Crazy Cookie Roulette Challenge

Today we spin the cookie wheel and eat whatever it lands on. GMM #1026!
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Technical Director/Graphics/Editor: Morgan Locke
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Additional Graphics/Editing: Matthew Dwyer
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Set Construction/Dresser: Cassie Cobb
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Автор Julie S. Caesar ( назад)
link's dad is SOOOO adorable!!! I love that accent :)

Автор Kevin Lombardo, Jr ( назад)
Link looks a lot like his pap

Автор you're not alone I'm here for you ( назад)
damn he came at their southernhood those are fighting words

Автор Maddisen C. ( назад)
Link's dad is ADORABLE, I love him♩

Автор ariel pippin ( назад)
aw, his dad is so adorable lol

Автор The Queen ( назад)
omg they look so alike, like future link

Автор Max B. ( назад)
"Link, that's a semen cookie."

Автор Spencer ( назад)
Can Link's Dad host every game?

Автор Kaio Oliveira ( назад)
Charles is great. Replace Rhett and link with their dads

Автор Eva Murnen ( назад)
omggg i love his had

Автор Mamdouh Mallah ( назад)
Links dad is awesome

Автор TheAmazingAlyse ( назад)
I've watched this episode 5 times. I love this

Автор drk grl666 ( назад)
Yes we need link's father in more videos 😀

Автор shane idleman ( назад)
the blood cookie link ate was nasty... LOL

Автор CanadianShisha ( назад)
I just want to see an episode where its both link and rheas dad pretending to be Rhett and link

Автор the majestic bro ( назад)
Spin the wheel of cookiekality

Автор Axel Kyneb ( назад)
I love his accent!!😊❤️. Hes funny

Автор Shinako Marston ( назад)
Links dad is an older tanner version of Link.

Автор DanielleTakesPics ( назад)
I want to know what the other cookies were

Автор Kyle Davis ( назад)
Links dad is the best

Автор Natalie Craver ( назад)
Link looks A LOT like his dad.

Автор twenty one cliques ( назад)
you say things with your mouth
Cobwebs and flies come out

idk I just love tøp too much.
I'm trash and I'm obsessed.
Like if you know this song.
Stay alive frens |-/

Автор Lexi Salice ( назад)
Love you guys!!

Автор UglyStrawberries ( назад)
I love Link's dad so much omg

Автор country life 101 ( назад)
I got it all right.

Автор Sophie Ley-Hornsey ( назад)
As I sit here slowly eating cookies...

Автор Future Moon ( назад)
Wow link's face looks almost exactly like his dad's. I can see the resemblance

Автор Emily Garcia ( назад)
omg you can totally tell that's Link's dad!

Автор Johmar Santiago ( назад)
Is it just me or does link look just like his father

Автор Emily Rose ( назад)

Автор Yanhong Zhang ( назад)
Loch Nut Monster ;3

Автор TheR3aper5 ( назад)
I actually remember watching the Food channels episode when they showed them making the largest cookie.

Автор aliens matter ( назад)
but what was the last cookie

Автор Fatma Mohammed AbdulRab ( назад)
OMG pause at 1:31 !

Автор Deven Jackson ( назад)
I could be wrong but it looked like Rhett could see the cards

Автор Amanda Bos ( назад)
I miss the old into please bring the old into back please😢😢😢😟😟

Автор TheSociallyAwkwardLamp ( назад)

Автор Matt H ( назад)

Автор Matt H ( назад)

Автор Matt H ( назад)

Автор Matt H ( назад)

Автор Faust 210 ( назад)
Links dad is such a beast

Автор fuschiadark plays ( назад)
link looks just like his DAD!

Автор olivia chicken nuggets ( назад)
when they were doing the cookie sheet what was that white stuff was it iceing or glue

Автор Aliens ( назад)
I love Links dad. He is so Southern

Автор Flamin Gamer ( назад)

Автор RAKROTNIBOR ( назад)
Rhett rely knows his cookie stuff

Автор Evasive Fennec ( назад)
I want links Dad saying "snickerdoodle" as my ringtone

Автор alexandria pahides ( назад)
I wanna know the other flavors!!!!

Автор Anchorluv S ( назад)
The date this came out was my birthday

Автор DJ cat sans ( назад)
wow link your dad is a pretty "sweet" man.........see what i did their?

Автор Shawna Smith ( назад)
Okay but you could totally tell that Rhett knew all the answers and just let Link lose...CHEATER 😂😐

Автор Mangle X Foxy ( назад)
I love southern accent. I love the country kinda feel to it

Автор Carly Peternel ( назад)
I love his accent, my whole family including me are from North Carolina, so I hear that accent a lot.

Автор MynameisGRADE ( назад)
link and link father are same lol I have been blown

Автор Nyan_kitty Gaming ( назад)
Rhett is the cookie master

Автор Nyan_kitty Gaming ( назад)
Omygosh links dad looks just like link😲😲😲😲😧😧😧😧

Автор Magnetio ( назад)
3:12 Lol she sounds so innocent

:o its just a sugar cookie

Автор Lily Elliott ( назад)
Omg link and his dad look and spind very similar sooooo mad!!! 😂😂

Автор Sarah281 jane ( назад)
whos john legend ?
is he that guy out the Beatles

Автор 12345bo Gaming ( назад)
Links dad looked like link in his youth

Автор Phoebe Trayer ( назад)
this is recorded and posted on the same day of my birthday yay

Автор The TV Nerd ( назад)
But the real question is...

Read more

Автор Sunbro INC ( назад)
Gotta admit rhett is an attractive man

Автор Rae Higgins ( назад)
Rhett is so smart!!

Автор Rae Higgins ( назад)
his dad is so adorable!!

Автор Sophie Rose ( назад)
Link's dad is so adorable 😻

Автор Master of Disguise ( назад)
I just love the way Lizzie casually just says, " that's a lotion cookie".

Автор LittleLady Love ( назад)
Links dad is 😁

Автор Nick A. ( назад)
Links dad is adorable just saying

Автор unnamed source ( назад)
why does links dad look like kurt russell

Автор Phantom XXIII ( назад)
I think i'm gonna hurl...

Автор Rogue Angel Art ( назад)
Everyone in the comments saying how much they think link and his dad are alike, but honestly I don't think they look alike!!!

Автор aarenut mle ( назад)
links father has a awesome accent

Автор Warsaw911 ( назад)
Link's dad is such a nice person. XD

Автор Brian Askren ( назад)
We need more people like Link's dad in this world... it would be a much better place.

Автор Joseph Feurstein ( назад)
thar is a blood cookie.

Автор Cookie Dragon ( назад)
NUUUU!!! YOUR EATING MY PEOPLE!! WHY??!! Oh well,they were I'm imbicels anyway.

Автор Kira Calpn ( назад)
Link`s dad looks like a girl, but no offence to him!

Автор Gamerboss 2245 ( назад)
Link's dad talks EXACTLY like Link.

Автор super dave ( назад)
back to the future link

Автор Allu ( назад)
Do Will it cookie vid

Автор Krispy K ( назад)
Links dad looks like female version of Bruce Jenner

Автор PetrePann ( назад)
Man I know so much about cookies. I shoulda gone to cookie school instead of med school.

Автор Ally cat ( назад)
poptart roulette

Автор AmyCat ( назад)
Link's dad is adorable

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
Link and his dad look the same but not at the same time

Автор Cocoa Doodles ( назад)
Link cloned himself went to Texas

Автор Cocoa Doodles ( назад)

Автор Cameron Lawson ( назад)
Your dad is awesome

Автор Caitlin Repose ( назад)

Автор I don't Know ( назад)

Автор Melissa Lebron ( назад)

Автор Azur Ite ( назад)
I want a five hour version of links dad saying snickerdoodle

Автор Minecraft Mischief ( назад)
What was cookie #1?

Автор Chris 1 ( назад)
Love links dad

Автор Chris 1 ( назад)
Your dad seems so sweet.

Автор GamingTerminator ( назад)
cccccc is for coooookie and coooookie is for me 🤗

Автор Paddy Brodie ( назад)
LInks Dad looks like Ray from Trailer park boys.

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