Is Australia OP?

  • Published on Dec 25, 2017
  • Everyone knows how OP the Australia server is. Or is it?
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    Last year, long before I started this channel, I was trying to figure out what to get my brothers for christmas. We're all big into super smash bros, and they love the channel Beefy Smash Doods. So I messaged them on twitter asking how much I'd need to pay them if I wanted them to play smash bros against my brothers over wifi. To my surprise, not only did they respond, but they said "no charge, Merry Christmas!"
    They proceeded to invite me to their discord chat, we set up a time, and my brothers told me it was one of the coolest christmas presents they'd ever received. BSD did this out of the goodness of their hearts with absolutely no expectation of being repaid, so I wanted to give them a shoutout here. RUclip has seen some pretty tough and controversial moments in 2017, but the fact remains that the *community* of youtubers is comprised of some of the nicest, most genuine humans on the planet.
    So, thank you BSD, thank you RUclip Community, and thanks for reading! Here's their channel.
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  • Beefy Smash Doods
    Beefy Smash Doods Year ago +8068

    Reading the description put a big smile on my face. Thank you for that and happy holidays from the whole BSD crew! :)
    PS: Your channel is hilarious, keep it up!

    • Silver1989
      Silver1989 5 days ago

      This is why we stay beefy

    • Gazmus
      Gazmus 7 days ago

      @Fearghus Keitz Only black widows and rattlesnakes? That sounds terrifying still...though that's coming from a Briton...our apex predator is a badger :) Not even a scary mad looking American style badger, the fluffy mushroom loving Wind in the Willows grumpy old man style European badgers.

    • bruno aguilar
      bruno aguilar Month ago

      Beefy I agree this channel is awesome.

    • Riley Paterson
      Riley Paterson 7 months ago


    • The true Genius
      The true Genius 7 months ago

      Beefy Smash Doods s-

  • Jeffrey Pogue
    Jeffrey Pogue 3 hours ago

    I like this kind of vid

  • Davlin
    Davlin 7 hours ago

    No mention of birds wedges and cassowaries would be top tier surely

  • LetsTec
    LetsTec 21 hour ago

    Australia isn't OP but for us human players it seems so since it's a completly offensive server and everyone tries to be the biggest damage dealer, but if you would play a tank in australia or a bruiser you can cheese them pretty easy.

  • Gabriel Kam
    Gabriel Kam Day ago +1

    When anyone is describing Australia: *BUT IT GETS WORSE*

  • Steven Edwards
    Steven Edwards Day ago

    No intimidation from a king brown? The bastard things chase ya like a dog after a steak

  • Wincent Ivan
    Wincent Ivan Day ago

    Pretty much like when Columbus landed on the American soil for the first time. Natives, your days are numbered 😏

  • Nil Eydam
    Nil Eydam Day ago

    Australia isn't OP, they are just playing on Nightmare difficulty.

  • Torg norg the flop

    Not to mention our bull shark can swin in salt water and fresh water

  • connor harrison
    connor harrison Day ago

    Please more of these

  • Alan Deutsch
    Alan Deutsch 2 days ago

    No Australia is not OP. Otherwise marsupials would be the dominant form of mammals on earth. (Placentals are)

  • Go go Go go
    Go go Go go 2 days ago

    Just stay in the city game won

  • Draco longsword
    Draco longsword 3 days ago

    Question, what do you think would happen if the Megalainia was still alive?
    Me: *reason 703 to not visit Australia* Giant 7m long, carnivores lizards with high armour, speed, stamina, a venomous bite, can sense vibrations, has a tail more than capable of breaking bones, and regularly fed on bear sized kangaroos, and rhino sized wombats

  • Jason Evans
    Jason Evans 3 days ago

    I hope this channel gets passed down for a couple million years doing the same thing, but with different species Lol.

  • Karlik M
    Karlik M 3 days ago

    I won’t beat around the bush here ...

  • William Chamberlain
    William Chamberlain 3 days ago

    Ant builds also beat cane toads if they camp the toads' spawn points.

  • Probable Truth
    Probable Truth 3 days ago +1

    Low intelligence is a strength in Australia. For example, everyone feels sorry for the Aboriginals and let them use cheats, give them free loot and unearned social credits.

  • holymolly guackamole

    How to combat platupos?

    New Guy used 'GUN'

  • Spacelux98
    Spacelux98 3 days ago

    Dilophosaurus omfg

  • Tony Flamingo
    Tony Flamingo 3 days ago

    Aren’t emus tanks?

  • Asome3333e1 Gamr
    Asome3333e1 Gamr 4 days ago

    Australia is the extreme test

  • Igor kurylo
    Igor kurylo 4 days ago +2

    Australia is Not op it is just an Hardcore server

  • Oshe Shango
    Oshe Shango 4 days ago

    Australia has crocodiles. Those are tanks bro.

  • Emperor Palpitoad
    Emperor Palpitoad 5 days ago +1

    Kangaroos hace low IQ????????

    • Emperor Palpitoad
      Emperor Palpitoad 4 days ago

      @Oshe Shango Sorry, but I can't call an animal that is very well known to drown dogs stupid

    • Oshe Shango
      Oshe Shango 4 days ago

      Yes, they eat freaking grass, not make tools.

  • Silver1989
    Silver1989 5 days ago

    I'm glad that Game Over was in blue because he fell in the water.

  • Shiz Honey Iced T
    Shiz Honey Iced T 5 days ago

    The liberal bug also kinda destroyed the game for a lot of Australian players

  • Iconical
    Iconical 6 days ago

    Yeah we are.

  • Ed The Person
    Ed The Person 6 days ago

    One thing that used to slow me down when I started playing was asthma then I moved to warmer servers and it went away

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 6 days ago

    Imagine seeing a bear in australia 😂

  • Matthew Morgan
    Matthew Morgan 6 days ago

    Dingo's are native...

  • Def The Ocelot
    Def The Ocelot 6 days ago

    More game server breakdowns! I love them! I wanna hear about biomes and servers

  • eye poid
    eye poid 7 days ago


  • Solitude
    Solitude 7 days ago

    Australia is scary. Props to human players who actually choose to live there.

  • Bevan Herd
    Bevan Herd 7 days ago

    Y no drop bear

  • Thomas Parker
    Thomas Parker 7 days ago

    Cover the North American server

  • The Paladin
    The Paladin 7 days ago

    And don’t forget the glitch where the possum players on both players swapped out and the ones in Australia are casual players while the American ones play competitive

  • JaguarJosh
    JaguarJosh 7 days ago

    Imagine if this was a real game but we are the game and we are being controlled by players maeby that's why my pet cat died when it was a baby the player got bored

  • 51dodoc
    51dodoc 7 days ago

    It's not op, just a high level zone.

  • Gabriel Escalet
    Gabriel Escalet 7 days ago

    Loved this video m8

  • Masters Degree
    Masters Degree 7 days ago +1

    Is Australia op. Sir that’s not even a question.

  • Patrick the Henchman

    Is it true that certain male players tried the Echidna build just so they can have the "perk" of a four headed penis?

  • Rea Sanka
    Rea Sanka 7 days ago

    Make a video on the Norwegian server

  • Dragon Gaming
    Dragon Gaming 7 days ago

    Do easy mode

  • Trevor Baronet
    Trevor Baronet 8 days ago

    I'm using the human class and in the the scottish server loving this game it's great!
    Can't wait for the next balance update Devs need to keep doing what they're doing!

  • Brian Hum
    Brian Hum 8 days ago

    Watch video about animals in Australia, can't stop checking underside of desk for spiders.

  • GG Hunge34
    GG Hunge34 8 days ago

    Hi guy , did you know thattttttttttttttttttttttt , I CAN STEAL YOUR FOOD ????

  • Gem Bocobo
    Gem Bocobo 9 days ago


  • SHEP !
    SHEP ! 9 days ago

    Australia doesn't have Opossums, they have just Possums which are kinda cute, but make scary rape noises at night.

  • Daniel West
    Daniel West 9 days ago

    Pigs certainly have a strong foothold here in Australia. Water Buffalo are a awesome choice and they are monsters up north! nothing challenges them and even humans have trouble finding them let alone hunting them.

  • Daniel West
    Daniel West 9 days ago

    Possum not opossums are in Australia. Very different critter

  • Daniel West
    Daniel West 9 days ago

    That map was so on point haha

  • Ray Guinnip
    Ray Guinnip 9 days ago

    Oh you need to do a feral player list

  • Taco Blude
    Taco Blude 9 days ago

    I'm kind of regretting choosing a human character. Sure, Humans have a unique play style and can change servers and use vehicles. Sure, Humans Have multiple factions to choose from, but the Kangaroo sounds more fun. who doesn't want to bound around all day and have a epic kick attack? Shame you can only have one character at a time.

  • KingTurtle37
    KingTurtle37 9 days ago

    Possums shouldn’t be low tier because they are resistant to multiple types of poison.

  • Jlinus
    Jlinus 9 days ago

    You forgot about the spiders that keep spawning in my car

  • Jlinus
    Jlinus 9 days ago

    Ahhh the box jellyfish, my natural enemy. Everytime I encounter one on pvp I come out with nearly 0 hp 😫

  • Someguy 56
    Someguy 56 9 days ago

    Make a game about Rl and let us chose all animals please

  • Beldonator_ Xx
    Beldonator_ Xx 9 days ago

    Hey can you do a tier list about the animals in the Philippines

  • Connor Fair
    Connor Fair 9 days ago

    Is this a gameee

  • Peter Brough
    Peter Brough 9 days ago

    I chose the Lyrebird trickster build. Gives me great role playing options.

  • Spencer Holden
    Spencer Holden 10 days ago

    The Emu beat the S class Humans!

  • Moroii '
    Moroii ' 10 days ago

    Build a tier list about philippines.

  • Kalani Kane
    Kalani Kane 10 days ago

    Some one make a game of this plz

  • TeoReviews
    TeoReviews 10 days ago

    This is awesome. I'd love to see one of these on Brazil! :D

  • jjperceval
    jjperceval 10 days ago

    No tanks? What about the ratites?

  • DrakeMarvell
    DrakeMarvell 10 days ago +1

    Please do a video on the North American server!

  • Bears Msp
    Bears Msp 11 days ago


  • robbe fertein
    robbe fertein 11 days ago

    you know what I will still away from australia

  • Ben Lourvanij
    Ben Lourvanij 11 days ago +1


  • Albick 7
    Albick 7 11 days ago +5

    i know this is meant to be a 'real' game because it is REAL but you should actually make this a game

  • Alex Hashaga
    Alex Hashaga 11 days ago

    face reveal when?

  • Stephen Cartiglia
    Stephen Cartiglia 11 days ago +1

    “Let’s talk about where Australia comes up short”
    NOWHERE!! It’s ******* Australia!

  • Lazy Prophet
    Lazy Prophet 11 days ago

    Wtf are you talking about man!? Builds, servers, meta data...just describe the animals without so many gay ass RPG references. Or you could actually show animals fighting & break it down.

  • Brian Otida
    Brian Otida 12 days ago +1

    AU Servers or otherwise known as Memeland by the rest of the serious Servers.

  • Vigneswara Prabhu
    Vigneswara Prabhu 12 days ago

    0:44. You Put Steve Irwin next to the sting Rays. Not cool dude.