5 Unique Product on Ebay - part 10

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  • Ryan Ross
    Ryan Ross 2 hours ago

    You got the mast upside down funny

    GFEAST Day ago

    My moms friend gave me that dollar soap a year or two ago and I just got $1

  • don't be shy put some more

    "surprise surprise it's another dollar..."

  • ed
    ed Day ago

    surprise surprise

  • Burrito Warrior
    Burrito Warrior 4 days ago

    5:28 perfect 2020 accessory

    ADEN SHERIFF 4 days ago


  • Enigma Unchained
    Enigma Unchained 5 days ago

    You put mask on upside down

  • sumit kumar
    sumit kumar 7 days ago

    Good for convid mask

  • Mariofan 360
    Mariofan 360 13 days ago

    mask is upside down thats why

  • Vi Krah
    Vi Krah 17 days ago

    Surprise surprise

  • Remos Marfil
    Remos Marfil 18 days ago

    Slime product :
    Taras: it's making my hand slimy 😂

  • Mickey GamingYT7
    Mickey GamingYT7 21 day ago

    Mask for the coronavirus

  • CRK_V
    CRK_V 26 days ago +1

    Why do this boy have freaking water in milk bottles ?

  • The everyday guy Kevin Davila

    Mask is upside down

  • Morgan De Donno
    Morgan De Donno 27 days ago

    Mask was upside down😂😂😂

  • James Harris
    James Harris 27 days ago +1

    Yeah, 🤔 Have You Ever Worn A Dusk Mask Before? (N95)

  • Vincent Gonard
    Vincent Gonard 29 days ago

    Jeezzz the tension on his hands lol

  • petey twofinger
    petey twofinger Month ago +2

    6:00 enjoy a corona while avoiding corona

    • Squiggly Space
      Squiggly Space 24 days ago

      You should make masks like that and make that your slogan guaranteed a bunch of sales

  • Brian Blumenschein
    Brian Blumenschein Month ago

    We’re can I get the silver spinner

  • Hando
    Hando Month ago

    Mask upside down

  • Nicolás Eladio Fernández

    Review some masks

  • demontrent10653
    demontrent10653 Month ago


    TBNRFAN Month ago

    It is Upside down in 6:00

    TBNRFAN Month ago


  • LovesFortnite
    LovesFortnite Month ago

    Surprise another dollor

  • Dalton Landrum
    Dalton Landrum Month ago +1

    Anyone else realize the mask was upside down 😂

  • Angel Arellano
    Angel Arellano Month ago

    Grass you put on a mask upsidedown

  • Joe Hunter
    Joe Hunter Month ago

    Hey Tara's if you use alumahide 2 to paint them it keeps them from rusting over and they look nice

  • B1oodyKiller37
    B1oodyKiller37 Month ago

    Is that mask good for a BJ. Cause my gf and I will probably role play coronavirus

  • B1oodyKiller37
    B1oodyKiller37 Month ago

    Why is he on tiktok 🤦‍♂️

  • Amelia Reagan Wright

    Taras, You had on that mask upside down.

  • Radha Osan
    Radha Osan Month ago

    boom surprise surprise

  • aBandit
    aBandit Month ago +1

    Everyone: I tHInK yUo HaVe tHe MaSk UpSIDEdOWn

    • yes
      yes Month ago


  • Vinnie Paniccia
    Vinnie Paniccia Month ago

    😆 fools wearing it upside down.....

  • Ashley S.
    Ashley S. Month ago +3

    Everyone use to buy these gag gifts for around 3 $ in the 90's. My friend got 10$ outta one tho.

  • Darby And Landon 1
    Darby And Landon 1 Month ago

    Suprise suprise....... nother dollar

    PLEMENKO Month ago +2

    are you here for the mask thingy? xD

  • Fire_eye
    Fire_eye Month ago

    5:50 your wearing it upside down

  • エービーヤテス

    If I had a dollar for every comment telling you the mask was upside down I would hit the "mini jackpot"

  • Henry Pham
    Henry Pham Month ago

    Your mask is upside down

  • JRC Brothers
    JRC Brothers Month ago

    3:30 its called un soap

  • HemlockFirefighter29_

    I can buy one for $5

  • Scott Case
    Scott Case Month ago

    Mask is upside down

  • Alex Ramirez
    Alex Ramirez Month ago

    CEO of “surprise surprise”

  • Skeeter Ton
    Skeeter Ton Month ago

    Are you ok Taras, you seem to be shaking a lot?

  • NRG Ltwrkr
    NRG Ltwrkr Month ago

    What's he gonna do with all that soap?

  • Winston theGreat
    Winston theGreat Month ago +2

    im starting to think that he's Crazy Russian Hacker🤔🤔

  • Southern Wanderer
    Southern Wanderer Month ago

    It's a soap lottery.

  • James Gonzales
    James Gonzales Month ago

    You are great at doing this. I love your show. Peace, Jim

  • Timothy Huffman
    Timothy Huffman Month ago

    nobody everybody in this comment section YoUr MaSk Is UpSiDe DoWn

  • Dzafer Salkic
    Dzafer Salkic Month ago

    Ur mask was upside down lol haha

  • Steve Maginity
    Steve Maginity Month ago +1

    Just curious, are those soap dollars made in Columbia? Lol

  • Rabih Nohra
    Rabih Nohra Month ago

    Now you have soap for a year

  • Suhaib M.C
    Suhaib M.C Month ago +8

    This is how many times Tara's said surprise surprise!!!

  • Camluke_11
    Camluke_11 Month ago

    Surprise surprise!!

  • d i b
    d i b Month ago

    Did hee break a mirror what is your luck?

  • Kenneth Roselio
    Kenneth Roselio Month ago

    You wear the mask upside-down 😂

  • Larity _
    Larity _ Month ago

    Surprise suprise

  • cold brew
    cold brew Month ago

    i'm confused, what's the difference of taras kul and crazy russian hacker?? They're the same right??

  • 9 11
    9 11 Month ago


  • elscarface
    elscarface Month ago

    Face mas is upside down hahahaha and complains

  • Benjamin Hibbard
    Benjamin Hibbard Month ago

    Snot in a can

  • Nikki Macdonald
    Nikki Macdonald Month ago

    Have a yard sale one of these days lol you'd make more then you do on RUclip

  • Nikkie Lopez
    Nikkie Lopez Month ago

    The mask is upside down

  • Paul Tougher
    Paul Tougher Month ago

    Surprise surprise, it’s another dollar

  • Michael Rocha
    Michael Rocha Month ago

    I think you should invite fans to help you sometimes =) like me

  • miss Kozak
    miss Kozak Month ago

    This so cool for kids.

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    ooh, another dollar...winner winner chicken dinner

  • Brock Boedy
    Brock Boedy Month ago

    It’s upside down

  • Tờn
    Tờn Month ago

    it really funny reading all of the *upside down mask* comment

  • David
    David Month ago

    Mask 😷 is upside down

  • Kevin Clafford
    Kevin Clafford Month ago

    Your mask is upside down

  • ItsMeHaven
    ItsMeHaven Month ago

    You could buy 50 and get $50

    SCIENCEoverRELIGIONS Month ago +3

    It's like watching someone with brain damage open things.

    KING CORD Month ago +1

    6:14 how many of you understood that😷😷.
    Let's see how many of you are dirty minds😏😏😏😏😏.... Hit the like

  • Alejandro Soto
    Alejandro Soto Month ago

    “Surprise surprise“

  • xd
    xd Month ago

    take a shot every time u hear him say surprise

  • Andrew Grant
    Andrew Grant Month ago

    Your hands shake so much

  • Vignesh Vinay
    Vignesh Vinay Month ago

    you are wearing mask upside down. how dum can you be

  • Tyler Wallace
    Tyler Wallace Month ago

    Mask was upside down