How My Channel Got Deleted (STORYTIME)

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
  • My channel got 2 strikes in 36 hours. The rest is history, and thus a video for you to watch.
    My website:
    (Not done yet but I will make an announcement on social media when it's fully complete, Newsletter is a bit tricky)

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    Angry Foreigner is a comedian and satirist, born in former Yugoslavia and active in Sweden. The edgelord of edgelords believes in summoning human potential through provoking thought, and always aims to push the edge in his rants on diverse hypocrisies.
    The point of approaching serious topics with humor is to make it easier to digest, and give people the patience to bear with not-always-the-happiest-information. There is plenty of hope in the form of individual potential and I trust people to be thinking, reasoning and mature. Not the lowest possible expectation one could have of ourselves. People inherently reflect each other and on this channel I'm just reacting to our era in sincere, brutally honest, typically slavic fasion.
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  • Angry Foreigner
    Angry Foreigner  Month ago +216

    Video explains why this channel disappeared for 2 weeks.
    Ways to Support Me ✅:
    Swish: 0723 71 99 44
    Discord & Patreon:
    My website will be fully operational soon:
    Newsletter is a bit tricky to figure out, but I'll make announcement when everything is 100% functional!
    Bitcoin: 34JWVYtGiTQ6zsMW3qTDzxDZuRkeT3neug
    Bitcoin cash: 12AKEY3AfbXTzSo5ZyQrPNgsfbS4oDbqtf
    Etherum: 0xe7C735a9A7d28005aE2F0a361708b56a2079e715
    Litecoin: La5DTxwxxLk9AmaayxnpRm8yohNfVskc6G


    • SlashDotBeckett
      SlashDotBeckett Month ago

      Angry Foreigner Get on and Bitchute.
      All the Big Boys are there.

    • Notificacio De no uso
      Notificacio De no uso Month ago

      Te empecé a seguir cuando te vi en un documental de rt desde Argentina.
      Sos un capo y re inteligente..

    • Petter !
      Petter ! Month ago

      Här är kommunerna som tagit emot IS terrorister som vi betalar för 🤮

    • ukkr
      ukkr Month ago

      I don't watch this as much as I might like, and am currently not on twitter, but it is great content, and you have an entertaining way of delivering the news. As for your calling this "Angry Foreigner", I think it is nice, It shows that you ARE an immigrant(so they can't tag you as a "racist swede"), and makes your arguments a bit more compelling to some. But yeah, I think it is great that a person goes into a company and assimilates, etc.... I mean you have presented so many Swedish articles, etc...
      I would LOVE to know what made so many people act so nuts. I mean it is like some small group paid a number of actors to act this way, as politicians, and they are paying half of the rest of the world to act stupid, etc... and fight for their demise. It is hard to believe that humanity can "naturally" be so DUMB!
      Anyway, I hope this channel does really well, you make a lot of money from it, and have a part in changing the WORLD for the better. I wish others would realize that it really IS better than the alternative. How could there even be a question.

    • Krystallen
      Krystallen Month ago

      @Unidorsal Icosahedron Är inte det grymt? Jag ääääääälskar designen! Enkelt, utan mobil fjanteri och man måste LÄSA saker! I love it!

  • Mykill Mielia
    Mykill Mielia 12 days ago

    you should or have to get on telegram (additionally to email list or instead of it).

  • Jay J
    Jay J 24 days ago

    Nije to prava zastava Bosne, sa tim retardiranim ljiljanima, sto je neki glupi Kinez, koji ne zna sta je Bosna, nastanco i prodaje budalama za po dolar na alibabi.
    Nabavi sebi pravu zastavu sa pravim ljiljanima. Mora se znat kako izgleda zastava Bosne.

  • Mirza Sepic
    Mirza Sepic 25 days ago

    Trebaš novu kameru

  • missRabbit
    missRabbit 27 days ago

    It's been happening for the last two years. Censorship has become the new norm everywhere, not only in Sweden.
    kind of creepy.

  • Queenly Queenly
    Queenly Queenly 28 days ago +3

    Don’t let the evil sick Swedish leftwing feminazi Maffia silence you. We stand behind you. You are a hero

  • Zalad
    Zalad 28 days ago

    Just got this recommended 3 weeks after it was uploaded

  • ShatteredPieces
    ShatteredPieces Month ago

    Discord only for Patrons? Come on...

  • Joel Juntunen
    Joel Juntunen Month ago

    Det verkar gå lite framåt i alla fall, uppgraderat drycken från Elk ser jag (Y) Rock on!

  • Marutgana Rudraksha

    I had no idea that your channel was deleted. But, I never get notifications when you upload, even though I check the notifications box. Keep up the good work!

  • sebastian månsson
    sebastian månsson Month ago

    Men va fan skaffa dig ett liv. Tror du verkligen ditt hat kommer någon vart? Det kommer komma fler utav dig när vi är döda....

  • Dreaming Music
    Dreaming Music Month ago

    May I suggest that you start a channel on Bitchute?

  • Dreaming Music
    Dreaming Music Month ago

    Angry Foreigner plays by RUclips rules, even though RUclip doesn't play by their own rules.

  • Skolverket
    Skolverket Month ago +1

    Gör en subreddit negro

  • OLE Karkowski
    OLE Karkowski Month ago

    Greetings from speak the Truth...

  • Jack Mormon
    Jack Mormon Month ago

    Sorry but I don't believe RUcliprs that claim RUclip is trying to hide their videos even if you have notifications clicked. So many RUcliprs spreading that conspiracy theory but every single one of them I get notifications for every single video. Stop blaming RUclip when people stop watching your videos.

  • Kevin Gres
    Kevin Gres Month ago

    Just like I stumbled upon Paul Joseph Watson, I'm glad I found the angry foreiger also.

  • TheBestOfSweden
    TheBestOfSweden Month ago

    Vårt land är inte skadat för evigt, däremot är vårt rykte det.

  • Me Me
    Me Me Month ago

    I was in Sweden over the summer - well, the map showed me it was Sweden. I thought I'd gotten lost and ended up in some Muslim shithole.

  • Bart Simpson
    Bart Simpson Month ago

    Blatten är tillbaka!!!🎈🎉🎉

  • A Mufasa
    A Mufasa Month ago


  • Sylus Talks
    Sylus Talks Month ago

    I also seem to have been de-platformed on one of my channels. I suspect it is the content of my videos. They , Them are trying to shut us up mate. keep at it .!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Willy Kling
    Willy Kling Month ago

    Things need to change and people need to die!
    Shit, I am starting to sound like a Islamist or Commie.

  • Tavish M
    Tavish M Month ago

    The more the fascist, Marxist globalist elite censor you and other freedom loving truth speakers, the more the truth gets out. Now that you have your own website, there will be even MORE truth coming out so people can get a reality check. Every could has a silver lining. The more evil attacks us, the more we push back to expose it. Angry Foreigner, you sir, are epic, and among the greatest freedom fighters in modern world history.

  • Rich
    Rich Month ago

    Is it really 11 years since you got laid?

  • Rich
    Rich Month ago

    This was monetized? It's a trick, they are up to something

  • christopher mcfann
    christopher mcfann Month ago

    as a fellow imigrant here in sweden i totally understand and i am glad to see you back mate

  • PBR bear
    PBR bear Month ago

  • HighonBluegrazz
    HighonBluegrazz Month ago

    På vårt huvudkontor på Dockan i Malmö arbetar erfarna och engagerade fastighetsmäklare som är specialister på centrala Malmö och områden som bland annat Rörsjöstaden, Möllevången, Dockan och Drottningtorget.

  • Ben Crosbie
    Ben Crosbie Month ago

    I want your de monitized jumper lol

  • Frédéric Roy Poulin

    I'm not rich but I can and will send you 20US dollars.

  • Frédéric Roy Poulin

    They just don't understand the human spirit of freedom. Usually it's white people but. I kinda like Hong Kong people now, tearing down the watchtowers, epic.

  • Frédéric Roy Poulin

    I love vodka also!

  • Frédéric Roy Poulin

    Ah ah, good work Angry Foreigner!

  • Andy Miron
    Andy Miron Month ago

    Sweden needs this Foreigner. :D

  • Kochoniss.2017.
    Kochoniss.2017. Month ago


  • icy ivy
    icy ivy Month ago

    So happy you have your OWN platform! Congratulations man!

  • Fline
    Fline Month ago

    when you click on the bell you have multiple options for notifications... there is an actual hidden extra step to get those notifications!

  • Dionaea floridensis

    I wasn't notified of this upload... Uuugh

  • Maria Hristova
    Maria Hristova Month ago

    I was distracted by the bottle of rakija.

  • Fanny's LoA
    Fanny's LoA Month ago

    You should get PayPal, so we can donate small sums at convenience. We don't all have swish

  • Coja Kiki
    Coja Kiki Month ago

    1. This was recommended to me. 2. jävla utlänningar XD 3. Poz iz Beograda...

  • Richard Ainsworth
    Richard Ainsworth Month ago

    RUclipr: *makes questionable content and actually deleats own videos post ban hammer because he knows dam well they're not in line with site rules*
    Also RUclipr: RUclip killed my channel for no reason! Nothing to do with my content going against the terms and conditions of the website.
    You're not very self aware are you kid?

  • stampy16
    stampy16 Month ago +1

    It's definitely a clear-cut example of hate speech. Your videos fuelled the school killings in Trollhättan, don't tell me you are surprised or upset over being in violation of youtube's community policy. Cut the bullshit, come on.

  • SuTen
    SuTen Month ago

    Minidiktatoriska fascisten Löfven och hans gäng av stasikommunister gör sitt bästa för att hålla Svenska folket under hälarna...

  • André Rothweiler
    André Rothweiler Month ago

    You are back, oh my god!!!!

  • Adrian Cimpan
    Adrian Cimpan Month ago

    Cannot connect to your website...

  • Fabrizio Cerri
    Fabrizio Cerri Month ago +1

    Good riddance!
    Look at this Serbian supremacist, exhibiting that Bosnian flag he took from dead orphan's hands back in Sarajevo, provoking hate and laughing about his evil deeds.
    Lucky for us that big brother RUclip is protecting us.

  • knusper lachs
    knusper lachs Month ago

    Your Channel got deleted for hate Speech or something, the new RUclip Everyone. At the same time there are countless Bombings in Sweden. Yeah the true problem is hate speech and not the brutal ones that turn our countrys in that. But yeah let's censore all that are against it, because censoring is good. :P
    I can't belive all that shit. The western world goes more shit every day.

  • Carl Petersson
    Carl Petersson Month ago

    I VETO this channel. If it ever gets permanently deleted, Google will sweat in their pants.

  • Carl Hopkinson
    Carl Hopkinson Month ago

    Everyone knows Google is full of shit.

  • unuseful idiot
    unuseful idiot Month ago

    I hate email subscriptions. seems to work :)

  • JakeTheAnalytical
    JakeTheAnalytical Month ago

    They're cleaning house.

  • Ost Wind
    Ost Wind Month ago

    everyone significant got deleted in the last week. Martin Sellner for example.
    But hey good luck with your depression, I never thought it would leave me after all those years but it happened. Change brought me salvation. Maybe try something too. All the best

  • Robin Granholm
    Robin Granholm Month ago

    Tack för att fortsätter på youtube.

  • Censorship and MSM are Destroying Western Societies

    Interesting news on

  • jebo ti ja mater mrtvu

    Anybody mind buying me some toilet paper? I live in the forest 50 km from the nearest civillization. Even though i live in the forest i don't know how to make paper from chopped up wood.

  • Ove Larsson
    Ove Larsson Month ago

    Kan inte konekta till :

  • JSD
    JSD Month ago

    Oof...This stinks!

  • Brian Sweat
    Brian Sweat Month ago

    Support to you from the U.S.A.. We will stand.