17 days ago


    OMONDI BRIAN 17 days ago


    OMONDI BRIAN 17 days ago


    OMONDI BRIAN 17 days ago

    Still on 🔥🔥🔥🖤

    OMONDI BRIAN 17 days ago

    Shadomado 🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  • marto warui
    marto warui 17 days ago

    dope beats, nice flow keep on they only hate what they cant afford

  • lophy mane tv
    lophy mane tv 18 days ago


  • Mwalimu Cheche Official

    Hapo Bro

  • Brian Kiplagat
    Brian Kiplagat 18 days ago

    Nipeeni likes tu😧 sina uwezo🙌🙌

    KEVIN MARUMBU 19 days ago

    Willy Paul king of collabos....

  • Hanah Migue
    Hanah Migue 19 days ago

    Willy Paul ameweza likes hapa😘💞💕

  • John Ndirangu
    John Ndirangu 19 days ago

    Willy is very talented despite the drama

  • Esther Nyawira
    Esther Nyawira 19 days ago

    I swear am a good dancer...Willy It would be great honour to dance in one of your tunes...Am still striving to get there💖💖

  • Valentine Mwihia
    Valentine Mwihia 20 days ago


  • Liz Awuor
    Liz Awuor 21 day ago

    Willy and Alaine bigup ,nice song, Ilike your voice Alaine.

  • Carolyne Khayesi
    Carolyne Khayesi 21 day ago

    Huh mathro😌

  • Daniel Maingi
    Daniel Maingi 21 day ago

    Alaine 💯

  • Daniel Maingi
    Daniel Maingi 21 day ago

    My favorite ❤️😍💕 pozee

  • Davis Alphonce
    Davis Alphonce 21 day ago +15

    Mtanzania niko mwenyewe hapa?
    huyu nigga ni kwere,he makes catchy flavours from the moment ameanza kuimba.Wabongo tujuane hapa

  • Davis Alphonce
    Davis Alphonce 21 day ago +1

    0%........naked girls
    0%........swearing language
    100%........pure talent
    This nigga is so talented
    🇹🇿🇹🇿 is watching

  • ouma mc olula
    ouma mc olula 22 days ago

    Listening from +254 wapi likes za shado mado

  • Lazarus Rutto
    Lazarus Rutto 22 days ago

    I get very little coz of language used but the song is nice and dancing decent and wow!

  • Son Justus
    Son Justus 22 days ago

    Nimekuwa confused na Willy Paul hadi nimekuwa fan. If you're confused as well let's meet kwa likes section heh

  • dj Oms
    dj Oms 22 days ago

    Ngoma noma

  • steve kasyoki
    steve kasyoki 23 days ago +1

    this song is waoooh

  • Carrol Winnie
    Carrol Winnie 23 days ago

    I love this song so so much

  • pchab1966
    pchab1966 23 days ago

    This is brilliant and so beautiful!

  • Ivona Jasson
    Ivona Jasson 24 days ago

    Kila kukicha unazidi kunichanganya kwa ngoma zako Willy paul,Mungu akubalik sana

  • Simon Magila
    Simon Magila 24 days ago

    Iko vixur hii ngoma pamoja

  • The Chosen Africanking

    But these motherfuckers ain't supporting they own smh .

  • The Chosen Africanking

    Song deserves ten mil

  • Reagan Pessah
    Reagan Pessah 26 days ago


  • محمد النبهاني

    Huyu jamaa nomaaa sana ananimaliza michezo yake

  • Sweet Cake
    Sweet Cake 28 days ago

    The next beebee and ceecee

    OMONDI BRIAN 29 days ago