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An exclusive investigation by the Asian Network and Victoria Derbyshire Program has found online services charging divorced Muslim women thousands of pounds to take part in sham Islamic marriages. The controversial practice, known as halala, is believed by a small minority of Muslims to be the only way a divorced woman can get back with her husband after a triple talaq - an instant divorce where a man says 'talaq' three times to his wife. These marriages can leave women open to financial exploitation, blackmail and even sexual abuse.

In this documentary, Athar Ahmad speaks to the women willing to have sex with a stranger in order to get back with their husband, asks why some are going to such extreme lengths and tracks down the men charging thousands of pounds to carry out sham Islamic marriages.

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Автор J One ( назад)
The term "hulla", which is derived from the verb halla, which means rendering halal, means the marriage of a woman who was divorced by her husband to marry another man first in order to marry her previous husband again. This deed is also called tahlil or tahlil ash-shar'iyya. Halaala is widely practiced in most Islamic coutries but most prevelent in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Quran verse says that a woman MUST sleep with another man in marriage before getting back to first. This Quran law is disgusting as the men simply say talaq talaq talaq or even send a text,...and the divorce is done and dusted. Now woman who follows the Quran MUST marry another, have sex and then divorce before she can marry first husband again. Its Islamic Sharia Law!!

Автор Raees Uddin ( назад)
I demand BBC to remove terms such as "sham Islamic marriages" as there's no such thing as "sham Islamic marriages" in any Islamic scriptures or teachings. You may refer it as "sham marriages" but not "sham Islamic marriages" because it's not Islamic in anyways.

Автор Sick News ( назад)
Qur'an (2:230): Halaala verse:

"And if he has divorced her [for the third time simply saying "talaq talaq talaq"], then she is not lawful to him afterward until [after] she marries a husband other than him. And if the latter husband divorces her [or dies], there is no blame upon the woman and her former husband for returning to each other if they think that they can keep [within] the limits of Allah . These are the limits of Allah , which He makes clear to a people who know."[3]


Автор Muslim MillatulIbrahim ( назад)
those that agreed to halala, both male and female, should be stoned to death inshaaAllah

Автор Phil Spinks ( назад)
What does the Qur'an say about it?Surah 2:229 -And if he has divorced her [for the third time], then she is not lawful to him afterward until [after] she marries a husband other than him. And if the latter husband divorces her [or dies], there is no blame upon the woman and her former husband for returning to each other if they think that they can keep [within] the limits of Allah . These are the limits of Allah, which He makes clear to a people who know.

Автор irishxxkelt ( назад)
Sex for money is simply prostitution.

Автор Jason Leaf ( назад)

Автор Spirited Truth ( назад)
Why has BBC deleted my comment to Kam Sam and strongfoot. Is the TRUTH too hard to handle? BBC used to be a media of unbiased facts and information. Now, it hides under the skirts of liberal political correctnes, islamaphobia, racism, xenophobia and all other kinds of phobes..What about RIGHT and WRONG????? And, please know the quran and its islamic traditions. Do not view a programme and be afraid to state it is undoubtedly a widely used nefarius practice...not a nominal section of the islamic communities that practise it and allowed an uninformed muslim woman to just denounce it as an anathema of Islam. BBC is BRISTISH! Tell the TRUTH...stop trying to appease an ideology of murder and perversion of the worst kind. Islam is demonic ..PERIOD!

Автор Spirited Truth ( назад)
moussab aquassi another master of taqiyya or truly a man deficient in intelligence. He has also probably never read or understood the quran and what the hadiths advocate. Hello....this is planet earth! Don't make a mockery of the intelligence that the ONE true GOD, Yeshus gives you! Allah (aka satan) has darkened and dulled your mind that you have indeed become his slave! Mindlessly, following a 1400 yrs wannabe prophet and a murdetous pervert of the WORST kind!!!!

Автор Spirited Truth ( назад)
moussab aquassi another master of taqiyya or truly a man deficient in intelligence. He has also probably never read or understood the quran and what the hadiths advocate. Hello....this is planet earth! Don't make a mockery of the intelligence that the ONE true GOD, Yeshus gives you! Allah (aka satan) has darkened and dulled your mind that you have indeed become his slave! Mindlessly, following a 1400 yrs wannabe prophet and a murdetous pervert of the WORST kind!!!!

Автор Spirited Truth ( назад)
strong foot and kam sam which planet d you two come from? Or are you practising TAQIYYA..quranic edicts that compel muslims (especially men) to lie belligently about the perversion, denegration, persecution, killing and subjugation of women, children and apostates and non muslims. Your 1400 yrs old wannabe prophet was nothing more than a murderous, insecured, schizo pervert of the worst kind! And, by the way he also recommended thst u drink camel's piss because it's is good for you! lol And, in the same breath, said there's evil in camels!. A prophet??? More like a schizo high on hash!! And, don't conveniently forget about 'muta' marriage; a temporary marriage permissible to muslim men as a means to legalise prostitution, infidelity and adultery. The quran and Mo were nothing more than a 1400 yrs old playboy and magazine that legalise murders and sexual perversion of the WORST kind! From peodophilia, wife beating, slavery, pimping and marital rape!! So wake up, Mohammadens especially women lest you should but affirmed his decree that you are deficient in intelligence! lol And, as for Muslim men, they had none to start with (except a lot of perverted activities between their legs) to follow such a deluded wannabe prophet who advocated that camel's piss is good for you!!! hahahahaha! By the way, your only reward from Islam would be STD and the Fire of HELL!

Автор Sukhvir Singh ( назад)

Автор Nym GRACE ( назад)
Do not triple Talaque me. I will

Автор Ayela G4 ( назад)

Автор Gabar Singh ( назад)
Well, Where are the victims in this documentary? Why are those people not arrested who did domestic abuse to Farah in the first place and how can a women living in UK allow several men to have sex with her as Farah states, clearly it was not a "Bukkake". Women have all the choice to go for it or not to go for it. If someone divorced a women then why would she think of going back her husband. Seems like all this documentary is Pre-Planned and all the characters are paid well for blaming Islam. The guy from facebook is saying he did it for fun and never did any halala in real life and Farah seems to only know those girls who did it behind there families and they didn't come on media like Farah did...something is wrong here. There are countless Muslim women who had divorce and never talk about halala because they don't do it or believe it. Didn't find any conclusion in this documentary. There are people in all sorts of life doing different things like "Facial/Latin abuse" or "Bukkake" no buddy seems to talk about it. People from all sorts of religion do different things differently like in hindus there were famous "Prabhu Rassi". Porn movies all over the world are full of "Bukkake" and abusive scenes. But we all have got one religion in this century that is Islam. Let them live with peace guys.

Автор Umm Zaynul ( назад)
Sadley some men and women dont know the Rights that islam give to women therefore they get abused by ignorant men who take advantage.should have knowledge about marriage before getting married.most parents are ignorant of ruling on divorces nor do they educate their sons or daughters.

Автор drcheekyisback ( назад)
Tinkly winky, dipsy, halala and po...

Автор Tariq Alodat ( назад)
Needless to mention how ladies are treated and punished by those criminals.for instance they throw acid on women's faces to disfigure and deform them.Honestly,I feel sorry for those sisters who are the victims of those barbaric and cruel murderers, who called themselves JIHADISTS.

Автор Adeel Bashir ( назад)

Автор Hana ( назад)
Good old England is so screwed by allowing this huge community following Islam to ever settle there in such numbers. It only brought troubles and a complete incompatibility with the British ways. It's a disaster this backward ideology of Islam entering the West. Just watching this and many other things surrounding Islam, I think these ppl OQ is -140.

Автор Hana ( назад)
I could laugh my head of just how stupid this religion and any of its branches is. And how stupid the people are to EVER allow themselves to believe in ANY of the crap. One crap bigger than other. Seriously, there is no intelligence in this religion, no proper system. Each nation under Islam does whatever crap they want, adding more crap to the already screwed idea of Islam. I'd rather disown myself than being born into this unprincipled screwed ridiculous way of thinking!!!

Автор Sharat Sharma ( назад)
Halala is as divine practice. Allah has invented this divine practice of providing relief to Muslim women who want to get back to their lovely husbands by getting in one night stands with lovely stranger's. Allah is merciful.

Автор Destiny ( назад)
This practice is called 'Tahleel' clearly forbidden in Islam. The women going ahead with these arrangements are prostitutes.

Автор Sikander ( назад)
I'm so glad I'm neither a Muslim nor straight.

Автор M-Ray Usa ( назад)
Voltron Voltron Voltron!!

Автор Ali Baba ( назад)
That's vile

Автор Ellie Aye ( назад)
...despite the abuse, Farah hopes he would changed... YEAH RIGHT...

Автор Francocallederivas ( назад)
The problem here is- whilst one group of Muslims say something is forbidden/ against Islam - another group has to approve it and it is accepted everywhere. Like Jihad. All it needs is a rogue preacher fulfilling his sick dreams on a Friday and there you have it - a Boko Haram, or Al Qaeda or Al Shaba or whatever. There is No consistency in this religion and sadly it is like knowing a crocodile only eats six months of the year but only one way of finding out which six and by then it is too late.

Автор Matthew Whittenham ( назад)
What a load of shite

Автор superjay14 ( назад)
I would like to ask a question? Isn't the concept of marriage just in ones head and so the feeling of imprisonment or he/she is mine till death do as apart just in the head.

And the truth is , you are truly free?

Автор Stan Woo ( назад)
This shit is so wrong on every level. How is this happening in a civil, secular society, which often label itself as progressive? Red pill!

Автор Meng Yu ( назад)
I'm speechless....

Автор dhalrkaby ( назад)
in the shia side of Islam ........ the divorce did not be satisfied by the 3 ward ..... it have moor condition to be ok

Автор sng1867 ( назад)
3:57, okay I am glad the lady makes it clear that they don't tolerate this bullshit. But honestly I can never understand Muslims. I get Muslims are very devout to their faiths, but you're in the UK, where Islamic laws have no legitimacy over actual law. So what exactly are you afraid of? If a teenage Muslim girl wants to ditch the hijab and rock the bikini, that's her right. If a Muslim man wants to drink, go right ahead! If this case, if a man says "talaq" three times, the guy's words are worth as much as Donald Trump's lies; they're meaningless.

Автор Blazed and Confused ( назад)
Islam is a cancerous cult.

Автор Shahid Ullah ( назад)
These people are not MUSLIMS.
They are of Hindu background trying to shed a bad light on Islam.

Автор Shahid Ullah ( назад)
WTH is this Bullshit.
I've been a Muslim for 33years and have not EVER heard of this.

Автор Amir Asadi ( назад)
Nice religion lmao

Автор noob1014 ( назад)
i cant comprehend what i saw. So basically if u dont do what ur s/o wants he texts u 3 words so ur divorced without paperwork and then u miss him so you sleep with a stranger and say 1 word. wtf, why not just get like his friend to "marry" you for 5 seconds then say the magic words, hell why go through half of this when there's no official documents wtf...

Автор ladymusiclover ( назад)
Disgusting. Shows the desperation of some women. This is why women need to be financially independent too. Can't afford to have a husband divorcing you over a text and then you have to sleep with another guy to get your husband back. Smh.

Автор Chersi Smith ( назад)
No you.

Автор Павел Малаховский ( назад)
women getting stoned, homosexuals jailed, terrorism - it is NOT islam. dafuq then i just watched if it's not islam?

Автор vegan farm ( назад)

Автор bittercottoncandy ( назад)
This is some weird disgusting shit. Muslims always blathering about how their women are so pure and as it turns out they are turning them into hoes. Why not just follow civil law you knobheads?

Автор Garry Sekelli ( назад)
hahaha lol where is the lol button for smut like this?

Автор mirror face ( назад)
that's why they want sharia law... wakeup you mother fuckers

Автор Sao tome ( назад)
Islamic countries such as pakistan n many more prostitution is prevalent, is this halal ?.

Автор Sao tome ( назад)
For some muslims everything is halal to when comes to fullfill their lust.

Автор Jamal dziri Jamal ( назад)
sorry mate, this is Islam....like it or leave it
don't be a hypocrite....

Автор Tariq Alodat ( назад)
As a Muslim ,during my whole experience and what i witnessed in my life,I think that the people who pretend Islam such as in Pakistan,Afghanistan,India, and in other countries who know nothing about real Islam and who are distorting and defaming as well as deforming the Sharia law according to their interests are definitely fake Muslims and I really hate them.They are gullible naive people who were ignorant and still even growing and increasing.Monsters veiling in Islamic mask.raping and killing stoning women ,children in pretext of Islam. what kind of animals you are! I`m really crying and feeling so sorry towards those innocent women.اللهم ارحمهن واغفر لهن واخرجهن من القوم الظالمين... I am Extremely APOLOGETIC that I cannot do anything...
Keep going for the reporter in exposing and busting those ignorant abusive Mufti

Автор Sunni Warrior ( назад)
Valhalla keep your insults to your self and just continue to enjoy Thor and Asgard

Автор Sunni Warrior ( назад)
I don't know why we muslims are getting angry at the BBC. The fact of the matter is that this issue exists in a small minority of the community. It is interesting how people are saying this report is giving Islam a bad name but no one mentions the honour of the woman who are being taken advantage of in the name of Islam. It is forbidden to marry with the intention to divorce in Islam. Such Mullas and individuals need to be exposed and taken to task. We need an Islamic renaissance..

Автор Rahul Kumar ( назад)
They could have just deleted the message , no one would have known. No need to take religion so seriously.

Автор josie glass ( назад)
yes,also trump has sent a very important message to extremtst terror

Автор ILhaam Oz ( назад)
Corrupt Fu#$ers!!!

Автор TaNetjer Warrior ( назад)
I don't understand this bullshit. If they regret divorcing each other why don't they just get back together instead of going through a gigalo service. Wtf? This is not Islam. This is some weirdo shit

Автор junglist jadi far ( назад)
I do not watch TV and after seeing this crap I will carry on to free my mind from this corrupted system witch we live in

Автор Erin Soriano ( назад)
this doesn't make sense

Автор The Young Wolf ( назад)
.... and people say Islam is not a cancer...
but apart from it What is Islamic Sharia Council doing in Britain??
Wake up Britain!!! Send those Islamic filthy pigs back to the sand & deserts!

Автор Asmaa Maher ( назад)
this carefull lava makes em believe a more than a show awaits the charge

Автор templar k ( назад)

Автор Bushy Bashy ( назад)
This is just dumb!! really it just a break up to make up

Автор Sara Zeeshan ( назад)
This is all wrong. Islam hasn't allowed that. Wrong!

Автор iFornix ( назад)
inbox me for free halala

Автор azim susiwala ( назад)
Most misunderstood concept by western media after jihad this mouthfuckers R not Muslims nor they represent my faith this is just making money to live in uk

Автор Areej Alward ( назад)
wtf Halala !!!

Автор SwordSkill2 ( назад)
How dares a man/woman who doesn't feel good in a marriage, leave? He/She should have stayed there and suffered all the things of a failed marriage because it's not Allah's way...

Автор cavv0667 ( назад)
Halala.... don't you mean Ha ha ha!

Автор Nellie K. Adaba ( назад)

Автор Bogdan Maramures ( назад)
so flipping backwards those people

Автор Valhalla ( назад)
THIS happens in UK! Just imagine what goes on inside the middle east countries.

Автор Francis flower ( назад)
These girls are so dumb. You cant have a fake marriage, God knows what your intentions are. You can only remarry the first husband after the second husband divorces you without it being premeditated. People can reallly twit religion.

Автор Valhalla ( назад)
This is what happens when you follow a religion started by a pedophile.

Автор Francis flower ( назад)
Im so happy im not asian. Their culture is sooo misogynistic

Автор Dylan Walsh ( назад)
They'll just kill eachother " divorce"

Автор TBT ( назад)
*There's about to b war in Syria and BBC covering nonsense as always.*

Автор TBT ( назад)
what da f**k is this sh** halala my a** is not Islam this f**king adultery!! Our religion doesn't not Allow this Sh**!!!

Автор faat ( назад)
I'm so confused right now XD

Автор Genet Eshete ( назад)
It's Embarrassment ! leave my religion put out of your fility mouth, human stupidity, not logical thinking nothing to do with Islam.

Автор Asim Umer ( назад)
if a guy can divorce you once there is 99% chance that he will do it again .so whats the point of doing all this shit ?

Автор shedrack kombe ( назад)
Am not an expert but i think the law was put there in the first place to make sure that the men should be vigilant before they act rashly in an age where men had total control of the means of production and the social system favoured them, this is a total misuse of that law.

Автор Ralph Zimmermann ( назад)
ignorant fucks, thats what you get for believing in ignorant traditions and utterly stupid beliefs.
I made it to 7 mins before I switched this drivel off, religion in this day and age is a moron source for idiots.

Автор Sanjay Rathore ( назад)
narendra modi india s PM has been been trying to illegalize triple talaq in india.....many women suffer from this

Автор Bernharður Kristinsson ( назад)
This is about ignorance nurtured by an illution (religion)

Автор Kitt Legit ( назад)
All religions are ridiculous. Made up rules for BS reasons.

Автор realcanadiangirl64 ( назад)
Why would any woman want to get back with such an abusive asshole????

Автор angelgodric ( назад)
religion, long-term brainwashing how is a child suppose to know better? if everyone around you says the earth is flat and the center of the universe you will end up believing it.

Автор Joe ( назад)
The sooner religion fades away through generations, the better.

Автор America First Lady True Conservatismo. ( назад)
wtf how can you seem to be soo stupid to go through all this.?

Автор Muhammad Raheel ( назад)
Wrong news!!!!!

Автор john carter ( назад)
BBC is the goddamn devil

Автор w9 s2 ( назад)
Talaq talaq talaq

Автор Deniss Abramenko ( назад)
who need halala inbox me lol

Автор HeartHasGone ( назад)
i dont understand, so a woman get's divorced so she goes to another or different man? or is the man divorcing so he gets with other women.

Автор Tyler U ( назад)
it's 2017

Автор fortress61 ( назад)
15:02 im wondering what was really there and even what was the rest of the conversation (if you dont know what i mean this a cut and transition in the video there look at the background and the sudden change in her voice)

Автор Kam Sam ( назад)
It isn't an islamic rule.prophet Mohammed prohibited it.

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