• Published on Jan 14, 2018
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  • Zarfix Playz
    Zarfix Playz 4 days ago

    Harry: We don't need anymore stinkers
    2019: The annual moo off

  • VoxChambo
    VoxChambo 4 days ago

    To think that downloading the merch came from Ethan being lazy to get his grey and white joggers

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 4 days ago

    Offical Bruh Moment

  • BigDog12345 X XL The Great

    Didn't know that KSI and the others confirmed that the BEEF was a fake beef. Which means KSI and the others did not make it real, nor did they really leave the sidemen for a specific reason LOL! XD XD XD XDDDDDDDDDDDD!

  • Dylan Kaveriappa
    Dylan Kaveriappa 15 days ago

    Anyone watching in 2019? Honestly great stuff from these guys grinding and putting out videos for us every week for more than year. Mad stuff

  • Dee DoubleU
    Dee DoubleU 23 days ago +1

    Watching this after I watched the “sidemen GeoGuessr” Video and 😂😂😂

  • VarsomGaming
    VarsomGaming 25 days ago


  • Max Chidawa
    Max Chidawa 28 days ago +1

    I love how Josh and Ethan sit up at the same time

    SHELDON ROSE 28 days ago +1

    now we know why JJ challenged Logan, because none of his friends believed in him but now in November all of us are gonna see LOGANS SKULL CRUSHED INTO THE CANVAS AS JJ LIFTS THE BELT ONCE AGAIN

  • Lou Payne
    Lou Payne 28 days ago

    strangely enough, Logan is still known as the dude who filmed a dead body it's kind of sad

  • Lucky5tr
    Lucky5tr Month ago +2

    I miss fat Ethan...

  • R6JVE
    R6JVE Month ago

    I’m glad I was still there🤣

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson Month ago

    they did a geo gesser video

  • Henri Austin
    Henri Austin Month ago +2

    couple years later they actualy do a geo guessr

  • Ava Duponte
    Ava Duponte Month ago

    11:27 me too ethan me too

  • uwuminter _
    uwuminter _ Month ago

    26:45 why is that lowkey cute

  • Adam Cullen
    Adam Cullen Month ago

    Did Harry's mum sit on his lap wtf

  • Malte Celander
    Malte Celander Month ago

    46:49 vik is going deeeeeep with that one.....

  • 20 Times
    20 Times Month ago

    All the sidemen wear darker colours and Ethan there with his purple sweatshirt

  • Miles Dunkley
    Miles Dunkley Month ago

    Harry: I’m not inbred
    Harry’s mum: *sits on her sons lap*

  • dut dut
    dut dut Month ago

    11:30 JJ thinking about how he wants to call out Logan

  • Subtle Sounding1
    Subtle Sounding1 Month ago

    1:01:22 jj winks

  • Ocularity
    Ocularity Month ago


  • soopdragon 05
    soopdragon 05 Month ago

    Little do they know he draws with Logan

  • Oscar Calva
    Oscar Calva Month ago +1

    1:00:33 - 1:01:35 how Download the Merch was born

  • teddycuthbert
    teddycuthbert Month ago


  • Navnit luttt
    Navnit luttt Month ago +1

    Still watching 2019

  • JoezLife
    JoezLife Month ago +1

    JJ said keep up exercising and now look at him

  • 1Dtaylorswiftjessiej

    wait so were the sidemen diss tracks fake or not?

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob Month ago +2

    I remember watching this thinking JJ was overly confident. Now I watch it thinking he was so right

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob Month ago +2

    Wow. Well here we are. The sidemen uploading every week and carrying the UK RUclip scene.

  • Scolding Camel
    Scolding Camel Month ago

    Why is Harry the only one without headphones

    • Future Beyond
      Future Beyond Month ago

      @Scolding Camel heheheheh

    • Scolding Camel
      Scolding Camel Month ago

      Future Beyond true.....

    • Future Beyond
      Future Beyond Month ago

      @Scolding Camel he doesn't make videos often so he saves money........
      I GUESS

    • Scolding Camel
      Scolding Camel Month ago

      Future Beyond I just think it’s funny the 2nd most subscribed RUclipr in sidemen can’t afford headphones 😂

    • Future Beyond
      Future Beyond Month ago

      @Scolding Camel hehehehe.......

  • Henadex
    Henadex Month ago

    Whos here after the geoguesser video

  • Cooldude123
    Cooldude123 2 months ago

    Did anyone else see jj with just a straight face and then changed at 13:15

  • Colin Rand
    Colin Rand 2 months ago

    The birth of download the merch

  • Alisha Corley
    Alisha Corley 2 months ago

    JJ is a mood

  • Version49
    Version49 2 months ago +8

    josh’s reaction to vik’s pronunciation of vlog is the correct way to react to that monstrosity 9:22

  • Thierry Perkins
    Thierry Perkins 2 months ago +1

    49:30 I'll Keep my abs after the fight hmmmmmmm

  • Nirthanjali Seelanatha
    Nirthanjali Seelanatha 2 months ago

    They be joking with ksi but ksi destroyed Logan

  • Nirthanjali Seelanatha
    Nirthanjali Seelanatha 2 months ago

    “I wonder what 2018 gonna be” ksi VS Logan Paul

  • Nirthanjali Seelanatha
    Nirthanjali Seelanatha 2 months ago

    JJ was not in the world when they were talking about Logan Paul

  • AQT 2002
    AQT 2002 2 months ago

    JJ called it with joe and he went close to doing what he said to Logan. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Joshlyn's Edits
    Joshlyn's Edits 2 months ago


  • JKG360
    JKG360 2 months ago +1

    JJ said he would keep up 2019-🐖

  • Arun
    Arun 2 months ago +20

    JJ says he’s 85kg, now he’s 101 😂😂😂

  • Road Shot
    Road Shot 3 months ago

    And the sidemen did geoguesser

  • peppa pig
    peppa pig 3 months ago +1

    love that they actually stuck with "download our merch"

  • Mr. P. Enis
    Mr. P. Enis 3 months ago

    ksi.exe stopped working 13:08

  • Kay M
    Kay M 3 months ago

    1:30 JJ causally checking himself out in the camera

  • Ventura Vasquez
    Ventura Vasquez 3 months ago

    Thumbnail : 39:54

  • Ventura Vasquez
    Ventura Vasquez 3 months ago

    Jj thinking about leaving the sidemen again

  • Blade Isaac
    Blade Isaac 3 months ago

    They spoke so much truth in this

  • jeff ufo
    jeff ufo 3 months ago

    Does Harry ever talk

  • Joshua 1
    Joshua 1 3 months ago +1

    Behz was fat af and was just eating every few seconds

  • Anya Black
    Anya Black 3 months ago +1

    harry made me feel like i belong with those earphones

  • Just Bob
    Just Bob 4 months ago +1

    Behz out here munching like mad lol