Getting Top 500 With Only One Hand, No Excuses - Overwatch Funny Moments 627

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • Getting Top 500 With Only One Hand, No Excuses - Overwatch Funny Moments 627
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Comments • 177

  • NoobHunter
    NoobHunter  Month ago +28

    Damn...this one hit me hard
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    • Bubbles
      Bubbles Month ago +1

      Day 16 of asking noobhunter to mystery duel 1v1 against freshnuts

  • Hoku The Overwatch Editor

    2:55 *not just that clip, this entire video was so clean!*

  • Goat Men
    Goat Men Month ago

    Zino sux

  • Neyu
    Neyu Month ago

    baby yoda meme comes from The Mandalorian show dude come on ... I suggest you watch it, it's pretty good

  • Jordan Wright
    Jordan Wright Month ago

    7:19 scuffed IcePoseidon LULW

  • Ratchet Rorschach
    Ratchet Rorschach Month ago

    only one hand to t500?
    I should just uninstall at this point

  • Nathan Bruggink
    Nathan Bruggink Month ago +1

    Scuffed freshnuts

  • Calistalize
    Calistalize Month ago

    lol Mei went to space

  • Mechanic OW
    Mechanic OW Month ago

    Jardio can go fk himself literally a no skill mei 1 trick

  • briann
    briann Month ago

    dont ever post cringe ass niszczyciel_1 lmaoo so close to unsubbing

  • Ultimate Supreme Leader

    Lmao Cloneman’s joke “see you next fall” went underrated.

  • Cole
    Cole Month ago

    That zino clip at around 2:30 hella sus

  • StuffOnStuff
    StuffOnStuff Month ago

    5:24 I actually pissed my pants

  • Angela Merkel
    Angela Merkel Month ago

    Baby yoda is from the mandalorian a Star Wars spin-off

  • Antares MX
    Antares MX Month ago

    0:50 lmao

  • dave b
    dave b Month ago

    Zen in transcendence can contest, but not capture an objective. I believe its the same with reaper wraith form and meis ice block

  • espe
    espe Month ago

    i got two hands and barely hit plat

    • Ii Ii
      Ii Ii Month ago

      Now get a powerful pc and perfect ping.

      And abuse most cancer hero for ur role.

  • Renshi52
    Renshi52 Month ago

    Chispa is owl ready that outplayed hurt me.

  • Asuna Yuuki
    Asuna Yuuki Month ago

    I already played with an aimbot and that shit from dafran looks on 0.25 speed exactly like my aimbot perfectly Stops and then just goes into normal hand aim

    • Asuna Yuuki
      Asuna Yuuki Month ago

      @Ii Ii Masters no cheats. With Masters aswell but widow only xd

    • Ii Ii
      Ii Ii Month ago

      Shut uuup. What rank are u, unranked?

  • Pahqz *
    Pahqz * Month ago

    He could reay give me a *hand* climbing

  • Yoshikage kira
    Yoshikage kira Month ago

    It gives him a boner

  • Bubbles
    Bubbles Month ago

    Read the comments no more meme review please!!!!

  • Jwaffled
    Jwaffled Month ago +1

    NoobHunter, baby yoda came from the new series on Disney+ called the madalorian

  • Axel Hoel
    Axel Hoel Month ago

    Are We not gonna tank about dafrans clip?

  • Awesomeguy558
    Awesomeguy558 Month ago

    You know how many keys you can push at once with a stub? That's my excuse for being hardstuck gold.

    • I am an asshole
      I am an asshole Month ago

      Awesomeguy558 yeahh but if thats your excuse then you should AT LEAST be diamond

  • Everardo Olide
    Everardo Olide Month ago

    Don’t tell freshnutz, but I started skipping his Intros for highlights. I only watch your intros because you keep them 100

  • bamdad19996
    bamdad19996 Month ago +1

    Damn that chipsa Mei outplay on dafran is actually insane. Didn't know you could block hack with wall.

    • I am an asshole
      I am an asshole Month ago +1

      bamdad19996 why do people not know that. Its not like mei's wall is a shield

  • mSa
    mSa Month ago

    Game is actually more bugged than ever lol

  • Mhanu
    Mhanu Month ago

    0:51 i bet ur hard all day long gachiBASS

  • Andrew F
    Andrew F Month ago

    Dafran caught hacking lmao

    • Ii Ii
      Ii Ii Month ago


  • Caleb Carter
    Caleb Carter Month ago

    5:57 jesus christ dude

    • Ii Ii
      Ii Ii Month ago

      @I am an asshole I DO 4Head

    • I am an asshole
      I am an asshole Month ago

      Caleb Carter hes faking it lmao. Who tf laughs like that.

  • Bungard
    Bungard Month ago +1

    You have the best fucking personality of a compilator.

  • Alfred Boehm
    Alfred Boehm Month ago

    wait, how does he jerk of?

  • Inri
    Inri Month ago

    Baby yoda from the mandalorian show on Disney +, if you don't like star wars you'll like this because it's a masterpiece

  • ShadowViper7Z *Shadvi7Z*

    1:24 NOOOOOO KEVIN!!!!!

  • Twelve
    Twelve Month ago

    Harbleu laugh

  • Inuki
    Inuki Month ago +5

    Imo Tim's only at his rank because he's getting boosted

  • PooPoo PeePee
    PooPoo PeePee Month ago +1

    How does Nectis get that font in overwatch at 5:15

    • Futaccine
      Futaccine Month ago

      Set the language to Japanese. That’s the only way to get it.

  • Daniel Thonk
    Daniel Thonk Month ago

    So you get a boner every time everyone screams noobhunter. Hmm. If you are ever having trouble getting it up during sex, just call me @noobhunter

  • Choh Sena
    Choh Sena Month ago

    He used Ice Wall, fired a shot and then waited [until Sigma started casting Accretion] and only THEN decided to press Q. I hope Jardio wasn't wondering how they had time to react. LOL. >

    • Choh Sena
      Choh Sena Month ago

      A little in his defense, that move came at him so fast. XD

    V-MCMLII-III Month ago +8

    @7:04 Looks like Pine lost weight. Good for him.

  • andru
    andru Month ago +1

    You could say.... he got top500 single-handendly

  • Kappa
    Kappa Month ago +4

    2:05 Harb’s long lost twin

  •  Month ago

    ye Jay3 probably really hates this meme, that's quadrupled his viewerbase.......

  • TriHard 7
    TriHard 7 Month ago

    For you platchats in chat @ 7:12 its not a bug you cant cap a capture point as zen when you trans

  • jomppe
    jomppe Month ago +1

    3:48 Runaway drops at the perfect time

  • Choh Sena
    Choh Sena Month ago

    That's a good idea, actually. I assume he maps all his buttons to macros on his mouse. Just imagine what you could do with the other hand.

  • Rk9
    Rk9 Month ago +1

    Hillslive looks like Dafran's love child

  • am your MoM
    am your MoM Month ago +2

    1:45 افا عليك يا جلمود ، انت رجال مسلم ، بلاش تتغير وتحيس لسانك علشان خاطر الاجانب ، وكلمتك أوه ماي فاكنج جاد ، هاذي تراها خطيره ، انتبه بارك الله فيك ، لا تبيع نفسك وشخصيتك ودينك علشان تطلع كووول جدام الاجانب وتويتش والناس اطالعك ، اتق الله

  • Sanjay Vonk
    Sanjay Vonk Month ago +1 is the one handed top500 player, check him out

    GGK GNS Month ago

    Uhm Dafran......what was that buddy

    • GGK GNS
      GGK GNS Month ago

      I am an asshole no shit do u know what sarcasm is?

    • I am an asshole
      I am an asshole Month ago

      GGK GNS a joke.

  • Louis Corona
    Louis Corona Month ago +3

    Can we talk about the fact that chipsa’s mei is looking clean wtf?

    • Leon Blackhart
      Leon Blackhart Month ago

      Louis Corona yes and it’s nice to see him play other heroes besides doomfist, because one trick ponies like: Calvary (whiny little bitch), necros, and stevo are all boring AF to watch.

  • Thugasaurus Rex
    Thugasaurus Rex Month ago +3

    Wow he got into top 500 single handedly

  • KcireSetneuF V
    KcireSetneuF V Month ago

    Dafran gets fucked by Chipsa

  • loolya3
    loolya3 Month ago

    In the thumbnail i thought the dude was twisting his hand and hiding it behind his back but after i saw the footage i feel bad for the dude and i respect his perseverance

  • Stereo
    Stereo Month ago +78

    this dude is a legend, probably had to *singlehandedly* wipe out the enemy team lots of times

  • Andu
    Andu Month ago

    Baby yoda comes from The Mandalorian series not from the movies who the fuck didnt see star wars its like have you heard of jesus?! doamne fereste

  • amir riddle
    amir riddle Month ago

    Ahh my favorite genji player nectis

  • amir riddle
    amir riddle Month ago

    My excuse is that I’m dumb

  • Matthew Hall
    Matthew Hall Month ago

    4:22 what a good hero.. I'm so glad Blizzard decided to add this hero to the game!! :)))))

    for real tho who tf decided this was a good idea? This does't just happen to wrecking ball, pretty much any hero. This one guy was trying to say "lol just dodge mei she's easy to dodge" wtf brO? she has one of the biggest AOE primary fires in the game and she can freeze multiple people at once.

    • Thugasaurus Rex
      Thugasaurus Rex Month ago

      @Exdee _ I'm saying it would be a useless stall. Especially against only one tick. Also, Mei can die out of block from one person, not to mention more than 3. Not sure where you got the notion that she can stall and defeat more than 3 people. Mei can get instant killed by nearly half the cast.
      And yes, she can, and I have. The trick is *being better at the hero you play than the enemies are at their heros*
      Just track 4head. It might be hard for someone who can't aim worth a damn but for those of us who can track, it's not that hard lol. Hell I've seen harb do it

    • Exdee _
      Exdee _ Month ago

      @Thugasaurus Rex lmao so you're saying Mei isnt going to stall against a whole team when they need to cap one tick? And no. Zarya cannot beat three people when shes on 40 charge.

    • Thugasaurus Rex
      Thugasaurus Rex Month ago

      @Exdee _ yea Mei can stall all 6 people. What's your point? As soon as she comes out, she gets killed instantly, and now it's a 5v6. All the Mei did was feed. Stop trolling lol nobody is going to try to stall against 3+ people. Idk how it is in the lower ranks and shit but nowhere else do you try and stall like that.
      Also, zarya can totally clutch a 3v1 lol especially a Fed zarya. Hog is more hit and miss but zarya is a fucking powerhouse. Especially against Squishies

    • Exdee _
      Exdee _ Month ago

      @Thugasaurus Rex pop her bubble and shes only at 40 charge. If 3+ people are on point and Hog is purple he cannot do anything. Zarya can not stall and win a fight against more than two people and neither can Hog. Mei can

    • Thugasaurus Rex
      Thugasaurus Rex Month ago

      @Exdee _ nope. Pop her bubble and she's fed, and I kill Ana's all the time as hog, purpled or not. Hog and zarya can not only stall but win the fight